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Nurul Hoque
Fri, 13 Jul 2018 05:30 EDT
I have created a bounce of poetry about my great leader Kim...
how I can deliver this to him. His excellence my leader
Mahabubul alam
Sun, 17 Jun 2018 15:31 EDT
Real hero
just I want to say, he is a real hero, and every country whole of the world needs a leader like him..I salute him with the depth of my heart.
Shazzad Khan
Thu, 14 Jun 2018 02:18 EDT
An Open Letter to Chairman Kim Jong Un, North Korea
An Open Letter to Chairman Kim Jong Un, North Korea
Heartiest Congratulations to you Chairman Kim for signing the historic document of this century!
I heard President Trump say you are 1 in 10,000. You are talented, very smart, good negotiator, who loves his country very much!
Americans are generally liars and propagandists, but at least at this occasion Trump as an American has spoken the truth, at least after meeting you face-to-face. What he said earlier about you was out of his conscience, I believe.
We all know, I hope Trump also knows, a communist can’t be a traitor, a communist can’t be a betrayer, a communist can’t be a dictator. A communist is always a communist, a true lover of his country, a true lover of his people. Eventually Trump had realised it after meeting you and his voice was clear “you love your country”.
Chairman Kim, Lenin loved his people, Mao loved his people, Fidel loved his people, Kim loved his people and you love your people – a communist can’t help loving his people.
In 2014 I was attending a training course in Sri Lanka. Among the participants were two North Koreans. I asked them about what negative I hear about your country, especially from the American bloc. Your participants outright rejected saying, “It’s all false, all bogus, all cock & bull stories, all American propaganda! Yes, Kim is developing nukes, it’s true! But why are we doing this, you know, because we don’t want to keep our heads bowed down to America! If you don’t have a nuke, America will subjugate us. South Korea might be rich, but they are subordinated to America! We are now a brave nation, raising our heads high up!” With radiance they questioned me, “Why did people cry with choking voice ‘father why are you gone!’ when Kim’s father and grandfather died?” They also invited me to visit your country to see for myself the real picture of North Korea.
Chairman Kim, I trusted your participants, because America is always against the communist and the weak countries. They are expansionist. They devised their most heinous plan to break the Soviet Union, and they did! You know Chairman Kim, when I meet the veteran people from Russia or from ex-Soviet countries they tell me with grief and regret how great they were in Soviet Union. They say they are now bowed down to America. A number of ex-Soviet countries now have become the puppets of America or NATO.
Chairman Kim, by means of this letter I implore you to get into any agreement necessary with America to completely de-nuke your Korean Peninsula. Let America have it. By signing an agreement (you have already signed one) you will be clear from your side that you don’t want any nuclear war. The whole world knows America wants a de-nuke agreement with you for its own benefit. America doesn’t do anything without its own benefit. They did nuke-deal with Iran, but retreated from it just for their own benefit, to appease and make Israel happy. This is the unique character of America – it can betray with anybody, any time, even with its own people. There is an old saying “if America is your friend, you don’t need any enemy”. They want to show the world that North Korea has been tamed, but a communist can’t be tamed, but befriended!
Chairman Kim, I am sure America will not have the courage to attack you, because morally you are not alone, the whole world knows your position; and strategically and geo-politically you are supported by great powers of the world. If any cataclysmic war happens implicating North Korea the whole world will isolate America. See the example of Iran nuke-deal. The world powers are rallying against America. Look at G7 club, America has become isolated. Days have come for America to become isolated in the world. The reason is very simple, America has a history of betrayal with nations, with countries, with people.
Chairman Kim, I have absolute faith in you. I know you don’t want any war at Korean Peninsula. What you are doing, it is for the self-esteem of your country and people. It’s very obvious, because you are a communist. Soviet Union was communist and they never betrayed us, our country Bangladesh. We owe to Russians for their selfless support in 1971 during our liberation war. We owe to Soviet bloc to recognise our Founding Father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with equal stature of national leaders like Lenin, Mao, Fidel and Kim. While we were fighting a just war against Pakistan for our democracy, liberty and freedom, this America stood against us. They talk about democracy and human rights, but they are the worst violators in the world.
Chairman Kim, if you enter into any agreement with America for de-nuke, the world powers will rally behind you. The world will say it is because of you America’s war-mongering has been suppressed and you will be Hero of the world. And not to say you have already become a Hero. I have watched all your gestures and postures – you were always very ingenuous, welcoming, sincere and open-armed towards Moon and Trump.
Chairman Kim, I know for sure by signing a de-nuke treat with America you will make the world much safer and will hush up war-mongering America. Thus America will lose all its pleas and lame excuses to wage a war that may ravage the world once for all.
Finally I welcome you to visit Bangladesh and share your ingenuous self with our leaders.
Cordial thanks and kindest regards to you Chairman Kim!
Shazzad Khan
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell: +88-01720-053721
Mizanur Rahman
Sun, 13 May 2018 04:43 EDT
Need any job
Dear sir.
I am Mizanur Rahman from Bangladesh. I worked in south korea last 5 years.from 2011 to construction and engineering. In jamsil .seoul a field I want to go north korea for work.
Thanking you.
Mizanur Rahman
M Hasan Munna
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 23:29 EDT
A Request
Sir, I will salute. I am a poor family. I'm interested in going to any work in North Korea. I have a good sense of language in Korean. Sir, it would be beneficial to know what to do to work in your country. I am interested in working in your country.

Phone: 01750450909
Md Raju Hossain
Sun, 28 Jan 2018 18:04 EST
Need A Electrical visa or any Workers visa.
Dear sir,
I am Raju.I need Electrical visa or any Workers visa.
I am a simple engineer of Electrical sub.and that's practically. And I am a Electronics and Electrical Work Student Course completed in 6 month with International with Certificate.Institute name:SDS Technical Training Institute.
I am SSC complete Student.
And any other work I can do.
So,I need A Electrical visa or any Workers visa.
I therefore pray and hope that you will give me a Electrical work or any other and obliged there by.
Thank you sir for read my comments.
MD Raju Hossain
Janjira Shariatpur Dhaka Bangladesh.
Sun, 24 Sep 2017 01:44 EDT
I Want To Go North Korea
I Want to go north korea because i love n korea.sir is that possible can i go in north korea i am only 17 years old o am a bangladesh citizen.i belong from a poor family i am not high educated person.I want job in your country.If i can come in your country north korea please contect me.

Mob : 01832825237 , 01615188690
E-mail :
Dhaka Bangladesh
Samaresh Gain
Thu, 24 Aug 2017 02:45 EDT
I want to read your any engineering university and work in there.
I am a student of computer dimlopma in 8th semester...i want to finish of my bsc course on CSE...plz help me sir.

Best Regards
diploma left 2 months
Md Rashidul Hasan
Tue, 7 Mar 2017 01:35 EST
Dear World people
Let’s come to create some things like an Atomic Bomb but the Atomic Bomb can destroy a city and country which is harmful for the people of the world. Now I want to say the opposite creation that is work as peace of Atomic Bomb to arrange our world more beauty that is NSSSW (“National supper sonic system of the world “ ). Which will work to solve the Financial problem of the world and world people if we alive, if we want to be happy. Come and work together. need your address dear sir
Joseph M. Cachia
Tue, 28 Feb 2017 12:50 EST

Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, the venue for the Helsinki Accords conference

They met in Finland’s beautiful capital
The architects of social science
United in zeal, boundlessly loyal
To their great mission

The Conference for Security and Cooperation
In Europe was the intent
But right and proper
The Med couldn’t be left out in the cold

In the light of the goals
Which all the participating members set out
‘No cooperation without security’, was declared
By even the smallest of them all

History’s winds flick time’s pages
Until all are blurred
But that one page – July 1973
Is written bold in gold

And from little Malta
Came a tiny man of a giant
Mintoff of Malta was he called
And Malta was his gem

And what was that?
Heard you a bell?
Ringing hard above the storm
Who would call on this troubled day?

Is it a brother in distress?
Or perhaps a well-wisher true?
Seeking good for the welfare
For all and his land too

Quick! before the caller
Wearying of his efforts
For hearts and human contact
Closes the circuits and falls silent

Dom Mintoff ! the name that glories the lips
Of progressive workers throughout the land
Was borne the spirit of intangible hope
To lead his people on

‘No peace in Europe without peace in the Med’
Rung out high from within his bosom
Wishing to draw inspiration and hope
Not for nothing but for humanity’s sake

Well backed by two faithful stalwarts – alas no more
The ‘Scibby’ as he was amicably called
AST – Alex Sciberras Trigona Doctorial Notary
And the hard-working Joe Camilleri secretary

No lack of due praise he had
For Finnish efficiency and friendliness
And hospitality shown to all States
‘Exemplary’ was the word he used

‘The Mediterranean Document’ came to light
Put forward by the three
Devoted and thoughtful they were
Malta foremost with Cyprus and Yugoslavia

That day of July ‘73
Lit not only the night-time sky
But blazed a trail into the future
Showing the world that Malta was there

It dawned that day
And soon the sunlight’s rays
Lit up the hearts of men
To reach far out into the future

Over forty years that was
And since that time
The world has moved, my friend
Through times you now know so well

No other country
Was ever so fortunate
As to produce for its very own
The most militant of the militant

No other leader ever thus was born
Within a humble home and a happy family
And likes of him was never seen
Till today’s blessed day

Oh Malta! Few knew then that in the darkness
Had come a light which very soon
Would dissolve all gloom
And shine of love for one and all

Alas! Today few recollect with pride
The beloved leader’s voice
Warm and inspiring, pouring confidence
Waking people for long asleep

And it is said that he would still respond
To the stirring call of Socialism
And we hear the winds still whisper
‘You too must serve your country!’

For as long as men are men
Will they tell their children
Of those glorious days
When Malta shone friendly and kind

Joseoh M. Cachia
99866151 - +35621807566

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