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Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr
Tue, 10 May 2011 06:04 EDT
It was a malicious and racist act
After one Mr Basil Eneh (Lic Geophysics) resident in Helsinki reported the seizure of my passport and maltreatment to the Leadership of the Finnish Border Guard, one of the Legal Officers Ms Nora Laine, LLM "advised" the Head of Operations Finnish Border Guard in the person of Mr Seppo Hakinen at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to release my passport to me immediately while they investigated my official complaint of maltreatment at the hands of the Finnish Border Guard. For inter alia fear of official blame, the Finnish Border Guard ran to the succour of the Minority Ombudsman and not finding full-fledged support attempted to go sub-judice and failed for the second time (the first time was in 2008) to prosecute Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr for having a forged passport. All this time the Nigerian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden did nothing.
Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr
Sat, 7 May 2011 08:15 EDT
Finnish Prosecutor's Decision: Government of Finland v Nigerian Passport A3099826?
not to prosecute
Case No.
R 10/3742
PL 313 1.3.2011
01301 Vantaa
Phone: +358 10 362 1241 Fax: +358 10 362 1240
Person not prosecuted CHUKWUMA CHRYSANTHUS
Investigated or imputed offences and items of law
25.4.2008 VANTAA
Criminal Code Chapter 33 Section 1
Case description Chukwuma, at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport presented his personal identification (a Nigerian passport with some “deficiencies”) to the border guide, in the passport there have been some element of forgery.
Decision There is no evidence of crime or probable cause to support the guilt of the suspect.
Statement of reasons Passport used by Chukwuma has been investigated at the central criminal police laboratory. The laboratory studies have shown that the passport is likely to have been falsified.
Chukwuma has said in his statement during the interrogation, that he got the passport from Nigeria because he lost his other passport in Nigeria. Chukwuma has on so many occasions traveled with the passport neither has he ever been arrested nor, that no one has ever paid attention to the passport.
There is no reasonable ground to show that Chukwuma has any knowledge that his passport has had some faulty/deficiencies, taken into account that he has been traveling with the same said passport several years. I refrain from prosecuting for fraud.
Signature District Prosecutor Mikko Sipilä
1. This decision does not exempt/absolve any liability for damages.
2. When the public prosecutor decides not to prosecute, the complainant can press charges for the crime if the complainant has not cancelled his request for pressing charges or otherwise renounced pressing charges.
3. The public prosecutor can cancel his decision and prosecute if, on the basis of new information emerged in the matter, the decision was based on essentially defective or erroneous information.
Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr
Sat, 7 May 2011 07:46 EDT
Statement.Petition to claim
- That Under The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Article 1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood: The Republic of Finland and her agencies violated this and othe precepts and tenets of the UDHR, in my stead, as explicated below.
-That I am a Nigerian born on 25 October 1954 in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State; currently at 12 Mgbowo Street, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria and unemployed. - That I have never sought for naturalization from any country. I have always remained a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. My daughter was born on 14 November 1987; and also, on 12th June 1996 and 14th June 2000 respectively, my two sons were born in Helsinki, Finland. - They are citizens and residents of Finland.
- That I arrived the Republic of Finland for Post-Doctoral Studies in February/May 1986 equipped with AB (Artium Baccalaureatus), MD (Doctor of Medicine) and PhD as well as other undergraduate and postgraduate studies experienced in Nigeria, Alabama, Oklahoma, Augusta/Atlanta Georgia and California (United States of America) as well as the Dominican Republic covering the period 1975-1985. I did my Post-doctoral studies respectively at the Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Helsinki Central Hospital and the Department of Public Health Science of the University of Helsinki with the Social Insurance Institution from 1986-1988. That no financial assistance was given to me by any agency of/in Finland whereas nationals from so-called countries having cultural agreement(s) with Finland irrespective of their academic experience or educational background received grants to pursue studies from Finnish agencies in Finland.
- That I received a grant from the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Community, Social and Preventive Medicine at the Linkoping University Hospital, Sweden from 1988-1989.
-That I returned to Finland in 1989; and conducted research at different institutions as a Researcher without being salaried, even though I was granted a non-restricted Finnish Residence Permit in 1990.
-That I obtained inter alia certificates from diverse institutions, MA degree (1991) in Public Administration/Political Science from the Faculty of Social Sciences and a DSc degree (1995) in Limnology and Environmental Protection from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in The University of Helsinki. I single-authored over twenty articles in scientific and international journals (some of which are award-winning) towards my DSc degree in less than three years – a feat unequalled by anyone in that discipline in any institution of higher learning. I published a total of over 40 scientific articles in all the institutions I was involved in Finland.
That in 2005, when I was on a visit to Nigeria, my traveling passport and other documents got stolen on 13 November 2005. On 13 December 2005, I applied for another passport and was issued with Nigerian Passport No. A3099826 by the Nigeria Immigration Service, Ebonyi State Command, Abakaliki to expire on 12 December 2010. I stayed in Nigeria to prosecute the theft of the said passport and other merchandise. I returned to Finland in October 2006 with a visa from the Embassy of the Republic of Finland, Abuja. Ihat my residence permit transferred to the Nigerian Pasport No. A3099826 at the Malmi Police Station for Foreigners in Finland.
- That on 25 Friday 2008 at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the Finnish Border Guard did arbitrarily search me in the nude twice, finger-printed twice, weighed and took mugshots of me from about 1439hrs till nightfall with all my possessions confiscated with flagrant display of xenophobia. I was detained, embarrassed, disgraced, disparaged, denigrated, dehumanized, demoralized with untoward trepidation, turpitude, rustic and outlandish treatment coupled with expansive intransigent and unconscionable conduct and kept incommunicado with gross racist bias. I was charged with criminal felony of having received a forged Nigerian Passport No. A3099826 from Federal Government of Nigeria to travel to Finland. At circa 1400hrs on Saturday 26 April 2008, I was treated a s a pariah, placed under arrest and threatened with sub-judice for having in my possession a forged Nigerian Passport No. A3099826. Another mugshot was taken of me in the Police Prison; and I was threatened with sub-judice. On Sunday 27 April 2008, I was released from Police Prison with my possessions excluding my Nigerian Passport No. A3099826. I was inter alia placed on travel ban and restricted to the Helsinki Metroplolis with a mandatory one visit per week to Pasila Police Station until 26 June 2008.
-That I described my ordeal to all relevant Nigerian agencies within and without Finland including the British Embassy in Helsinki, and of course, the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Leadership of the Finnish Border Guard.
-That I was supposed to commence my part-time and research activities for the usual six-month period funded by the Finnish Labour Office on 1 May 2008; but failed because of the attendant problems from the Finnish Border Guard. I belatedly officially started my research at the University of Helsinki on 1 June 2008 that was scheduled to last until 30 November 2008. Thus, causing me extra expenses estimated in thousands of euros.
-That as very well known by the Finnish Border Guard, I had a pre-paid unalterable return ticket to Nigeria scheduled for 18 May 2008 to be present in a Magisterial Court hearing in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.The travel ban was unconscionably and intransigently lifted on 18 May 2008 a few hours before my pre-determined return to Nigeria. I had to reschedule my flight in order to procure another travel document since the Finnish authorities still maintained that Nigerian Passport No. A3099826 was forged. Thus, impacting severe emotional distress and torture combined with expansive financial expenses in thousands of euros.
-That Messrs Petteri Seppanen, LLM of the Finnish Border Guard and Rainer Hiltunen of Minority Affairs of the Finnish Parliament threatened sub-judice for a forged Nigerian Passport A3099826 while I was already in Nigeria and unable to be in Finland without a passport. All attempts were made to frustrate my return to Nigeria by the Finnish authorities. My Nigerian Passport A3099826 was not forged, expired, stolen, lost, damaged or suspect but without my approval in the unlawful and illegal custody of the Republic of Finland and its designated agencies. Therefore, I had no reason to apply for another Nigerian passport. Moreover, the Nigerian Embassy had to order passport booklets by proxy for Nigerians resident in Scandinavia from the United Kingdom, and that took several months for delivery. I applied for the Finnish Alien Passport to return to Finland for the continuation of my research with the University of Helsinki, face the criminal charge(s) of the alleged forged passport and get the housing and first-ever commensurate employment from Finland.
-That I incessantly pursued to reclaim my passport from the Finnish Border Guard through all legitimate avenues. I lost all the monies paid for my flight tickets and extensions; thus incurring extraneous expenses and forcefully retained in Finland. I applied and paid for both a Travel Certificate from the Embassy of Nigeria, Stockholm and later on for a Finnish Alien’s Passport and transfer of my residence permit.
-That the Social Welfare Office of Helsinki, Finland promised me housing and probably employment on my return to Finland and scheduled the meeting for 16 July 2008 in their office in Helsinki.
-That I booked for a return flight to Nigeria scheduled for 14 June 2008. I eventually received a Travel Certificate from the Embassy of Nigeria in Stockholm, Sweden, but there was a delay and diversionary tactics employed by the Maahanmuuttovirasto, Finnish Immigration Service. I left Finland on 14 June 2008. The ploy and design of the Finnish authorities was that I would be embarrassed and detained at the port of entry by the Nigerian authorities for not being in possession of a valid Nigerian passport. I got notification, thereafter, in the Finnish language with regard to the Alien’s Passport. I was also given diverse instructions by to proceed to the Embassy of Finland, Abuja for decision on the Alien Passport. I was later denied the Alien passport that abrogated return to Finland and loss of my flight ticket thus restricting/preventing my return to Finland to exercise my fundamental human rights as a resident of Finland.
-That I informed the Finnish authorities on my arrival in Nigeria in June 2008 that my material property, intellectual property, manuscripts of all my published and unpublished works in diskettes/CDs covering inter alia my biography, the Nigerian Civil War, and two fictions at Alppikatu 25, Helsinki, Finland.
Another complaint to the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs as regards my passport, prompted Mr Petteri Seppanen, LLM of the Finnish Border Guard in exclamation marks(!) to contact an evasive, elusive, faceless and mysterious Seppo Hakinen of the Finnish Border Guard for my passport. Thus, causing me until this very day financial estimated losses in millions of euros from deprived sales, profits, dividends and royalties.
-That in a letter dated June 6th, 2009, Rear Admiral Matti Mottonen, Deputy Chief of the Border Guard and Border Guard Chief Superintendent Tuire Metso, LLM stated that as per the Ombudsman " grounds to provide further statement of the matter....At the moment, the Office of the Ombudsman for Minorities deals with your complaint on the same matter."
-That the Republic of Finland and her authorities are hereby responsible quantitatively and qualitatively as regards the gross impediment of my fundamental human rights as erstwhile stated in all my communications as well as the burglary and stealing of my property in Nigeria while a travel ban was placed on me in Finland and restricted me to the Helsinki Metropolis by the Finnish Border Guard. Messrs Mottonen and Metso also stated, "In your email you have also demanded the Finnish Border Guard to return your passport to the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Abuja. Since the criminal process of the alleged offence of forgery has not been completed yet the Finnish Border Guard is not competent to return your passport as an alleged forged document, to Nigeria or to the Nigerian Embassy in Stockholm."
-That for the past three years, I have been writing persistently to the President, Presidency, the Finnish Parliament and all relevant Finnish agencies and authorities as regards the trampling on my fundamental human rights to return inter alia my Nigerian passport. The Republic of Finland and her agencies have surreptitiously and overtly over the years and inclusively succeeded in giving the impression to inordinate number of persons within and without Nigeria that I have been involved in some criminal activity with inability to get employment and another passport; and abrogated my freedom of movement to other countries with concomitant disgrace to all my endeavours, children, grandchildren, family, friends and country as well as abrogation of the use of my property at Alppikatu 25, Helsinki, Finland. The millions of euros lost in this regard are not easily qualifiable and/or quantifiable.
-That I have been denied my right to a Passport Under International Law. Passports are widely and commonly accepted as fundamental proof of nationality and the identity document for travel purposes. The right of exit serves as the major basis for the derivative right to a passport as a prerequisite for the exercise of the right to freedom of movement described in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Universal Declaration on Human Rights, African Charter for Human and People’s Rights, law of ECOWAS, and Nigerian law.
That I hereby seek from the Complainant (i) return of my seized passport to the Nigerian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden or the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Abuja; (ii) financial compensation for my detention, travel ban, and derailment of my travel plans from Friday 25 April, 2008 until 14 June, 2008; (iii) restitution and compensatory losses of my abrogated research at the University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland from Tuesday 16 July, 2008 until 30 November, 2008; (iv) compensation for inability to attend interview with Finnish Social Welfare on Tuesday 16 July 2008 for housing and employment; (v) return of all my intellectual and material property as is/was without defect or loss; (v) compensation for delay in completing my autobiography and other works abandoned in Alppikatu 25, Helsinki; (vi) compensation for all the years from 1st December 2008 till all features are determined for losses in income and other social benefits; (vii) payment of the loss of my property being office equipment burgled in Nigeria while I was detained in Finland mostly for the non-profit organization, the Centre for Future-Oriented Studies; (viii) compensation for failure to attend to charges against assassination attempt on my life in Nigeria while I was detained in Finland resulting in the suspects being unavailable; and (ix) compensation for defamation of character, traumatic stress on me, my family and friends as well as the scientific and world community, etc..

DATED THIS 6th DAY OF May 2011

Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr

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Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr

12 Mgbowo Street, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State , Nigeria
Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma, Sr
Sat, 26 Feb 2011 10:27 EST
Inter alia Nigerian passport confiscated by the Border Guard of Finland
As is the usual common place with the Nigerian Embassy officials, I have not received any reply to my several e-mail; and only recorded playback schedule to my phone calls.
Adenike Lambert
Thu, 24 Feb 2011 07:48 EST
Racism, xenophobia and bigotry in Finland
This smacks as a paid advert for Newsweek to have rated Finland the world's best place to live in. How can racists use the State apparatus to subjugate visitors? This pertains bcos Finns don't believe in God & aren't God-fearing. An answer to phonecalls from a consul, Mr Esa of the Embassy of Finland, Abuja stated that the matter was closed & that the Embassy is concerned only with the welfare of Finnish citizens.
Igirigi Nwokedi
Mon, 21 Feb 2011 23:34 EST
Denigration of Nigeria & Nigerians
This and similar cases must be thoroughly investigated expeditiously and made public, and erring Nigerian Embassy officials in Stockholm during Chief Ojo Madueke's unimpressive citizen diplomacy must be queried. There are extreme eye witness accounts of Finland's human rights abuse on blacks, especially Nigerians with stool pigeons and stooges working with Finnish authorities for unwholesome Welfare packages. The Government and people of Nigeria as well as the international community must act now. IN Tampere, Finland
Thelma Jackson
Fri, 18 Feb 2011 00:07 EST
When plenary justice fails
Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus - Phil 4:4-7
Wed, 16 Feb 2011 23:41 EST
On passport
Mr George Izuma of the Nigerian Embassy colluded with the Finnish Authorities not to release the passport to Dr Chukwuma who had threatened litigation in Helsinki against the Finns for racism, torture & breach of his fundamental rights . For fear of reprisal attacks from Finland, Dr Chukwuma left his property & research position at the University of Helsinki & returned to Nigeria on a paid Travel Certificate issued by the Embassy.
Banza john Eneh
Sat, 12 Feb 2011 19:40 EST
On the confiscation of a passport by a foreign country
The right thing is to sue Finland and nigeria for human and fundamental rights abuse thru an attorney in nigeria with substituted service on the Embassy of Finland and the nigerian foreign affairs ministry both in Abuja. BJ Eneh, Awgu, Enugu State, nigeria
Dr Chrysanthus Chukwuma Sr
Sat, 12 Feb 2011 01:37 EST
Malfeasance of the Nigerian Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden
It is expansive malfeasance & gross negligence for the Nigerian Embassy not to have investigated the circumstances in the unlawful & illegal seizure of the said passport issued by the NIS Ebonyi State Command on 13/12/2005 & recently expired in the inhumane possession of the Government of Finland on 12/12/2010. Passport A3099826 is not lost, stolen, damaged or forged; so, it has relevance in the procurement of another passport. The Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry must prevail on this flagrant display of non-chalance by Nigerian Missions abroad.

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