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Ahmad Barqawi
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:25 EDT
Prince Bandar’s Reign of Terror
November 27, 2013 “Information Clearing House – Lesson of the day; don’t piss off a spoilt, insufferable Saudi Prince on a fool’s mission to bring about regime change in Syria; lest he’ll literally blow the whole damned world up to kingdom come.

Meet the man behind every terrorist-bombing breaking-news from the Middle East nowadays; he is the man who is elbows deep in the bloody “Balkanization” of Iraq, subsequent “Iraqization” of Lebanon, current ”Lebanonization” of Syria… and the intended “Syrianization” of Egypt. He’s the guy in one famous picture you see sitting casually on a sofa’s arm in the oval office looking down on Georg W. Bush, probably plotting together the then impending rape of Iraq. Usually if his name is mentioned, it is most commonly in connection with stirring a sectarian mini-civil war or enabling an American invasion somewhere in the region. Saudi spy chief Bandar Ben Sultan a.k.a. Bandar Bush.

You can tell that Prince Bandar has been quite busy ever since his appointment as head of the Saudi Intelligence Agency in the summer of 2012 (though to use the term ‘intelligence’ in the same sentence with the man who threatened to torpedo the upcoming Sochi winter Olympics with terrorist attacks if Moscow didn’t jump on board with Riyadh regarding Syria- is the mother of all contradictions); a quick scan over the news headlines of the past year or so is enough to know that not only does Bandar Bush take his new post seriously; but he does it with such a reckless abandon and more alarmingly, with a chronic dependency on Islamic extremist groups of the Al-Qaeda variety which, for all intents and purposes, have always been one of Saudi Arabia’s main calling cards in advancing its vile excuse for a foreign policy since the 1980s (a colleague of mine once hit the nail on the head when he remarked that; ‘Al Qaida is nothing more than Saudi Arabia’s secret army’).

Terrorist attacks have double-timed their callous, sectarian pace in Iraq this year with last October being the deadliest month with more than 1,000 civilian deaths resulting from car blasts and suicide attacks which have become a daily reality for most Iraqis to the extent where their occurrence is not deemed news-worthy anymore.

Syria -where the bitter rub is for the house of Saud these days- has become a popular destination for a slew of brainwashed, trigger-happy Jihadi fighters eager to meet their maker and claim the lives of hundreds of people in the process; terrorist networks metastasized remarkably in the war-torn country ever since Riyadh took complete hold over the “Syrian Revolution” dossier from Doha and showered these fanatic groups with an endless stream of cash, weapons, logistical support, unprecedented diplomatic clout and ideological guidance. In short; Syria metamorphosed -into an even bleaker version of late 1980s-early 1990s Afghanistan thanks to Saudi petro-dollars and heavy sectarian indoctrinations on a scale rarely seen against Shiites and Alawites (of course the Saudis are going to resort to sectarianism; it’s the only weapon in their god-forsaken armory. How else were they going to effectively mobilize and steer hordes of Islamic militants and new recruits towards holy Jihad on Syrian soil?).

Like flies on meat, these crazed Jihadi groups and Takfiri fighters started pouring into Lebanon in their hundreds; and it was not a mere spell-over of the Syrian war or a result of sheer coincidence; bringing Al-Qaeda and its affiliates into Lebanon was a deliberate, calculated move by the Saudi-American-Israeli axis and its silly coterie of the Lebanese pro-western March 14th movement, with the sole objective of weakening Hizbollah (regardless of the party’s military involvement in Syria, contrary to what is being constantly purported in the mainstream media) by hitting the Lebanese resistance where it hurts most: its public base of supporters.

Of course in the twisted mind of this Axis and its regional implantations that could only mean one thing: targeting predominantly Shiite areas inside Lebanon in a flamboyant attempt to: a) instigate a sectarian armed conflict between Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon, and b) turn the Lebanese people against Hizbollah and strong-arm the party’s political leadership into making concessions that would downsize its growing regional role and leave it but a declawed lion, thus rockets and mortars started falling on the town of Hermel and other mostly Shiite-populated villages all along the Syrian-Lebanese borders courtesy of Syrian opposition military groups, it wasn’t long before these sporadic attacks morphed into more sophisticated, large-scale car-bombings reminiscent of Al Qaida’s own handy work in Iraq, in the heart of Hezbollah’s strongholds in the Southern Suburb of Beirut, one of which claimed the lives of 27 and wounded more than 300 last August.

The dual bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut last week which left 23 dead including the Iranian cultural attaché, fits in an entirely different bracket; it marked the first time in this litany of Saudi-sponsored terrorism that suicide bombers were used in a meticulously planned terrorist attack directly targeting official Iranian interests in Lebanon; the fact that a couple of 21-year-olds so indoctrinated and filled with hatred towards fellow Muslims that they strapped themselves with explosives and drove kamikaze-style towards the Iranian embassy with hopes of martyrdom is indicative of how rotten the fruits borne out of over 10 years’ worth of Saudi Arabia’s unrelenting sectarian incitement and hysterical anti-Shia propaganda have become; transferring a sizable portion of today’s youth into sectarian-time-bombs waiting to go off; what comes next is anybody’s guess.

This is what the Arab world has come to cope with; higher (and more lethal) degrees of Saudi Arabia’s political insanity, and with the newly signed Iranian nuclear deal and Geneva II conference looming in the distance practically obituarizing the Kingdom’s failed attempts at overthrowing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, things could only get worse; Saudi Arabia has become so completely unhinged from reality (and humanity) that it might decide to go for broke on the Iraqi-Syrian-Lebanese front; upping the ante in its confrontational escapades against the “Shiite threat” and leaving a scorched path of countless of civilian deaths in its wake from Iraq to Lebanon under the destructive captaincy of Bandar Ben Sultan.

Even though Prince Bandar is the current face of Saudi Arabia’s madness; he is by no means ploughing a lone furrow here in his aggressive no-holds-barred-type of approach towards Syria, Hizbollah and Iran, this is in fact a matter of official policy for Saudi Arabia -endorsed by the entire upper echelons of power in the Kingdom- supposedly to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region; a policy that has unleashed this unstoppable freight train of terrorism and sectarian hatred that is steering the entire Arab World on a bound-collision course, Prince Bandar was entrusted with overseeing and implementing this sorry-mess-of-a-policy because of the intimate network of connections that he enjoys in Washington (thanks to his 22 year-service as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States) and all the clout and power that the Saudis were hoping he could wield on some American politicians and western policy-makers to rally the west into heavily arming the Syrian opposition and/or bombing Syria all together; but these are different times, and it would appear that Bandar’s “charms” do not have as much of a hold over Obama as they once did over the Bush clan.

While the entire world heaved a collective sigh of relief after the Iran nuclear deal, two of America’s ardent regional allies were left stomping around like spoilt children, throwing hissy fits over the U.S’s sudden “about-face”, the coming days will see greater cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel; working together in strategic coziness to swing the region’s pendulum back in favor of missile diplomacy and military interventions, with Al-Qaida at their disposal. Let that mental image sink in for a second; Israel’s intelligence capabilities, Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollars and Al-Qaeda’s explosive ideology. The worst is yet to come.

Ahmad Barqawi, a Jordanian freelance columnist & writer based in Amman, he has done several studies, statistical analysis and researches on economic and social development in Jordan.
Kurt Nimmo
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:20 EDT
Arab League Report Provides Evidence CIA, MI6, Mossad Behind Violence in Syria
Excerpts from the Arab League observers’ report on Syria make it clear that the establishment media is only telling part of the story and exaggerating violence by the al-Assad government and its police and military.

The report mentions an “armed entity’ that is killing civilians and police and conducting terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians. Casualties from these attacks are attributed to the al-Assad government and used to build a case against Syria in the United Nations.

Rebels in Idlib, Syria. Evidence reveals they are supported by the CIA, MI6, and Mossad.

According to the Arab League report, the “Free Syria Army” and “armed opposition groups” are responsible for many of the killings.

In January, it was reported that MI6, the CIA, and British SAS are in Syria working with the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Council to overthrow the al-Assad regime. The Free Syrian Army is widely recognized as a creation of NATO. It is comprised largely of militants from the Muslim Brotherhood – itself an asset of British intelligence – and is funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey.

The report lends credence to reports filed in November of last year by journalist Webster Tarpley, who visited the Middle Eastern nation.

“What average Syrians of all ethnic groups say about this is that they are being shot at by snipers. People complained that there are terrorist snipers who are shooting at civilians, blind terrorism simply for the purpose of destabilizing the country. I would not call this civil war – it is a very misleading term. What you are dealing with here are death squads, you are dealing with terror commandos; this is a typical CIA method. In this case it’s a joint production of CIA, MI6, Mossad, it’s got money coming from Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Qatar,” Tarpley told RT.

Tarpley said the United States is pushing a “bankrupt model of the color revolution, backed up by terrorist troops – people from Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood” and the objective is “to smash the Middle East according to ethnic lines.”

Excerpts from the Arab League observers’ report make it clear “that there is widespread violence on both sides, but that the opposition and the Western media have exaggerated the violence and casualties inflicted by government forces,” writes Nicolas Davies for War Is A Crime blog, formerly After Downing Street.

“The UN has stopped accepting casualty figures claimed by the opposition, and has frozen its “official” estimate of civilian deaths at 5,400, without acknowledging that this may already be highly exaggerated,” Davies explains. “This is not yet a bloodbath on the scale of Libya, where even the new government admits that at least 25,000 people died in the NATO-led war. Syria could follow the Libya model though, if NATO and the GCC keep providing weapons and military training to the Free Syrian Army and are prepared to beef it up with special forces on the ground, and as long as the UN approves a no-fly zone to provide cover for another 9,700 air strikes.”

The establishment media put the number of dead between 1,000 and 5,000. The International Criminal Court, Hisham Abu Hajer (of the Libyan “rebels,” in other words al-Qaeda), Pravda and other sources put the number at between 50,000 and 100,000. Tarpley estimated the number at 150,000, a staggering number for a population of just under six and half million people.

Relevant excepts from Report of the Head of the League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria from December 24, 2011 to January 18, 2012 follow:

“The Mission determined that there is an armed entity that is not mentioned in the protocol. This development on the ground can undoubtedly be attributed to the excessive use of force by Syrian Government forces in response to protests that occurred before the deployment of the Mission demanding the fall of the regime. In some zones, this armed entity reacted by attacking Syrian security forces and citizens, causing the Government to respond with further violence. In the end, innocent citizens pay the price for those actions with life and limb.

In Homs, Idlib and Hama, the Observer Mission witnessed acts of violence being committed against Government forces and civilians that resulted in several deaths and injuries. Examples of those acts include the bombing of a civilian bus, killing eight persons and injuring others, including women and children, and the bombing of a train carrying diesel oil. In another incident in Homs, a police bus was blown up, killing two police officers. A fuel pipeline and some small bridges were also bombed.

28. The Mission noted that many parties falsely reported that explosions or violence had occurred in several locations. When the observers went to those locations, they found that those reports were unfounded.

29. The Mission also noted that, according to its teams in the field, the media exaggerated the nature of the incidents and the number of persons killed in incidents and protests in certain towns.

According to their latest reports and their briefings to the Head of the Mission on 17 January 2012 in preparation for this report, group team leaders witnessed peaceful demonstrations by both Government supporters and the opposition in several places. None of those demonstrations were disrupted, except for some minor clashes with the Mission and between loyalists and opposition. These have not resulted in fatalities since the last presentation before the Arab Ministerial Committee on the Situation in Syria at its meeting of 8 January 2012.

Some observers reneged on their duties and broke the oath they had taken. They made contact with officials from their countries and gave them exaggerated accounts of events. Those officials consequently developed a bleak and unfounded picture of the situation.

Arab and foreign audiences of certain media organizations have questioned the Mission’s credibility because those organizations use the media to distort the facts. It will be difficult to overcome this problem unless there is political and media support for the Mission and its mandate. It is only natural that some negative incidents should occur as it conducts its activities because such incidents occur as a matter of course in similar missions.

75. Recently, there have been incidents that could widen the gap and increase bitterness between the parties. These incidents can have grave consequences and lead to the loss of life and property. Such incidents include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free Syrian Army and some by other armed opposition groups.

Since its establishment, attitudes towards the Mission have been characterized by insincerity or, more broadly speaking, a lack of seriousness. Before it began carrying out its mandate and even before its members had arrived, the Mission was the target of a vicious campaign directed against the League of Arab States and the Head of the Mission, a campaign that increased in intensity after the observers’ deployment. The Mission still lack the political and media support it needs in order to fulfill its mandate. Should its mandate be extended, the goals set out in the Protocol will not be achieved unless such support is provided and the Mission receives the backing it needs to ensure the success of the Arab solution.”

Kurt Nimmo
Friends of Syria
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:16 EDT
USA Admit to Funding Terrorists
USA are funding terrorists on mis-information and the lies spread by Al Jazeera. With all the intelligence the USA are said to have, they are now intent on starting a World War over fake stories they see on their television. What is the world coming to, when the world’s power brokers are basing life and death decision on a video that has been posted on YouTube, without even checking the validity of the film.

They then try to say that Al Jazeera new is true yet the Syrian television news is lies. Even though the Al Jazeera news is based on YouTube films and the Syrian news is filming live. Every news story on Al Jazeera and the BBC starts with “this film cannot be verified” when it comes to the numbers of deaths, they always say “up to” before the figure. They can say as many as they want, when they put the words up to before. On days when 5 people have been killed and these are Syrian soldiers. Al Jazeera would say that government troops have killed “up to 100″ people. It is a lie but because it has “up to” in front of it, they can say it. The damage is done, people watching the program only listen to the number and of course after the statement they would say this cannot be verified as we are not allowed in the country.

Once they have shown the fake Youtube film they will then go to a reporter, “live” for the inside story. Only the reporter is not in Syria at all; they are in either Lebanon, Turkey even Israel. What is the point going to another country for the story when the person knows no more about the story than anyone else. If fact on most occasions there is NO story, it is just all set up to build a case against Al Bashar, just like Tunisia and Libya.

The media say they are not allowed in Syria, well I can only sympathise with Syria over that as I have seen the BBC working alongside the terrorists and calling up their friends to put on a fight in the street, when you can see all the shoppers walking past wondering what is going on. They were hitting each other with baseball bats and carrying each other past the camera pretending they had been shot, but you could see the shoppers just looking on in amazement. They would hardly be acting as if nothing was happening if they were really being shot at. The BBC put the story out as, witnessing the government shooting at its people. They edited the film later putting old footage of crowds of people at each end of it, to make it look like crowds of people. Even that didn’t match as it was in a different area. This was evident that the BBC are also making up films, like Al Jazeera.

There are millions of people in Syria who would love to tell the media the truth of what is happening. There are thousands of people all around the world also trying to get the truth out, but the media will listen to no one except the terrorists. They refuse to listen to the 23 million that support Bashar Al Assad. They refuse to put on the films of the millions in the street who support him.

In the interview this man says that the Free Syria Army, started as peaceful activists. In reality there were never peaceful activists. They have been violent right from the beginning it was only the media that portrayed them this way.

The only peaceful demonstrations were held by the Bashar Al Assad supporters who took to the streets in their millions. These films were never shown by the media.

He says that the Syrian Free Army have only guns and pistols as weapons, here we show the weapons taken from the terrorist in April 2011 from what were called at the time “Peaceful Human Rights Activists” Terrorists were arrested and they claimed they were paid money and given weapons to fire on the Security forces and the army.

The terrorists first used children to paint anti Bashar graffiti on walls in March. Then young men would attack government buildings and burn them. By April they were burning tyres in the streets to attract the police. When they arrived the terrorists would ambush and murder them. Terrorists were arrested and interviewed on TV. Not tortured as quoted in the media.

By May more and more soldiers were martyred by the terrorists and the Syrian people took to the streets in their millions to show their support for their president and demonstrate against the lies in the media. Al Jazeera offices were attacked, as it had now become apparent that they were making fake films claiming the government forces were killing innocent people. Time and time again the films were shown, using the same people; dead one day, walking around the next. Films were made from old footage from other countries. By this stage some TV stations from around the world, had discovered the fake films and apologised to Syria. Staff at Al Jazeera started to resign, but the films kept being made and sent around the world. The Syrian people still took to the streets in support of the government as well as thousands of rallies around the world.

The terrorists would always strike on Fridays after prayers, because that was when they could guarantee to find a group of people leaving the mosques. A handful of terrorist would start demonstrating, around the people exiting from the Mosques, to make their group look bigger than it actually was. They positioned snipers on the roof tops, to fire at the innocent people leaving the Mosques. All the time filming it, so they could edit it to look like a huge demonstration and then upload it on YouTube saying the government was killing it’s people.

By July the media was still calling these terrorists “Human Rights Peaceful Protesters” and Hilary Clinton and the West were demanding that the Bashar Al Assad stop killing his people. When in reality he was not killing anyone and had the backing of all his people. He met all the demands, but still the demands kept coming. One demand that was never shown on the media was the one were the terrorist wanted all the Palestinians to be sent out of Syria or they would start killing them. I was there at the time and witnessed the military protecting the Palestinian Refugee Camp from an attack by terrorists.

The more the media showed the fake terrorist films the worse the terrorists became. Breaking into the houses of people and torturing them, blowing up schools, raping girls, murdering men an throwing their bodies off a bridge. Apart from their fear of being caught by the armed forces, these gangs became more brazen. It started with hanging people, then they would decapitate them. Cut off the limbs of soldiers; all the time filming their dirty work because they knew that when they posted the film on You tube and rang the TV stations blaming it on the government, they would be seen as heros in the west. Calling for help and asking for a no fly zone like in Libya. Only last week on the BBC a terrorist was telling that sometimes the demonstrations only consisted on 15 people.

The BBC has actively been helping the terrorists smuggling arms into the country and then filmed as he fired on a government soldier. The terrorist in question came from outside Syria. This is an invasion into another country by the UK. The BBC starting a war just for a news story. Killing a Syrian soldier just for a news story. They have no value for human life, don’t they realise that every time they show the terrorist films, means more innocent people are going to be killed.

Once again in the interview he says that the Syrian people are against the President. Well the terrorist himself said only a few days ago that the demonstrations were made up of 15 or so activists. Does that sound like the majority of the country is against the President? For all of you who believe what you see on the news, we will show you what they don’t show. The MILLIONS of Syrian people who support BASHAR AL ASSAD. No wonder everyone thinks Americans are stupid and thank God for Russia and China who have more sense. The US are intent on starting a war and the Russians and Chinese are trying to prevent one.

Just to remind you all of the love and support the President has by his people in Syria and around the world. A man who is loved, who helps the poor, who works with charities and does not kill his people.
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:11 EDT
Norwegian doctor in Gaza posts letter pleading for help
A Norwegian doctor working in Gaza has posted a letter to yesterday after Israel carried out more bombing on Saturday night.

It comes after a major ground battle exacts a bloody price, with more than 100 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers dead, while thousands of terrified Palestinian civilians flee their devastated neighbourhood.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the offensive would continue “as long as necessary” to end attacks from Gaza on Israeli civilians, but Hamas seems defiant, ceasefire efforts are stalled, and international criticism is growing as the Palestinian death toll rises.

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon called Israel’s latest incursion “atrocious” and the UN Security Council began an emergency session on Gaza early today at the request of Jordan.

Meanwhile Israel’s UN envoy has denied a Hamas claim that his group had captured an Israeli soldier. “There’s no kidnapped Israeli soldier,” Ron Prosor told reporters.


Dearest friends,

The last night was extreme. The “ground invasion” of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying – all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza’s hospitals are working 12-24 hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment all in Shifa for the last 4 months), they care, triage, try to understand the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. HUMANS!

Now, once more treated like animals by “the most moral army in the world” (sic!).

My respect for the wounded is endless, in their contained determination in the midst of pain, agony and shock; my admiration for the staff and volunteers is endless, my closeness to the Palestinian “sumud” gives me strength, although in glimpses I just want to scream, hold someone tight, cry, smell the skin and hair of the warm child, covered in blood, protect ourselves in an endless embrace – but we cannot afford that, nor can they.

Ashy grey faces – Oh NO! Not one more load of tens of maimed and bleeding, we still have lakes of blood on the floor in the ER, piles of dripping, blood-soaked bandages to clear out – oh – the cleaners, everywhere, swiftly shovelling the blood and discarded tissues, hair, clothes,cannulas – the leftovers from death – all taken away … to be prepared again, to be repeated all over. More then 100 cases came to Shifa in the last 24 hrs. Enough for a large well trained hospital with everything, but here – almost nothing: no electricity, water, disposables, drugs, OR-tables, instruments, monitors – all rusted and as if taken from museums of yesterday’s hospitals. But they do not complain, these heroes. They get on with it, like warriors, head on, enormously resolute.

And as I write these words to you, alone, on a bed, my tears flow, the warm but useless tears of pain and grief, of anger and fear. This is not happening!

An then, just now, the orchestra of the Israeli war-machine starts its gruesome symphony again, just now: salvos of artillery from the navy boats just down on the shores, the roaring F16, the sickening drones (Arabic ‘Zennanis’, the hummers), and the cluttering Apaches. So much made in and paid by the US.

Mr. Obama – do you have a heart?

I invite you – spend one night – just one night – with us in Shifa. Disguised as a cleaner, maybe.

I am convinced, 100%, it would change history.

Nobody with a heart AND power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

But the heartless and merciless have done their calculations and planned another “dahyia” onslaught on Gaza.

The rivers of blood will keep running the coming night. I can hear they have tuned their instruments of death.

Please. Do what you can. This, THIS cannot continue.

Mads Gilbert MD PhD

Professor and Clinical Head

Clinic of Emergency Medicine

University Hospital of North Norway
Friends of Syria
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:05 EDT
Hundreds protest against ‘BBC pro-Israel bias’ of Gaza coverage in cities across the UK
More than 3,700 people signed up on Facebook to join the demonstration at Media City in Manchester on Saturday and similar events have also drawn crowds outside the BBC’s London headquarters.

On Tuesday, protesters presented an open letter from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and other groups to the Director General outside Broadcasting House.

It claimed news coverage was “devoid of context or background” about the previous Israeli occupation of Gaza.

“We would like to remind you that Gaza has no army, air force, or navy, while Israel possess one of the strongest militaries in the world,” it continued.

“When you portray the occupier as the victim, and the occupied as the aggressor, we would like to remind you that resistance to occupation is a right under international law.”



More than 200 Palestinians have been killed since the start of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge earlier this month.

The UN estimates that 77 per cent of those killed have been civilians, including many children, but Israel has blamed Hamas for allegedly concealing rocket launchers and military equipment in residential buildings, schools and mosques.

In Liverpool, protesters gathered outside the BBC Radio Merseyside on Tuesday and in Manchester, a “Stop the Bombing of Gaza” event was held.

A vigil in memory of Palestinian casualties was held in Newcastle and numerous protests calling for an immediate ceasefire from the Israeli military have been held in recent weeks across the UK.

According to the Stop the War Coalition, more demonstrations against BBC coverage and the conflict in general are planned over the coming days in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Worcester.

A BBC News spokesman said the organisation was reporting “widely and extensively across TV, radio and online, on many different aspects of this ongoing and complex conflict”.

“Our role is to explain what is happening and why, and we endeavour to reflect a range of voices, amid deeply held views,” he added.

“We are committed to continuing to report and analyse sometimes fast moving events in an accurate, fair and balanced way.”
Ismail Faisal
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:54 EDT
Murdered by Israel/USA – Two little Angels Killed by the Devil
These two countries work as one when it comes to spreading death and evil on this planet. Each one supporting the other, both countries under the illusion that they are better than the rest of the world and the deaths of innocent children around the world do not matter.

Two cold blooded heartless countries who have declared themselves leaders of the world with the right to kill how ever many innocent people as they want and expect to get away with it.


Hassan’s 2 kids Saji and Kenan who got killed today in ‪Gaza‬ along with their pregnant mom. The photo was taken in ‪‎Oxford‬ last year.

Just 2 more of the senseless murders of the Israelis. Hitler seems like a saint compared to Benjamin Netanyahu, who continues to make his people the most hated in the world.

They call themselves the “chosen ones”. They must be chosen by the Devil, as no God would sanction such murders. The world is disgusted by the behaviour of these people.
Farid Mohamed
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:47 EDT
Perverted truth: How rebel mourning MH17 victims was turned into looter with trophy
Twitter is quick, but too quick sometimes – recently it burst with photos of an evil Ukrainian militiaman who took a teddy bear from the victim of Malaysia plane crash as a trophy. But the full video shows he was just paying the tribute to the dead. “Pro Russian holds up stuffed toy like trophy. Mr @PutinRF_Eng, are you proud of your compatriots?” wrote a twitter user John Gosling. A photo signed “pro-Russian fighter holds up a toy found among the debris at the crash site of MH17”has been used by such major media outlets as the BBC and NBC. Some outlets went as far as to say that ‘pro-Russian fighters’ were collecting the belongings of passengers of the doomed Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight.
Sule Ibrahim
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:37 EDT
I want to go home from this country. Please help me.
Fri, 13 Jun 2014 05:55 EDT
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Once your payment of the premium fees is confirmed by wire transfer in
the account provided by the Surety (SGIC),The bond will be executed
and The Investor will  sign the debt agreement and make a wire transfer of the Investment to the Account information provided by you
within 48 hours of the confirmation.
Please confirm your readiness to proceed with the necessary
obligations so that we can provide you with the relevant documents to
move forward.
Get back to me accordingly.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Ghazi S. Ghazzi
Principal Partner
Law Office of Ghazi S Ghazzi
Sir, I want you to kindly confirm if this is fraud or real so I don't fall victim.
My email is
I anticipate your response Sir.

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