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Sun, 8 Dec 2013 14:33 EST
what about the Nigeria ambassadors, not attempting to look complains in this site.
I appreciate your responds embassy finder, the messages i have been posting is not different from the recent messages i post to complain. but i appreciate your respond and it shows me the site is been watched and controlled. now let us move the agenda ahead. why are most of the Nigeria ambassadors not attending to the complains of their citizens in this sit? only Greece ambassador came out to address his peeople on this site which i want you to join me and appreciate his effort. the rest felt unconcerned. even their tellephones posted on the site are not working. please we need to wake them up. Embassy finder assist me. Nigeria ministry of foreign affair which i know should caution these ambassadors can not even be reach. through email or writing. i have sent a letter sometimes ago to them physically by myself in Abuja, but till today i see no respond from them. help me embassy finder, our people need to be attended to.

i wait your kind respond

Sun, 8 Dec 2013 00:59 EST
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Sun, 1 Dec 2013 11:08 EST
why did you delete my comments/messages on this page, why?
I wish to bring to your Notice the disturbing and incompetence nature of other foreign embassies abroad. i run an N.G.O Destined for Nigerians in Diaspora, and every complain of a Nigerian outside her nation territory is our concern.

i always look into the complains of Nigerians in the but i always felt dissapionted. some complains are there for more than 2years without any body bothering to attend to them. the site was created to assist and solve problems of every Nigerians Abroad, why are they now neglecting their Duties, are the embassies running away from their duty. i query them in respect manner. it is a good initiative to create a site like this, which any Nigerian all over the world facing one issue or the other, can reach to his or her authority. but it is like the site is now turned into fun or a chat room.

the most annoying part is every time i come check my comment post in this site my comments are always not there, meaning deleted. why did you delete my comments when there are no critics against me, and my comments?. are you telling me i should stop trying to reach my people. why is my comments deleted embassy finder, you must tell me. or are working with the Nigeria government where the voice of the voiceless is not heard? this is my dream, this is my mission, reaching to every Nigerians outside her Nation Territory, and this site embassy finder is a good source. so tell me what you mean by deleting my messages and comments. i will move to any length on this, or write me to explain.

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:11 EDT
jobs in oil field company
can you please give me a list of a medical jobs in oïl field company to inform i've worked as a senior doctor in an american company in oïl and gaz industry,
Wed, 8 May 2013 05:03 EDT

akim hamed tijani
Mon, 8 Apr 2013 09:21 EDT
how to get visa to phillipine
hello sir i need to apply for pillipine visa in algeria i dont know whether it will be possible for me to get it thanks
Adebayo olatunji yusuf
Wed, 20 Feb 2013 09:16 EST
Can some one tell me way 2 algeria by bus
Am yusuf olatunji adebayo am 4room kwara state,i want 2 go to algeria by bus,and i don't no were to get bus from nigeria going to algeria,if some one can tell me i will be happy,and i need a frend who is in algeria,am 23yr old pls help me.this my phone number 08066287094 pls try 2 call me
Sunday stephen victor
Wed, 21 Nov 2012 09:26 EST
How can I get a visa of algeria for now
Im in nigeria for nw
utulu christopher
Wed, 29 Aug 2012 19:52 EDT
to uptein a visa
am a nigerian living in algeria without any visa how do i get the visa now to stay free in contry
Thu, 21 Jun 2012 15:53 EDT
see morrocco see spain
“My name is Happy, I am from Edo state. Mr. Emma is my Guild that took me from Benin to Algeria. I started a relationship with him before we left Benin because he told me he is going to take me to Europe and marry me when we get to Europe if only I am going to be loyal to him.
After two months, I got pregnant before we left Benin. He told me it will take us two weeks to get to Europe. But we spent two months from Benin to the Republic of Niger border town to Algeria called Assamaka which because of the hotness of the temperature, the West Africans that passed though this town called it Ten kilometers to hell fire. As we continued our Journey, when my pregnancy was seven months old, I started noticing Emma was no longer paying attention towards me instead, He was after another girl. I had to threaten Emma I was going to tell everyone that he was responsible for my pregnancy since he has already given people wrong impression to the other passengers that someone else impregnated me from Nigeria. Main while, I never knew Emma’s girlfriend was among us and it is her sister that was actually sending the monies through Emma. When I revealed the secret to the group, the eldest girl amongst us called Evelyn ran towards me and started hitting. She said Emma told her that I am his kid sister that’s why she never suspected I had something with Emma. Emma grew so angry that he joined his girlfriend in beating me. The relationship between a Guild and a passenger is like that of a king and slaves, a passenger dare not intervene when a guild is treating issues the way he feels. After enough of marks on my body, Emma and his girlfriend took me into the desert behind some rocks. He asked me to seat down on the floor while he went aside to speak with his girlfriend. After a while they came to me and his Girlfriend now said to me. “Happy, I know it is not your fault neither it is my fault. Do you know you are going to prostitute in Europe as Emma’s personal girl and not as Wife?” I said no. Emma now said he was going to punish me for trying to destroy his relationship with Evelyn. He threatened me that he was going to leave me in the desert except I agree to their condition. I asked what his condition was. He said “Evelyn is specialized in maternity issues so she can assist you in putting to bed when the time comes but you must kill the child in the desert to continue with us” he continued, “ if I allow you to keep the child, u can’t enter Europe with us because of the inconveniences involved. And if you are able, you won’t be able to start making money for me immediately through prostitution when you get there; thirdly, Evelyn has sworn she will call her sister to stop sending money to Emma because of you. I could not doubt them because we saw a lot of graves that are identified as graves with just pieces of rocks and only their names with family names. My guild told us they were passengers that were stubborn so their guild abandoned them in the desert so they starved and died. I was afraid so I accepted their conditions. He also warned me not to reveal it to any of the passengers.
When we got back to where the other passengers, Emma told them, “we have resolved the issues that henceforth, Happy and Evelyn will be sleeping close to me till we get to Europe”. At Night, he took his blanket, jerican of water and called both of us to follow him. We walked about ten poles away from the other passengers and Emma spread his blanket and we slept. This was how we continued sleeping away from the other passengers everywhere we went till we got to the border town of Algeria to Republic of Niger called Ain Guizam. We continued here too. Then my pregnancy was already nine months old. We were camped in an abandoned mechanized farm. When we got here, we met two other groups of passengers too. So we were about twenty five passengers and three guilds in the Ghetto. Emma had to trek into the town to get food for us and he came with a Ghanaian called Koffi the owner of the Ghetto as claimed. He buys bread and mineral, milk and sugar from the town for us. And he is the one to arrange the bus that will take us to the big city. Emma also sent him to buy clean cloths, perfume etc so that we can clean up when travelling to Oran because we don’t need to appear as people that just left the desert. We must look clean for people to think we have been in the city for months. After spending nine days here, I started having labor. Emma now hurriedly took me to where we do go and sleep. When we got there, I didn’t labor for three hours, I gave birth. All I heard was Emma saying, “remember our agreement” Evelyn rushed to me holding me to the ground as Emma carried the baby to an already Dug grave he dug when I was in labor. He buried the child alive. Because Emma felt the owner of the Ghetto might notice the soil was freshly tilled and must ask why, he instructed us to always lay our sleeping mats on the spot where the child was buried. So we slept on it throughout. Three days after Emma and Evelyn killed my Child, A Ghanaian amongst the other group of passengers we met there woke everybody up that he has been having revelation of bloodshed in this Ghetto so everybody in the Ghetto must fast and pray for three days. Before, now, Emma had already told the rest of our group that I and Evelyn is living in town that he only comes to the ghetto to see them and give them food. It was on the second night of the fasting Emma started having nightmares that he had to scream and started running towards where the passengers are. We followed him as he ran till we got to the ghetto. All he was saying repeatedly was, “I will confess” the pastor had to pray for him and asked him to say whatever he has to say. That was how God exposed him and Evelyn of the evil did they committed against God.

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