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Sat, 20 Jan 2018 17:31 EST
7-9, rue Eblé 75007 Paris France
My name is Turenda, the daily activities of educating children to read the Qur'an. But my sadness and burden can not be hidden because it involves so much debt. I owe $ 52 million and as soon as I want to refund / pay off. If you could help me in these circumstances ease the burden, so that my activities are not influenced by the minds related to accounts payable. Thank you for your help.

My Account Number (BRI)
email: turendamaer@gmail.com
Address: Blok Prapatan RT 04 RW 01 Ds. Climb of Kec. Krangkeng Kab. Indramayu
How can you watch this?
Mon, 26 Sep 2016 20:15 EDT
The true culprit is...
MH17: Today Russian military had a press conference and showed everything they have in terms of radar and satellite data. Nothing indicates that it was their side that did it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. At the same time, they are asking American side (for who how may times) to show the world evidence they have, supposedly indicating it was the Russian side, either rebels or the federation. This they have asked from the very beginning, when as you remember Russia was accused immediately as the culprit. No evidence no proof no nothing.Yet the headlines were the usual lies "Russian did it". According to data Russian military has, it is most likely Ukraine side did it with a missile launched from their territory. This either deliberately (to implicate Russia and maybe even cause NATO intervention) or by accident. But America et al (and that includes even your govt) does not want to admit this, even in the face of all those adults but even worse children killed by criminals. Now the headlines are gone, the Russian press conf. is not mentioned anywhere in the west and the western brainwashed population has it imprinted in their minds that "Russian did it". How can you live with that as people and govt of your country????
MH 17 Plane
Sun, 18 Oct 2015 17:13 EDT
What ever happened and who ever shot this plane down, it would not have happened if America and her vassal states did not cause the crisis in Ukraine and if the nazi govt of Ukraine had enough of brains to close the air over their country.
These two are to blame even if Russia itself downed the plane by mistake. This did NOT happen and likely criminals are Kiev incompetent army and govt.
So stop demonizing Russia and stop being a c=vassal state to America that is leading you and all others towards even bigger catastrophe.
Remember you owe than nothing any longer.
What is this business of
Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:10 EDT
your govt's demonizing Russia?
Is this what you truly believe, feel and want to do? Or is this what you must do under the orders from your puppet-master, America?
Either way, do you actually realize where demoinzing of a country leads to, eventually? Just take your puppet-master's examples. Every country they demonized till now, they attacked eventually. Even if you do it on your own (what in the world Russia did to you, except saved your from nazis indirectly, for America would not have come to your rescue at the time they did, had not Soviets advanced toward Atlantic. Thus they had to be stopped midway in Germany), as NATO country you too will have to attack Russia at some point, along with your puppet-master who is also demonizing Russia at this time. Thus they will attack as per they usual MO, so you will have to attack too, on your puppet -master's coattails. So what will happen then? Do you know and do your people know? This is important, for once you start moving on Mother Russian borders, your population will be committing a mass suicide. You know that, don't you?
Your soldiers along with any others, will be NUKED right at or close to Russian borders, as will the mother countries of all attackers. This is written in Russian version of their article 5, and there would be no deviations from it. It is written in Russian titanium (not even in much softer stone) and that is that.
So when you continue with your demonizing of a peaceful, Slavic country that never did anything to you or your people, and would have liberated you much faster than America, think what will happen to your people and your exceptionally beautiful country. We already reported and proven to you, that if your puppet-masters did not create the Ukraine crisis (for their own evil plans) all those children and adults you lost in that plane over Ukraine would be at home live and well right now. It does not matter who shot it down, it is America and all those who orchestrated this crisis that are TO BLAME.
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 10:20 EDT
Maryland, USA
Apr.2015: Some "Maryland", some country of "brave and free". Some "dream" and some "exceptional-ism".You still want them to show you the way into your future???
Some"future" it will be?
Only Eye contact
Sun, 26 Apr 2015 11:17 EDT
may kill you
We written about Americanization of Europe and the world and it's dangers that may lead to total unraveling of your way of life, thus the end of it as you know and like it.
De-Americanization of Europe and any other region that has been victimized by it and it continues, must be started in earnest, before it is too late.
Do you want to have on your streets, what they have on theirs?
Just look what they do to tier black population, amongst
Ms.T.D.W. Jayawardana
Fri, 23 Jan 2015 02:18 EST
Looking for a Nursing or Hospitality job
Presently I am working as a nursing officer @ Eye Operation Theatre in Sri Lanka. I like to work at Netherlands or France. So please consider me on suitable vacancies. Thank you. E-Mail: chaanw@yahoo.com (Tel.: +94722187987)
Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:48 EST
Stand off
With newest Russian military doctrine now in place, any NATO country is a potential to firm enemy of Mother Russia. This is the same country that helped liberate yours more than the Americans and their allies in 1944/5 did. How so? Simple. If it had not been for Russian survival and then breaking the back of nazi Germany's army, the war in Europe would have lasted for another 20 years or even longer. Thus you country would have most likely collapsed totally with millions dead of starvation, disease etc. Your parents and grandparents remember what it was like during brutal nazi occupation. The Americans came when it was convenient and relative safe for them. Just consider their "losses" of less than 1/2M soldiers compared to 10M for the Russian army and 15-20M civilians. Who was the one who REALLY sacrificed for the liberation of Europe?
Now America wants ot come right to the border of Russia, draging innocent countries like your with them, for you are part of their interventionist force, NATO. How can Russia not be doing what they are given the history they have with the west's agression over centuries, in fact.
They say and said it:ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Sadly due to American agression and violent nature of their very being, all those associated with them are now on the target list of complete and devastating retaliation, should America dare to make a 1 mm step over Russian border.
We may not have a cold war back yet, but we have a STAND OFF that can turn into the real thing, in a microsecond. Remember there is no country on the face of the world that wants and would trigger WWIII but one, AMERICA.
Sun, 7 Dec 2014 11:27 EST
Part of it is demonization of anyone they want and/or need TO. Russia is currently the IT TARGET. The whole thing is a complex one, fRom obvious, overt demonization to subtle or secretive one.
Here is example of the "subtle" unlike overt one in case of Ukraine; The recent attack by Chechnia terrorist(by any normal human beings standard) was described by US media as attack by; rebels,normally ascribed to freedom fighters. Never do they use "terrorists" in case of terror attacks in Russia. It is always, rebels, freedom fighters etc but NEVER tarrorists. It is obvious why this is done, for this is a part of this whole thing of demonizing Russia and as far America is concerned anyone who is against Russia is their friend and freedom fighter. The moment ISIS declares they are Russia's enemies they would become American friends. Just watch it.
Here is how American corporate/gvt controlled media would have reported 9/11 attacke, had it happened against Russia:
Imagine if Russian or any other's media reported on the real tragedy of 9/11 as American media does on every terror attack on Russia? Well Russia ain't no America. It is a country with soul and heart.
Americanization, use it at own peril.
The bully
Sat, 15 Nov 2014 10:36 EST
has spoken again
Did you see what Obama said in his G20 speech? He calls ISIS, EBOLA and RUssia the biggest threats in the world. If this were not true one could not make this up. Here is a country's prez who orders killings, bombings and destructions of whole countries, labeling a country dangerous for the world peace, that has done nothing bad in the last 30 years and has destroyed no country or people. This is a typical bully's behaviour where he attacks others to cover his nastiness. But no one, but the rabit supporters of America and Nato would believe him. The acts by him and Nato say it all. The crisis in UKR was caused, financed and triggered by America et al. Obama says Russia is responsble for MH17 demise. Wrong. If he had not caused the crisis that tragedy would neve had happened. No matter who shot it down, it is still the fault of those who caused the crisis. That is America et al. not Russia. The only fault Russia has, is that they did not send in the troops the moment Kiev nazi govt started killings of Russian population, as they did in Georgia few years earlier. Thus the crisis would have been over long ago and those wonderful innocent children on that plane would be in school today.
Obama must be realizing the American domination is over and they were stopped cold right there where they caused so much death and destruction, in Ukraine. They will never get to see Russian border as enemies. Just read books about German soldiers who wanted to see and cross river Volga at Stalingrad. They never did and when they saw it, it was as POWs who were made to drink the voter from the river, Should any American soldier ever cross the border of Russia he will be made to eat that wonderful fertile black sacred soil of Mother Russia. The worse for them will come immediately affter that.
So those good people of the world, who want to live in peace must contribute to stopping American hegemony once and for ever. The very destiny of this planet rides on that.
Believe it.

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