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Comments on this Permanent Mission to the UN

Costica Ganga
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 14:55 EST


Dear World, are dieing daily so many ANGELS under my eyes, let ask together for appropriate Legislation in order to be saved the Humanity and Planet. It is the only solution and is vital. You are 193 Countries Member of UN, and I send this message to all of you. Communicate please between yourselves in order to save the World with this Legislation only. Thanks.

Costica Ganga
23 Palmerston Place
Dublin 7

Dear Dignitars, Leaders of Member Countries of G20 International Organization, the invites Countries and all Countries of the Planet

I watched on Euronews TV Station about your Meeting and it was one headline; ‘The G20 Meeting crackdown at tax evasion issue’. What tax evasion? According to my very summary knowledge of Business, the smallest and simplest Company created, can’t be functional before is framed within the Rules and Legislation in vigour, inclusive Taxation. The only Business and Money made that can’t and never will be accountable and taxable is the huge Profit resulted from the process of Extermination which is the main Business in action.

Since the G8 Meeting from June 2013 which has taken place in Northern Ireland, when allegedly it brought transparency about the destroying of the Humanity and the Planet, the population of almost 7 billions of people lives in a continuous terror. The Diabolic and limited educated Administration of the United States of America bears in its mind that this Planet is its belonging. In order to conquer it, they use the most unimaginable, unscrupulous methods as; humiliation, intimidation, manipulation, corruption, brutal force and so on. Having Media and ulterior attracting almost all the Personalities, they started gradually by prostituting young, beautiful, intelligent women (even the ones married; destroying families), criminalizing as many ordinary people as possible, if not all of us. Followed the introduction of Children from the age of months in prostitution and forcing men (elderly first) to become paedophiles. They came after that with Climate change, the collapse of Economy, shortage of Food, as people to accept sacrificing Human Being and processing them in the Food, Cosmetic, Medical Industry.

At this stage this Country; Ireland is not the Cemetery of the World because there are not graves, crosses, stones or other signs that the lost souls ever existed, instead must be called the Real Hell. Has been built infrastructures at any level, are killed Human Beings from the age of 1 year to the most advanced age, people with disabilities, and the elderly and people from the periphery of Society (useless in Food Industry) are treated with poisonous drugs or technologically, as they become first yellow and later waxy colour and disappear. I am a daily witness of what is happening and can’t express in words what is the feeling; meeting the preying, begging eyes of Children of 4,5,6,7 and so on years of age, jumping from a leg to another, with desire of learning, of life, but with instinctual feeling of ‘what is next?’, the teenagers well built, beautiful faces, unconcerned, careless appearance, probable under drugs, the elderly also thoughtless for sure have administrated drugs in what they have for breakfast or lunch. All these innocents’ people are losing their lives without to know it, and what for? In this Dublin and I’m afraid in each locality of this Country, every canal along the streets emanate a smell of Human flesh and blood permanently. This Dublin is a permanent Waterloo, an every day Waterloo. Another disease as EBOLA or a worse one will not be late, as I predicted in the letters from last year (enclosed in whole this material if you want to read it).

There are not any excuses for doing so, Leaders of the Planet! You came with various Fairy Tells as; religious ones (using phrases from the Bible and even Jesus’ Name), recession (created by yourselves), Climate Change and so on. In reality it is all about your incompetence of leading the Humanity and your avidity of money.

You prostitute Children for making money claiming between other that is a normal process. Where in the reigns vegetal or animal has anyone seen that plants or animals have the process of reproduction before the right time arrives? The animals take more care of their creatures than us, the Humans of our Children. They educate theirs; contrarily as we do, and never abuse them sexually. In the Human Beings life as everyone without any education knows or should know, the puberty is the arbitrary sign of passing in sexual life, not the birth day. Could be seen on streets little beautiful girls of 4 or 5 years of age companioned by their guardians, forced probably to advertise full sex. What do you think about all these Leaders of the Planet?

Regarding the edibility of Human Being? We are not edible. According to Evolutionist Theory, we are just the most evoluted animals, gifted with more or less intelligence which helps us to communicate and learning other different things, but nothing more. Even so, we refuse to use our intelligence and use our hands and fingers for communication. Aaaaa!….No traces? The animals less evoluted than us, also not all of them are edible; living they under water, being terrestrial, or in air. There are poisonous fishes, but also the dolphin (intelligent), not edible. There are hyenas, jackals, rats, ferrets and also elephants, horses, dogs, cats (intelligent) not edible. Also there are birds as eagles, sea gulls and so on and parrots (intelligent), no edible. The Human, being; heinous or intelligent, educated or not, we are not edible. We are more poisonous that any other animals; we eat anything, drink alcohol, take drugs, have sick brain, how could we be edible?

By religion; there is in Bible (Old Testament); to burn a calf or a lamb on God Altar; as a gift, but never a Child. Regarding Climate Change; not the number of population is the reason of Global Warming, and even so, not killing Human Being is the solution. Everyone is born to live his or her life as long as destined. Life is very short comparing with the life of the Planet and Universe and you make it as short as you like. You want and already created artificial life in test tubes and surrogates as none to ask or care what you do with them. You sacrifice them for Christmas as a pig or turkey and for Easter as a lamb, because it is what you like. You put them in families and destroy their and families lives. You want to make even Legislation against Marriage as people to live in flocks as sheep or as other animal communities. You are not going to do so despite all your plans and programs any more. If the Planet is over populated; everyone on this Planet is educated enough to understand Family Planning as understood Chinese People, and in 20 – 30 years the population will be reduced to half of it or less. The real Global Warming comes from; you jumping from airplane to airplane, personal aircrafts, producing of weapons of all sorts, trips in Universe, and so on, and so on, and so on.

With existing people; must be made connection with rural activities in order to soap some mechanic operations (as the fuel crises imposes) with Human force, in order to produce more proper, organic products; example: raising cows, sheep, pigs, domestic birds for organic food and with their dejection enhance the quality of soil and for feeding them is necessary to cultivate plants and forests which produce Oxygen for Atmosphere and so, creating an healthy ecological system. You choose the solution to kill, to make you rich overnight, you do not care for the generation of tomorrow.

This, as everyone knows now is just the most Humiliating process of Extermination at High Way and even more, making huge profits and for this reasons measures must be taken urgently as:

1. Urgent Legislation,
• “Death punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

• ‘Death punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income’.

You have no reason to tergiversate the elaboration of these pieces of Legislation because everyone knows that these are the most notorious, monstrous crimes and must be stopped now. Who wants PAEDOPHILIA AND CANIBALISM?
2. To be arrested immediately and to be put in International Tribunal in Hague for facilitation millions of Children Prostitution and mass killing of millions innocent people of the age from 1 year to the most advanced age and people with disabilities:

Mrs: Barack Obama, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Manuel Barosso, Ban Ki-moon, His Holiness Pope Francis.

• The United States Administration to be arrested for imposing whole this process of Extermination, for corrupting and blackmailing all Countries Leaders from all over the World. All the indications come from the American Administration. From Barack Obama talking and accounting with his fingers; from the thumb finger to the small one. Also all the Americans to be banished from each Country (as did some brave Turkish people just 2 days ago, probable in Dardanelle Area, where they are not yet). To be isolated and sanctioned as they do to each Country they like. Not to be allowed in the World until will learn what means Human Being and how precious is life for every individual born on this Planet. Also to learn that this Planet is not at their discretion, that it must be kept safe for the millions of generations to come. That this Planet is a gift inherited from our predecessors and we have the obligation to offer it to the next generation and to teach them what to do next. The United States has a huge territory, they have a density of population of only 33 people per km sq, they have nothing to complain that have not enough room as could do Bangladesh, India, Haiti, Taiwan, or other overcrowded Country.

• Mr Manuel Barosso so far, being followed by Mr Shultz, possible Mr Juncker if dare to continue in this way, and many others for allowing and getting involved in the crimes mentioned.

• Mr Ban Ki-moon for confusing United Nations with United States, for acting as a servant humil of the US, helping in all their criminal actions. United Nations Organization represents the interests of 193 Countries not the criminal interests of the US.

• His Holiness Pope Francis for facilitation instead of banishing totally the Children Prostitution action not in the Catholic Church only but at least in the Catholic World, and whole Humiliating process of Extermination. The Church is the link between God and ordinary sinners, to teach them at least the 10 or 7 Commandments, and people would not get involved in these most notorious, monstrous crimes ever.

The list of the ones involved is huge, but these measures must be taken urgently in order to be stopped the MASACRE NOW. I have not time and words to express what I am feeling and I don’t want to waste your time too. Thanks.

Your faithfully

Costica Ganga


Dear European Council

I understood from Media in a very vague anouncement, like a secret, that in Brussels takes place today a meeting of the Leaders European Countries. Yesterday 22/10/2014, I sent the same message to the European Commission which is enclosed below, and don’t want to repeat the same things to infinite. I want to add that Euthanasia, the Right to Die (which just now I lessened to the Manipulators from the main Radio Station advertising it like everyone wish to die now), and others Legislation kept in Politicians drawers will never justify or cover the mass crimes that occur every day with very healthy people of different ages starting with 1 year of age. Please, I implore you to do everything, in order to be elaborated the Vital Legislation mentioned in Yesterday’s and every letter enclosed in this material. Any delay of doing so, will aggravate everyone existence. Thanks.

Dear European Commission
My name is Costica Ganga the same individual that sent this material many times before to whole Leadership of Europe and all over the World. I am not going to congratulate you for the Confirmation Day because there are not reasons, but in order to suggest to your Institution the first activity as; to be restored Order, Civilization and Independence on this old and wonderful Continent; Europe. This activity must be; concentrating in finding all the leviers and the place where must be taken action in order to be elaborated the Death Penalty Legislation not for stilling a bread as did Jean Valjean, but for the most notorious, unimaginable crimes that ever occurred on this Planet and in Universe, if there is life on other Planets. The punishment must be applied against all the criminals involved in the complex process of Extermination acting in any way in Children Sex Abuse (even touching any of them sexually) and the ones that touch any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or just shortening their Life because they were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stilling their pensions or other forms of income, as I suggested in other letters enclosed in this material. These notorious crimes are linked between them. The Legislation must be applied in each Country of the Planet in order to be protected the Human Species not; (children and our CHILDREN, old people and our PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS). Despite all my appeals these crimes are going on incessantly, even more aggressively. Please, please, please, stop it immediately by elaborating the Vital Legislation suggested, otherwise will be paid more expensively. There are not any excuses as; antidemocratic or other cheap motivations. Changing the Climate of the Planet could be done in time by Family Planning, as China does, never killing people. You are not aware that will benefice others, finding this land unpopulated and killing the remaining ones (YOU) as are capable to Abuse Sexually and Kill the most innocent Angels; Children. Thanks.

Costica Ganga
23 Palmerston Place

Dear World

On Thursday 20/11/2014, around 11.30 a. m. I was walking on Henry Street from O’Connell Street to Mary’s Street, Dublin 1. I observed in front of me at the crossroads Henry Street with Henry Place on the right side as I was walking, there was stopped one group of Children. Before I approached the group started walking on Henry Place Street. I sow many times before groups of Children and even adults walking in that direction, and I thought and wandered every time where they were going.

For one and half years since I become aware of the most notorious crimes that are occurring in Irish Society (because here I have been), and all over the World, (later I became aware of whole the process of Extermination), I started a personal champagne in order to help the Humanity and the Planet in stopping whole this massacre just by a simple Legislation. Doing so, I have been arrested illegally on 24/05/2014, charged, and the process continues in Court, the sixth term will take place on 09/12/2014 at 10:30 a.m. in Court 18 (enclose the description of the event).

Henry Place Street or Avenue is a narrow, dirty, lugubrious Street, frightening to walk on it, which when looking from Henry Street could be seen in front just a hall, but at the end makes 90 degrees corner with another Street with the same name which goes in Moore Street (the Market). From the one that goes to Moore Street, from its right side there is another Street; Moore Line Street with the same description as the one above, which goes in Parnell Street.

As I
M. Hassan
Mon, 10 Nov 2014 03:32 EST
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Mon, 11 Nov 2013 18:56 EST
america the home of the forgotten slaves
Sorry for bothering u once again only this time its about how america is useing people as cattle!:( meaning that once your born here an you or your parents sign the birth certificate the government steps in and uses your birth certificate as a strawman for there own personal gain!! While still chargeing taxes on the person who they be useing! Smh I hear im worth millions due to stocks that,they been useing only im broke and on welfare just fighting to stay free and alive!! Treaty of peace huh?? Peace for who?? them?? They stole us,taught us and been dumbing us down for the last 500 years! Its fair to say that this government is up for sell to the highest bidder!!:( David c williams mt.zion79@yahoo.com or drloven on insta gram #each1teach1
Mon, 11 Nov 2013 18:29 EST
america the fallen and or corrupt
Sorry for bothering u but this is how I feel,i really believe that america has fallen!every thing is about money here,but most of the people running the world are european!i was taught all my life that I was black,im 33 and just found out I come from moorish roots! Only here they dont reconize,it! Pennsylvania is the state where I am but york city pa is where I live and everyday I wake up I wonder is this the day the cops are going to kill me!! Or have me fined or jailed!i had a past n did wrong but for the last 6 years I been staying out of trouble but I cant get a job cause of felonies/nothing violent or crazy.its like america likes indentured slaves regardless there claim or title expecially here in york pa I have no rights until its proven by the court system/guilty to proven innocent!:(they teach us mans laws over gods love,peace and mercy.i have alot on my mind often and no one who will tell me where I REALLY COME FROM OR WHO MY ANCESTERS REALLY ARE!im lost and confused here in,america. David c williams mt.zion79@yahoo.com
Dr. Arch. Mohamed Nafe
Sat, 23 Jun 2012 23:53 EDT
Help free Syrian people
السادة الأعزاء :
نحن أعضاء نخبة المعارضة السورية " 2000 عضو " جزءاً من الشعب السوري الحر
نسألكم التوقف عن صمتكم .. إن شعبنا السوري الحر الذي يناضل من أجل الحرية والديموقراطية والعيش بعزة وكرامة يواجه الموت والإغتصاب والذبح والدمار والخراب على أيدي عصابات بشار الأسد كل دقيقة .. هذه العصابات تدعمها الحكومات الإرهابية لـ روسيا وإيران وبكل مايستطيعون من مال وسلاح وعتاد وجنود ...
هذه رسالتنا لكم :
نسألكم بالله أن تقطعوا علاقاتكم كاملة مع الأسد ومع كل من روسيا وإيران وطرد سفرائهم ... فحياة الناس وأهلكم الأحرار في سوريا أكثر أهمية من مصالحكم مع هذه الأنظمة الإرهابية وهذا أقل شيء يمكنكم تقديمه من دعم لنا نحن شعب سوريا الحر
إن إستجبتم لطلبنا فجزاؤكم عند الله كبير ..وسيسجل التاريخ عملكم الإنساني وسيكون كذلك دين علينا وموقف لكم بطولي لن تنساه حكومتنا الحرة الجديدة ...
وإن لم تستجيبوا لمساعدتنا فإن الله سيحاسبكم في يوم تشخص فيه الأبصار وعقابكم عند الله سيكون شديد .... "والآخرة خير وأبقى" ...

عاشت سورية حرة أبية ... والنصر قادم بإذن الله .. والموت لبشار الأسد وعصابته

ننتظر ردّكم وجوابكم

والسلام عليكم
الدكتور المهندس محمد ـ شيكاغو
Admin of Syrian Opposition Elite نخبة المعارضة السورية
Ameri Pierre mayo EL
Sat, 17 Dec 2011 16:04 EST
Ameri Amor Ric
Peace be apon u
May i get membership
PS kazenski1@msn.com
Roberto Belem
Sat, 17 Sep 2011 02:14 EDT
The New York City as a Terrorist Administration against National Security of U.S.A / BRAZIL / VATICAN CITY & my Christianity !
Attn: Your Majesty, King of Morrocco :

Salam Aleikum,

Your Majesty, I am writing to you on your Web-page, once my communications with the Permanent Mission of Morrocco to the United Nations is being SABOTAGED against my Christianity, as a National of Brazil, living LEGALLY in the City of New York, by Verizon / Yahoo / Gmail / Google... to name a few.
Making my Roberto.Belem1@Gmail.com unable to communicate with your INFO@MORROCO-UN.ORG, against my Human Rights, and against National Security of Morrocco as a Country member of the UN. And against my communications with WWW.MORROCCO-UN.ORG.

I would like to forward to Your Majesty attention, the Respect our New York City Artistic Community has for you Kingdom. And a Letter ( Electronic Mail / E-mail ) I have sent to Pope Benedict VXI at Mail@ThePathtoPeaceFoundation.org at the Permanent Mission of Vatican City & The Roman Catholic Church as the Faith that I am born into as the son of a European Roman Catholic Brazilian Lady, from a Brazilian Roman Catholic Colonial Family since The times of Colonial Brazil of the 16th Century.

The subject of my letter sent to Pope Benedict XVI, is regarding myself, and a community of American Constituents as Documented Witnesses of Crimes of The New York City Legal System, against against our Human Rights, against National Security of the United States of America, against National Security of Brazil, and against many more countries members of The United Nations. Including Christian Countries which the United States, and the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama, and World Nobel Prize of Peace / 2009. Depends on The International Diplomatic Relations with all the many countries we are witnesses that the New York City Legal System, and the Administration of the Mayor of the City of New York, Mr. Michael Blooberg, are Jeopardizing National Security of all these countries, and the Safe International Economical Trades of the Administration of the President of The United States of America, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. In order to maintain de US Economy in a safe way, and in order to avoid a collapse of the US & The World Stock Market.
I, already, have served a Federal Judge of The United States Department of Justice, Honorable Judge Brigitte Laforest (26 Federal Plaza, 14th Floor, Room # 2 , New York, NY 10278 / Supervisor- Ms. Apson / Phone : 1 (212) 602 2761 ). With some of the documentations we have as EVIDENCE of the Many Crimes we have of The New York City Legal System, and the administration of the mayor of the City of New York ( Michael Bloomberg), against our Human Rights, against Global Safety, and against Humanity, in the 21st Century.
As a scholar of art & hitory, and professionally trained art museum curator. I am writing to request Your Majesty attention on the Danger that is behind the Ideology Anti Semitic, Racist, Anti Christianity, and Anti Human Rights that stands as the foundation of the criminal behavior of the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Jeopardizing the Public Safety of the American People living in the City of New York. And as a Threat against Global Safety, and the existence of human kind.
And once I have been informed by the World Artist Community, that the Nobility of Your Majesty to the cause of Human Rights is a match to Your Majesty Family Blood Line Royalty. I have no choice but to, humbly, request Your Majesty attention on the evidences we have available to you, and your Permanent Mission at the UN. Once I have documented proof that the Brazilian Diplomatic Body is compromised against our Human Rights, against my Family Roman Catholic Tradition, against National Security of United States, against National Security of Brazil. In favor of the criminal activities of the administration of mayor Michael Bloomber g of New York City.
And as the son of a Brazilian Economist, and Economical / Political Adviser to the Brazilian Jewish Community; in the 1970's. 1980's, and 1990's. As we were living in The Brazilian Military Dictatorship. I strong advise Your Majesty to once again be kind enough on your Royal Kindness. Royal Kindness & Elegance that is being the subject of Praise & Compliments. Through all over the World. As King that is Crowed by Divine Anointing. With respect to human kind, and the arts that we fear will be once again destroyed. If the White Supremacist Ideology that is Rising with the administration of mayor Michael Bloomberg. Succeed against our resistance. Then, in the name of The New York City Artist Community, I humble before Your Majesty, in favor of Your Majesty Royal Voice to assist us from stopping The Evil we are witnessing rising in New York City, against the Laws that we believe & Obey, in favor of a Anarchy that they never saw, as I saw as the son of a Politician from Brazil Military Dictatorship Terrorism against Human Rights, and against the arts. Assuring Your Majesty, that my own safety, and the safety of my family in Brazil, are not above the safety of human kind.

Humbly grateful & Sorry for being the carrier of these terrible news. I make myself available to any of the questions Your Majesty might have for us as a community.


Roberto Belem,
345 West 86th Street # 504
New York, NY 10024
Mobile : 1 (347) 245 6411
E-mails : Roberto.Belem1@Gmail.com

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