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Sat, 17 Sep 2011 10:19 EDT
The New York City as a Terrorist Administration against National Security of U.S.A / BRAZIL / VATICAN CITY & my Christianity !
Attn: Your Majesty, King of Morroco:

Salam Aleikum,

I am writing to you on your "web-page", once my communications with your Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York City & Geneva are both being SABOTAGED against my Christianity & International Human Rights, as a National of Brazil, residing legally in the City of New York. As a Paying member of Verizon / Yahoo / Firefox / Gmail / Google of name a few. Against my Internet operations, and against my Intellectual Properties, Both, Religious & Artistic.
Blocking my communications with your INFO@MORROCCO-UN.Org & MISSION.MAROC@ITU.INT ; against my International Human Rights, and against National Security of MORROCCO as a Country member of the United Nations.

Once I wish to forward to the attention of Your Majesty, in Respect our New York City Artistic Community has for your Kingdom. A Copy of The Letter ( Electronic mail / E-mail ), I have, already, sent to Pope Benedict XVI at MAIL@ThePathtoPeaceFoundation.Org on the Permanent Mission of Vatican City / NYC; and to The Roman Catholic Faith Attention, as the Religious Faith I was born into. as the son of a European Roman Catholic Brazilian Lady, descendant of Brazilian Roman Catholic Family since back on the days of Colonial Brazil, back on the 16th Century.

The subject of my letter to Pope Benedict XVI, is regarding myself, and a Community of American Constituents as DOCUMENTED witnesses of Crimes of The New City City Legal System, against our Human Rights, against National Security of the United States of America, against the Safety of the President of The United States of America, against National Security of Brazil, and against many more Christian Countries which the United States, and the Administration of President Barack Hussein Obama, the World's Nobel Prize of Peace / 2009. Depends on the International Diplomatic Relations with these many Countries we are witnesses that the New York City Legal System, and the administration of the mayor of the City of New York. Mr. Michael Bloomberg, are Jeopardizing National Security & The Diplomatic Relations with The US. Along with the Safety of the International Economical Trades of The Administration of President Barack Hussein Obama. Vital to maintain a Health US Economy, and to avoid a near future a Collapse of The US Stock Exchange Market & The International Stock Markets. I, already, have served a Federal Judge of The United Sates Department of Justice(Honorable Judge Brigitte Laforst / 26 Federal Plaza, 14th Floor, Room # 2- New York,NY 10278/ Supervisor Ms. Apson / Phone: 1 (212) 602 2761). With some of the documentations we have as EVIDENCES of the many crimes of the New York City Legal System, and the administration of the mayor of the City of New York, Mr. Michael Bloomberg, against our Human Rights, against the Constitution of The United Sates of America, against Global Safety, and against Humanity in the 21st Century.

As a scholar of art & history, and a professionally trained Art Museum Curator. I am writing to, humbly, request Your Majesty attention on the DANGER that is behind the ideologies Anti Semitic, Racist, Anti Christianity, and Anti Human Rights, that stand as foundation to all the Criminal Activities of the New York City Legal System, and the administration of mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, against the United States Constitution. Jeopardizing the PUBLIC SAFETY of The American People, living in the City of New York, and as a threat against Global Safety, and the existence of Human Kind.

And once I been informed by The World's Artist Community, that the Nobility of Your Majesty to the causes of human rights, is a match to Your Majesty Royal Blood Line. I have no choice but to, Humbly, request Your Majesty's attention on the Evidences we as a community, have to You Majesty, and Your Diplomatic Body, proving the the many criminal activities of the New York City Legal System, against The United States Constitution.

Once we have, also, prove that the Brazilian Government Diplomatic Body in The US & Geneva, are COMPROMISED against National Security of The United Sates of America, and against the Safety of President Barack Hussein Obama of The US, against National Security of The United Sates of America, against National Security of Brazil, against my Human Rights, and against my Family in Brazil, Roman Catholic Traditions, in FAVOR of the Criminal Activities of The administration of The mayor of the City of New York, Mr. Michael Bloomberg.

And as the son of a Brazilian Economist, and employed as the Economical / Political Adviser of The Brazilian Jewish Community, in the 1960's; 1970's; 1980's; and 1990's. As Brazil was living under a Military Dictatorship. I strong advise Your Majesty, to once again, be kind enough on Your Royal Kindness & Elegance. Royal Kindness & Elegance that has been the subject of Praise & Compliments through out the entire world of Intellectual Elite. As The King who has been Crowned with DIVINE ANOINTING of Wisdom on The 21st Century, and Royal respect to all Human Rights, all Human Kind, and The Arts that we fear are in Jeopardy, once again in the History of our human kind. If the white supremacist ideology that is rising with the administration of the mayor of the City of New York, succeed against our RESISTANCE.
Then, in the name of the World's Artistic, I humble before Your Majesty , in favor of having Your Majesty Royal Voice to assist us in in STOPPING The Evil we are witnessing rising in The City of New York, against The Laws that we Believe & Obey, in favor of a ANARCHY against Human Rights & The Arts. The same I witness as the son of a Politician from Brazil Military Dictatorship Terrorism against human rights, freedom of Journalism, and The Arts.
Once it is a loss to the World on every day we are not able to create the arts we have been born to do. And impossible to live in a "Metropolis" like New York City without Arts. And The Arts can not exist without The Democracy that is no longer available in the administration of mayor Bloombeg, of New York City.

Humbly Grateful & Sorry for being the carrier of these terrible news; I make myself available to any questions Your Majesty might have for us as a community.


Roberto Belem,

345 West 86th Street # 504
New York City, NY 10024
Mobile : 1 (347) 245 6411
E-mails :

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