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Costica Ganga
Tue, 22 Sep 2015 08:33 EDT
Dear Balkan Countries; Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and the rest of Countries in the area, which are not affected yet

Dear Balkan Countries; Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and the rest of Countries in the area, which are not affected yet

This is an action well programmed and organized in order to keep the Balkans area hot. They are looking for conflicts between you. Please do not give them satisfaction as 25 years ago. They are looking for children and adults for abuse and food in a sustainable basis. Europe is not what should be. Solve the problems all together as brothers and sisters as you use to be. Thanks.


Dear Balkan Countries

My name is Costica Ganga and live in Dublin, Ireland. I am a Romanian National and have nothing to gain or lose, but have a pain in my soul watching and hearing what is happening in your actually in our region and allover the World where ordinary, innocent, vulnerable people suffer for no reason.

What is happening is an operation of extermination and if is not in Bosnia it is in Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, not to remind other Muslim Countries. I am not any philosopher, but I hope that an idea coming from far away for nothing in change, where you don’t expect it from, will inspire you just in a small measure, as to watch around, to see why are happening these terrible things where we abuse sexually our own Children, women, kill each others.

Think and analyze that the monsters don’t want any of us; they want the land, the mountains, the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Black Sea and so on. You are so beautiful Countries; you had a wonderful life together as brothers and sisters in the Beautiful Yugoslavia. Now when the things became difficult for all of us, the solution is to help each others as neighbors, thinking of your Father Josip Broz Tito, none will bring you or us other mountains, land, sea or the Paradise.

I enclose some material that reflects the efforts made for freedom of Children for the rights to a normal childhood. If you want, read it, might it inspire you in making decision in creating new generations. Ask your Legislators to make this little text as Legislation: Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions. In this case will be eliminating the reasons of any conflict. Thanks.

Best regards,


Dear European Ministers of Justice

Please elaborate urgently the Legislation suggested below and arrest immediately all Media involved in these; the most notorious crimes, because they act more aggressively than ever otherwise a little later they will arrest and punish you.

Dear Leadership of Europe

I am not going to describe what I could see and read about what is happening in Europe; this organized chaos which amalgamates I think also in an organized mod; components from the most innocent children from the age of months with their own parents or occasional nannies , raw material for the Industry, traficants, processors, conquerors. Only Media knows. Dear Europe, all these atrocities are happening on the territory of this wonderful Continent and as is known; every action has its award. Stop please everything now by elaborating as Legislation these texts before You; the Leadership of this Continent will be sorry. Thanks.


Europe: Unity and vigilance

Dear Europe

What is happening? Did we forget about ‘Trojan Horse’, or do we ignore the History of all times as everything else? In my personal opinion what is happening now in Europe it is a “European Horse”. I am not a racist or a selfish individual, but I wander why all these people dislocated from Middle East together with their guides are not put in boats and directed to Los Angeles – the ‘Land of all opportunities’ where to meet the ones who created them? 15 years ago everyone in all destroyed regions use to have a roof, a family, a job - life. None was complaining in all these areas of anything. What it is today?

Dear Europe, this is another ‘home work’ given by the Americans and Media to Europe. They taught us; mass prostitution, how to prostitute and kill children, how to eat one - another. They do not bring anything with them, any value. They only collect the results, ‘the cream’, laugh and continue to conquer. They even collect Medals and Ordains. They do not care of anyone and anything, and finally even the Leadership of European Union will have the same destiny. They let you kill people and became reach, because they know that finally everything will be their’s. They found out that there are some toys in their nearby; Cuba, Mexico….

Whom action is this one? Poor refugees Afghan, Iraqi, Eritrean, Syrian have the nerve to make whole this mess in Europe? No dear Europe. They would be happy to get a roof where to protect their children and themselves, not to choose who knows what Paradise. This is an action well programmed and organized with the powerful European Political Personalities acknowledgement. Has started with Greece, now put in misery Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and is going to continue with Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria…..,and anywhere else where still exists the notions of education, family, fear of GOD. In Hungary takes shape an Ukrainian Maidan. Only few years ago Germany was very determined to deport Muslim people, especially the Turkish ones. Now is going to receive; up to one million of refugees and immigrants for sure Muslims. Could be real? Here in Ireland a while ago I listened an interview with the Minister of Justice arguing that do not want any refugee from 600 deployed by the European Union. Last Sunday 30/08/2015 at noon’s News Program on National Radio Station RTE1, I listened a conversation between the broadcaster Richard Crowley and the Politician responsible with refugees from European Parliament I think, where this broadcaster was arguing; why only 600 refugees, that he wants 30-40.000. What a controversy! I do not want to make any other comments about; Mediterranean Sea or the sickening story of 71 people killed and will be covered by Media and forgotten as many, many, many, many, many,……… If indeed there are good intentions regarding this Planet, then stop the aggression allovers the World and help in rebuilding the so damaged regions, as people to live their lives where are born, in the places they love.

Dear Europe, this Old, Wise Continent lost completely its way. Please wake up from your dreams and open your eyes. I proposed many times before the solution, but you are as rascals children of 9 years of age whom brain never get to maturity. Please enact urgently these pieces of Legislation in order to get out of trouble.

“Death Punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

‘Death Punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income, as well to the ones who provide these Human Being in order to be processed ’. Thanks.


Dear Arabic World: Syria first, all Arabic Countries, Arab League

I am the same individual who sent this message a while ago, hopping that there is a desire of Peace, of protecting the Humanity and Planet, the Arabic Race, and I suggested an appropriate Legislation. Unfortunately no reaction from your side. I was hopping that in each Arabic Country will take place a process of reconciliation in order to keep your people in their Country rather in poverty but at least in Safety.

But again unfortunately the situation is, and is going to be a lot worse. Seems that you fully joined to this machinery of killing innocent people. If until now the dislocated people from Middle East and North of Africa were camped in neighbor Countries with the hope to go one day back to their places, now they are spreading allover the place without any hope (false promises, one direction as are saying the philosophers in this part of the World). All these people from the most innocent child of weeks as age to the oldest or the most educated one are lost for ever, part of them immediately, others in time. Does not matter how educated they are, they will be criminalized, because everything is based on crime and will be lost in time.
I do not like to expose myself, but I have been here for 17 years, I did everything possible to be part of Society; some education, different jobs, but 5 years ago I was thrown on streets without reason, I become unavailable for work (their tools), bulled in the most unimaginable ways, for 2 years without any income, in a permanent hunting process, at an age close to 63 years, without even Travel or any other Documents, help and hope from God only.

Is well known that is needed the land, the Mediterranean Sea, but at least do not fight you against yourselves. Be united; keep your people home together, stop fighting, take your people home, share the little you have, because LIFE is the most precious thing for everyone. Back to Allah! You are deluded by the color of Dollar and Euro.

I insist, Arab World has a word to say; please, in a single voice let ask together for the Legislation suggested below at Planet level, which will change everything.

In order to show the sympathy for the Arabic World I copy a poem of a Romanian poet not contemporaneous, the poem has been wrote in 1893, please translate it in Arabic Language, might it say something to you, and please allow every person with Arabian blood to read it. In Romania it is put even on musical notes. Thanks.

By George Cojbuc

La paşa vine un arab,
Cu ochii stinşi, cu graiul slab.
- "Sunt, paşă, neam de beduin,
Şi de la Bab-el-Manteb vin
Să vând pe El-Zorab.

Arabii toţi răsar din cort,
Să-mi vadă roibul, când îl port
Şi-l joc în frâu şi-l las în trap!
Mi-e drag ca ochii mei din cap
Şi nu l-aş da nici mort.

Dar trei copii de foame-mi mor!
Uscat e cerul gurii lor;
Şi de amar îndelungat,
Nevestei mele i-a secat
Al laptelui izvor!

Ai mei pierduţi sunt, paşă, toţi:
O, mântuie-i, de vrei, că poţi!
Dă-mi bani pe cal! Că sunt sărac!
Dă-mi bani! Dacă-l găseşti pe plac,
Dă-mi numai cât socoţi!

El poartă calul, dând ocol,
În trap grăbit, în pas domol,
Şi ochii paşei mari s-aprind;
Cărunta-i barbă netezind
Stă mut, de suflet gol.

- "O mie de ţechini primeşti?
- "O, paşă, cât de darnic eşti!
Mai mult decât în visul meu!
Să-ţi răsplătească Dumnezeu,
Aşa cum îmi plăteşti!

Arabul ia, cu ochii plini
De zâmbet, mia de ţechini -
De-acum, de-acum ei sunt scăpaţi,
De-acum vor fi şi ei bogaţi,
N-or cere la străini!

Nu vor trăi sub cort în fum,
Nu-i vor cerşi copiii-n drum,
Nevasta lui se va-ntrema;
Şi vor avea şi ei ce da
Săracilor de-acum! -

El strânge banii mai cu foc,
Şi pleacă, beat de mult noroc,
Şi-aleargă dus d-un singur gând,
Deodată însă, tremurând,
Se-ntoarce, stă pe loc.

Se uită lung la bani, şi pal
Se clatină, ca dus de-un val,
Apoi la cal priveşte drept;
Cu paşii rari, cu fruntea-n piept,
S-apropie de cal.

Cuprinde gâtul lui plângând
Şi-n aspra-i coamă îngropând
Obrajii palizi: - "Pui de leu,
Suspină trist. Odorul meu,
Tu ştii că eu te vând!

Copiii mei nu s-or juca
Mai mult cu frunze-n coama ta,
Nu te-or petrece la izvor:
De-acum smochini, din mâna lor,
Ei n-or avea cui da!

Ei nu vor mai ieşi cu drag
Să-ntindă mâinile din prag,
Să-i iau cu mine-n şea pe rând!
Ei nu vor mai ieşi râzând
În calea mea şirag!

Copiii mei cum să-i îmbun
Nevestei mele ce să-i spun,
Când va-ntreba de El-Zorab
Va râde-ntregul neam arab
De bietul Ben-Ardun!

Raira, tu, nevasta mea,
Pe El-Zorab nu-l vei vedea
De-acum, urmându-te la pas,
Nici în genunchi la al tău glas
El nu va mai cădea!

Pe-Ardun al tău, pe Ben-Ardun,
N-ai să-l mai vezi în zbor nebun
Pe urma unui şoim uşor
Ca să-ţi împuşte şoimu-n zbor;
Nu-i vei pofti: Drum bun!

Nu vei zâmbi, cum saltă-n vânt
Ardun al tău în alb vestmânt;
Şi ca să simţi sosirea lui
Mai mult de-acum tu n-o să pui
Urechea la pământ!

O, calul meu! Tu, fala mea,
De-acum eu nu te voi vedea
Cum ţii tu nările-n pământ
Şi coada ta fuior în vânt,
În zbor de rândunea!

Cum mesteci spuma albă-n frâu,
Cum joci al coamei galben râu.
Cum iei pământul în galop
Şi cum te-aşterni ca un potop
De trăsnete-n pustiu!

Ştia pustiul de noi doi
Şi zarea se-ngrozea de noi -
Şi tu de-acum al cui vei fi?
Şi cine te va mai scuti
De vânturi şi de ploi?

Nu vor grăi cu tine blând,
Te-or înjura cu toţi pe rând
Şi te vor bate,-odorul meu,
Şi te-or purta şi mult, şi greu;
Lăsa-te-vor flămând!

Şi te vor bate,-odorul meu,
Să mori tu, cel crescut de noi!...
Ia-ţi banii, paşă! Sunt sărac,
Dar fără cal eu ce să fac:
Dă-mi calul înapoi!

Se-ncruntă paşa: - "Eşti nebun?
Voieşti pe ianiceri să-i pun
Să te de-a câinilor? Aşa!
E calul meu, şi n-aştepta
De două ori să-ţi spun!

- Al tău? Acel care-l crescu
Iubindu-l, cine-i: eu ori tu?
De dreapta cui ascultă el,
Din leu turbat făcându-l miel?
Al tău? O, paşă, nu!

Al meu e! Pentru calul meu
Mă prind de piept cu Dumnezeu -
Ai inimă! Tu poţi să ai
Mai vrednici şi mai mândri cai,
Dar eu, stăpâne, eu?

Întreagă mila ta o cer!
Alah e drept şi-Alah din cer
Va judeca ce-i între noi,
Că mă răpeşti şi mă despoi,
M-arunci pe drum să pier.

Şi lumea te va blestema,
Că-i blestem făptuirea ta!
Voi merge, paşă, să cerşesc,
Dar mila voastră n-o primesc -
Ce bine-mi poţi tu da?

Dă paşa semn. - "Să-l dezbrăcaţi
Şi binele în vergi i-l daţi!
Sar eunucii, vin, îl prind -
Se-ntoarce-arabul răsărind
Cu ochii îngheţaţi...

El scoate grabnic un pumnal,
Şi-un val de sânge, roşu val
De sânge cald a izvorât
Din nobil-încomatul gât,
Şi cade mortul cal.

Stă paşa beat, cu ochi topiţi,
Se trag spahiii-ncremeniţi.
Şi-arabul, în genunchi plecat,
Sărută sângele-nchegat
Pe ochii-nţepeniţi.

Să-ntoarce-apoi cu ochi păgâni
Şi-aruncă fierul crunt din mâini:
- "Te-or răzbuna copiii mei!
Şi-acum mă taie, dacă vrei,
Şi-aruncă-mă la câini!


Dear Food ‘EXPO’ Milan

I am not in the position to give suggestions because I, myself am exposed to hunger. I am trying to express still only few of my personal opinions not as an expert, but because I think about what is logical, and also I would like to be seen the rest of material, might inspire some influential people in order to be elaborated the Legislation suggested.

First, the Human Being is not edible, because according to the creationist theory; first have been created Adam and Eve. If God would have allowed this indefinite act of eating one-another, then Adam would have eaten Eve or Eve would have eaten Adam and we would not have been now, here.
Regarding the creationist theory also is proofed, because we are here and in what a number, excepting isolate aspects occurred because of no information and education.

Everyone must know and be convinced that everything used by Human Being has as base the soil of this Planet. Nothing comes from anywhere else.

The arms, hands and fingers of Human Being must be used for creating goods and not for communication, instead of Legislation, except the unavoidable gestures coming from instinct.

People need to live in Peace in any place on this Planet, as each individual; to be born, get education, have a carrier (any-useful), have a family as numerous as could take care of, and to die when the time comes, and so on, and so on…..

For this, the influential people, if they want to help, to make sure that these only very few factors are respected, and to make sure that does not take place harvest of the most beautiful children as to be used in prostitution, a
The new low for
Wed, 19 Aug 2015 10:22 EDT
Slavne crnogorce
Russia just banned imports of food from your country. OK so it is no big deal for them (how much can you spare from that larger city size rock you have to grow thing on) but it is a BIG new low for you. Imagine the Russians, who were centuries-old brothers and supporters of Crna Gora and Negojs royal family and more during the Yugoslavia era, are now discarding you as scum that has betrayed not only Serbian people but also Russian.
How low will you sink to kiss the back side of America and her puppet states, so you too can become a full member of their puppet menagerie.
Truly sickening.
Rayhan Amin
Fri, 5 Jun 2015 07:13 EDT
Bangladesh -India-Nepal-India-Serbia-Montenegro-Bosnia-Serbia-Hungary
Tour Duration : 60- 75 days.

For more details, you may contact soon by mail----

Hi, Tour Lovers / Travelers / Hitch Hikers/ Nomads,
Greetings from us. We are few friends, Passport holders of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Srilanka, Russia & Belarus planning to start a tour group (SELF SERVICE UNDER GROUP), will start within 15 days. Some of our friends are frequently traveler.
Solo traveler or small group travelers are most welcome to join with our group.

To make the whole trip by the cheapest price:

1.We will do all of the required services, procedures (Visa, Ticket, other documentation etc) by each self & by own cost. Group can be assist or advice only.


2.We will do balance required services,procedures (Local transportation, food, accommodation, city tour, etc) all together under group and cost will be bear by each tourist.

We will use the cheapest food, budget accommodation, Local public and cheapest transportation.

If you are experienced in hitchhiking or new in group traveling, both are most welcome to join with us.

In your first mail to us, Please write something about you and your own planning. Also attached your travel document. So that we can arrange a get together soon!!!

To Sebian
Thu, 2 Apr 2015 17:26 EDT
Simple question; how can you possibly tolerate the Monte Negro embassy and their ethnic population in your country? These morons are traitors that betrayed you at the worse time in your history.
They have no place or right to be in your country. How can you even look at them or even worse talk to them, let alone some of your women getting married to them. They are the scum of the Balkans.
Sat, 28 Mar 2015 18:17 EDT
Is Crne Gore
Napali ste fudbalski tim iz Rusiaje, najvece zemlje na svetu. Zemlja koja was je spasila bezbroj puta ukljucijuci tog vaseg kralja Petra (kako se zove sto ga dizete u nebesa)kiji je isao u Moskvu da prosi pomoc od tadasnjeg cara. Sada ste kriminalna drzave sa mafiom na vlasti, te mislite da ste neko i nesto a usvari ste obicne bande i kukavice. Cekajte kad se pojavite u Russiji ago ikade budete imali hrabrost sa kojom se take hvalite and niko jos nije vide to u akcilji. Plus we ste svi izdajice koje su izdale svju bacu Srbe kada im je bilo najteze. Molite tog vaseg kukavickog boga da ne dodje do novog sukoba na balkanu. Russi bi bili prvi koji bi vam pokazali sta je muskost/hrabrost i za dva sata bi was sredili kao niko do sada.
Sram was bilo, wi niste zaslusili drzavu ili nacionalnost.
Ali grad
Mon, 19 Mar 2012 08:54 EDT
about visa from Montenegro
Sir or Madam.
I am interesting to visit Montenegro next summer and I need some information about the visa how I can get it, I am in Serbia tree years ago and I have temporary stay validity till 31-12-2012,so I am glad to send me that information soon,
this is my email:
ivana sekularac
Wed, 8 Jun 2011 15:44 EDT
posto sam drzavljanin crne gore a zivim u beogradu pa me zanima da nemate slucajno neki posao kod vas u ambasadi.hvala unapred

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