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I am Merkos
Mon, 23 Oct 2023 09:13 EDT
From Ethiopia to meet My Malawian girlfriend
Honorable Embass- As i mentioned above ,i would like to go uo Malawi & meet my girlfriend ,so i kindly ask you to grant me Viza , May God Bless Malawi *
N. Banayoti
Wed, 15 May 2019 06:14 EDT
Visitor visa to Malawi
Dear Sir/Madam

we need to submit an application for two of our company members ( Sudanese ) travelling for consultation with WFP in Malawi .

the two gentlemen are currently in Khartoum and we understand they need a visa prior to travelling to Malawi .

Please advise the processing time needed for the visa and how much is the fees ?

Thank you

Can you please reply to our email
Tue, 21 Mar 2017 06:06 EDT
Congo Brazzaville
hi there i would like to go to Malawi im from congo brazzaville there is no Malawi embassy in congo brazzaville is there anywhere i can apply online or i have to go to Ethiopia for visa application?
tobex travels and tours
Sat, 6 Aug 2016 06:13 EDT
How to get Malawi Visa
There is no Malawi Embassy in Nigeria at the moment. There is a Malawi Embassy in Ethiopia, South Africa,Zambia, Tanzania.Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Egypt.

But most Nigerian prefer the Malawi Embassy in Ethiopia as it is one of the closest to Nigeria and moreover the fact that it is a lot easier to enter Ethiopia and do your visa processing for Malawi than most of the other countries.

Ethiopian airline, South African Airways,Air Zimbabwe, Kenyan Airways, Air Malawi runs daily flight to Blantyre, Malawi ,s capital city.

Best of Luck!
Omolara Eniolorunda
Mon, 19 Oct 2015 07:12 EDT
Visa Application
Dear Sir/Ma
I am a Nigerian planning to visit Malawi in December. Please, could you help me with information on how to go about Malawi visa application from their embassy in your country.
Thank you
Tue, 1 Sep 2015 16:56 EDT
How to travel to Malawi for a preaching engagement
I will be more than grateful if I can receive help on how to get to travel to Malawi for a preaching engagement, Thanks. My email is
prince Ifeanyi
Wed, 5 Nov 2014 04:11 EST
how can i get Malawi visa from Nigeria
I hv a friend dat invited me to come to Malawi but I don't know how to go about there visa since Malawi embassy is not in Nigeria, pls I nid urgent help on how to get Malawi visa in Nigeria my contacts are nweke48@yahoo.come..+2348174992986
Costica Ganga
Mon, 3 Nov 2014 06:34 EST


Dear Malawi, I know nothing about the Life in your Society, but I would like with this material to acknowledge you about the catastrophic situation in Europe and all over the World regarding the process of Extermination by; Children Sexual Abuse, processing Human Being in Food Industry and other making money purposes. As could be seen are targeted now the Countries with high density of population, and yours is one of them. Please read this material if you consider, protect your population, propose and sustain the appropriate Legislation which must be Death Penalty against these Crimes in each Country of the World, in order to be protected The Humanity and the Planet. I sent this material to the majority of Countries and will send to all of them. Thanks.


Dear European Council

I understood from Media in a very vague anouncement, like a secret, that in Brussels takes place today a meeting of the Leaders European Countries. Yesterday 22/10/2014, I sent the same message to the European Commission which is enclosed below, and don’t want to repeat the same things to infinite. I want to add that Euthanasia, the Right to Die (which just now I lessened to the Manipulators from the main Radio Station advertising it like everyone wish to die now), and others Legislation kept in Politicians drawers will never justify or cover the mass crimes that occur every day with very healthy people of different ages starting with 1 year of age. Please, I implore you to do everything, in order to be elaborated the Vital Legislation mentioned in Yesterday’s and every letter enclosed in this material. Any delay of doing so, will aggravate everyone existence. Thanks.

Dear European Commission
My name is Costica Ganga the same individual that sent this material many times before to whole Leadership of Europe and all over the World. I am not going to congratulate you for the Confirmation Day because there are not reasons, but in order to suggest to your Institution the first activity as; to be restored Order, Civilization and Independence on this old and wonderful Continent; Europe. This activity must be; concentrating in finding all the leviers and the place where must be taken action in order to be elaborated the Death Penalty Legislation not for stilling a bread as did Jean Valjean, but for the most notorious, unimaginable crimes that ever occurred on this Planet and in Universe, if there is life on other Planets. The punishment must be applied against all the criminals involved in the complex process of Extermination acting in any way in Children Sex Abuse (even touching any of them sexually) and the ones that touch any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or just shortening their Life because they were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stilling their pensions or other forms of income, as I suggested in other letters enclosed in this material. These notorious crimes are linked between them. The Legislation must be applied in each Country of the Planet in order to be protected the Human Species not; (children and our CHILDREN, old people and our PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS). Despite all my appeals these crimes are going on incessantly, even more aggressively. Please, please, please, stop it immediately by elaborating the Vital Legislation suggested, otherwise will be paid more expensively. There are not any excuses as;antidemocratic or other cheap motivations. Changing the Climate of the Planet could be done in time by Family Planning, as China does, never killing people. You are not aware that will benefice others, finding this land unpopulated and killing the remaining ones (YOU) as are capable to Abuse Sexually and Kill the most innocent Angels; Children. Thanks.

Stop the blood!
Please direct this material to the Leaders of Europe or any Country in order to stop destroying the Humanity. This is hunting of Human beings and processing them in food and spare organs for making money rather than anything else. Please make sure that the GROUPS of people which go abroad and especially MINORS but also Elderly are returning in your Country and also if them are complete. Please, please, please elaborate the DEATH PENALTY LEGISLATION IMMEDIATELY. Thanks.



PLEASE DON’T IGNORE. IT IS VERY SERIOUS, IMPORTANT AND URGENT. Please READ EVERYTHING and also, talk to your colleagues and spread as much as you can this material. Please also let know your Government and as many other Institutions and people as possible because there are lots of barriers for me and I do not know how many of my emails are received.


Dear anti Islamic State Coalition Conference

I am the individual who sent the same material with the same message in all the places where take place meetings of this anvergure, to almost all Countries of the World, Embassies, Personalities; Politic, Artistic, Sportive and so on.

There are problems to be asked, as:

How and why has been born this movement, this State? Iraq was more than 10 years under occupation, for as called processes of; democratization, education, training, etc… where lost their lives an indefinite number of victims. Syria is in turmoil for more than 3 years which also produced more than 3 millions victims death and still alive. How?, I don’t know. But why? I presume in order to defend the children, elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people left alive on their territory as should do others around 200 cowards Nations allover the World.

I, personally, am against of any kind of violence and terrorism existent. They killed 3 individuals for the reasons that only they know. Why did not kill all of them? But, what about millions of children abused cruelly sexually for making money and killed or in process? What about who knows the number of: elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable people killed and processed in the Food and others Industries, that infected all Food, Cosmetics and who knows which other Markets? What about the elderly and other people from the periphery of Society which probably are not compatible with Food Industry or other useful purposes and became waxy color? What about whole this process of Extermination? Some people are unaware that is not going to be exterminated almost 7 billions of people that are born and legitimated to live on this Planet, does not mater what color, religion, education, disability they have.

I found described the killing of those victims with expressions as: ‘pure evil’ (I don’t know how correct is literarily, for me is kind of ‘clear dirt’), heinous, monstrous, cowardice, etc…which is truth, but they are 3 persons only and have been taken responsibility by someone. What about the babies that are abused sexually from the ages of months in a continuous process, probably until are killed, the vulnerable people that are trapped in different places as stadiums for sportive manifestations or music gigs, in shops, banks, museums, expositions, restaurants, café shops, pubs and other obvious public places where anyone goes without reserves and get killed. Is there more bravery?

I have given the solution before, for more that 1 year, but none have taken it in consideration. This is DEATH PENALTY for: anyone involved in touching sexually any child under sex consent, anyone who get involved in this process of Extermination: the ones that touch any human being in order to be evaluated in Food, Cosmetics, Spare Organs and other purposes. The ones who infect vulnerable people with: Ebola, Cancer, Leukaemia and other diseases with different poisonous drugs or with electronic tools. This Legislation must be elaborated now and allover the World.
I also suggest to be convoked all the people responsible for these disasters, which speak with their fingers, and move the event to Hague for a longer period of meditation.


Dear all European and World’s Countries

For almost 1 year I become aware of the process of Extermination that takes place. In this way I tried and I’m trying very hard to alert all the Institutions and People Responsible in this Country, where I live, Europe, and all over the Planet. The things go to worse instead of stopping the whole process and starting investigations and bringing to JUSTICE the criminals. They are enforcing the process; make it obvious at the moment helped by the MOB that became very aggressive.

• It started with Children Prostitution and finish them in different ways as I signalled before, proof is that are missing a quarter of million of children annually only in the European Union and now the number for sure rose. The process continues incessantly.

• We managed to move Vietnam in Arabic World and now in Europe, started with Ukraine. This also is a predicted process where the European Union is active part.

• On 20/08/2013 I sent a letter to the most powerful Countries of Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) where between others, sarcastically, in order to show the ridicule, the inability, incapability of top Politicians, is mentioned that if there are too many people on Planet, to be sacrificed the elder extreme of Society (letter enclosed). Yes, they started indeed to sacrifice the elderly and in general vulnerable people, but processing them in the Food Industry (with profit and infecting everything related to food, so the atmosphere became more than unbearable), in a very accelerating rhythm without any mercy. I can see old people on streets; hopeless, scared, because they are already aware of their fate, inclusive myself (being threatened at any steep). They want to realize even more than PERPETUAL MOTION. How cleaver are they!

• Stop immediately body language with hands and fingers and confusing language for MANIPULATION used by Politicians, Media and other Influential People in order to avoid evidences of their crimes. Regulations for TV and Radio Stations and the most; the Central Ones as Euronews and France 24 and even suspending them.

There are many others terrible things which I hope will be investigated in the Society of every Country. I address this appeal again to the Embassies of all Countries because I did it before to Everyone at all levels and none have taken any responsibility and measures, and also could not be found any email address anymore in order to contact Governments. Please do it yourselves in order to be eliminated these terrible thing that are happening with the Humanity and the Planet.

We need immediately implemented the little phrase suggested before as Legislation; “Death punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”, including now Death Penalty for everyone linked with the primitivism of CANIBALISM.

It will follow immediately European elections; please inform politicians at any level and the electorate, in order to be put in front of us real Leaders, normal people in order to become again Free People in a Free Europe and a Free World as use to be. Apologizes and Thanks.

With great respect,

Costica Ganga
23 Palmerston Place
Dublin 7

Dear Mr James Morton

In attention of the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission

Thanks for the letter sent by your Office on 09/09/2014 and received by my on 11/09/2014.

First of all I want to remind the correct address of the place where I live from June 2002, which is 23 Palmerston Place, Broadstone, Dublin 7, as mentioned above and explained in the previous letter of complain, that I enclose. I also enclose in an envelope a copy of an ESB bill in order to confirm it.

As I described in the previous letter the illegal and unprofessional practices used in arresting me on 24/05/2014, and releasing on bail with that strange Form, made me acknowledge your and other Offices and Personalities.

As recommended in your letter that your Office could be contacted if it is the case, I have to share my anxiety and ask for help. I will relate what happened since I sent the previous letter.

As could be seen in that Form (enclosed), I had the first term in the District Court on 18/06/2014, 10:30 in Court No 2. In the previous day I received a text message from the Solicitor Simon Fleming that reminded me about the attendance but in Court Nr 3. I got information about the place and ask also why it is Court No 3. I was told ‘carry on’ and recommended me to go to Court No 2.

Just before 10:30 I was contacted by a young blonde Lady, as Solicitor which asked me to sign a Form as said for Legal Aid. It was my turn, I was in that box, none asked me any question, after that the same Lady told me that next term will be on 16/07/2014, 10:30. She also told me that Mr Simon Fleming will appoint me the following week to his Office. I agreed but I got information where the Office is and someone whispered me that I am on a dangerous field. Mr Fleming texted me for an appointment and I refused it, in change I sent him the same material regarding everything about the case, the same material sent to your Office.

The following time 16/07/2014, 10:30 I have been contacted by another young brunette Lady Solicitor. I was told that I plead ‘No guilty’, and after my appeal, she told me about next appointment on 12/09/2014, 12:00 noon.

On 12/09/2014 I was in Court almost 1 hour before. Just 15 minutes before 12:00 I was contacted this time by Mr Fleming. He closed his palm and started to move it to mouth repeatedly and told me to accompany him to the Reception. I asked what it was it about and he started a body language with his arms and fingers. I stopped him, asking to speak English because I can’t stand that language. He than reminded me that I have 3 charges and I have to plea guilty, that this Judge is not very nice. I explained him that he was appointed by the other side, and he does not represent me, I do not plea guilty, that I am the hurt part, to do what should be done and I will contest.

Later Mr Fleming asked me to follow out of the Sale of meeting and told me that will be my turn, that the other part is not there, that is the last part of the process and I have to come back at 2:30 p.m. I did not mind and I told him that I will, bearing in mind the phrase from that Form: ‘at every place and time to which during the course of the proceedings the hearing may be adjourned until my presence is no longer required to answer the said charge(s).’ The time passed, I think it was after 1:00 p.m. and in the Sale remained just a couple of Irish people, a family of; I think Romanian Romma, myself and the number of Garda Officers rose up to 10. It was called my name and I went in front of the Judges, trying to go in that box where I was first time. Then one of the Officers stopped me touching my stern with his palm, but I felt hurt as by a contondant object. I was told that the appeal is adjourned for the following Friday, on 19/09/2014, at 12:00 noon. I went out followed by the Solicitor who also repeated about the last appeal. I asked him for a formal letter of appointment in Court because every time I receive a phone text, he promised, seeing that knows the address, but I haven’t received it until today Wednesday 17/09/2014 when I’m writing this letter.

The afternoon of that day everyone in crowd whispered to me; ‘tonight you will die’. In that night next door to me, a place where are abusing children sexually signaled by me to Garda Bridwell, it was a full time party as almost every night since the Discretionary Medical Cards were redistributed. I
Smart Saturday Onos
Fri, 15 Aug 2014 03:58 EDT
I'm Nigeria
Pls where can i get a Malawi visa in Nigeria i was invited to come over sinc last year bt dnt knw where to get pls kindly tell me where i cn if u knw here is my infor... my phone 08057081627
Wed, 16 Apr 2014 08:42 EDT
Respected sir/s & madam/s, My name is Rajesh Kumar Nedungadi, I am an Indian, staying in Bamako the capital city of Mali in West Africa since more than 2 years & 3 months. I want to visit Malawi for business purpose. In Mali there is no Malawi embassy. So how can I get the Malawi visa ? From where I mean from which country ? What are the procedures to get the Malawi Visa ? My e mail id is & My cell +223 677 615 17. Kindly revert me back at your earliest & oblige me please. Thanks in advance & have a good day to all of you.

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