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Aman"u"llah Farahmandnia
Sat, 4 Apr 2015 14:16 EDT
Happy, warm, and splendid Saturday greetings.
Yahweh is the Almighty Yahweh, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, All Knowing, All Wise, All seeing, All Hearing, All Answering, Most Sovereign, Most Righteous, and Most Perfect God. In the name of His Holiness Jesus Christ (The Blessing and the Peace of the Most Exalted God be upon Him) “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The Holy Gospel of John 8:33

Aman’u’llah Farahmandnia
3225 Markway Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43606
April 2, 2015

The United Nations

The office of the insightful Secretary General of the United Nations
His Majesty, thoughtful, and wise Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
New York, NY
United States 10017

The Honorable, very caring, and excellent members of the United Nations Security Council

The Honorable Ambassador of Angola Ismael A. Gaspar Martins
The Honorable Ambassador of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Jorge Valero
The Honorable Ambassador of Chad Lhatu Wangchuk
The Honorable Ambassador of Chile Cristian Barros
The Honorable Ambassador of China Wang Min
The Honorable Ambassador of France Gérard Araud
The Honorable Ambassador of Jordan Mohammed F. Al-Allaf
The Honorable Ambassador of Lithuania Raimonda Murmokaitė
The Honorable Ambassador of Malaysia Datuk HUSSEIN Haniff
The Honorable Ambassador of New Zealand Jim McLay
The Honorable Ambassador of Nigeria U. Joy Ogwu
The Honorable Ambassador of Russian Federation Sergey V. Lavrov
The Honorable Ambassador of Spain Román Oyarzun
The Honorable Ambassador of United Kingdom Mark Lyall Grant
The Honorable Ambassador of United States Samantha Power

Dear Honorable, bright, and wonderful Leaders of the United Nations Secretary General and members of the Security Council:

Please kindly grant my warmest Spring Seasonal and Happy Easter greetings, highest respect, and sincerity.

I wish your honorable, your lovely families, and good citizens of your dear country and people of the World the Holy Blessing of Most Merciful God, the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Blessing of His Holiness Jesus Christ (PBUH), Faithfulness of the Blessed Holy Mary (PBUH), and the Devotedness of the Highness Disciples (PBUT), Apostles (PBUT), and All the Prophets (PBUH) in the Spring Season and Victorious and Holy Easter and always. The Peace, Grace, and Mercy of the Most Exalted God, the Awesome Creator, and Father of All be with you all.

May the beauty of nature and preparation of the new life and birth in the Spring Season renew our heart to be more loving, our mind to be more understanding, and our spirit to be friendlier, helpful, and caring to our dear brothers and sisters around the World. May the Holy Blessing, Beauty, Message, and Miracle Easter draw us closer to our Most Righteous, Most Merciful, and Most Gracious God Who Glorified Mankind above all Creations with the Power of Mind, Understanding, and ability and be mindful that everything were Created for a certain Godly reason.

In the Honor and Praise of the this Holy Easter I would like to share my sincere and godly thoughts with your honorable about the Existence of the Almighty God and the responsibility of Mankind that will be very helpful to your good citizenship, ethical, and moral responsibility toward the people of the World and our Most Loving God, and to identify the real obstacle to the Peace, safety and wellbeing, and great danger to the Gift of Earth and the Citizens of the World.

How Great is the LORD Almighty Creator and Father of All,
Who made the Heaven and Earth and whatever lies between them.
Created Man with the power of mind, heart, and spirit,
How wonderful and miraculous are the Works of LORD.
The Glowing Sun, Moon, Wind, Cloud, Ocean, and the Earth,
That renews every life Created on Earth from the Dawn.
How inexplicable is the cycle of day and night, seasons, and year around,
How Awesome is our Mighty, Provider, Sustainer, and Merciful God.
I came to Earth from the womb of my mother naked like everyone else,
And depart from the Earth leaving everything behind like everyone else did.
I took the first breath, gained a new life like everyone before and will after,
Then you may ask what is the point and purpose of this earthy life.
The Sun is the Source of light and life to all creation on Earth and the World,
The Holy Son Jesus is Source of Life that leads into Eternal Hereafter Life.
How could anyone be unconscious of the Greatness of the LORD,
And be obscure of the Promise of the Eternal Life and the Paradise.
I Praise my True God before going to sleep and give many thanks,
For the good day, protection, and guiding me through the day.
I praise my True Father God for waking me up in the morning,
And give thanks for the goodnight sleep watching me through the night.
I believe and know the Omnipresent God the Creator and Father of All,
And safeguard my thoughts and deeds to be acceptable by the Merciful God.

The real obstacle to the Peace, safety and wellbeing, and great danger to the Gift of Earth and to the Citizens of the World is the CIA that has been behind all wars in the last three decades, causing division among the nations, overthrowing other government, organizing, training, and funding terrorists groups such as Bin Laden, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Mujahidin, ISLS… etc., making the World hostile.

I assure your honorable that there is no other country and government in the World as wicked, brutal, dreadful, and dangerous as the present Government of the United States knowing they cannot manage their own business or to respect their own laws but put their nose into affairs of every other countries and if some true patriot Americans and genuine Leaders of the Government of the United States be able to stop the most terrorist CIA that planned and carried out the most disaster of September 11, 2001 killing thousands of innocent children, women, and men for staring war in Iraq for controlling oil then people and the World will be peaceful and wonderful place for all as I wrote in my letter of August 7, 2014 to the honorable Pope, Pastor, Spiritual Leaders, Secretary General, President, Prime Minister, and Ambassador as,

(The CIA is dangerous and real threat to the United States and the World and shall be closed down and replaced with another system that is patriotic, wise, and honest knowing that the CIA is corrupted culturally and deceitful for lying to the President and members of the Congress, planned the disaster of the bombing September 11, 2001, first war in Iraq, war in Yugoslavia, second war in Iraq, organizing and training of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, and others, master of forgery, misleading, and fabrication as the White House and the CIA latest fraud and falsehood was the publication of another forged birth certificate of shameless Barack Obama and the lying of the killing of Bin Laden in which honorable Leon Panetta Director of the CIA approved knowingly and illegally the raid on May 2, 2011 in Pakistan and they made various false stories for misleading and cover ups and it is the proof that CIA is uncorrectable even the honorable Leon Panetta who had no experience in the CIA was led to lie to the public and the World and that is why he was removed from the CIA and should not be appointed as the Secretary of Defense. Your honorable do not have to listen to me but please kindly just ponder the very wise, patriotic, and warning words of honorable, real patriot, true American, and courageous CIA commander John Stockwell who said the following about the CIA. Please kindly read the enclosed letter of May 3, 2011.

“It is the function of the CIA to keep the World unstable, and to propagandize and teach American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms.” And he said, “The CIA poses the ultimate threat to democracy, and should be dismantled for the good of the United States and the World.” The CIA commander John Stockwell )

I wish your honorable, your lovely family, and good citizen of your dear people and country, and the Citizens of the World the Holy Blessing of the Most Gracious God, the very best of everything, a very good and healthy life, and happiness. May the Almighty God Bless your honorable, your dear family, your beautiful house, and the kind people of the World richly, be with you, protect you, and guide your honorable in your superb Leadership, caring public services, in your wise decision making, sound judgment, and great responsibilities. May the Love and the Blessing of the Most High God fill your hearts, minds, spirits, your life, and makes every day of your lives joyful, delightful, peaceful, prosperous, and thankful day. My prayers are with your honorable, with your dear family, and dear people of the World. Have a pleasant, enjoyable, thrilling Thursday, fantastic Good Friday, Splendor Holy Saturday, Spectacular Sunday and happiest, blissfully, and blessing Holy Easter.

With best wishes, prayers, beautiful thoughts, Happy and joyful Easter greetings, and love,

Thankfully Yours

Aman’u’llah Farahmandnia

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