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Sun, 14 Feb 2016 11:19 EST
Dalia speaks:
So your president spoke again on Russia, accusing them of agression in Ukraine and Syria. Really, Ms. Dalia? On what planet you live and are president of? Lithuania does sound like something out of this universe. Doesn't it?
Well, the Earthlings, we'll straighten you out:In the last 30 years or so, IT IS AMERICA, STUPID..that has attacked and destroyed country after county. Russia attacked NONE, but defended few and their own people, from the very America you are puppet state to.
Seven countries in the last decade and few before were attacked and/or destroyed by America, with impunity and no legal authorization at all. Granada, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afgh. Libya, Yemen, mention few directly attacked and many indirectly by use of puppet regimes and terror forces.
How many did Russia attack in any way during the same time? NONE.
Ukraine crisis was orchestrated and payed for By America and few of her vassal states. Legit govt was violently taken down and fascist state was established. Russia did the right thing, protected her people and took back Crimea, that was theirs for centuries as was Ukraine as province, never a state. Ukraine just like your tiny country was lucky Russia GAVE YOU your independence. That's right, you were given something you did not deserve, given your behavior in the past towards Russia and her people. Instead of kissing Russian Govt. and people's feet as thanks for this huge gift, what do you do. Join the enemy and let them bring their weapons onto Russian borders.Now you even DEMONIZE Russia, yes on orders from Washington, but still willingly and with gusto. You do like it, don't you?
What you will not like is a scenario, that could happen given your support for your puppet masters and their march towards world hegemony. The scenario is simple: if your puppet masters ever attack Russia via your lands, both will experience a catastrophe Americans matted out to civilian population of two Japanese cities, but at least 100.000 or many, many, times worse. That is already in the waiting for anyone who ever dares what Napoleon and Hitler did and paid for it big time, but not enough. Napoleon said; "If one wants to conquer Russia, firs one must be prepared to die". ARE YOU AND YOUR NATION PREPARED TO DIE, Ms. Dalia??
If you are, go ahead and follow the orders from your puppet masters, but make sure you "educate" and prepare your people for such outcome, for this is the only outcome of your sticking with the puppet master.
Russia was never conquered and NEVER WILL BE, period.
As for Syria, the true aggressors, instigators, manipulators, evils...are the usual suspects, your puppet master and her puppets. They are the ones who orchestrated the "civil" war there as part of reshaping the middle east into American/Israeli image.
Russian intervention is TO SAVE AND PROTECT A COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE, INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN country of Syria, from destruction orchestrated by your puppet masters, who have used their creation ISIS to undermine and destroy Syria. This they are doing on INVITATION (more like cry for help) by Syrian govt and people. Who invited America and her puppets? They invite themselves anywhere they want to do destruction of a country saying NO to them. Well in Syria their Modus Operandi of destroying independent countries with impunity IS OVER.
Never again will America or anyone else be allowed to destroy any country, unless the whole world decides that country must be attacked in order to save it from a nasty govt. For instance, Nazi Germany (your former friend)would be qualified for such World action, if she were here today. No other country qualifies for such nastiness, but America is getting there with he behavior. Luckily Russia has drawn these two lines (in Ukraine for no step further to NATO and Syria for no destruction of independent states with impunity)thus the world is in balance again and will be saved.
We, as world's population can hope that Bernie Sanders gets elected this November and saves American from itself, thus the world. Any other candidate elected, including the new era Iron Lady, Hillary Clinton, will take the doomsday click to one second to midnight or to the DOOMSDAY itself.
So Ms. Dalia, stay on your planet way away from this one and STFU.
Marina Kharma
Sun, 29 May 2011 04:09 EDT
Im Lithuanian sitizen,my possport is finished,low long it will takes to prolong.Im living out site of Russian,i need travel to Moscow to visit an embassy.
Marina Kharma

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