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Vishal Vijay Patil
Mon, 27 Nov 2017 04:31 EST
Manufacturer and exporter of Human medicines / Veterinary Medicines / Cosmetics
Respected Sir/Madam,

Greetings Of the day and I hope to find you in good health.

I am Vishal Vijay Patil, the Overseas sales manager of Glow Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India.

We are the manufacturer of all kind of quality medicines for HUMAN as well as VETERINARY like Liquids, Tablets, Granules, O.R.S., Injections, Ointments, Infusion set , bolus etc.

Our recent line of business also offers the range of COSMETICS AND BEAUTY WELLNESS.

We have state of the art manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India with excellent certifications and approvals like W.H.O. GMP, NAFDAC, GHANA FDA, DRC FDA, INDIAN FDA etc.

We are exporting our medicines to African countries (Nigeria,Ghana,Congo,Mozambique,Somalia,Rwanda,Myanmar,DRC,Guinea ) And CIS Countries (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan ) since 1996 with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting quality medicines..

We shall be grateful to you if you could provide us the names and contact details of the buyers/agents/importers of Human Medicines / Veterinary Medicines / Cosmetics and Herbal Medicines in your esteemed country.
Please, also mail us the names and addresses of the Trade Associations

I am available on below-mentioned numbers and email . The same number is available on WhatsApp and Imo also.

Waiting for the positive response from your side.
Thanks And Regards,
Vishal Vijay Patil,
mobile - +91
Email -
Website -
Sat, 27 May 2017 03:26 EDT
I have several years experience in different foreigner's home

telephone 0961187406
Tue, 14 Oct 2014 04:14 EDT
I am interested to apply for the position of your So I hope your open invites me to apply for the position of my best interest to be enthusiasm with in my and energetic feeling toward having a significant inputs for success full results .
For details of my experiences please find the resume and credentials and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my phone
Angeline King Jimice
Tue, 15 Jul 2014 10:30 EDT
I'm seeking for Administrative Assistant, Customer Care, and Logistics Assistant
I wish to seek possible employment with your Embassy in any aspect of assignment, i will be highly greatful if you will grant me the ardent desire by obtaining a favorable job with your Embassy.

Presently I work for the United Nations Mission In Liberia(UNMIL). I have work for the UN for 10 unbroken years, my reason that i wish to leave is to share my knowledge with any Organization or entity.
Tue, 17 Dec 2013 08:36 EST
it nice to see u in training sector in Ethiopia. no country is underdeveloped but undermanaged. I wish to have work with you since I am also trainer at ethiotelecom.
hendrik de vlugt
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 08:26 EST
job-training school for ethiopians and migrants in Addis ababa

Sun, 28 Oct 2012 08:39 EDT

job-training school for migrants in Addis ababa
I look for legal employment agencies. Maybe you want work with us. We are looking for employment agencies outside of Ethiopian. We can bring a lot of well trained Ethiopians. We are an official school in Ethiopian. The Ethiopian Government change them policy, I am happy for that decision. First training in a school what is recognize by Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Social Labour affairs and after the training a certificate than the visa. Our school is the only school who can train them. We
Dear Mister/Miss,
We are the only licensed job-training school in Ethiopia. We work together with the Ethiopian Government. We train also the Migrants who going for a Job to an Arabic Country. You know there are a lot of problems with the Migrants. The Employment Agencies give them no training. We make a practical job-training program. The Government is happy with this training. We have the license for 22 professions, like: Domestic Worker, Professional Cleaner, Waiter, Cook, Bartender, Civil Security, Home Care Worker, Graduate Nurse and Baby Sitter only for Graduate Nurse, Teacher, Construction Worker, Graduate peoples from University and many more. We train them before they go outside of Ethiopia. After the job-training the student becomes a Certificate.
We have started the school in Lafto, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. We are the only job-training school in Africa. We are happy that the Ethiopian Government change them policy for the migrants. First training and after the training a certificate and after the visa. Our school is this moment the only school who can give this ob-training for the migrants. We are a Technical Vocational Education Training school (TVET). We give for 80% practical job-training.
You can send trainees or we train them on the job place. After a short time we bring the trainees to companies, hotel, restaurant and more places for to give them more practical training for their job. We train also groups or we make project-training. For the Migrants we have a special job-training program with all the facilities.
The school has a lot of possibilities in Ethiopia and out of Ethiopia. After the training we try to find jobs.
In principle everybody can come for the training/school, educated and not educated and elderly peoples. We invited you to come to our school.

Example job-training program, this program is for the migrants, we train also the returnees.
A New Start Business Consultancy and Job-Training Service
The participant
Name. Date.

ID NO. Sex.
Country of destination.
Course: Job-Training
Date Day Course Title Credit Notes Grade
Start 08.30
Rest 11.30
Start 12.00 Information
Arabic, English Language
Culture of the country of destination (cultivation)
Social Skill Training 2 hour
3 hours
2 hour
2 hour
Tuesday Arabic, English Language
Culture of the country of destination (cultivation)
Social Skill Training
Home Care
Feedback 3 hours
2 hour
2 hour
2 hour
60 minutes
Wednesday Arabic, English Language
Culture of the country of destination (cultivation)
Social Skill Training
Hygienic, Food Preparation, Serving and how to
presented the food, ingredients 3 hour
2 hour
2 hour
2 hours
Thursday Arabic, English Language
Home Care
Cleaning then home
Safety on the working floor 3 hour
2 hours
2 hours
1.30 hours
Friday Arabic, English Language
How to use the equipments
How to clean the machineries and the equipments
Personal Hygienic
What are liquids and chemicalien 3 hour
2 hour
2 hour
1 hour
2 hour
Monday Arabic, English Language
Social Service
Culture of the country of destination (cultivation)
What is Islam/Moslem
How to handle by problems 3 hour
1 hour
2 hour
2 hour
1 hour
Tuesday Arabic Language
Practical training as Domestic Worker (house
How to clean the house and how to use the
Machineries and the equipments
Practical cook 3 hour
2 hour
1 hour

2 hours
Wednesday Arabic Language
Practical training as Domestic Worker (house
Arabic cook, and how to use and clean the
machineries/equipments 3 hour
2 hours

3 hours
Thursday Arabic Language
Arabic cook, and how to use and clean the
Clothes Washing by hand wash or wash machine
Evaluation 3 hour
2 hour

2 hours
1 hours
Monday Arabic Language
Arabic cook and how to use and clean the
Ergo Therapy
How to clean the surrounding and the garbage
How to use liquids and chemicalien 3 hour
2 hours

1 hour
1 hour
2 hour
Tuesday Arabic Language
Test day, Feedback and Free Talking 3 hours
5 hour
Wednesday Evaluation and some trainings 5 hours
Thursday Questions and Answers.
Certificate 5 hours
Friday practical 8 hour
Saturday practical 8 hour
Monday practical 8 hour
Tuesday Class work 8 hour
Wednesday feedback 8 hour
Thursday test 8 hour
Saturday Test
certification 8 hour
5 hour

When I see the job-training is not enough than we continue the training. They must be prepared very well and they must have the knowledge about the profession in them job country of destination

Dear Mister/Miss,
We have for more than 3 years a job-training service but we change it to a job-training school in Addis Ababa. (We are one part of the TVET School with an Occupational Standard recognized by the Ministry of Education and Social Labor Affairs)) We want open the school in 2 weeks because there are a lot of problems for to find a job in and out of Ethiopia, for graduates and for none graduates peoples and more, you will read it later. There is also a special job-training program for migrants and returnees who want to go for a job in an Arabic Country. The need is very high to find a job and to prepare them on them job. There are a lot of work/jobs in and out of Ethiopia but the problem is that many peoples not know or are not prepared for the job (no experience) A New start has a lot of experience to train this peoples.
We are looking for subsidy, funds, and sponsors to start this school. It is a developed job-training program and it will help them to find a job or to prepare them on their job in and out of Ethiopia.
When you know organizations, companies, shops, offices, families who needs domestic workers, hospitals, hotels or any other professions who needs good trained workers than please contact us.
We want to work on a legal basic with honesty and respect for everybody, and stop the illegal brokers and employment agencies and special the legality for the migrants.

1. Brief Background /Profile of A New Start

Business Consultancy and Job Training School
• A New Start Business Consultancy and Job Training service and recently converted to School were established in 2008 G.C by a Holland citizen called Mr. Hendrik de Vlugt. This service giving school which is located in Addis Ababa is the first of its kind and the only licensed school in job training in Ethiopia and even in the world. This school is embarking mainly in newly designed program of short term theoretical and practical job trainings in the following areas: - Elementary Social Skill and Cultivation, Communication, Assertively and Feed Backs. Explanations of each of the above terminologies or courses are briefly discussed in the body of this paper.
1.1 The Meaning of Job Training
• The job training that is conducted by A New Start School is a special training program and different or separate from the trainings of the regular government or private schools and vocational institutions of Ethiopia or other countries. It may have some common courses or topics in these mentioned schools or training institutions, however; this job training that is being pursued by A New Start is unique and first of its kind in Ethiopia and in Africa. It prepares you very well before starting a job and even enhances or upgrades people’s works that are already on the job. It gives a better knowledge and understanding about the conditions and circumstances of the job you are working for and around the job. That is, before and after occupying a job in your field of specialization or interest in any office or any job site. The job training shapes your thinking or mind to have positive attitude and behavior towards your job and people that are working around you say when interact with your different bosses, colleagues, customers, strangers and even outside of your work in families and friends without any bias or without giving attention/ discrimination to race, or ethnicity, age, education level, color, wealth, physical condition, etc. It also helps you develop or build your field of interest and profession and can motivate you to work enthusiastically on your assigned duties and responsibilities with confidence, respect, honesty, good communication, integrity, hard work, pleasure/joy, capability or competency by loving and keeping the norms and values of the interest or objectives of the company/ institutions of societies that you are working with in a specific country or place of destination/ customers without any obstacles and fear.
1.2 Objectives of A New Start School and Benefits of the Trainees
• The main aim or objectives of the company is to create jobs in and outside of Ethiopia for lengthy unemployed different groups of Ethiopian society with emphasis for those with a large distance from the job market, even if they are qualified or not qualified, graduate or non graduate, educated or non educated. The company tries to help every body with out any discrimination of sex, age, income level, education level, physical condition, etc.
• However, the company also embraces or gives special considerations or attentions to the long forgotten groups: -graduates and not graduates, peoples with a little bit education or even peoples with non education, graduate nurses, managers, super visors, migrants who going for a job to the Arabic Countries, they become a short special training that will prepare them on them job in the country of destination. Peoples who wants change them profession or wants to go to another company, graduates from university, degree holders, masters, peoples who wants up-grade then knowledge or who wants an refresh training, the poor youth without parents, beggars, disabled men or women, homeless, street children, bar ladies/prostitute mainly with addiction, illiterates with no school background, HIV/AIDS victims, people that have malaria, diabetes, TB and leprosy and many more with complex problems such as drug addicts and mentally retarded young and old people, every body can come to A New Start, we make for every individual an step-plan, and we have a special job-training program for peoples who have no change on the job-market. We train also managers, super visors, the workers, cleaners and more. We make a combination from class and the most job-training is on the job-floor.
• It tries to address all the above social and economic problems by re- integrating and rehabilitating these groups in their own society/country say by designing job trainings, formulating or designing social programs, policies and projects together with the government of Ethiopia and other potential humanitarian international and national development agencies, institutions, individual and communities, etc.

1.2.2 Benefits of the Trainees
• Such approach is believed to bring the following results:- these groups can play active role in their own society or in the country they work and will give them confidence, descent and meaningful life
• In short it is hoped it will give them their own future, prospective and social content life.
• The second group that needs attention and concern is the emigrants and migrants of Ethiopians particularly the returnees from Middle East countries (ladies) and for migrants that go to Middle East Arab countries or any other potential countries. As known there are serious problems in this area /sector. Many Ethiopian women domestic workers are facing many problems when they go to Middle East Countries because they travel without necessary knowledge and trainings illegally regarding the information of the culture, basic language (English and Arabic) of the country of destination. In addition they don’t have enough knowledge regarding climate, food, behavior of their employers and kind of materials they use for cleaning and cooking, etc. This is because most of the materials are modern and unfamiliar to these workers.
• Moreover, they get low salaries from their employers without any respect and love when you compare them with other trained domestic workers from Philippines, Indonesia, etc. as a result either they are put to prison or deported to their country or are forced to engage to inhuman activities such as prostitution or other criminal activities. Hence, to re-integrate them with their society and to prepare these Ethiopian people for job by shaping and building their minds in order to have positive attitude in advance and equip them with professional knowledge and skill to work in any field of their interest with joy and by being discipline as at the moment the norms and values of Ethiopian workers are lost or have deteriorated particularly when it comes the young generation is very low which used to be considerable assets for the country in old times. And this has to be restored by training the existing skilled or unskilled generation because this group is a potential force for any kind of present and future development. Also, the old generation should re- think and act in proper way by balancing the old tradition and modern way of thinking and working.
• It is very hard for young people to work first without the knowledge and skill as any job needs competency particularly, Ethiopia is composed of many Ethiopian nationalities which has multicultural society with different language, belief and different upbringing background and they should know well how to work in this society and serve them with respect, love and politeness and if they work outside of Ethiopia they should do the same because if they manage and apply the above concepts in their day to day work activities they will be rewarded in terms of having good names, receive money (tips) or promotions. All these and others can give them job satisfaction and grant them to live harmoniously or will gain peace with their boss colleagues, friends etc. specially, when they respect or obey the rules and laws and culture of the business world inside and outside Ethiopia.
• In short, it brings a lot of advantages to them, family and to the development of the respective country as well as if each individual worker contributes to work honestly and with hard work it can bring a life change to the worker and to the family and to the country at large.
• A New Start School is really a very good supplement for any business or private company and the government of Ethiopia and other country which can easily deploy skilled and trained professionals at any time or can act as a source producing professional and discipline workers and thereby it will minimize the awful and miserable economic and social problems of Ethiopia or other relevant countries which this strategy supplements to the present policy of Ethiopia which aims to minimize and eradicate poverty of Ethiopia in the future if it is handled properly that is it insures the welfare of the Ethiopian society
1.3Planes of Approach Taken By A New Start School Before Actual Job Training is Started
• during the initial stage job training an intake process is finished and when they start attending class, we try to find out the individual problems of each trainees and make a diagnosis by asking the following questions:-
• We inquire if they can read or not?
• Which language they speak and which dialects?
• How is his/her grammatical writing?
• If they attentively can listen or not?
• If they can write or not?

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