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H Stephen Beyer
Sun, 12 May 2019 13:13 EDT
Whale murder
Stop the murder of whales, now! All the world condemns you and your butchery. The Japanese people and the world deserve better.
Richard Vanni
Fri, 11 Jan 2019 17:08 EST
Whale hunting
You don't conserve whales by killing them. Shame on your country for destroying these magnificent creatures.
There is NO justification for it.
Whale killing is a stain on your nation's
Alonzo Titus Also known as Uncle Lonnie
Sun, 13 Aug 2017 22:03 EDT
personal view of
The Most Beautiful Land

Have you ever considered the flight 
of a single butterfly,
or the fall of a single tear drop
falling from a child's eye,
have you ever followed the morning sun
from it's rise to the mid day sky,
have you ever heard the emptiness
of a lover's quiet sigh.

Have you ever seen Mount Fujiyama
that has risen to kiss the sky,
with a cold snowy summit
that draws the observant eye,
Have you ever contemplated a garden
with a pond of swimming Carp,
where the fragrance of a single flower
can melt the coldest heart.

If not,
I'll know you've never been
to the land of the rising Sun
where the art of introspection
is shared by everyone,
where prose are met with great respect
for the beautiful truth they bear,
and the people of the great islands of Japan
will with honor greet you there.

Uncle Lonnie
Jeanette Evans
Mon, 30 Jan 2017 20:13 EST
Horrified by the barbaric abuse of dolphins and whales at Tajii
I am writing to express my horro at the abuse of the dolphins and whales at Tajii. I plead with your country to stop thus cruel and unpardonable attack on helpless sea creatures
That have no way to defend themselves. Surely this is a slur on the name of Japan and its citizens.
Brian Mitchell ( preper rank and title under execu
Mon, 19 Sep 2016 13:38 EDT
JAL notes and over to japanese embassy correction factors
DEar Honorable Sirs and Madams, All confirmed , all disconfirmed to be updated " Forward only", " Forward backwards backwards and Backwards as incorrectly stated to be correctly stated", there is a soue chef who passed away who worked for JAL in NY. she was my ex-girl friend named Maude Krulla, used to live in Reston VA ubited sates, her parents live ( If I remember), her parents lived in Miami FL umited states, her parents were translators for attourneys for Danish/ Denamrk. From My understanding her last will and testament left 3 million to Brian Mitchel ( Myself) And notes to assist her mother ect at her place of residence. the last will and testament was part of her executive benefits from JAL ( Japanese Airlines), it took a long time to find me but longer for me to reply( At this time), I'm a very particially unclassified field agent ( higher rank and title- no uniform presently), I'm really in the woods actuall trying to come up less classified. the last will and testament also is noted as having some notes of criminal conduct not permitted due to(lack of reasponse ?), but there is also a note for next in line is another ex- boyfriend. . -- I'm very behind in so many things.. and my work is Washington dc. there were other notes also from the embassy in reguards to Towson state university please refrain. update as able and permitted. diplomatic poach and signing over to the other boyfriend might be ok.. Japonese embassy also has my notes under "Snow on Venus", navy-- please note and update all correction factors as able and permitted" American Eagle", " American Flag", " Smiley face test", Thank you, Brian Mitchell, " Forward only", Forward backward backwards and backwards as incorrectly stated to be correctly stated"
Melissa E Brown
Mon, 11 Jul 2016 11:44 EDT
You are the best Japan
Japan is the most refined, educated and sophisticated nation the world has ever seen. I'm begging you to keep a tight immigration policy. You're land mass is too small to let sentiment dictate the policy. Every set of immigrants demand what all humans need: food, clothing and shelter...translate jobs' healthcare and resources. If you fling open your doors, in 10 years some of your neighborhoods will not be Japanese. They'll be crowded, dirty and smelly like impoverished Asian neighborhoods. Do you want that? Look at the London. What a mess.
Ling Yai
Fri, 20 Nov 2015 03:21 EST
Japan's cetacean Genocide
Today’s World is filled with irrational lunacy, yet in the face of the Paris attacks we cannot forget the lunacy of “The Cove” in Taji’i, Japan. It’s bad enough that humans kill our own kind, but the barbaric cetacean slaughters at “The Cove” in Taji’i is so barbaric – and unnecessary – it cannot go unnoticed. There is no excuse for this cetacean genocide except Japanese “Tradition” – the same tradition that brought us Comfort Women, Kamikazi raids, Banzai attacks, the Rape of Nanjing, mass suicide off the cliffs of Saipan and numerous other “culture” related atrosities.
We all know how Japanese hate marine animals – especially cetaceans – and inflict the genocide they exhibited in the Second World War on not only humans but all marine animals, especially mammals. The Cove in Taji’ is an international outrage even now reported by CNN – proof that the atrocities of World War Two endure in the Japanese psyque. In addition to their irrational slaughter of marine animals (full of mercury) Japan offers us an endless list of “The Ridiculous” that literally threatens life on Earth.
Ever heard of Fukushima? Japan told us they had Nuclear Power all under control. Now our seas are contaminated by radioactive materials with a half life of 25,000 years that may kill us all – especially when you eat Japanese seafood.
I grew up in Sendai in the 1950’s in a 500 year old traditional mansion and traveled to Matsushima Bay every week-end, but I won’t set foot in the land of cetacean fascists until they stop their genocide. I won’t be going to the Olympics – a childhood dream – until Japan regains dignity and stops killing highly intelligent species who just happen not to be humans – and I encourage all people with dignity to do the same – Tokyo reminds me to much of Hitler’s 1936 Olympics. Hitler’s next step was carnage – and so is Japan’s.
I don’t like trashing anybody, but somebody – everybody – must speak out against the genocide of all marine animals. And do not forget these cetaceans are forced into a genocide far worse than a gas chamber. These highly intelligent family oriented mammals are hacked to death with spears and machetes until the seas turn red with their blood and the blood of their families.
The next time you dine with a Japanese remember what stands behind their sly smile – a barbaric quest to slash to ribbons intelligent, peaceful and highly intelligence beings who did no harm except swim in their traditional waters.
Always remember that Japan’s karma (and ours to some extent) is dictated by Fukushima and The Cove.
Ling Yai
Charles Grimmnitz
Sun, 13 Sep 2015 09:15 EDT
STOP the slaugher at the Cove
We must start a boycott of all Japanese products until the slaughter at the Cove ceases. Apparently the Japanese do not understand our resolve in the matter but we will succeeded in the end. Stop the slaughter now.
Traci Lent
Sun, 1 Feb 2015 21:44 EST
Stop the Slaughter of Whales and Dolphins!!
Stop the Slaughter of Whales and Dolphins!!Shame on Japan for turning a blind eye to this atrocity!! It's a disgrace for any country to slaughter whales and dolphins. Shame on the ambassador of Japan and also the people for not standing up to fight for the rights of these magnificent creatures.
Myles Kroll
Sun, 14 Sep 2014 00:51 EDT
Looking for Japanese male penpals correspondence
I'm new to this and I'm looking for English-speaking Japanese men to correspondence with cause I don't have zero brothers in my family and I'm bit lonely having brothers to do men's fun, chat and more. If u know any Japanese-English pen-pals organization is Japan. Plz email me back ASAP. OK. Bye.

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