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Angela A.Leong Minoyama
Tue, 3 Jul 2018 16:01 EDT
I am saying it as it is, if there are people wanting to label a psychiatric name of 'paranoid' on I, then I say that's how it has been decided since the 1980's, as to be what to say about I if I start saying things that're unidentifiable in ways like scie
I am in california, USA. Does anyone of you know what division deals with human rights, that I am not getting from the nation I am living in even after my husband left one day, but apparently this has to do with a family that was once loving to something now that's fiercely competitive with I cause they're jealous &possessive to an extent they have to push I to be at a place where there'll be no social contact for I, so what got my family to jock for position so much, it would have to be all those friends I spent school & university days with
that came up with the grand plan to even place certain people they know of to be u.s president (Obama in 2009)& Japanese Prime Minister(Shinzo Abe) to ruin all these things about i and attempt at bringing i down to a lower economic bracket by allowing some lawyer that i found to steal the private data of my identity, that she is not wanting to give i the service that'll entail everything that i am about but it seems like she's wanting to change some data of my truth to something she'd rather i get. It is strange why my true data offends her so much, this is a problem when expensive lawyers can't do what they're supposed to for a client and want to keep on prolonging things as a form of leveraging i. Is this professional corporate behaviour, not to i. This is more what people of government or mafia do when they racketeer a company to take over, but to do nothing but the level of mediocre job at private companies is completely mocking the corporate family of the S & P 100, nasdaq, and nyse, almost saying 'we don't need private industries to each have a standing of it's own in the nation's economy, because we(government employees) want the highest social position, we don't want to share that social status with CEO's of corporate businesses, and it sounds really spoiled and uneducated, but these ignorant people are the ones that those in power in u.s.a(such as u.s president & Justices), want them to be rummaging the wealthy people with nice things but they are slowly losing their wealthy income earning way in the capitalistic society that was built during the youthful days of Pres.Donald Trump when he was a handsome business tycoon. With these ignorant and uneducated ones the top of government has carefully placed to be ruining the capitalistic economy of this nation, where all the employees of prime rib quality meat got replaced by beef shank quality of government worker level meat, is too absurd as to the motif behind all this that government is doing this. I cry in my sleep and wake up with nausea in my reversal digestive track, this is too much for I to take especially when I know all this is in full operation originating from something that was slowly brewing behind my knowledge twenty six years ago when I was going to school with my friends and growing up in a household where surprisingly lived a family of mine that actually had a lot of hatred and resentment more than I can believe, are all things I just recently found out in 2014. Angela A.Leong Minoyama
Angela A.Leong Minoyama
Sun, 1 Jul 2018 19:18 EDT
Discrimination towards girlfriends & wives from Far East, to a point of bad taste.
This is in u.s, can you help I get a lawyer that can do law international injustice of crime of government law?

Hi, what happens when that immigration lawyer, Karen Lee, would put the wrong expiration date on my green card when it's supposed to be the decided date of my wedding date. She turns around and tells I that she has no say in the date because that is something they do, she says. I know somethings about immigration law and this is like she is making her own law as she goes, and the weirdest thing is she isn't even a certified lawyer, but she may have had some relatives that worked in U.S Customs in Honolulu in 1996, by the name of Chris and a very long Thai last name, and another relative called John Lau with a sister in oahu court probation division that worked in food service america. This John Lau is someone that would get some FBIs (that his sister knows) to perform fake FBI arrest on these 'usually' girlfriends from Japan by placing them in an environment with marijuana when it was probably him knowing those things are there but if he isn't there and she is, and he or his friend calls to inform it as though it's a major mob drug bust (when it's actually not) to these sister's friends of FBI, these girlfriends' lives can be seriously compromised, is the sort of male that u.s customs, Chris with a long Thai last name and John Lau with a sister in Oahu court probations division, that'd dare do to innocent, carefree girlfriends of his, that're usually from Japan. If this Karen Lee lawyer is related to this u.s Customs Chris with a long Thai name and John Lau with a sister in Oahu court probations division, I am concerned that there could be a secret desire on her end to want to make a foul move on I and then steal my identity on my green card for herself or someone else. John Lau would ask his sister to contact these friends of hers that're FBI and then have them go to his girlfriends first, then send his girlfriends he's been with a while to ER because there's some other female he wants to have sex with for a while. It seems this is a family that believes they can get away with committing the dirtiest federal crime and still get away with it, who can prevent these things from happening? But what if I say she is someone that would go out her way to make herself one too so she can take my expiration date whereas she'll give I this other expiration date that has nothing to do with I. I say this because on the day she took I to get my picture taken and thumbprint done, she said she had an interview early in the morning at this other location for another client of hers, but I think she isn't being honest with I, it is some sneaky stunt she is pulling on I and I don't know what to do. Now, she's going to force I to have an illegal green card, because she wants the one with all data of mine. Angela A.Leong Minoyama
Jeanette Evans
Mon, 30 Jan 2017 21:22 EST
Stop the barbaric slaughter of whales and dolphins in Tajii
I implore you to stop the deplorable, cruel and unpardonable slaughter of helpless whales and dolphins. It is a slur on the name of Japan.
Wed, 16 Apr 2014 14:45 EDT
Aint no body got time for dis
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Sun, 21 Apr 2013 19:52 EDT
North Korea-Iran Oil Trading.
I support this matter as a useful method of peace.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Wed, 28 Nov 2012 15:07 EST
Uranium managed financial portfolio regarding peace with North Korea.
Your Excellency; Futures portfolio management for wheat, cattle and other matters work well in the United States when used in a managed options derivitive strategy. It is my opinion that working this kind of arrangement out with North Korea will help resolve nuclear proliferation problems caused by current North Korean financial concerns. Please study this. The only negative concern is that the Uranium holdings will remain in secured North Korea. However,this new financial system could be a blessing in peace negotiations. Have a nice day. Respectfully Yours; Tom.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Fri, 12 Oct 2012 22:55 EDT
Recent North Korea surface rocket.
Your Excellency; The government of North Korea, in my opinion, recently demonstrated the military deterrent of a surface rocket due to former allied military drills and the disturbance caused on the border by the drills. I personally object to these drills, as peace is jeapardized when these drills occur. The present professional military of the United States, South Korea, and Japan does not require drills on the North Korea border, and again, I object to these drills.
tamara janjgava
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 17:49 EDT
i ready by good mother
dear japanese people

I am deeply shocked by this unprecedented tragedy and would like to offer my sincere condolences to the great nation of Japan.

God bless the souls of the victims !
child which lost family and home i ready be good mother . i have,not own child . i have housbend, mother l, dog , flat in tbilis saburtalo district,car, vilige and i am reale estate agent
in georgia, tbilisi.

Sun, 1 Aug 2010 16:27 EDT
Stop the Japs from their contining aggrsession
The Japanese People and Nation in their arrogant beliefs that they are better than the rest of the world and therefore above international law continue to wage war against the world via thier illegal slaughter of Sea mammals and thier unfettered raping of the worlds oceans.
They have not changed their sneakly coniving ways. They claim to be killing whales in the southern Antarctic Oceans for research, when in fact, they are profitting from their illegal harvesting of Whale meat.
They are waging a Pearl Harbor style attack on our humanity. The Japanese People must be punished for this illegal campaign of inhumanity.
Boycott Japan and all things Japanese. The Japanese emperor is Pig Dung.

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