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Sat, 12 Mar 2016 02:01 EST
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For Tourist VISA
I wanna visit japan for 1 week as a tourist. how can i apply for the VISA
Abdulaziz mihd ali al-ibrahim
Sun, 14 Dec 2014 04:21 EST
I wanted to thank you very much what I received from you of a good and quick treatment and the Organization of what famous for the good of your country of upscale reputation, and therefore to apply tourist visa at the time did not exceed quarter-hour at a time famous for its most embassies our routine and slow in dealing with the public.
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 03:11 EST
Inquiry text:

Hilal Ateeq Al-Issa Al-Qubaisi Mobile No. 55861770 P.O Box: 80257 – Doha – Qatar Qualification:- BA – George, Washington University DC- International Business - MAOM – Phoenix university – Organizations Administration (Human Recourses administration and Building Organizational structures) Denver Branch - PHD – in Banking – Britain First class Honors. Activities: -A member in the American Enterpreneurs Association. - Supervisor Certificate – Colorado University . Experiences: - My idea (idea’s owner) of Al-Jazeera TV. - My idea (idea’s owner) of unifying the ATM at the Banks in Qatar NAPS and increase their number. - The Founder of Qatar stock Exchange. - The Founder of the Industries company, the best in the Middle East ( A Qatari Joint stock company with a capital of QR 36 billion) with annual profits amount to QR 7 billion. - The Founder of Qatar Fuel Company Woqood ( A Qatari Joint stock company with a capital of QR 300 million and annual profits of more than QR 700 millio
n. - The Founder of the Emisson Test in Qatar and UAE. - The Founder of the Industrial security system for Qatar Petroleum. - The Founder of the Human Resources regulation in the country. - A Contributor to the Qatari corporate restructuring and the increase of their profits. - A contributor to the Qatar Banks restructuring and the increase of their profits. - A contributor to the development of the public post and the increase of its profits. - A contributor the development of Al-Raya Newspaper - Qatar and the increase of its profits. - A contributor in the issuance of Qatar present Currency. - From 1985 -2005 I worked at the National Oil Distribution Company. Skills: - Specialized in the HR researches and studies. - Lecturer and expert in the International Marketing. - Specialized in the establishment and building of the profitable Organizational Structures. The injections A.) The injections were inserted on 23/11/1997 B.) These injections were loaded on program by the sat
ellite, and performs the followings: 1. Sleep deprivation since the injection insert until now. 2. Ray is sent daily from the satellite into the body. 3. Downloading films everydy during the sleep time by the injection. 4. Sucking up the heart electric current more than once and discontinuity of oxygen. 5. Sucking the jaw electric current which caused the removal of four teeth, the last which was in London . 6. Throttling during sleep, that is an attempted murder. 7. Suffocation during sleep, that is, an attempted murder. 8. Complete anesthesia during driving. 9. Explosion in the brain due to the rays entered through the injection. 10. Expose the heart to direct rays that causes the decrease in the heart pulses many times, I was carried to the emergency where I was given oxygen. 11. Send a direct shot from the satellite to my heart, but fortunately, it hit me in my left hand, the severe pain continued for three days in London , I could have been killed if the shot had reache
d my heart. 12. Change and move the brain nerves like the TV channels, that means the injection was downloaded on a special program. 13. Brain washing through the injection. 14. The psychological control on the brain and nerves. 15. Feeling pain in my body parts like the arm, the foot and the leg that is, by sending rays into these parts. 17. Focus rays on us while I was in the plane, this rays caused the block of the plane computer which could cause the plane crash and exposed my life and the passenger's lives to danger. 18. Motivation of the sexual desire through the insert of the electricity from the back. 19. Move the arm and the neck in barbaric way. 20. Take information directly from the brain and reflected as a signal which I can hear as the break of the cup, that is after the discussion. 21. I hear the voice of the criminal Ahmed Hamid Shaie, Emarati, and the criminal Mohamed Buti Al-Hamid, and criminal Mohamed Turky Al subai Qatari in addition to a sound inside the
head. 22. Take information from the head and comes out as flying letters from the left foot from the injection place. 23. Send rays likes needles directly into the liver causes the damage of the liver in the future as it damage the liver tissue and causes death. # Mohamed Kalifa Turky Alsubai Maneger of Woqood Qatar # Ahmed Hammed Shay Owner of Sherton Hotel in Abu Dabi # Mohmed Buty Al hamed Owner of BMW in Abu Dabi I was injected by an medical substance which has a contact with the satellites, and internationally prohibited and caused his illness, and has started treatment since 1997
Alison Stokes
Fri, 7 Sep 2012 22:10 EDT
STOP the slaugher of Pilot Whales & Dolphins at Taiji, Japan.
STOP the slaugher of Pilot Whales & Dolphins at Taiji, Japan.
私が言うことができることが何もなくてそれがあなたにこれらの哺乳動物に対する姿勢を変えさせるかあるいはすでにそれらの目前の死に抗議しています。 しかし私があなたにストレス〔強調〕を缶詰めにしてあなたがこの野蛮な実行〔練習〕を終えるまで日本へのどんな未来の旅行も取り消されること。

The Mass killing of Pilot Whales in Taiji, Japan.
Please intervene to stop the mass killing of Pilot Whales in Taiji. These innocent creatures are much valued and needed in our Seas and we do not support Japan's actions in these killings.

Yours from the Heart,

Alison Stokes,
Dublin, Ireland.
Mon, 8 Aug 2011 03:51 EDT
Emely Antonio
Sun, 6 Feb 2011 02:56 EST
Japanese tutor
Im looking for a job for japanese tutor.i have experience in teaching in my country(phillippines).i worked as a japanese tutor in speaking,traditional & japanese etchics.i am working now in hotel here in doha.i hope you can find me a suitable job for me even a part time tutor...please!
Thanks in advance..
Emely Antonio
Sat, 27 Nov 2010 17:29 EST
H.E. The Head of the State Security Department
United Arab Emirates


I have already addressed your H.E. on the issue of Ahmed Hamid Sha’ie, and Mohammed Butti Al- Hamid who still refuse to download the injections numbers from the satellite, that is, the communications network, the leave the satellite on throughout the night sending its radiation to focus on us, so in the morning I feel my body so hot especially at the bottom of my feet where I feel them hot as embers, moreover this criminal Ahmed Sha’ie throughout the day downloading annoying films that caused sleeplessness through the injection, and this is called : the sleep deprivation” which lead to serious problems and causes serious diseases. As you know my brother in Islam this is called “ Haram” and not acceptable by the principles of our religion, therefore, I request your Excellency to address them to stop those criminal people who committing these international crimes since 10/19/1996.

With best of my regards,

The Consultant
Dr. Hilal Bin Atee q Al Issa Al- Qubaisi

Date: 10/09/2010
For the attention of:
H.E. The Minister
The Ministry of Health


We have already addressed the doctors in the psychiatric hospital to know the names of injections which have been downloaded in our bodies in the late 2004, and we met Dr. Tahir Shaltut and requested the removal of this injection and provide us with its names as it caused me a lots of serious health and psychological troubles since it has been loaded into my body in late 1997, also to know the name of the person who locked me in my room, when I started screening for help, for someone to open the door until I lost consciousness as it increased the number of my heart beats and stopped my breathing, even I took shower twice while my clothes on in the hospital after I have been knocked down in the room which had only one bare steel bed without cover….what enmity is that between us.

On 2005, we addressed them officially to know the name of this injection; they replied in writing that it was just an ordinary injunction ( their reply letter is enclosed here), then we told them that this act was a well- planned act and the Company Manager- The Criminal Mohamed Khalifa Turky- the former director of the refinery had dismissed this person before as he involved in money laundering, and the refinery had a loss of 500 million Riyals as a result of money laundering, then he poured red mud in the house water reservoirs after we washed a sudden confusion had been occurred among the family members, my eldest daughter was about to through herself from the house roof, fortunately I saved her in the last moment, she started walking as she lost her feeling and control, if I couldn’t catch her, she could have been killed she was born in Denver, Co USA . The red- mud is used for shots on my head while I was in the Abed room, I went out, I found myself in the office of Mohamed Turkey Al- Subai, who was sitting on the secretary desk, in front of him there was a white paper and a pencil in that day, he encounters the meeting of the Gulf Cooperative Council in Kuwait- 1997. Then I was taken to the Um- Saed police station, a conversation continued from the morning until 12:00 o’clock in order to invent a plot. Then I was taken to the office of the Director- Um Saed Police Station- Mr. Mubarak Al- Naemi, I was taken to the police station- Mr. Mubarak Al- Naemi, I was holding the cup of tea in my hand, suddenly, I felt a shock at the top of my right hand, this was through either a satellite or a fighter plane then the teas was spilt on the police Director’s clothes, we fought, then they put the handcuffs in my hands. This is an example of the bad treatment for the honest people like me who are stopped the entrance of 100 billions of dollars in sailing boxes through Um- Saed port, I am an expert in the field of finance, I hold the professorship degree, I graduated from the most famous universities in the world- George Washington University. I established the economical theory to protect the Qatari economy from involvement in these dirty monies, drugs monies and murders from France . I introduced the NAPS system which protects our balances in Switzerland, which resulted in the increase in the Citizens salaries, (please find enclosed my C.V. and my letter addressed to the former minister.)

At night they transferred me from Um- Saed Police Station to Um- Saed medical Center, there I was injected with unknown injection, immediately I lost consciousness after a loud scream. They are involved in lots of crimes, they were punished by “Allah” but they continued their plots and bad deeds, but “Allah” knows how to punish those people and they shall never escape his ultimate punishment whatever they do. In the morning I woke up, they asked me to wash up. As I started washing, red mud started falling from my head and my gum, now I felt as I restored my full conscious and became a normal, I was taken in the police car, my brother was asked to hold my right hand while a policeman was holding my left hand, I was screaming as the injection code was loaded on a special program which separates the feeling from the sentiment and loaded on a satellite. The criminal Ahmed Shai was talking to me “you shall be kidnapped and to be handed over to the security departments. Then I was taken form Um- Saed to the Psychiatric Hospital. I can say that this is a deliberately planned deed and the Ministry of Interior is involved in this. After that I addressed the Minister of State for the interior Affairs, a copy of my letter is attached herein, after I had sent them all the proves that I am healthy and have no mental or psychological disorders. In the hospital I was carried in the most barbaric way. Then I was put on the ground and injected by some medicine that made me lost my consciousness. All this happened to me because I entered the office of Mohamed Khalifa Turky and sat on his chair. This is something well-planned, and the reason for that is because I stopped them to enter Navigation box contained 100 billion USD into the country through Um-Saed port. The result was that I felt my heart-beats increased, I became breathlessness, stretched on the ground in the dirtiest psychiatric hospital in the world, which was built in the 1960’s and contains the people who have mental disorders and people with special needs. In fact this hospital is ashamed on a country like this country that is considered one of the richest countries in the world, which owns the third biggest Gas field in the world- this wealth if were distributed well among its people it would have fulfill their needs for further 200 years. This is a research which we represented to one of the British Universities in 1996 which was on the marketing of Gas through pipelines, and on this research they produced the “Dolphine pipeline project” which was extended from Qatar to Al-Tuweeleh in Emirates and generated billion of dollars to Qatar budget. There I spent a full week, I was given the chemical tablets, after that I needed three years to get ride of the bad effects of those chemicals and from the shock, I made stomach-wash-up three times. I can say that this hospital was involved, I complained and the names of the doctors were sent to their embassies and to the INTERPOL as wanted people, as the intended to murder me, and those people cooperate with illegal groups in the government and they are not qualified and honest to be doctors. When the criminals in Qatar for petroleum asked me to bring a certificate from the hospital in order to continue their plot, now Abdullah Hamad Alattya Minstry of Energy is fully involved – they shall be arrested and sent to the court, we sent their names to the INTERPOL in order to be arrested, he believes that he owns the Oil company QP , the real owner of Qatar for Oil Company is the Qatary people not those people. When we arrived at the hospital to get a certificate proves that I do not suffer any psychological disorders, there was a long debate on this issue- since 8 o’clock AM, but I could not meet the doctors in charge, they were a Sudanese and an Egyptian doctors, they treated people in a very dirty manner, they do not respect people. Finally, after a long time a Sudanese nurse came and told me that the person who was with me was an American and was expelled the country- that was in the late of 2004, meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Aleem a Sudanese doctor arrived-raised a paper where “Mental Patient” was written on it. During the interview, I was asked if I was admitted at the hospital and if I received treatment. I waited 4 hours just to obtain such certificate, if my answer was yes, then the result would be a certain dismissal from your work for retirement. So, it is clear enough to be sure it was a plot headed by the criminal Abdulla Hamad Al- Attiya and his gang. The Minister himself holds a degree in history from Beirut Arab University, and Mohamed Turkey does not hold any degree in Petroleum Engineering. My salary was suspended since we were sent for compulsory retirement with a total salary of 4,000 Riyal; just imagine how the Qatari people are treated. A right before we left London to Qatar while I was in the hotel in London, I was shot directly into my heart, but Allah’s care made me move my hand down, so the shot hit my hand, I threw the mobile and ran to the reception, called my lawyer and asked him to report this event to the British Intelligence Department and inform the Queen of Great Britain who never accept to have anyone murdered in her country. The shot was from Soviet satellites and this kind of shots can kill without leaving any effects or proves as it goes through the heart and discharge the electric current which is exited in the heart. The pain continued in my hand for three days. If I were killed then the Qatari Intelligence Department would have accused the British Intelligence Department if my murder, as it was published about the Princess Diana that the British Intelligence Department was behind her murder, but the reality was different. As it was found that the princess driver’s blood contained a substance which can cause depression, and he had a big dose which affected him and made him lose his balance and feel like flying in the air. The same thing happened to me, when I was given this tablet in 1997, and found me in the desert hit a pile of sad, they tried to murder me.

My dear- the Minister I assure you that this Criminal- Mohamed Turkey is a criminal he was changed into a monkey- I saw him with my eyes coming out of his house in Al- Saad as a monkey, also the criminal Ahmed Al-Shai- who is called Ahmed Al Hamed, he is not from Al Hamid family, the cousins of Shaikh Zaied Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, he is a driver with our uncle Shaikh Bati Bin Hamid Al Hamed , the governor of Al- Elided , his grandfather Shaikh/ Kahdim Bin Bati Al- Hamed his wife Risah Al Issa from our famly she is grand mom of Shaikh Zaied Bin Sltan and his brother, he entered Emirates when he was 30 years old from Iran, they are of Hindu origins, he is a magician, when speak to you they speak in interrogative manner, you hear the voice of this person but you cannot see him in the shape of Gorilla in face, his hands and feet of human , his chest is while square, his body is covered with Gorilla hair. This is the reality of this man, he and the cursed Mohamed Turky, they shall be punished. A meeting was held for the most famous scientist including religious people who represent all religions, the topic of this meeting was the question of whether the original of man was a monkey and the obvious proof that Adams- the father of humanity was a Human and those people were misshaped into monkeys, as our prophet Mohamed ( peace upon with him) said “ Allah shall misshape” some people into monkeys and pigs” They made a magic for me and for my wife to separate us, once I found a white substance in the dates sent to me, this substance made the wife suspicious about all the behavior of her husband, this is the same thing which was made to princess Diana and affected greatly their family life with the result that problems started to rise between the princess and her husband Prince Charles, and finally they were divorced. The same magic was made to us in 1997, in the same date when Princess Diana had the accident in which she was killed after when she was left the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Paris ; this is called the black magic. I started to course of treatment extended for 13 years and still taking medicine and still cannot sleep well and frequently fell sophisticated and I take special medicine which I cannot maintain its name as the Ministry of Health would draw it from the Market, it was given to me under the name of Cipram. A Doctor in Al Noor Hospital made E.E.G. for any brain, he found a very high electrical current in my brain, then he drew out this current through a special system called EEG, after that I felt better and got ride of unconsciousness and tension symptoms which I suffered from foe a long time, as this prevents the radiation through Cipram to reach the brain, then I was given some medicine (tablets) especially for the brain. The problem that the Ministry of health then stopped the import of this medicine, but the agents continued importing this type of medicine with the result that this medicine became very expensive. Every human being in this world has the right to obtain medicine, just as water and air; no body in this world has the right to obtain to prevent anyone to obtain his needs from medicine as they are related to the human beings lives. The problems lie in the marketing process. Medicine agents are so greedy, their first interest is how to obtain profits only, despite the dangers and risks that threat the lines of thousands of patient. Finally we could obtain this medicine from Bahrain. It is sold in pharmacies and through internet. Then we contacted the doctor in Al- Noor Hospital in Abu Dhabi, but we could not meet him as we told that he has left the hospital. This hospital is owned by Mohamed Buti Al HAmid.

Furthermore, there are injections which can expel the electrical current from the blood, I was subjected to this type of injection, then a doctor outside this hospital could decrease the electrical current from 300 to 120 and this amount is natural, he could do that through hypnosis for 10 days after that I felt better and normal, but some party contacted this doctor, as they can determine your locations, and asked him not to discharge this injection from me as it was programmed for six months I order to bring me blood cancer. This injection was given to me at Al Wakrah clinic in the late 2008, after I had a shock in my left foot while I was sleeping at about 4:30 morning immediately. I went to the Al- Wakreh clinic when a helicopter was above my house and concentrating light on us, believe me if I had a rocket of R.B.J, I would shoot this helicopter as they are enemies. We complained to the public prosecution and to the commander of the Qatari forces- Hamad Bin Ali Al- Ateyeh and requested them to hand over those pilots, but they shall be arrested as we informed the INTERPOL, and Mirage Company in France and sent the report to the French Government requesting the withdrawal of the Mirage and return them back to the France. Those Mirage were brought into the country in 1997 to protect our country not for killing our people. The radiation continued and caused the decrease in the heart beats and finally causes death. This is a crime. Once I asked the medicine which decreases the electric current in the blood, and then the nurse replied that Hamad Medical Institutions has withdrawn this medicine from the market. The question is why Hamad Medical Institution takes part in killing us, the answer is simply that this institution is fully involved, we shall arrest them and introduce them to the justice and we shall know the people behind them. Now the government hospitals refuse to discharge those injections, and the private hospitals are told not to do that. Therefore, I was forced to travel to many countries in order to get treatment including Bahrain, there I contacted the specialized Hospital in Bahrain, but got nothing after a long debate then I traveled to London, there all hospitals were contacted and ordered not to help me and remove the injection from my body. Then a traveled to Thailand, once I arrived to the hotel to meet the doctors to know about this and solve this problem, immediately I was exposed to the radiation, then I was taken to Emergency Department in the American Hospital where I spent some days, if I had not arrived the hospital on time I could have been killed as the criminal Ahmed Al Shai` concentrated a high degree of radiation on me. The question is who gave this murdered the injection code and who ordered them to give me such injections, which ultimately deprives the human being of his freedom, and you can be observed wherever you are, even when you are in your bedroom.

We talked with the company which produces this kind of injections, they replied that this type of injections is only given as per a prior written approval and to a certain category of people who are in urgent need for this type of injection, also it is placed in the shoulder and it is called “ a patient “ID” in order to maintain and it is given to people who suffer the Al Zheimer or the apoplexy and its number is not loaded on the communication network but on computers as they can kill and completely control the human beings if uploaded on the satellite.

Therefore, I request your Excellency to open a file of investigation on this crime as the criminal Mohamed Al Subai stated that we talked to him through this injection which is place in my body and the conversation was recoded through the satellite. It was known that the one of my relatives Turky AL Khatir, the former employee in Hamad Medical Institution was the one who gave the nurse this injection in order to be loaded into our bodies, this is what was told by the criminal Mohamed Khalifa Turky Al Subai, who brought the injection from France, this person was dismissed from the oil- refinery, then was appointed by them as A Deputy Director of the Board ( the Distribution Department at our Company In 1997 I conducted a study on the “ Fuel 35” but nobody paid any attention to it until 2001, besides many corruption and burglary issues including the stock market we collect One billion and two hundred million this Department was pended 32 million no invoice ..

Once again I request your Excellency to open a file of investigation on the Ministry of Health and protect this Ministry from people who intend to spoil it and not to permit doctors to practice this profession in the government hospitals without obtaining the license of Medical practice and pass the exam designated for such doctors in Texas, and the ones who pass such exam can practice medicine otherwise they shall be excluded, even if they were of Qatari Nationality, as this profession is closely related to the people’s lives. Furthermore, we request your Excellency to make agreements with famous medical centers like “Mayo Clinic” to manage our Hospital especially our hospital in the south and Al Khour. We, as citizens are not satisfied with Hamad Medical Institution because of its low level and permitted unqualified doctors to work therein according to the administrative law, the hospital is converted into the field of experiments if its allows such unqualified doctors to join such hospitals, that is the international Health Organizations do not approve such hospitals that is what we learned in the public administration as I obtained the License in Law, and me who converted the state from the industrial revolution into the administrative revolutions, I established and put the rules of the Human Resources, I was the first Qatari student to obtain the MA degree in the Construction of the Organizational profitable frameworks in the Human Resources in order to develop in the various fields of the state. We sent a report of 70 pages on the bad medical situation in the country, we told them that there is only one Government Hospital in the country for a population of more than one million, in Al Wakra where the population is more than 80,000, we have only one clinic which was built in the 1960’s it has no emergency, no infants emergency, no maternity ward, even no first aid ward. This is a crime, and the farmer minister and his gang have to be punished, as the medical situation in this country is the worst, we have the highest death rate and the highest cancer rate in the world. The doctors here are unqualified, once the Director of the International Health Organization asked me to interfere to save people from this danger and send a report to the General Secretary. Mr. Kofi Anan. In Um Saed we have only a clinic which was built in the 1950’s by the Queen of Britain for the workers of Um Saed and their families where there is more than 10,000 employees, we complained, a commission of inquiry arrived from the International Health Organization, the people in charge were dismissed, a new hospital was opened Al Khour hospital and Al Wekra Hospital and a lot of facilities were provided to improve the medical care including the emergencies Departments. We told them that we need 10 comprehensive hospitals not clinics and we have one children Hospital in Alsaad Area have ten beds and ten cheers we have at lasts 200 thousand kids in our country if your kids will be sleeping in Hospital you will be sleeping in your car we don’t have any medical strategy to Development our health in our rich country all in all the medical care has to be improved from all its aspects in different places in this country .

With Regards,

Dr. Hilal Bin Atiq Al Issa Al- Qubaisi

Date: 24/08/2010
For the Attention of
The Director of the South Security Department

Subject: Reinvestigation the case concerning my son Bader Bin Hilal Al Qubaisi


Reference to the aforementioned subject, I would like to advise you that my son was accused of breaking a chandelier in Abdullah Adbul Ghani Mosque, situated in main road near my house. But after investigation with the boy, he advised that his friend Khalid Al Sulaiti called his name, and felt as if his hand was out of control, flew in the air and broke a small piece of this chandelier, now after investigation it has been revealed that Mohammed Khalifa Turky Alsubai was the one who did that, he admitted that he had injected my son in Al Wakreh Hospital with an injection microchip implant he was born in USA , by the help of Turky Al Khatir, a former employee in Hamad Hospital, currently the director of the retirement, he sent it to a Sudanese doctor in the Hospital because I dismissed him from the Petroleum company, where I discovered embezzlements in the jet fuel estimated in 36 million Riyals money laundry , furthermore Abdul Rahman Abdullah Abdul Ghani, one of member of the board of directors was involved too.

Therefore, I request the investigation of this case with the aforementioned people.

With Regards,

The Applicant
The child’s father
Dr. Hilal Al- Qubaisi

Date: 2/3/2010
For the attention of:
The Ambassador
The Embassy of Egypt

Subject: A Complaint against Dr. Tahir Shaltoot


The aforementioned doctor, who is a consultant of psychiatry, has injected me in 1997 with an injection which has a connection with the satellite and it is internationally prohibited, but I discovered that recently, I requested him to remove this injection but he refused.

Therefore, I request your urgent interference to solve this problem, although it is known that the penalty for such injection is 20 years of imprisonment.

Please find enclosed all the proves and documents.

With Regards,

The Consultant
Dr. Hilal Bin Atiq Al- Qubaisi
Tel: 55861770

Date: 20/1/2010
For the Attention of
Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al- Qamzi
The Director
Regulatory Communications Organization T R A


Previously, we have talked with the aforementioned organization in Abu Dhabi, and met Mr. Mohamed Nasir Al- Ghanim and talked with him about the so called Mohammed Bati Al- Hamid and Ahmed Al- Shai in order to know the name of the company that they deal with, and where from they bring injections- in France and send them to people her in Doha, and her these injections are loaded into people like me through the Government Medical Centers, then they connect such injections with a communication network wich is exixted in abu Dhabi, which they say that it is an American Company which have been working in Abu Dhabi for 30 years. But Mohamed Nasir Al- Ghanim advised that there are only two companies in U.A.E. they are the Elitsalt and Al Thuraya Companies. We talked to him personally in the company HQ, after we contacted the American Commercial Attaché who advised that there are seven companies of communication in Emirates, as advised also by the Chamber of Commerce of Abu Dhabi.

Therefore, I request your urgent interference to solve this problem and provide us with the company name that they deal with.

With Regards,

The Consultant
Dr. Hilal Bin Atiq Al- Qubaisi
Tel: 55861770

Date: 30/8/2010
For the attention of:
Mr. Mohamed Al Makki
The Commercial Manager
The Fuel Company WOgOD


I request you to address the criminal Mohamed Khalifa Turky Al Subai, as he brings injections from France and upload them in US. These injection are connected to the satellite, he injected with some of these injections and sent their codes. The criminal Ahmed Hamid Al- Shai, the owner of Sheraton Hotel in Abu Dhabi, then he connected these injections with the communication network, that is the satellite. Since 23/11/1997 I have been exposed to a radiation day and night with the complete control. I referred to a number of doctors all over the world, and finally this injection was discovered. I contacted Hamad hospital in order to remove this injection but they refused as he in involved in this crime, and the Ministry of Interior refused to open a file of investigation as it is also involved.

I request you to talk to him and ask him to load the injection code from the satellite, he has got an injection in his body and he talk through it with us through the uploading he speech directly into the brain. After this matter was discovered, he offered to pay us 400 million Riyals to close this issue. Ahmed Hamid Shai, talking directly to my brain through this injection without telephone, he offered us 10 billion Riyals in lieu of the amount which we found in the navigation box which was 100 billion USD. Ahmed AL- Shai informed me that the amount was already in my account in one of the American banks or Switzerland banks.

Sir, we are suffering day and night from this radiation, we request your urgent interference to solve this problem.

With my regards,

The Consultant
Dr. Hilal Al- Qubaisi
Fri, 16 Apr 2010 16:43 EDT

1- A witch has been brought from Morocco by the criminal Mohammad Khalefa Turkey, the Director of the Refinery, and the criminal, Ahmad Al Hamad, and his gang. The witch was detected and dissolved by Sheikh Abdu, and the Sheikh was forced to travel.

2- In 1997 a very strong radiation was shed at my left ear, because of its strength I fell to the ground, felt a severe burning, and its roaring lasted in my head for days. It was either by a satellite or by a military Mirage aircraft.

3- In the late of 22/12/1997 A.D. a very strong radiation was shed at my head, I left my home unconsciously, and found myself in the office of the criminal, the Director of the Company, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey. He was sitting to the table of the secretary, in front of him a white paper and a pencil. That was nearly at eight o’clock corresponding the meeting of the leaders of The Cooperation Council in Kuwait. It was a planned operation.

4- In the same day 22/12/1997 A.D, he took us to Um Se’ied security center, and an electric shock was shed from a high place at my right hand while I was drinking tea, which made the tea poured on the clothes of the Security Director of Um Se’ied, Brigadier General Mubarak Al-Naimy, at around 12 o’clock afternoon, so we quarrelled. He created a problem.

5- In the same day 22/12/1997, I was brought at night to Um Se’ied hospital, and I was injected with an electrical injection, then I get fainted. They saved this injection to a Qutel telecommunication computer, connected it to satellite, and it is in my body till now; which means providing SIM card mobile in the body.

6- In the next day 23/12/1997 I was asked to wash myself in Um Se’ied security center. A red mud started coming out of my head and gum. Then it was poured in the water tank at home.

7- On 23/12/1997 I was brought to the psychiatric hospital, and in a barbaric way I was injected again, thrown in the room, the door was closed, breathing was interrupted, and I was shouting till I get fainted. It was a murder crime.

8- On 29/12/1997 I left the psychiatric hospital. It was the worst hospital in the world.

9- From 1997 - 2001 a brainwashing was being done, and reviewing psychiatrists and Neurologists around world.

10- On 23/11/2003 a bullet was shot from the satellite at my heart in London, but while I was moving my hand down, it hit my left hand from the back, my hand turned to a red blood ball, and the pain remained for three days. If it hit the heart, I would be killed in Britain. It was a way to get the British government involved in the crime. They will say that the British government had killed him, while it was the unbeliever, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey, the Director of the Refinery, who shot the bullet. That was after I told my family about my graduation and getting the PHD in Banking. My question is how this bullet reached the area of the heart! This means that download the injucation number is saved on the Qutel telecommunication network. As we know, our civil Ids are taken from our index fingers’ prints; this is known all over the world because their nerves pass through the fibers of the neck, while the other fingers’ nerves are connected directly to the heart. So, if you!
save these prints on the computer and put a code for them, the heart will be coded like a can, then, the heart will have a code. If you save the code to the telecommunication computer and send it through the satellite, it will reach directly to your heart, and you will be killed. This is the world of the planned crime. My question is how the bullet reached at my heart while I was in London!

11- In the next day 24/11/2003 A.D. while I was in London I received a phone call from Qatar. My family told me that the Human Resources management in Qatar for Petroleum wants me to call them to confirm if I’m still alive or killed, although the Director of Um Seied security center, Brigadier General Mubarak Al-Naimy, had withdrawn my entry card to the factory since 22/12/1997 A.D, and I left the work. That was a call after 6 years!

12- After my return to Qatar an appointment was set by them to go to Qatar for Petroleum. A day before the appointment a strong electricity was shed from the satellite at my brain, so I attended the meeting totally amnesic, they put a report at the manager’s office about our study in America. It is clear that it was lying and defamation against us. At the end of the appointment, each of the Director of Human Resources Management, the Director of Administration, Minister of Energy signed.

13- Shedding radiation through Qutel towers for many times, then this injection is to be coded and put in mobiles, but this SIM is liquid.

14- Pain in the left part of my body like the pain of burning from foot to heart where the injection was, which the criminals, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey, Ahmad Al Hamad, and other people in the Ministry of Health brought. In Qutel they saved the injection number to a Qutel computer.

15- The radiation reached the brain causing a memory loss, fainting, and a shock in the brain’s nerves. Since 1997 I have called the manager of Qutel, Naser Ma’arefia, talked to his secretary, and left my name and phone number only. In the next day they came and removed the telecommunication tower near to our house, but left the other one. The strange thing was that I didn’t determine the problem nor determine my place, so how she knew these things!

16- A severe pain in my teeth causing the pulling of four teeth; a process of electrical sucking through the satellite; the last of them was in London. This crime was done by Mohammad Khalefa Turkey because the second injection was with him, the third one was with Ahmad Al Hamad, and the fourth one was with another person and no need to mention his name.

17- In 2003 my son, Hamad, five years old, was hit by an aircraft and get fainted while I was in the car. When I raised my head, a military Mirage aircraft was above me. These aircrafts have been brought to kill our children.

18- In 2004 while I was sleeping at 4:30 A.M, he shot a bullet at me which entered in my feet and went up in my leg; I felt dying, went running with one leg, opened the window, and saw a military Mirage aircraft. This was after my printing a letter replying the letter of Qatar for Petroleum. The pilot who shot the bullet at us and at our children was an unbeliever, and we ask the General Command to trial him.

19- A signal went out of my head after the investigation or the talking. Since 1997 till now a process of spying has been taking place through sending information from the brain. This was after shedding radiation at the brain by the criminals, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey and Ahmad Al Hamad,owner of Sherton Hotel in Abu Dabi to deprive me from sleeping and take information from my brain.

20- On 2/5/2005 shedding radiation at my leg at 3:30 P.M in the bedroom through the satellite. On 21/3/2005 while I was in the bedroom a high microwave radiation was shed through the satellite by the criminal, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey.

21- On 4/5/2005 shooting a bullet at us in Doha Intrcontinintall Hotel, if I moved to the left, I would be killed while my mobile was turned off. In the same day we met Qutel manager, Naser Ma’arefia, but he denied his PHD in Telocommunication from GWU.

22- On 5/5/2005 at 3:45 P.M while I was sleeping, a radiation from a high place was shed at me, I felt something like burning in my right hand. Shedding radiation was almost daily used at the feet during my sleeping. I was feeling a burning from 12:00 A.M till 5:00 A.M through Qutel tower that exists in the north of my house. We have addressed Qutel lawyer formally, but we didn’t receive any reply.

23- In 2006 I was travelling with my cousin to Abu Dhabi. The host asked us to set in the first class, while our tickets were of tourist class. During the flight, I was feeling a burning in my back in the left part behind the heart. It was radiations shed from a high place. But we were in a plane, and as it is known to all, this radiation can cause the falling of the plane because it closes the computer of the Qatari plane. If this was happened, then we all, the 70 passengers, would be killed.

24- For 11 years, running films daily in the mind, saving flagrant photos to the brain, and also radiation shedding by hitting the nerves of the brain, these things were preventing me from sleeping till morning. These were done by the criminal, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey, because the third injection was with him through Qutel satellite. The second injection was with the criminal, Ahmad Al Hamad. They want to disable the senses, such as; sight, hearing, speech, and control of the mind.

25- On 20/5/2006 A.D. I met Abd Al-Azeez Fakhro, the Director of Engineering Management in Kutel and the one who is responsible for towers, and his brother, Naser Fakhro, Director of the Department of the Distribution in the National Oil Distrabution Company. He was confused and we didn’t receive any reply from him.

26- A constant pain in the bottom of my abdomen like a burning coal. I made many analyses and ray pictures in many hospitals over the world. My travels, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceuticals cost me million $ because of shedding radiations at this area.

27- Sending electricity to the mind, while I was travelling from Hong Kong to Thailand, they shed radiation at the plane of the Thai Airways. If the plane fell, all of the 200 passengers would dye. This caused the loss of my memory, problems with the eprison in Bangkok.

28- The electricity reached to the brain nerves which made me lose my memory again in Abu-Dhabi, I entered a home of a man whom I don’t know. I was imprisoned for a whole month in a psychiatric hospital, which is related to the Ministry of Interior. The one who performed this crime and shed radiation at the psychiatric hospital was the criminal, Ahmad Hamad Shaee he was boren in Iran and came to Abu Dabi and working deriver car for Butty Bin Hammed Al-hammed Ungle for Shikh Zaied AL-NHIAN Presint of UAE and he is involve in mony Lundery and lost 600 million rialles in Comercil Bank in DOHA .

29- A constant high voice in my head.

30- A constant burning inside and outside the skin in the left side of my body.

31- Shedding radiation at us when we were in the plane of the British Airways. The flight was Dubai- London- America. This caused raising the electricity in my mind, a problem with the security of Denver Airport in the state of Colorado, and I was imprisoned in the prison of alienation. As it is known to all people, this radiation cause closing the computer of the plane, and as a result all of us, 200 passengers, could be killed because the plane was at a height of 350 feet. The responsibility is of the criminals, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey and Ahmad Al Hamad. I have stayed in America for 6 years, but never entered the security center.

32- My passport was withdrawn from me in the land borders and I was asked to review the Criminal Investigation. We met the Director of the Criminal Investigation, the Colonel Al-Habbabi, and he told us about a letter from the American Embassy asking for information about me because my American license was lost in America since 1996. I’m now using the international license. The letter was handwritten.

33- We received my passport three weeks later because they assumed that it has been transferred from the Criminal Investigation to the Security of the State to the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Inferior and through the Diplomatic Pouch to the American Embassy.

34- My breathing was cut and I felt dying in Bahrain. I was transferred to Al-Sulimania Hospital many times. This was the process of sucking the electricity from the heart through Kutel satellite. This was a murder crime performed by the criminal, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey Al-subay he work with maneger for Qatar Nationl Bank his from Lebnan his maneger 30 years biger man in mony lundery and mony eggis.

35- My breathing was cut and I felt dying in Bangkok. I was taken by ambulance from the Indira hotel to the American hospital, and spent many days in the American Hospital in Bangkok. During this period I was talking with the previous Director of Qatar Islamic Bank, Ahmed Al-Sayyad, to ask him to activate the current account of the card. My account in the bank was 50.000 thousand riyal, but it is supposed to be 500.000 thousand Patt. They were closing the service of the current account. I asked them to open the current account to the international visa in order to know currency exchange rates in the world. I told the international visa about this subject, and the Director of the bank was fired. After half an hour, my breathing was cut too because the criminal, Ahmad Hamad, has performed a process of sucking heart’s electricity, I tried to retrieve breathing, I felt dying, called the receptionist, told him, and he brought an ambulance to take me to the American Hospital in!
Bangkok in which I spent many days. Ahmad Hamad is involved in washing money in a Qatari Bank.
36- Cutting in my breathing till fainting because of shedding a radiation through the satellite. In the case of the electrical injection you are to be connected to a satellite and the radiations are shed and insert the body through the injection, and you are to be addressed, your place is to be determined, your speech and thoughts are to be listened, and you are to be seen. This crime was performed by the two criminals, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey and Ahmad Hamad.

37- He shot a bullet at the left part of my body while I was in the Public Prosecutor's building after I get a certificate from the psychiatric hospital to return to my work. My breathing was cut while I was in the Public Prosecutor's building, and radiations shed in order to raise the electricity of the brain’s nerves, which caused a kind of confusion in the nerves of the body, and a feeling of a kind of anxiety. Mohammad Khalefa Turkey is the one who sent the bullet.

38- The insertion of a strong radiation to the heart while I was talking in mobile.

39- Shooting many bullets at my son, Badr he was boren in Denver Co in USA, while he was sleeping beside me in the bedroom. I think he had been injected with an electrical injection. How they could determine his place or knew that he is beside me! The one who did this crime was the faithless criminal, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey.

40- We called the American embassy; its officers said that they didn’t send any paper, and they have my address and phone number because my children were borne in America.

41- Putting something in my cup of tea while I was in a ministry. I left the embassy and rode my car in a crazy way, lost controlling of my car. After I had investigated the matter, I found that the criminal, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey, and his gang put a big amount used for the treatment of depression, lead the person to lose his psychological control over the body, and you feel yourself flying in the air. It is the science of the planned crime the tableted found in Prince DIANNA Deriver man in her accedent.

42- In 8/2008 the injection was discovered by one of the international doctors.


1-To appoint me in the A class because of my achievements since 1997.

2- To pay me my salaries retroactively since 1997 till now. The electrical injection which is still in my body shows that I’m still working in my fulltime job 24 hours daily. This is called the remote working; collecting information and studies for the brain directly; means that you are still working in your job.

3- Health compensation from Qatar for Insurance equals to a100 million riyals as treatment expenses; employees in Qatar for petroleum have health insurance in Qatar for Insurance.

4- A compensation of 100 million riyals from the Ministry of Health because it is the ministry that produced the injection.

5- A compensation of 100 million riyals from Qutel for Telecommunication Company because it has saved the injection to the company’s computer and has connected it to the satellite.

6- A compensation of 500 million riyals from the Ministry of Interior because of cooperating with these criminals.

7- A compensation of 100 million riyals from Qatar for Petroleum because of torturing me, depriving me from sleep, making me use chemical pharmaceuticals, my exposure to ray pictures, my exposure to telescope operation inside the stomach, imprisoning me in prisons while I was innocent, hitting my children and shedding radiations at them for 11 years.

8- Executing the maximum penalty that reaches to the execution to those who were involved in the crime because they have planned to kill me many times.

9- Returning the company of Emission Test for me because I’m the owner of the project, and it had been stolen from me through the electrical injection. This was done by the criminal, Mohammad Khalefa Turkey, and he had sent it to the criminal, Ahmad Hamad, who saved it. This company is in Emirates. The annual income of this project in Qatar is million and can be increased. This project opens 50 service channels with 50 car electricians in the country. It is also connected to the office by computer, cannot be compiled in one place, and it causes oppression for people. It is considered one of the small projects which many people need; 3 million cars in the country in the same place. This project and the other one in Emirates were stolen. If the government wants to preserve them, it must pay me a 2billion riyals.

10- Pay me a proportion of the stolen researches, for example; Qatar for Petroleum pays me 100 million riyals, while Industries pay me a billion because the company values 36 billion. Each bank of the six banks reformed should pay me a monetary compensation because of my reforming these banks, and saving them from bankruptcy; 100 million riyals from each bank, which means 6 million riyals. Regarding the Qatari Network NAPS, the Central Bank should compensate me 700 million riyals for providing my services for 40 years, and the Qatari banks without any electronic connection. If these amounts are not paid for me, I will hand over the files and information for America and for the International Criminal Court, then the requested amount will be 10 billion Pound.

Introduced by:
The Consultant Doctor: Hilal bin Ateeq Al Essa Al-QUBAISI
Mobile phone(974) 5861770. ASSOCIATE FROM ARAPAHOE COLLEGE

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