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Angela A.Leong Minoyama
Tue, 3 Jul 2018 14:25 EDT
Wrong first boyfriend determined to ruin my life &happiness, even after 28 years.
I can't believe this, that they are famous actor & actress in (Southeast) Asia, get this triangle relationship, actor Edison Chen & actress Carina Lau in racy sexual relationship (?), then I find out that Carina Lau is married to actor Tony Leung for many years. Go look at some pictures online, it's a shocker. It made I wonder is this the reason I have to be force to seem like I have a relationship with losers like Hod Lamberton, where he practically forced himself on i, it's difficult to tell who Hod Lamberton is, but who else is he other than related to that loser of a male I dated in 1988 called (in Japanese) Amemiya Hiroshi for two years, which was way longer than I had ever wanted. But anyways, this famous male called Edison Chen in movie star scene in Asia looks like the male I dated in 1988 called Amemiya Hiroshi, so isn't there a high possibility that this is his Chinese relative? And this Carina Lau of an actress in Hong Kong(?) looks like this Japanese swimsuit model also from year 1988 called Sugimoto Aya. She was known for having a full, plentiful size pair of chest during the late nineteen eighties to beginning of nineteen nineties, whilst I was suffering from getting a nicely shaped pair of medium sized chest lose it's size and supplety at a real fast pace almost as soon as I began dating that male that's actually like that thing crawling down the stairs in the movie "Ring", is how i look at how Amemiya Hiroshi in 1988 actually was but was able to hide that identity. I allowed to let the relationship continue on till 1990 cause he is such a manipulator and a downer at the same time, that i can categorize him under 'abusive', that he would've cleverly continued to use I if I allowed it to continue on longer. He was actually very racist Japanese (?) towards I, is quite a strange fact to have found out about him, cause apparently he's got Korean and Chinese relatives or something that's not as completely human being in his family, all depending on how much you are willing to believe about that he is from one of the creepiest lineage, if you've seen the movie "ring", there's this thing that crawls down the stairs like a giant size worm, is pretty much what Amemiya Hiroshi / Hod Lamberton's heritage is about, but they can manage to look and be as human as possible if they continue to take particular things...(such as my healthy spine back, my esophagus, my body ability to regulate temperature under high heat, my ability to be able to breathe good, my healthy urinary track, and the list goes on),...from i, where after he takes from I, I would suffer tremendous pain from losing my healthful sides, so he can live in comfort and ease. No wonder whenever I am having difficult time standing up or sitting up straight, that's cause they need to take my ability to be able to be propped up cause I am a human being, and in the end they're extraterrestrial, being very closely tied to the Japanese "yokai" world, being very connected to the poltergeist activity of paranormal science that some americans would consider him to belong in the "X" files, that even though he doesn't talk about it, I know he is of the Water clan (related to u.s president in 60's, Lyndon B.Johnson and Oswald). I'll have to state one fact about him, for someone that's quite shitty in bed, he likes to be known as someone that is always, constantly about sex, which can present the wrong picture to the popular public but in actuality he is probably the worst person to have sex with unless you are a sucker for abuse, because he can't love anyone other than himself, vanity, and ego that he killed off my marriage to the male I love, got people to do wrong to my husband repeatedly, is so jealous that my husband love I more than he could ever have loved i that he can't stand the fact that my husband wanted to marry I loved I to buy I a home and a car, that he already stole my home, stole my driver's license, now he wants to steal my green card A number of my personal identity, he's gotten people to cause accidents to I several times cause he has a desperate need to want to show people that I have no ability in driving because he wants I to let go of driving because driving is for him, is how he is misusing his connections to high profile people to ruin my life, so how is it a reality for I to set everything back to it's rightful place when it was how it was pre Amemiya Hiroshi's swear of a curse to make I lose my legal permanent resident card here in america and in doing unlawful law at dmv, there's his plan to make I lose my driver's license and most of all, his strong determination to want the car my husband bought for i, for his greedy self, is how and why not only is he the lousiest in bed cause he can't love anyone other than himself, he can't think of anything other than wanting to move up into a higher grade for his appearance, his wealth of things own such as car, his happiness is determined by ruining the happiness of others (in this case mine) that are happy so he can think he's way better off- for some reason all this he thinks will be able to be accomplished at my expense, and this is just really nerving to I. Why would you people place something like this at such a high place, to let him be audacious like it's an "all-you-can-eat" fest that you people would let him do in a ground hog day everyday way to i, how much longer would I have to live under the tyranny of his nightmare reign of my life. Was it not enough that he abandoned I in 1990 when I got pregnant and he couldn't even help I get to a doctor to massacre it so he doesn't have to be liable for it, that I had to break the news to my family and ask my mother & oldest brother to find someone that can massacre it for him to feel ok that he wouldn't have to be nagged to be a father to the baby. Angela A.Leong Minoyama
Jeanette Evans
Mon, 30 Jan 2017 20:22 EST
I urge you to stop killing whales and dolphins in Tajii
This barbaric slaughter of helpless whales and dolphins is a disgrace to your country.
I urge you to stop this senseless , cruel and unpardonable attack on creatures that cannot defend themselves.
richard kuban
Wed, 16 Mar 2011 19:45 EDT
reactor meltdown
I would like to put you in touch with the drillers who plugged BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

I propose you use them to drill from a safe distance (((radiation))) under the containment vessels that are melting through. You can meet the melting fuel rods with a slurry of boron @ concrete to slow and stop the reaction.

Highest regards,

Richard Kuban

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