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Bibi is
Thu, 16 Jul 2015 19:01 EDT
a baby.
If you, the citizens of Israel are not ashamed to the last, of this PM you have for years, then you can not be ashed of anything, including killings of those countless children in Gaza.
Could you possibly imagine any head of state behaving as he did, once the good agreement with Iran was announced?
Absolutely shameful and worse, childish. No one in the world believes him any longer. He has been crying "wolf" for over 2 decades re Iran's nukes, yet no nukes at all and they had to make a deal on something they were not guilty of in the first place. This to get rid of injustice forced upon them by America and Israel. Now the truth is out, and no one will respect him or even talk to him (those who do not have to will avoid him like proverbial plague).
Get him out and have him stay out for all times. He has kept your country from progress among nations all this time. He is your Adolf, without gas chambers. Too many cameras now days, thus he sticks with stealing their lands without a "final solution" on them.them. That is the only diff.
Sun, 12 Jul 2015 20:21 EDT
We must al think...
My great-Aunt was a prisoner in Bergen Belsen
She was born in 1894
She lived until 31 / 10 / 1957
She had a UK passport and had a school in Paris
Lucy Fitzgerald
Sun, 12 Jul 2015 20:10 EDT
I find it unbelievable that the Israeli embassy is so tolerant that it publishes so many divergant views on the embassy's official site. Fat chance the same would ever happen on a Muslim embassy website.
Sun, 22 Mar 2015 09:32 EDT
Queen Elisabeth has persecuted me for ages with the jews. She's sick and evil doing such a thing against us above. Show us all of that Grand Lord in Heaven. Amen.
So you BiBied him
Thu, 19 Mar 2015 10:42 EDT
in again.
The history will show how he moved your once admired country and one looked upon with sympathy for it's people, due to tragedies they experienced from the hands of nazis and from others many times before. But , unlike what you present to the world, YOU WERE NOT ONLY THE ONES SUFFERING. There were many other equal or even worse sufferers that you'd like the world to forget about and nurture you as the only victims and give you the right to exploit this for your benefits, for ever.
That is what Bibi thinks he'll perpetuate with impunity and manages to BS you (but not the world) into giving him this evil power for another term and maybe even beyond.
Thus, you have turned into a country of torturers and inflicters of suffering upon others, Palestinians in particular. Do you think you can do this for ever. Your tormentors were sure their regime would last for 1000 years. Even they did not think they would last for ever as BiBi has convinced you, he and his "work" will last for ever and all Palestinian land will be yours in the end.
If there is God he/she will not let you have this and if there is no God, the nature of universe's unfolding will not let you have it. Either way, you will pay for your evil as those who inflicted evil upon you. THIS IS HOW THINGS HAPPEN IN UNIVERSE AND NO ON CAN CHANGE IT. Not even your financiers and enablers, for they themselves are on decline. Their "Roman" empire is evolving as it should.
Bibi has been BiBing
Tue, 3 Mar 2015 20:33 EST
into the wind...
Yes he has been spewing his venomous rhetoric for decade or more. He has "predicted" and had "evidence" Iran would have the "bomb" in a year. That was decade ago and year ago and today in Washington. What is wrong with him? Perhaps nothing that his kind considers "normal". The agenda he has is to continue this rhetoric for as long he is Pm and then heopefully his sucessor will do the same. That way Israel does not have to make peace with palestinians ever. In the meantime you can continue to steal their lands and build your homes for jews from all over the world. Thus his appeal for Euro jews to move to Israel. Jewish people are good people and have been the victims of most heinous crimes. BUT and that is a BIG BUT you do not have the right to use this as an excuse to abuse others for ever. You have run out of sympahty to continue with your version of heinous crimes. This Bibi is part of your problem and till you have such dreadfrul leaders your country will continue on the road to become just another terror state, like nazi Germany was.
The irony of this rhetoric over Iran's bomb is that you have many and also that the issue is so small that even if they did get it , makes no dif in the big picture. All they want to have something to protect them from the one and only evil empire, your enablers.Further irony is, while bibi is bibing his venom, his "friends for ever" are pocking around borders and vital national interests of the biggest country in the world, that has enough nukes to irradicate everyone who means them any harm. That includes you as you would not hesitate to join in the mass suicide your "friends" would embark on if they ever tip their current insanity into an absolute one and attack this huge country that can and will fight back, big time.
Further by continued demonizing this country (they have done it ever since their gloriuous revolution on par with French revolution) they may tip the balance and their victim may just say it; enough is enough. They may decide to arm every country that is their friend with nukes to the extent that they all have them in numbers as large as yours or even larger. What would you do then? You along with your "friend" play a dangerous game with people who are far more fatalistic than your side. In case of next Cuba-like confrontation they would not blink as they did so far from their shores. And if your side dooes not blink either (thinking their bluff is stronger) it'll be over for everyone.
Frankly what is needed in the world today, for your "friend" to get another lesson, say Vietnam-like or worse, so they can come down to the ground for what they are doing to the world these days, is pure insanity. Luckily, it looks Europe has snapped out from sleepwalking that was induced by your "friend", and will gradually remove themselves from them. No one needs your "friend" any longer, but you for you have the same agenda of hegomony. You over whole Palestine and beyond they over the whole world. It ain't going to work It is that simple.
Where is your
Wed, 28 Jan 2015 11:41 EST
Voice, NOW?
Your leaders and survivors were at the marking of liberation of Auschwitz. Yet you said nothing of history that is being re-written by the neo-nazis from Ukraine and Poland. Now they say it was not RedArmy that liberated your poor people still alive, but it was the ukraine that did it. Not even mentioning the hero Red Army that in fact liberated Europe and the world from nazism and fascizm. Others just joined in when it was safe to do so. You have done many unjust things to palestinian people since WWII, but you were always vocal against nazis and fascist whereever and whoever they are. Now with America pocking their nose into Ukr. you are ignoring the fact Ukr is run by nazis that during the nazi ccupation of Ukr participated in genocide against your people. In fact they were worse than hazis themselves when it came to killing your people. Yet not a word against this newest demonization of Russia that in fact is the true hero nation of the WWII. Yes Stalin et al were anti-semites. But who was not? America, Canada and few other countries over there did not even let that doomed ship land to save those poor jews looking for safe haven. Remember? One thing for sure Russians did not do anything that justifies, even you not speaking up against the nazis of Ukraine and Poland rising they ugly heads 70 years later. Someone will have to stop them, AGAIN. And STOPPED they will be.
Sweden leads the way
Wed, 8 Oct 2014 20:43 EDT
Palestine is a country
Sweden will recognize Palestine as a country. It is a righ thing to do and is the first major Euro country to do so. Then your govt has the nerve to "call in the Swedish ambasador" for talking to. Who the hell you think you are? You have to realise there are countries that actually DO NOT SUBMIT TO AMERICA'S WILL AND ORDERS. Those countries are the real ones. Sweden is "lucky" it is not a country in te category that would be bombed the moment they show any independance from American hegemony. Of course you are a special case, where America is your "protector" for ever, or till those Jewish votes and elite is alive and well in America. Also till Ameroman empire is still in one piece. This will last for a while but not for too long. Countries like Russia, China, India, Brasil and others that will join BRICS will speed up the downfall of Ameroman empire. And you with it. Then all those countries under Ameroman empire's boot will set themselves free and fnally become true humanitarian states.
Sweden leads the way and is THE best country in the world. No question.
High & mighty....
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:41 EDT
For how long?
Roman empire lasted for how long? Centuries and yet one day it was over. But it did not collapse just out of the blue, it took time to degenerate to the extent it had to collapse in the end. There were numerous empires in history of the world and THEY ALL ARE GONE, save the current ones. Some are in rise some are in decline. What do you think your enabler, financier and otherwise protector is in? Rise? No it is in decline and at steep one at that. You are still under their absolute protection, for they would go into the final war to protect you. Thus no one of significant power would challenge them, not now. But once this new age Roman empire collapses, what will you do? The rest of the world (huge majority) who watch in horror what you are doing to helpless people, will not forget and least of all forgive. When that day comes, you'll be at the mercy of the rest of the world as the collapsed empire might be, whatever is left to deal with. The only hope you may have is, that by that time the world's population (minus you and your enabler) will have become so cultured that they will only deal with your criminals against humanity, not with the whole nazi gang. Besides, there will be no one who will admit to be or knew any jewish nazis. Just as it happend in Germany 1945, with German ones.
Anthony murphy
Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:11 EDT
I't might come as quite surprise for you, but my words are ain't directed to you
more than they are directed to other logical and none retreating, drawing, suspending guerilla styel discussing people who might reading my posts. unlike you.

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