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Abdul salam
Tue, 14 Jul 2020 01:45 EDT
agung nugroho
Wed, 26 Dec 2018 23:43 EST
mohon bantauannya
masih tetap berdoa dan berharap ada orang baik di dunia ini yang bisa meringankan kesulitan saya dan keluarga. Para dermawan yang Budiman mohon bantuannya, saya sedang kesulitan terlilit hutang riba sebesar 150juta rupiah, sudah beberapa kali saya mencoba up load masalah saya di media ini, namun belum ada satu dermawan pun yang membantu, belum satu rupiah pun yang meringankan kesulitan saya. Semoga kali ini ada dermawan yang terketuk hatinya untuk membantu meringankan kesulitan saya, bisa ditransfer ke rekening BRI 3894-01-030216-53-6 atas nama WARSINI terimakasih atas kebaikan para dermawan
Dr. Talib Hashim Al-Masoodi
Fri, 13 Nov 2015 03:03 EST
Visit visa
On Monday 19-11-2015, I went to the Indonesian Consulate-General (ICG) in Sydney to apply for visit visa to Indonesia. I completed all the requirements like Australian travel documents, Iraqi passport, Permanent residence visa in Australia (PR), sponsor letter(From my Indonesia wife), Indonesian marriage book, my wife Indonesia ID, and my wife's passport. My application was rejected by the immigration officer (IO) with reason that my Australian PR sticker has to be in side my Iraqi passport. I told the IO that I processed visit visa in 2012 with same documents and I got the approval but he said it is never happened and now the rules have been changed. I asked him to show me the new rules but he said he can't do it because the internet is down. I asked to meet the section visa head (SVH)and IO answered that SVH is not around even the day is Monday which it is the first week day working. IO told me if I want to see the new rules then I HAVE to wait for the technician to fix the INTERNET and IO said he is not sure when the technician will come. After that IO disappeared in side. I waited for 45 minutes and then I meet another IO and she answered same thing with the previous IO and she rushed to hide from me with reason she wants to go for lunch. I left ICG with very heavy disappointed feeling because these two IO treated me harshly with rough manner. I tried to call ICG with phone number (02)93449933 but fail to connect. I sent e mail to but it is undelivered. I am so confused because the service in ICG is not good where the staff lied to me and the contact information are not valid. I am asking how comes this thing happened in a diplomatic office like ICG. I advise ICG staff to review their way in serving people because their current manner is a bad promotion for their country (Indonesia).
Tue, 6 Oct 2015 21:58 EDT
Bravo Indonesia!
In all the discussion and hysteria regarding this matter and how much Chan and Sukamaran had reformed, did anyone stop to consider the driving force behind their transformation?

I wonder if these two Australians would have responded differently after an Australian court gave them a slap on the wrist and 2 weeks community service?

Not a bit of it!

Chan and Sukamaran changed because, and only because, they were facing the death penalty.

Take away the death penalty and you have . . .

well, you have Australia.
michael collins
Mon, 4 May 2015 20:30 EDT
They Are Killing Priests and Artists Apr ‘15

They are killing priests and artists
For crimes they once committed:
On death row 10 years… My Lord!
Every sin had been remitted!

If you cannot pay the judges well
To find you innocent… you bet
There will be no exit from this hell-
They did not deserve the fate they met!

It seems to me that foolish pride
Means more to some than right or wrong:
Where is the compassion of which your religion speaks?
You are singing- still- a killer’s song.

Face the truth that haunts… Look in the mirror:
‘Death’ did not fit this paradigm!
History will condemn such a callous act-
There is blood on the flag! ‘Tis a crime!

So sad Widodo
Megawati’s pawn!
All you have attracted
Is international scorn.
Even your own flesh- I hear-
Does not agree with you.
A pariah on the world stage-
Leave now… no one will miss you.

This so-called democracy you lead
So flawed has failed in so many ways.
The justice system- corrupt as it is-
Constantly itself betrays!

Every nation sins against their god, I know:
Do not use that knowledge as justification.
… You had the power but like a coward
You ran with your own limitations.

Popular hero? Hypocrite, I say:
To what hell will your conscience consign you?
There are not enough prayers for you to pray-
Where you are bound not even Allah will find you.
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 17:50 EDT
Thank you for upholding your laws just as Australia upholds thier own laws. Please dont be offended by the moral high in Auatralia trying to outdo each other with thumbs under shirt lapels. I have worked in gaols here for over 25 years and see what soft laws do for our society, if I had my way the death penalty would be here tomorrow. Remember that the majority of Australians support you laws.
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 03:08 EDT
I want to congratulate the Indonesian Government for having the guts and fortitude to rid their society of the bunch of drug dealers. I just wish Oz would have the same strength. All we do is whinge about the terrible effects drugs are having on our society. I wish you all the best in your fight against these useless characters.
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 23:27 EDT
I am unable to find words to express the disgust I feel for Indonesia. What hole have you people crawled out of? Chan and Sukumaran may well have been drug smugglers but they showed all Indonesians what class really is. How can Indonesia not see what the rest of the world sees. Their loss as Joke-o Wee-dodo will be the man to bring Indonesia to its knees. What a disgraceful base nation they are.
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 04:20 EDT
good news
thank you Indo....for doing what australia should do !! 2 less drud dealers .Good to see"
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 02:15 EDT
any drug dealers on their way to indonesia?
who's crying for the dead addicts?
Indonesia has its laws and these guys new this but because Australia is soft on drug pushers they thought they could get away with it as they do in Australia and most other permissive countries.
You people writing in don't give a dam about all the lives these drug pushing people wreck, so if it stops some of these drug criminals then it has done some good.
Two deaths maybe will save a thousand others, and it is strange that we don't here you people writing in about all the other injustices that go on, so are you all drug uses that want everyone to agree with your damnable habit?

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