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Indonesian flag Consulate-General of Indonesia in Melbourne

Address72 Queens Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
Phonelocal: (03) 9525.2755
international: +61.3.9525.2755
Faxlocal: (03) 9525.1588
international: +61.3.9525.1588
Web sitehttp://www.kjri-melbourne.org

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rob willoughby
Fri, 29 May 2015 21:05 EDT
west papua genocide
when are the indonesian armed forces and police going to stop the genocide they are committing in west papua?how many more innocents are going to be tortured and murdered?when will west papua be free of the horror of indonesia's actions?
robert rayner
Fri, 29 May 2015 20:15 EDT
drugs in indonesia
i lived and worked in indonesia for 15 years its about time australia also took the same stance on drug suppliers and sellers good on you indonesia
Sun, 3 May 2015 22:23 EDT
Australian Federal Police what an absolute bloody disgrace you are. You can make all the excuses and reasons you like, the truth of the matter is you might as well have pulled the trigger yourselves. You will always have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.

In reply to "True Aussie" I don't know where you get the figure of 70% of Australians had no sympathy for these two Australians, would appear 70% did have sympathy. I too am a "True Aussie" but am sick and tired of hearing we should have sympathy for the drug addicts. They are the ones destroying their own lives and those of their family members, nobody else but THEMSELVES.
True Aussie
Sun, 3 May 2015 08:35 EDT
From the silent aussie masses.
Indonesia needs to be aware that about 70% of real Australians have NO SYMPATHY for those two death (drug) dealing creatures. They knew what they were doing when they took the drugs aboard that aircraft.
As for their rehabilation ....what a joke. They just said what they knew the suckers in Australia wanted to hear.
Take a look at the recidivisim rate in Victoria.....The real figure is about 80% return to prison in Victoria within two years. Those two would have been at it again given half a chance.
Perhaps the bleeding hearts could spare a thought for the families of drug addicts and the families that are ruined and destroyed by people like the Bali two.
Doug mccartin
Fri, 1 May 2015 07:20 EDT
west papua
i wish you would get out of west papua stop your army murdering png peoples.
Let the media in to reveal the truth to the world of your criminal ways.
I will lobby my government to stop our tax dollars going to your country untill you leave west papua
Fri, 1 May 2015 03:49 EDT
Response to "I'm ashamed"
"I'm ashamed", you are not very loyal to your own country and our own people. These fellow countrymen of yours served 10 years and both were shining examples of fully rehabilitated prisoners. For the boys efforts, INDONESIA outrightly murdered them and turned the lives of both families into a living nightmare. Indonesia deserves every derogatory comment hurled at them. I really abhor the thought of any money being given to Indonesia. Where did they get the funds to purchase their fighter jets & military equipment used in their staged "pantomime" transfer of the 2 men to Nusakambungan? YES, WE PROBABLY GAVE THEM THE MONEY TO PURCHASE THE LOT. They treat Australia with absolute contempt.. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, our own Government hasn't got enough money to support our own Aged Pensioners in the coming years. INDONESIA DESERVES NOTHING.
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:38 EDT
Can anyone please explain why Indonesia says Australia should respect their laws when it is very clear they don't respect the laws of other countries, often, and successfully getting their own citizens pardoned from death row. What a bunch of hypocrites. Indonesia you are an absolute joke. For people who are sympathetic for the drug addicts - they have got nobody else to blame but themselves. They are the ones who put the needle in their arm. Cigarette smokers too are addicts but I don't hear anybody feeling sorry for them, what double standards. Australia has got to hit these murderous bastards where it hurts, in the hip pocket. Stop the $600 million in aid money NOW. Many thousands of Australians will be watching Mr Abbott to see how hard you deal with these savages.
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 09:01 EDT
Joko WiDildo
Joko WiDildo - stop sucking Megawati's balls and jump in your grave so i can piss on it. Murdering cunt!
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 03:19 EDT
Im Ashamed
Im Ashamed of the posts here,the language,the threats by so called Australians against Indonesia.This is NOT how most Australian Think.If fact Very few.Drug Dealing destroys lives,Personally I feel ,They knew the laws of Indonesia,They took a chance for Money, and got caught.End of story.
As an Australian,I say sorry for the insulting comments left, and I am ashamed to be an Australian because of them
John M
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 10:56 EDT
Message for the Indonesians
A lot of deeply felt anger has been expressed by many people here. Myuran and Andrew are seen as doubly punished, serving ten years in jail, then put to death. The extended public campaign for mercy has been met with cold, cruel indifference and displays of over-stated power and force.

At times Indonesian spokesmen and officials have fallen far short of our expectation of the correct and decent conduct appropriate to sensitive circumstances. The execution was elevated to a public spectacle by security over-kill. The police chief inappropriately smiling for trophy photos with a hand-cuffed Sukumaran taunted us with the crassness of his pose. There are images which will remain seared in our memory.

There were also some good people we came to know, such as the prisoner governor who pleaded for clemency for the two men and ate with them on their last night at Kerokoban jail.

Most of all, over 10 years we watched with growing warmth the transformation of Myuran and Andrew from drug lords to painter and pastor. We grew to like them, in a way we never did Schapelle Corby. These two men had a depth of character which she lacked. Their lives inside jail seemed rich and purposeful. They seemed to actually be decent human beings. Their families seemed ordinary and vulnerable, worthy of empathy and pity.

In the end, the men died bravely and honourably, despite the shabby public spectacle that their death became. They refused blindfolds and sang 'Amazing Grace' as they were shot. They died with the kind of dignity that we'd hope to ourselves display in a similar circumstance.

I am not sure that the Indonesians understand what they have created with these executions. The two men have captured the hearts and minds of many Australians. Consequently a genuine sense of loss is felt for them, along with a deep resentment at the senselessness of their loss.

Wododo killed people who garnered our respect and became our friends. Their death will impact an entire population with an intensity that few events in our history have achieved. Throughout his rule his callousness and the cruelty of the execution process will neither be forgiven nor forgotten.

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