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Indonesian flag Consulate-General of Indonesia in Melbourne

Address72 Queens Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
Phonelocal: (03) 9525.2755
international: +61.3.9525.2755
Faxlocal: (03) 9525.1588
international: +61.3.9525.1588
Web sitehttp://www.kjri-melbourne.org

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John Dirckze
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 02:12 EDT
When will the Indonesian government be held accountable for genocide and be brought to justice just the same was Iraqi president was.
Save am
Fri, 10 Apr 2015 07:30 EDT
Save the Australians on death row
Dear sir,
I am writing this as a concerned Australian asking for the two Australians on death row in your county not to be executed. I have been a social worker for twenty years and I am amazed at the rehabilitation of these two men. In my job all I hear are Australians complaining that they do not get enough support from the government. But these two boys took responsibility for their terrible Crime and made a difference in the prison in Bali. Other Indonesians including the Governor of the prison do not want them executed. This is a credit to the Indonesian system. These two men could teach all young people not to smuggle drugs. Killing them those lessons are lost forever. Young people are then not encouraged to change because why should they if their past catches up with them in the end. Please do what you can to stop these executions. The past should not determine our future because people can change. Thank you.
Patriot of Australia
Wed, 8 Apr 2015 01:48 EDT
Punish bali 9 according to your law please
Do not let our Australian Aid from the tsunami sway your justice system. Aid is to be given freely with no strings attached. Do not let or weakling politician put a stain on the aid our Australian people gave for humanitarian purpose. We give aid not as a bargaining chip but because we want to help our neighbour.Stay strong Joko, stay true to your word unlike our Abbot who makes us look like cowards ie"Shirt Fronting putin ", all the world saw on tv was Abbot about to go on his knees and unzip Putin's pants

Drugs being illegal creates a black market and the higher the risk and difficulty the higher the profit. Australia has the highest price for drugs anywhere in the world because we are an island and to import to here is of great feat and risk....and the rewards if lots of money and power over the addicts.It is the very reason why the Bali 9 took the risk and gambled with their lives fully knowing their odds, All Australians know it is instant death penalty like in Singapore when Van Tuong Nguyen was caught and executed in less than 3 years. Follow Singapore's lead and do it quick please. Do not Australia's Politician or media bully you, and don't worry about our PM Abbot, he is a liar who lied to the whole of Australia, frankly Abbot make is just a chicken .

In the drug circle drug dealers are worship like gods, young girls especially the pretty ones are the most unlucky when it comes to drugs. Dealers use their power for sexual favours without regard that the girl has parents and brother and sisters like you and I and could easily have been your daughter.

I can understand in areas of poverty people are often left with no choice but to do against their wishes to survive. We in Australia are the lucky ones, I do not believe this is the bali 9's leaders first time offending. The tenacity, cunning and effort exerted by Andrew chan and Sukumaran to bring drugs into our home land is not of an amateur. Every batch of drugs equals death of a brother, sister or even your child. How would you feel should your child grow up to be later consumed by heroine addiction selling sexual favours on the street of St Kilda or Kings Cross? Majority of Addicts go to steal and do crime not because they enjoy it, but to get money to get heroin to stop the pain. Once addicted Life is Tic tic tic where do i get money for heroin before the mental and physical withdrawal pain kicks in. and once they get the money and use heroin it resets the timer tic tic tic where do I get the money to stop the pain ... again and again for the rest of their lives. It is living hell a mental hell of a prison.

Wake up please, It is our duty to protect our Nation from enemies foreign and domestic whether you are enlisted or not. It is our right to defend from such people. I thank you Lee Rush for dobbing in your child. You have saved countless Australian lives and families. I salute you and Mike Keelty as we do not want such people in our country.

Shame of those who want to save the pain causers and do nothing to help those living in hell brought in by the death dealers. Maybe if a call out for help for the addicted and their families was on twitter or tv becomes the latest hot topic do you think they will then help ?
Patriot of Australia
Wed, 8 Apr 2015 00:58 EDT
Punish Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran for Australia please
Our Australian Federal Police Mike Keelty informed the Indonesian Police about the Bali 9 and Australia supports this action and hence he got promoted to AFP Commissioner Keelty after the arrest of the bali 9. Alot of us Australians have a bias against indonesia and if it was USA or England there would be less fuss about the drug smugglers. Many protestors want to help our fellow aussies, but I dont think they have ever thought about going to Oddysey house or other drug rehab place to offer their time or money to help those with a life sentence of addiction. Many made the decision to try drugs and are now hooked for life with many dying from overdose. Yes it is the fault of the addict to try the drug and they pay with thier lives, lost hope and dreams, everyday compiled by addiction to seek only 1 thing ... to get enough money to line the pockets of drug dealers. The bali 9 made the choice to hurt our children and families because of greed. They were not poor nor did their mothers have cancer and needed the money. They all had their second chance with a good life in Australia. They take Australia's kindness as weakness and they now wasting our money on their defense attorney when those money should be to help the families affected by people like Andrew Chan. Help Australia by setting the right example that Aussies who bring death and pain into Australia because of personal greed deserve to die. Let us helps those still suffering from heroine addiction not the importers of drug who have the money and power for lawyers play on our heart strings. Abbot is a coward like howard. To help the smugglers will open up the doors to more Aussie families getting hurt by greedy people. The drug dealers will see this help as weakness on our part.. i can promise you that.
john abot
Sat, 21 Mar 2015 00:42 EDT
land theft
if indo takes forieners property in bali then i will class that as crossing the line, and go and get fully and comprehensively trained!!!!
Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19:45 EDT
slimey indo
indo have long been reguarded as untrustworthy by most of its nabours because of it back stabing and curupt way it dose business, from the minning sector, telecomunication deals singapore. reneging on contract deals ,human rights vialations, and seamingly pandering to terrorest by light sentences, pardons,and there continued push to ingulf all of indo with muslum idolidgy ,now sharia tourisim lombok, i think we are now looking at a new islamic state,people need to know if you visit indo you are suporting that culture.
peter johnson
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 22:29 EDT
comon ozy
Its not realy just about these two boys ,it is about the corupt indonesian government,showing no respect to australia sending boat pepole through the airports and whalfs by corupt police bribe only to cost australian tax payers billions$, its about there exposure for killing timor people and west papau, and its about there total lack of desence to tourist, its about indonesians killing australians dayly in bali not just about bombing ,that happend with local suport.STAND UP FOR OUR PRIMINISTER (TODAY) HE IS STANDING UP FOR US, COMON OZY COMON
peter johnson
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 19:30 EDT
tony abbott/ julie bishop
Australians this is your time to show an unpresidented level of suport to our prime miinister and co even, if there is somethings about there policies we dont like , we at last have a primeminister with a set of balls, dont let indo try and influeince our politics ,this is realy about turning back the boats an isue we take seriosly, witch we voted tony in on, dont let him down now ,terorest,indo let in there country , visa on arival,STAND UP OZ AND BE COUNTED
peter johnson
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:55 EDT
Australia needs to inact a law to change ownership of our land to indonesians, retrospetive to suit the laws they have in there country, including farm land and beef exporters, this is a call to all australian wharlfies out there from a felow union member it is time to act and assist your fello australian and government ,BAN all imports and exports from indo
john harold
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 03:56 EDT
an ordinary Australian
to the President of Indonesia

sir as an ordinary Australian I have to say that like many Australians I have a great deal of respect and affection for the Indonesian people. I dont believe that the two Australians facing execution could have achieved such a remarkable rehabilitation under our prison system . I am not asking you to change your laws we should all respect the laws of countries that we visit. I am asking you to acknowledge the success of your system and pardon these two men to show the world that such rehabilitation is possible and your prison system has done that.nobody could condone what they have done but I truly believe that they can and have had a positive effect in fighting drug use while they have been in prison please sir spare them and let them continue to do the good work that your own prison authorities appreciate and acknowledge

john harold

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