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Abdul salam
Tue, 14 Jul 2020 01:44 EDT
agung nugroho
Wed, 26 Dec 2018 23:44 EST
mohon bantauannya
masih tetap berdoa dan berharap ada orang baik di dunia ini yang bisa meringankan kesulitan saya dan keluarga. Para dermawan yang Budiman mohon bantuannya, saya sedang kesulitan terlilit hutang riba sebesar 150juta rupiah, sudah beberapa kali saya mencoba up load masalah saya di media ini, namun belum ada satu dermawan pun yang membantu, belum satu rupiah pun yang meringankan kesulitan saya. Semoga kali ini ada dermawan yang terketuk hatinya untuk membantu meringankan kesulitan saya, bisa ditransfer ke rekening BRI 3894-01-030216-53-6 atas nama WARSINI terimakasih atas kebaikan para dermawan
Kadek Mirah
Thu, 7 Jul 2016 04:19 EDT
Pura umat Hindu
Salam Hormat,

Saya mau bertanya apa benar para umat Hindu yang berasal dari Indonesia khususnya dari Bali bisa melakukan persembahyangan bertepatan di Hari Raya Kuningan?/apakah disini benar ada tempat persembahyangan untuk Umat Hindu?
Mohon petunjuknya ,terimaksih sebelumnya.
Dan sekiranya diperlukan ini alamat email saya
Terimakasih .
Titik Mulyani Bakes
Thu, 16 Jun 2016 21:03 EDT
Perpanjangan passport
Selamat pagi,
Saya kesulitan download form di computer saya utk perpanjangan passport,saya minta tolong kirim form
ke email saya please,
Terima Kasih
Tue, 17 May 2016 01:32 EDT
Indonesia and Joko Widodo
I too am ashamed as an Australian of many of the posts here. Most appear to be from people with myopic agendas. I have visited Indonesia over 36 years and am proud to have a wife and son who we choose to live in Indonesia due to its amazing people, community and learning.
On the Death Penalty to the two organizers of the Bali 9. They put the lives of the other 7 naive Australians at risk knowing the consequences. Complain about the Death Penalties carried out regularly in the US and China and you would have more credibility.
On President Jokowi one of the most amazing men I have met. Born in a slum by the river only 2 kilometers from my home in Solo. Surakarta. Self made man, major of my city of 500,000 people 11 years ago, major of Jakarta 25M people 4 years ago and now president of Indonesia 250M people. I have seen first hand his amazing ability to make positive change for his people, community and country. While not a great orator like Obama, (one of the worse President's in America's history in my opinion) he makes change.
His opponent for the president was an ex General (Prabowo Subianto, once married to the daughter of a dictator and believed responsible for many students going missing in Indonesia before he fled overseas. President Jokowi, without any political party may owe Megawati for her organisational support but he is his own man and once he gains momentum over the entrenched military and political elite of Indonesia his achievements, I believe, will transform Indonesia.
Being in Indonesia during the election and debates my concern was that Jokowi would be assassinated and the country revert to old patterns. It is the most amazing legacy to the prior President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that this new democracy continues to go forward with so little violence.
As for Indonesia, a country with over 200 languages and cultures, held together with the motto "Unity in Diversity". There is so little conflict. Imagine Africa as one country. I understand why they hold the integrity of their country paramount, including East Timor and West Papua, while never condoning any acts of aggression against the local peoples.
Visit this amazing country. Not Bali. Live and learn from its people.
Then make your comments.
Tue, 26 Jan 2016 15:39 EST
Heil English Nazi Militants
Celebrating Racist Australia Day is a celebration of the Murdering of Aborigines in Tasmania for 10 pounds a head which the English Royal junk paid out. These English Fascists are a silent threat to every Culture, Religion and Country in the world. John Br with his puppets in Nazi Australia Post Transport, 120 Nathan Rd, Dandenong is a proud English Fascist that will use Western Democratic Bullshit to destroy your culture or murder you. These English militants are a silent threat.
rob willoughby
Fri, 29 May 2015 21:05 EDT
west papua genocide
when are the indonesian armed forces and police going to stop the genocide they are committing in west papua?how many more innocents are going to be tortured and murdered?when will west papua be free of the horror of indonesia's actions?
robert rayner
Fri, 29 May 2015 20:15 EDT
drugs in indonesia
i lived and worked in indonesia for 15 years its about time australia also took the same stance on drug suppliers and sellers good on you indonesia
Sun, 3 May 2015 22:23 EDT
Australian Federal Police what an absolute bloody disgrace you are. You can make all the excuses and reasons you like, the truth of the matter is you might as well have pulled the trigger yourselves. You will always have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.

In reply to "True Aussie" I don't know where you get the figure of 70% of Australians had no sympathy for these two Australians, would appear 70% did have sympathy. I too am a "True Aussie" but am sick and tired of hearing we should have sympathy for the drug addicts. They are the ones destroying their own lives and those of their family members, nobody else but THEMSELVES.
True Aussie
Sun, 3 May 2015 08:35 EDT
From the silent aussie masses.
Indonesia needs to be aware that about 70% of real Australians have NO SYMPATHY for those two death (drug) dealing creatures. They knew what they were doing when they took the drugs aboard that aircraft.
As for their rehabilation ....what a joke. They just said what they knew the suckers in Australia wanted to hear.
Take a look at the recidivisim rate in Victoria.....The real figure is about 80% return to prison in Victoria within two years. Those two would have been at it again given half a chance.
Perhaps the bleeding hearts could spare a thought for the families of drug addicts and the families that are ruined and destroyed by people like the Bali two.

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