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Indonesian flag Consulate-General of Indonesia in Melbourne

Address72 Queens Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
Phonelocal: (03) 9525.2755
international: +61.3.9525.2755
Faxlocal: (03) 9525.1588
international: +61.3.9525.1588
Web sitehttp://www.kjri-melbourne.org

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john abot
Sat, 21 Mar 2015 00:42 EDT
land theft
if indo takes forieners property in bali then i will class that as crossing the line, and go and get fully and comprehensively trained!!!!
Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19:45 EDT
slimey indo
indo have long been reguarded as untrustworthy by most of its nabours because of it back stabing and curupt way it dose business, from the minning sector, telecomunication deals singapore. reneging on contract deals ,human rights vialations, and seamingly pandering to terrorest by light sentences, pardons,and there continued push to ingulf all of indo with muslum idolidgy ,now sharia tourisim lombok, i think we are now looking at a new islamic state,people need to know if you visit indo you are suporting that culture.
peter johnson
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 22:29 EDT
comon ozy
Its not realy just about these two boys ,it is about the corupt indonesian government,showing no respect to australia sending boat pepole through the airports and whalfs by corupt police bribe only to cost australian tax payers billions$, its about there exposure for killing timor people and west papau, and its about there total lack of desence to tourist, its about indonesians killing australians dayly in bali not just about bombing ,that happend with local suport.STAND UP FOR OUR PRIMINISTER (TODAY) HE IS STANDING UP FOR US, COMON OZY COMON
peter johnson
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 19:30 EDT
tony abbott/ julie bishop
Australians this is your time to show an unpresidented level of suport to our prime miinister and co even, if there is somethings about there policies we dont like , we at last have a primeminister with a set of balls, dont let indo try and influeince our politics ,this is realy about turning back the boats an isue we take seriosly, witch we voted tony in on, dont let him down now ,terorest,indo let in there country , visa on arival,STAND UP OZ AND BE COUNTED
peter johnson
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:55 EDT
Australia needs to inact a law to change ownership of our land to indonesians, retrospetive to suit the laws they have in there country, including farm land and beef exporters, this is a call to all australian wharlfies out there from a felow union member it is time to act and assist your fello australian and government ,BAN all imports and exports from indo
john harold
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 03:56 EDT
an ordinary Australian
to the President of Indonesia

sir as an ordinary Australian I have to say that like many Australians I have a great deal of respect and affection for the Indonesian people. I dont believe that the two Australians facing execution could have achieved such a remarkable rehabilitation under our prison system . I am not asking you to change your laws we should all respect the laws of countries that we visit. I am asking you to acknowledge the success of your system and pardon these two men to show the world that such rehabilitation is possible and your prison system has done that.nobody could condone what they have done but I truly believe that they can and have had a positive effect in fighting drug use while they have been in prison please sir spare them and let them continue to do the good work that your own prison authorities appreciate and acknowledge

john harold
Jay Dee
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 00:45 EDT
Indonesia's Attitude
I totally back up Brooke Marks comments above as also Mustafa. There are lots of Indonesians living in Australia no doubt who also agree. Tony Abbott and other leaders who have been generous in dealing with Indonesia in all respects need to have their brains analysed,with regard to generous help provided to Indonesia as required.The Australian public are not so dumb as assumed by one of your (ex naval Officers) now a minister. Is he or the President in charge of the country??? Also Australia is doing only what Indonesia would do when one of their people are going to be decapitated in the middle east. These 2 drug mules are not physhopaths, murderers, or rapists or terrorists for all the show and pomp in escorting them to their deaths. Then a very kindly(!?) police officer giving them comfort before killing them,was he saying don't worry it wont be so bad,you will be stone dead and your families can cry for the rest of their lives.It would be appear that no one in Indonesia are parents, brothers or sisters, so others are not supposed to feel at all. Besides, keeping them waiting 10 years, rehabilitated and counselling others and being useful to others and teaching them skills is not a good thing in Indonesia, why, because the people High up are PROGRAMMED to be psychopathic in their attitudes in the name of law and order, what are they going to gain practice for their shooters? Or Publicity of the worst sort making themselves appear as if they are the greatest country in the world, with powerful leaders and everyone has to tremble,shake and kow tow to a bunch of uncultered,regardless of their education - humans who are making their country the laughing stock in the world.All that pomp and show of might and power who are they trying to impress?. The President makes decisions (with out knowing the meaning of the word discretion)- based on incomplete information presented to him. He has his head above the clouds obviously along with others and think they are Gods, don't they say there is no God but Allah. Is this respect to God who is the one who gives and takes life?. God does not need the assistance of anyone for this. Somehow the educated and cultured people do not control Indonesia and that is the reason why they are throwing their weight on the smaller people in the region, overpowering the weak. I think people in Indonesia (Govt level) have to think deeply as to what they are about.This is meant to be constructive criticism but no doubt they wont see it that way.They are part of the world community.People have to pay for crime,a life sentence is bad enough, no one is asking for them to be freed.
peter johnson
Tue, 10 Mar 2015 19:14 EDT
Your threat of sending 10000 ilegal people with no id in an indonesian boat crewed by indonesias leaving indoneasian waters escorted by the indonesian police, to our country like befor,i wounder how they got into your country?!!!! do you realy think our inteligents agents dont have a contingence inplace for that,realy! i wounder what west papau people are thinkin right now.
Thu, 5 Mar 2015 22:21 EST
Dear Consulate General

It is very sickening to hear that you country is touring and killing hundreds of indigenous Papuans and since 1963 when Indonesia illegally took over West Papua has killed over 500 000 West Papauns. They live a life of oppression no democracy no freedom of speech and anyone dares to speak up against the Indonesian Militia is sanctioned to death..I want to know when is this genocide going to kill FREE WEST PAPAU it is morally and inhumane what you are doing to these people.You did the same to east Timor Leste and we had to send in our army to help those poor people.

We will never be silenced and yes there is censorship of all media coming out of West Papua but you tell your President that the world is becoming aware and there will be consequences if this atrocity does not stop.FREE WEST PAPAUA .
peter johnson
Thu, 5 Mar 2015 20:34 EST
land ownership
Australia should restrict indonesian ownership of realestate in our country, the same as they do there, stop the massive amount of corrupt dealings carried out by local bali people and there corrupt legal systerm on australians every day , the stories i have herd and seen are harendous , stories about the locals being lovely people are generaly from tourest spending only two weeks holidays, they are the slimest rip off merchants i have ever met,

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