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Sun, 24 Jan 2016 11:08 EST
hero city
As I am writing this, I am watching a useful show; "Expedition Unknown". It deals with history of Hungary, specifically about the battle for Szigedvar that saved Europe from Ottoman empire advance, thus from the Muslims of that time. Your ancestors stopped the most barbaric and backward empire in the history of this planet, thus saved Europe and allowed for its development to become what it is today.Thank you for that.
Now they are coming again and your country is again saving Europe by erecting that first fens, that stemmed the tide of so called migrants/refugees. They are Muslims bent on doing and completing what their barbaric ancestors could not. Infiltrate Europe and conquer it finally. Some in Europe do not have the necessary courage to stand up for Europe, as you do, and claim you are in the wrong. But that is far from the truth as events in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and other countries that took in lager numbers, prove they are big trouble in sort but especially in the long run.
You want proof for this: Just look at what happened to those Balkan countries that suffered for 500 years under the Muslims. They all are still suffering and will for ever, for they are amongst them and making their lives unbearable. Look at Kosovo the worse case scenario. It was where Serbs lost their battle with Turks and the whole Balkan was overrun and tortured for 500 years. You brave defenders stopped them at Szigedvar, saved Hungary and the rest of Europe.
As we look at your wonderful and tame countryside, we can not help it but agree with you that no Muslim must be allowed to settle there and undermine your own way of life. The only djamia you should have on your sacred land is the one they built in Szigedvar before they were driven off your land.
Please continue to save Hungary and Europe. We can not have them undermine and destroy what Ottoman empire was not allowed so many years ago. They simply do not belong in Europe at all.
Ps; "Thank you" to Britain for not letting the Balkan people, drive the Turks off European soil in 1918. They as the "supper power" of the day, ordered Serbs, Greeks and other Balkan long suffering people, to stop at the walls of Istanbul and not drive the Turks across Bosporus, into Asia where they belong. Today they are sending you millions to do the job their hated ancestors could not.
Not this time either.
Bravo again
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:42 EST
You were the first to see what this mass movement (not refugees and migrants) of whole populations is was and is. Danger to the whole European continent and beyond. Yes there are few refuges (some say up to 10%, that's all) but huge majority are not. They are opportunists, criminals,even terrorists sent by ISIS etc etc.
The opportunists are the most dangerous in terms of numbers. They are part of that mass movement that can and would turn on Euro borders in hundreds of millions even billions. This is if they are not stopped this time and for ever. Do you realize there are 4 Billion people living in poverty on this planet. Can Europe give them "better" life? No.
When Europe was rebuilding 50 plus years ago, yes. But not any longer, ever. That is over and the new solution is helping those countries where they are to rebuild and provide for their people as good as life as thy can, but never Euro style for that is simply impossible, physically. There are not enough resources on this planet to do this. Someone figured out that we'd need 3 planets like Earth to provide everyone with such "better" western style life.
Thus we must share via sustainable development which will see advanced western countries go lower and others somewhat higher in their way of life. There is no other solution but destruction of this only planet we have.
Americanization and globalization are the biggest problem. That must be stopped and reversed. In any case the only ones who benefit are the elites worldwide. Did you know the billionaires of this world control more wealth than 3 Billion of our fellow humans? Worse there are only few hundreds of them. The time has come this must be stopped and if we have to search them out and punish them for their crimes, we'll do it. Otherwise they must be taxed to such extent as to reduce them to "poor" millionaires. There is enough money hidden and stolen by this new aristocracy to resolve all the ills of this world and continue sustainable into the future for all.
Back to fence. We thank you for the first fence and now everyone has them up. The tsunami is stopped and it remains to return most to their countries and those in transit too.
Some may say this is politically incorrect and not right, for every asylum seeker has the right to ask for asylum, according to human right declaration. Used to be, but with this mass movement of populations this is not valid any longer. The true refugees must ask for asylum in FIRST country close to theirs not in crisis. There are numerous safe countries between Europe and Afghani, Iraq, Syria etc. Thus they have no right to ask for it in Europe. It is simple as that.
ps: Europe will help you where you are and eventually resolve the crisis with help from only honest fighter of ISIS, Russia.
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 07:06 EDT
Muslims in general are hypocrites
Muslims in general keep silent when their people harm others screeching & angrily demonstrating about Islam being a peaceful religion while others allegedly hurt their ultra- sensitive selves.Why r d Western people help these ungrateful, pretending-to-be- nice Arabs( Afghans & Somalis,etc) while they kill Christians in their societies & never lift a finger to help ? Saudi Arabia won't accept Arab refugees as they r a terrorist threat?!! Why's d Western press bowing down before these ISIS funders?! Y r these Arab countries not being held to d same high atandards as d West?!! Why aren' t these invaders not wanting to register at d first safe nations they reach?!Because they are economic migrants! Using their women & children for sympathy while d coward press & their stupid governments only show biased pictures , reports.

It's not about a fair distribution of refugees but about an illegal invasion of soverain territory!! Send these anti-Western people back!

I am Asian not European so am not biased but live in an EU country with many of these " refugees".
Cee Cee
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 06:43 EDT
Orban's right about refugees & protecting its own sovereignity
I fully support Budapest's stand on ECONOMIC MIGRANTS & REAL refugees. If u want to go to any country, u have to RESPECT its rules.Otherwise, don't go there!

Muslim men & their mothers are d reason why Arab & other Muslim men treat women like serfs( rape, wife- beating,"honour- killins")!! Not to mention disrespecting societies in Europe while grabbing free benefits, houseing , refusing to learn , study ,have many badly- behaving childten who are prejudiced against " infidels" .Exporting their tolerance for violence & terrorism yet are ungrateful .Stop problems at its ROOT-ie, poor parenting & culture!
A true refugee of 1956
Fri, 28 Aug 2015 03:13 EDT
A true refugee of 1956
As one who was being fled in 1956, who had no choice in staying in her homeland or leaving it for fear of being taken to Andrássy Út and then to Siberia as part of the family already had experience such a slow but certain death sentence, as one who was a TRUE refugee and LOST EVERYTHING including the right to return to her land of birth, including the right to start a new life "in the West", I am VERY SURPRISED at the leniency of the Hungarian Government to issue me MY HUNGARIAN PASSPORT. After all, I WAS a Hungarian citizen before we fled in 1956. Mr. Órban makes the BIG mistake of dumping EVERY SINGLE ONE, TRUE AND FAKE refugees, into ONE BAG of REJECTION. AGAIN I suffer REJECTION from the land of my ancestors who had to give up their titles and social status, land and properties ONLY because half the world has gone mad and all THEY need to do is cry is, " ASYL!! ASYL!!"because most of them are analphabets, intruders of the worst kind, in the most cruel because invisible WAR on EUROPE - and they are given more rights than the citizens of the countries they OVERPOWER.
Mr. Órbán, WHY do you not make a DISTINCTION between TRUE and FALSE refugees and treat us, the TRUE refugees, foremost those of 1956, accordingly. By the way, I have an academic degree and work experience in a field that does not exploit those being treated by me. All I want is what I had been denied all of my life: the RIGHTFUL RECOGNITION, promised by your government, AS A HUNGARIAN CITIZEN - BELONGING to the LAND OF her BIRTH.
Curt Brown
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 10:20 EDT
What Ever Happened to Her?
We are trying to identify this woman, Hungarian in origin, but her father was a minister to Austria before WWII.
He is
Sat, 14 Feb 2015 20:28 EST
One of your key politicians made a statement that your country must close its borders to migrants coming into your country in search for work. Some who stick to so called "political correctness" are up in arms in criticism of such statement. They are wrong and your politician and anyone else who agrees with him, are absolutely right with this position in these times of econmic and political crisis in Europe and many other places.
The era of Euro needing imigrants is OVER. Although some of the migrants come form other Euro countries, not part or EU, they too are no longer needed in Hungary or any EU country. Especially from Kosovo, which in fact is a crimnal state with majority of its citizens involved in some kind of crime. Let America look after them after they "gave" them independance from Serbia that has absolute right on Kosovo as their sacred land. You and everyone knows that but that moron Bush, who hardly knew how to read real books (he knew how to read children books corespondng t his level of intelligence) gave them their independance but no help at all.
Regardless, you are on the right track. The inflax of immigrants and fake refugees must stop in the whole Europe or your continent will be ruined beyond repair. You can already see the problems on daily basis and it'll only get worse. Once this mass movement into EU is stopped it'll be your obligation to help those less fortunate in their own lands, to stand up on thier own feet and live their lives their way not export it to EU and ruin yours. This is reality and no one should object to this for you are not proposing any harm to them, but insist they stay in their own countries. Again, the era when Europe needed immigrants is OVER FOR EVER. No one can ask you to have your continent destroyed by overpopulation and unbearable unemployenment and poverty they are bringing in. You need to look after your own, those who are already in and help the potential migrants in their countries. This is the formula that will work and it is the only one left as an option to solve current crisis.
Insist that all EU adopts it as way to save itself and those poor thinking there is a "better" life for tem in Hungary and other Eu countries. There is none. It is that simple.
Sun, 25 Jan 2015 12:08 EST
Im hongarian I want get my passport I never make a passport iluve in austria ,what I need and how long.thank you
of no interest
Mon, 10 Mar 2014 05:42 EDT
DOES HUNGARY NO LONGER USE THE PHONE ???????????????????????
Wed, 15 Jan 2014 07:58 EST
Don't bother getting a HUngarian Passport for either of your Children, the Hungarians are useless, lazy and ignorant to ANYBODY outside of the "paradise" of Orbánistan/Magyarorság.

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