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Costica Ganga
Thu, 25 Jun 2015 07:05 EDT
Αγαπητοί φίλοι Ελληνικά
Αγαπητοί φίλοι Ελληνικά

I watched on Euronews TV Station that your opinion is divided and seems to be 2 groups with different options; pro and anti EU practices. Please stay united to better or to worse. That is what the Destroyers want; division, it is the most pervert weapon. It is what happened in all destroyed Countries. Stay united forever. Thanks and I love you.

Σας ευχαριστώ και σας αγαπώ!

Please take it seriously
Dear Journalists, please direct this material to the European Leaders Summit. Thanks.


“Death punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

‘Death punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income’
Dear Leaders of Europe

I heard about your today’s Summit and I want to help in order to see our Continent in the place and conditions where should be. We had too much embarrassment and terror, as it is not room for more. Please do not make any other step before enacting these texts without any Terms and Conditions or other any gates which could allow touching any Human Being, as stated above without any exception. These pieces of Legislation must be immediately published and advertised in all Media as: ‘Lancôme’, Armani, ‘Dolce and Gabbana”, ‘McDonalds’ ‘Coca Cola’ or any other top product in order to:

In any room where takes place a dialog constructive for leading the Humanity at any level to participate only adults; honest, intelligent educated, experienced (not only in Madame’s Legard room), and the ones before the majorette age to be in; education, sport, recreation.

The Banks to be Institutions as; ‘General Motor’, ‘Mercedes Benz’, ‘Abdias’, ‘Cadbury’, ‘Champagne’ and other Companies, as; to provide services for businesses and ordinary population.

‘Media’ to provide information and entertainment in the most accurate and decent way, not to bring Politicians in their Studios as use to do the Inquisition and to blackmail them until obtain everything they want. Not to blackmail Countries as Russia and others to give Children for adoption as long as their Constitution do not allow doing so. To be readopted instead Shakespeare’s language, I want to say English in any dialog; at more or less adult or academic level.

Everyone to be enrolled in an activity in order to earn an income, not to walk streets every day whole day long.

When a Referendum takes place and the results are stated as happened here in Ireland in Marriage Equality one, not to be asked ’what is next step’?, as long as everything has been established before. There are advertising placards posted allover the place in Dublin; ‘It is YES’, ‘What’s next step?’ I sow also yesterday a large group of adults and even children wearing blue T-shorts with an inscription ‘I’m 4 the fatherless’ advertising that inscription in a day as called National ‘Father’s Day’. What it this about? I was going to collapse. I sow a while ago a group of the most beautiful and healthy Children almost ‘chubby’ singing in a chorus dressed in blue T-shorts with the inscription; ‘Ann’s food’. When sow my inscriptions, they become red cheeks. It is anything sane in all these practices?

When students go abroad as the ones from Ireland to Berkeley, San Francisco, USA, as called ‘J1 Students’; to do the studies as the Program established and to live decently, not to relax or to be pushed in a small balcony as many as 13, the way happened last week on the night of 15 to 16/06/2015, as 6 of them died and the rest of them were grabbed to Hospital with grave injuries when as said the balcony of a 4th floor apartment collapsed. This tragedy amalgamate ambiguously by the same Media is an embarrassment and a pain not only for students families but for everyone more or less involved; from their daily mates to the President of this Country and US. Everyone is almost forced by Media to recognize how wonderful they were or are, and their contribution for transforming the Humanity creating more than unpleasance for everyone even uninvolved, but people have to obey complaisantly. Please stop it.

Regarding the main issue itself the Extermination Process, I do not want to remind about what I am seeing and listening everyday, because I explained so many times before, that the process continues better organized and as I stated above it is working very hard in making it legal.

I want to insist again in elaborating this Legislation, and to start everything with it, from here, any effort at all, any sacrifices, but not to be touched the Humanity anymore. Never again. This ‘MASTODON’ it was a very wrong project and is not going to work – ever!. Even if all Countries of the World will agree and will get involved, and with whole perfect organized System, do not forget that this Continent is inhabited by 3 quarters of a billion of people and the Planet by almost 7 billions of us, born and legitimated to live our lives as any of you.

I am aware that none of you has or had the feeling of rage. I am a Romanian and in December 1989 although in my town have not taken place any violence, everyone around me, I, as all 20 millions of Romanians had this feeling. I also have this feeling now, here, for 2 years, since I found out what is happening; days and nights. I am sure that I’m not the only one, and when the glass of everyone will be full, even molecules will be divided and will be not enough for everyone. Avoid it. Thanks.


In attention of Mrs Angelina Jolie

Madame! …What are you doing? I watched your campaign last night 20/06/2015 on Euronews TV Station. Who do you think you are? Is your beauty factor not sufficient anymore for feeding your family? When you gave birth to each of your children, you have traveled to the most exotic and private places and getting married the same. Now you discovered that the best place for the Humanity and for the Planet is that people to live in Refugee Camps? How high do you think you are in Universe as to see the Humanity in this way? Just few months ago you considered that your ovarian removing operation is not a private issue and advertised it; giving green lights to the destroyers of Humanity to advertise the same operation even for young Ladies as 13 years of age, using your name. I think it is the right time to take a good look at you before speaking and acting. Do Madam what God gifted you to do! Read this material please if you can, and use your abilities in convincing the ones legitimate to elaborate the Legislation suggested, if you really want to be useful fort the Humanity and Planet.



Dear Embassies of all Countries of the World.

I sent this material several times before to each Country’s Embassy of UN or in different Countries Embassies, in order to inform each Country of the World what is happening with us; You, and I, and every Human Being. We all are in danger. This program of Extermination as everyone knows now, and could be seen, is so sophisticated that none of us is safe. Please inform your Governments, as all together to impose the Death Penalty Legislation as suggested below in this material (No Terms and References), in order to stop it now, as none Human Being to be exposed and touched in any of these humiliating practices. I sent the letter below to the G 7 Summit meeting in Germany yesterday on 08/06/2015, because this Organisation was and is the main Key Issue, but they are not going to give up easily. Please, let act together. It is the last chance for the Humanity and Planet. Thanks.

I send it again to each Embassy, please communicate between Countries. I am permanently obstructed to communicate; my email Accounts and everything related with my person is barbarically violated. Here is an example:

Hi Costica,
Your Google Account was just used to sign in from Chrome on Windows.
Costica Ganga

Saturday, 30 May 2015 09:58 (Irish Standard Time)
Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland*
Don't recognise this activity?


Leaders of the Hell!

I think the title is improper because the Hell might be a better place that the one where you brought us, the Humanity. I was thinking of writing some, in order to suggest you a trip to the neighbor Country; Poland, to visit Auschwitz, but I gave up because there is nothing to impress or to inspire you. You are the most Mafiotic, criminal, fascist, Organization ever. Your process of Extermination is unscrupulous, humiliating, and the dimension and complexity as can’t be compared with anything precedent and nothing bothers you. You are trying incessantly to hide your crimes behind; terrorism, musulmanism, tax avoidance, corruption, bribe, je suis…, but never mentioned how many millions of the most beautiful and healthy Children and other innocent people are abusing, have been and are killing in order to make that dirty money which you care about. You act and your faces look as you are dependent of the ‘morrow’ factor.

You and your Media use the most bizarre tools of manipulation as; body language and that oral language as seems that we live in the stutters era, hard to determine; are we pre or past Neanderthal. You created such a chaos as everyone walks streets without any orientation.

Two days ago, on Saturday 06/02/2015, I was walking one of the main Dublin’s Streets and by chance I heard a voice in my matern language in more popular terms than these; ‘started urinating on me over here’… I turn instantly my head and I sow coming from a Shop a midteen girl as a doll with tears in eyes, showing with her hand her face on the eyes region to her partner; a lateteen too. He seemed to be rather her boyfriend than a pimp, because his face has changed emotionally. There are so many manipulated young ladies obeying to your dirty policies which don’t show their dissatisfaction, but that girl looked completely innocent, as she was in the first year in the High School, finishing classes, waited by her boyfriend from a higher class and telling him that she has taken a bad mark for being insufficient prepared.

I got sweaty myself too, but is nothing to do because my previous experiences make me just biting my tongue, the last time assaulted was just on 23/05/2015 by an young, big, Intelligent American dressed in motorbiker, who kicked me strongly on back just between the legs with his big boot, allegedly because I was against Guy Marriage (equality), but he refused to understand that I am against your process of Extermination, really for equality.

The bad thing for the rest of us is that we are the proper pedophiles (forced to abuse Children sexually), and cannibals. All the products needed by ordinary people in a daily basis are contaminated. Even the indispensable product; ‘the bread’ has a sour test, it is inedible, does not seem to have any wheat in its componence. I feel it on my skin, seems to generate ‘pellagra’ disease, the visible aspect, but who knows the damage of stomach, lever, intestines? Everyone knows that diseases are what you generate; technologically or with different sophisticated substances or as called medicines, but one day will appear an unexpected disease as EBOLA or a worse one, without antidotes and will affect even yourselves.

I heard in Media’s communication that your today’s program has as topics; Climate Changing and Russian aggression.

Regarding Climate Changing, I never understood what it is about, because every year became colder and colder, instead could be seen more often fires for long time, with immense amount of black smoke and smell of; suflaki, kotelett, roti, arrosto, kebab…., less people?, as long as are creating human being in test tubes, the Planet is not overcrowded. It is the way that should be? Start with yourselves, your families; mothers, grandmothers, children, grandchildren, etc. Show us.

Russian aggression? Seems to be rather another harvest in Ukraine. You, as I mentioned before; a Criminal Organization – don’t like Leaders that love their population as the president of Russia, Iran, Greece and other Countries. I have seen just last week how the EU Leaders treated the Greek Prime Minister. Humiliation! Intimidation! Every European Demnitar turned his back. He was really on his own, isolated, embarased. This is your civilization? Your Democracy?

Regarding Russia?, it is waited as was 70 years ago, when liberated Auschwitz, Birkenau and other Extermination German Nazi Camps. We hope Russia and other Countries will come before Messiah to free us.

Regarding your Organization, please draft today the 2 pieces of Legislation suggested in this material, and enforce it at the Planet level, otherwise as you have power to enforce the Humiliating process of Extermination, have the bravery and put your hands on the table in order to be cuffed and to be transferred in another neighbor Country; The Netherlands.

No greetings,

Please arrest this man – Mr Ban Ki-moon

Dear World
I sent this material again to the European Institution yesterday before the meeting where has addressed Mr Secretary General of UN, but last night at Euronews I watched Mr Ban Ki-moon using the same body language. Please look around everyone; who leads the Humanity and where is it lead. It is the obligation of all of us to take position. It is nothing to wait for. I am sorry for sending this material again to the whole World, but measures must be taken urgently. It is simple; urge the Legislation suggested as none to be allowed to touch the Humanity. Thanks.


Dear European Parliament and other European Institutions

From Media I’ve got information that the Secretary General of the UN Mr Ban Ki-moon is going to address to the European Parliament today.
Please arrest and transfer this man today to the neighbor Country in Hague’s International Tribunal, as the first one, in order to give account for all the crimes that occurred on this Planet in the last decade of years, that occurs today, and the Criminal Programs which are going to continue if we do not stop them now.
This gentleman is after 3 days of Official Visit in Ireland. What have he done here, I do not know, because the Media does not exist. I understood that visited the UN Heritage in the County Kildare?, and from his mixture of fingers, mumbling in English and his Mother language that; “Ireland must do more?”, “in the Climate Changing, Ireland must do more”. What is Climate Changing? We had enough. “With the refugee must be done more because is War and destroys everything, they have nowhere to go back, the friends and relations are not to be found”, that he knows that; “Ireland has vessels in Mediterranean See and has to share with other European Countries”.

As Mr John Kerry, he is also wherever trouble is, but not to do what UN (the most powerful Organization) should do. Contrarily, he amplifies the conflicts in order to leave as many people as possible without roof, dislocated, in order to be processed. Examples: Eastern African Countries, opposite side of Africa, Arabic Countries from North of Africa, Middle East, even South Asian Countries not to remind the European ones.

I remember the investigations from chemical weapons used in Syria - laughter. I remember the meeting of Mr Ban Ki-moon with Mr Benjamin Netanyahu – the Prime Minister of Israel on 06/08/2014. Watch the video please and see what language did they speak, and the following day took place the second bombardment which destroyed completely Gaza. What kind of Leader of the most powerful Organization is this man? UN’s Children in Gaza and allover the place? What kind of Mother is UN? Thes
Sat, 28 Apr 2012 06:58 EDT
Question please
Respectable Sir / Madam
Am Syrian doctor married to Romanian citizen
( + tow children )
And I have a Permanent residency as family member ( 5 years )
We will travel this Summer with Luftenhansa Airlines
from Amman ( Jordon ) to Timisoara ( Romania )
via Vienna ( Austria )
Can I and my family come directly together
I should apply for transit visa

Thanks for your time and your

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