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esfandiyar taheri
Fri, 3 Nov 2017 04:38 EDT
urgent request
dear sir /lady
i am esfandiyar taheri,i am political perisoner
i am looking for asylum,i came from IRAN.
I spent four years in prison , because i am a spy for america and israel.
after 4 years in prrison i was released and decided to leave iran .because i had no security there .aftr i was released i went to turkey country for a near 1 months.
then to the island of lesvos.stayed there for 8 months.
were i live in tent with bad conditions, then came to athens and stayed 7 months.
please respond to me , thank you
your sincerely
esfandiyar taheri
tel ;00306942538898
You are the
Sun, 20 Sep 2015 22:27 EDT
key country.
We all know the tragedy of history that left Turkey piece of Europe after the WWI. Europe has paid for that British arrogant mistake many times. Nowdays is the worse price with human tsunami coming out of Istanbul area and invading your country, first then Europe afterwards. You MUST do the right thing and stop them there, with whatever it takes. Turkey is deliberately letting them cross the Bosporus to punish you and Europe. If you do the right thing and stop them coming over the border, the tsunami via Turkey will stop. These people have no right to come to Europe. Besides majority are NOT refuges but opportunists, with many criminals and even terrorists sent to Europe to set up their cells. Once you do this Italy will do the same. Stop them and send them back to Africa, where they must be helped by UN and other agencies till the crisis is over.
If this is not done now, others like in China, India and other overpopulated countries will get the same idea to march towards Europe in millions if not hundreds of millions , for they will know no one would stop them. How do you stop 100M plus walking towards Europe? Sounds crazy? If someone told you few years ago that this crisis would evolve like this, you'd tell them they were crazy.
Save Europe and yourselves.
Mon, 15 Jun 2015 09:56 EDT
Greeks leave the EU and stop being selfish
To the Ambassador

Leave the EU gracefully!

You and your country are greedy and selfish!!

Why do you think that you deserve special treatment and dispensation??

Why should your citizens retire earlier than the majority and average persons in the EU???

One important question, even if you were 'given' the next few billion Euros which I seriously doubt that you will get, all it would do is allow the servicing of the debt for a few more months. Then what would Greece do?! Expect!? Hands out YET AGAIN for more money?!?!?!?

Retire gracefully and leave the EU to those who deserve to be in it and work for it!!!!

Greece needs to sort itself out and not make a mess for the rest of the EU!!!!!!!!!!

Stop being greedy and selfish and have some sense.......................
Tue, 7 Apr 2015 07:49 EDT
demokratia hellenika
guten tag,
das wichtigste habe ich hier bereits mitgeteilt:
ich habe verstanden !
simon avram(kilkis, 2003/4/5)
10, rue Coulaux
67000 Stasbourg/FR
simon avram
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:14 EDT
democracy in europe=germany
the destiny of the geek people, and your comment to
this matter i wish to agree here. if europe, which
has been open the door for grecks to europe(1981),
they are opening the wrong door(...),there is not
only guilty the one, which enter the open door, isn't
it? so, where is Mr. Juncker, chief of the euro-
grope from the very beginning? he have a very good
job again into EU..., but no resposibility anymore !
thank you for opening the eyes of europe.
warm regards
Mon, 26 Jan 2015 11:55 EST
The tide is turning. In the country where democracy was born during the Byzantium empire, real people have stood up for themselves and for all the real people of the world. The devastation that has been imposed on the majority of people of the world by globalization, bankers, financial engeneers/manipulators and others that do nothing for the creation of wealth and prosperity but manipulate the money to enrich themselves and their enablers the noecon and noeliberal govts, IS COMING TO AN END. Yes Greece is a small country but the very fact they are the ones who brought the very notion of democracy to the world, says this is the begining of world revolution (hopefully peaceful) to stop those who are bent on total domination over rest of us, by usurping all the wealth they can. And they have the govts on their side that have enabled them to do so this with complete impunity. Never in history of the world, not even during the middle ages with aristocracy having an absolute power, did we see such accumlation of wealth in few hands as we see today. That has to stop. There is enough of wealth created by working people (the only ones creating wealth with their hands) in the world to provide every living person with good life on this planet. The question is how do we distribut this wealth? Who says that those 80 people, who have more than half population of the world, are entitled to plunder the world's wealth to this extent? Your current govts that is who. Thus you must change your govts in every country including the worse of the worse America. Yes America is the worse bastion of inhumanity and exploitation of their and others' people. Their system of dog-eat-dog capitalism is behind of all this what we have in the world today.
You must DE-AMERICANIZE your own country and EU continenet, and when American people had enough themselves (which they will) of theri exploiters they will have to DE-AMERICANIZE their own country. Americanization of the world is the source of all evil/crisis we have and suffer under.This will happen everywhere once there is a critical mass of sufferers as we saw in Greece this weekend. They had enough and did their duty to change the govt that supported exploitation and abuse by the evil 1%, as they call them.
REAL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! You have the power and ability to change the world to better place that it deserves to be. Thank you Greece for showing us the way.
Aleksander Dasgu
Thu, 22 Jan 2015 09:03 EST
ti stixia xriazonte gua na paro anaboli apo tib stratioligia logo oti spoydazo edw stin germania???
Fri, 15 Feb 2013 13:27 EST
Mon, 19 Nov 2012 17:42 EST
gia ellada
ime parapligikos ke 8elo na pao ellada ala argi

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