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Sat, 22 Sep 2012 11:10 EDT
nereceq isk kareli e hayeren grel?
not important
Tue, 24 Jul 2012 07:45 EDT
Dear Council

It is really awful.Your collegues work in a very dirty manner...i dont understand if a person has an interview it is necessary to take all the documents all the proofs not only 2 documents....if they dont take the proof that the mentioned has enough savings in a bank how they can say in a rejected paper that a person doesnt have a bank account....i am very disappointed and it is really disgusting as u are the only embassy that work in an awful way.....hope u will pay attention to the manner of your workers........
Fri, 6 Jul 2012 09:59 EDT
Kritikuem... no ni4ego ne menjaetsja.
Kakoi pasol ,takie i rabotniki. Gospadin posol, vi vobsche to znaite 4to proizxodit v vaschem posoltve?U4ite vaschim rabotnikom bit vezlivim, u4itsja pozdarovitsja s ulibkoi...uzos, a ne posolsto u vas. A o demokratii... tam vse znajut 4to eto takoe. no s obratnoi storani...
Mleh Ishkhanian
Tue, 26 Jun 2012 08:20 EDT
Lebewohl & Abschied, Mr. Ambassador
Dear Mr. Ambassador,

In the occasion of termination of your diplomatic mission in Armenia, I would like to wish you farewell & good luck in your future career & personal life.

We shall never forget your harsh & rude intervention, your intolerable partiality in our Fatherland Armenia's internal affairs in your friend, Chief Mormon John Huntsman's resident & nowadays suspect Vardan Oskanyan's Syphilitas Foundation, hoping that in the consequence, you presumably learnt a good lesson and will refrain in the future from intervening in other nations' internal affairs.
Lebewohl & Adios!
Marlene Dietrich
Thu, 20 Oct 2011 03:49 EDT
Shame on you!
Dear embassy workers

Is it so necessary to be so damn disrespectful to your own citizens. Do you think if you work there, it means you have higher education or other special talents or qualities? Just a free advice: when applying for a job there, first learn communication skills with people. It's hard for you, but try to learn to speak respectfully with people, because you don't know who that person can be. we, a group of well educated and righteous citizens of Armenia, are deeply disgusted with your attitude and behavior.
Mleh Ishkhanian
Mon, 3 Oct 2011 09:48 EDT
Mr. Ambassador, Your Declarations to
Attn.: Mr. Hans Johan Schmidt – Ambassador of Germany in Armenia

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

In reference to your self-justifying “thoughts” expressed to the journalist of, in the aftermath of your groundless declarations in “Syphilitas” Foundation, short conversation with Armenia’s First & Founder President Levon Ter-Petrossian in Yerevan Freedom Square, with all due respect, please note that despite your presumptuous claims, it is to be concluded that you are a very lousy “critical analyst”.

You are handling your mistakes by committing greater mistakes.
It wouldn’t take you be a prosecutor like Detlev Mehlis or a detective like Sherlock Holmes, to reveal that those dashnaks whose crimes you are covering-up so diligently, were not unarmed and peaceful demonstrators, but were brought to justice in the mid-90-s for plotting terrorist acts and assassinations against the Armenian Independent Statehood and statesmen, in the framework of the “DRO” terrorist structure. After the success of the state coup of February 1998 (realized by Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, your beloved dashnaks including the Harvard graduate CIA recruit Vartan Oskanyan) were released from prison under the pretext of “change of political situation”, and are not till date declared innocent by court. Target No. 1 in dashaks’ 1994 “Dro” Terrorist Structure hit list was the founder of the Armenian National Army, ex-PM of RA Vazgen Sargsyan, who was later on “successfully” murdered in their next round of terrorist acts – “October 27” 1999 Armenian Parliament attack, realized in close cooperation with Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, under the patronage of the KGB. Your close “friend” and “Syphilitas” host Vartan Oskanyan was entrusted then with the task of blowing dust in the eyes of the international community and mass media.
Please go check with your informers and “critical analyst” sources.

In any case, kindly accept my gratitude for not (yet) justifying Nayiri Hounanyan’s gang of 5 terrorists, who were the direct executors of the above-mentioned act of terror.

By the way, this name “Dro” should trigger nostalgic associations in you, as it was called after another senior dashnak terrorist, Dro Kanayan (alias Dashnak Dro) , who collaborated with Nazi Germany in WW2, by forming a battalion of deserted Armenian soldiers and serving Maniac Adolf Hitler in a destructive war that cost Armenia between June 1941 till Victory Day Over Fascism May 9, 1945, more than 300,000 martyred young men and women soldiers.
Instead of hearing you cynically protect the rights of the terrorists, I would appreciate to hear you say a couple of words condemning let’s say, the “March 1” 2008 massacre organizers…

Politics, diplomacy in particular, as you were supposedly taught in diplomatic academy is the “art” of the filthy and the immoral! What can one say?
Hence, I am afraid, that with your eccentric actions, one day soon you will duplicate the fate of your US ex-colleague Mr. John Evans, ex-ambassador of the United States in Armenia, whose diplomatic carrier in reality ended very shamefully and dishonorably, due to his mildly said “close ties” with Armenia’s ruling criminal circles, despite of his “preventive”, purely demagogic measure of making his famous hollow declaration concerning the Great Armenian Genocide, previewed for the naive and ignorant in the ranks of the Armenian society.
When this day comes, don’t forget to make a declaration in recognition of the Armenian Genocide. You’ll become our “hero”, dear, just another John Evans.

Dear Mr. Shmidt,
More seriously, I again sincerely ask you to let go demagogy, refrain from the practice of harsh intervention into my Historical Fatherland Armenia’s internal affairs. Kindly let this suffered people alone with its worries and struggle. Just write your daily homework-reports to your Federal Foreign Office, whatever you like, I don’t care. Assuming you’re a Christian true-believer, do not forget praying to God, begging that one day some “Wikileaks” would not reveal your hypocrisy and double-standards (like it happened with your fellow Americans, humiliated and hated across the world).

The reason for rage of the likes of you against President Ter-Petrossian, is that unlike your “beloved” circles in Armenia, “Syphilitas” or other foundations financed by foreigners and carrying out foreign agendas, Ter-Petrossyan builds his policies solely upon Armenia’s SUPREME STATE INTERESTS and doesn’t give a damn to either Russia’s, Unites States’ or insidious Europe’s (including your) cynical dictations.

That is why the West, along with all its structures, is supporting the Criminal-Oligarchic Regime in Armenia since 1998.

Hoping that after getting unmasked and horribly humiliated starting “Syphilitas”, it is time for showing respect to the Armenian people hosting you.

Dear Sir,
You are advised to avoid making declarations incompatible and irrespective to your status as ambassador of a state like Germany, to show signs of gaining enough wisdom and faculty of “analytical criticism” you are preaching us, to avoid further defaults and eventual risk of terminating your diplomatic mission in a scandalous way (like your fellow John Evans).

Remaining yours very truly,

Mleh Ishkhanian
Western Armenian Heir of Armenian Great Genocide Victims
Fri, 30 Sep 2011 04:34 EDT
Things DO change for good
following the comment i posted on 15 september 2011 about the attitude of the employee in German embassy, i contacted the consular section and complained about the situation i faced,on the same day I got an immediate response from the consul of German embassy,and i requested them for an urgent appointment and in less than 24 hours i got the confirmation for interview , today in the morning was my interview.first of all my appointment was at 10.30 and it started at the exact time , the employee was a male who was really polite and approached with great work ethic. the day i wrote the complain i was sure that things are going to change for good and it did and in quiet a short time.
Mleh Ishkhanian
Thu, 29 Sep 2011 02:35 EDT
Mr. Ambassador, You Are Forbidden To Interfere In Internal Affairs of Armenia
Attn.: Mr. Hans Shmidt - Ambassador of Germany In Armenia

Further to your indecent, unfounded declaration in Syphilitas Foundation and your rude intervention in the internal affairs of my Fatherland Armenia, I think that you should not tolerate yourself to admit such grave mistakes in the future, no matter how well Robert Kocharyan's and Serzh Sargsyan lackeys pay you or bribe you to commit such intolerable offenses against Armenia's First and Founder President.

After all, you should review your attitude and show self-restraint, as you represent the nation which has not only given birth to Johann Sebastian Bach or Heinrich Hayne, but also a MONSTER like HITLER. And you should always remember that. As a western-Armenian, I shall never forgive the precedent german governments for supporting and consulting the Ottoman authorities how to more effectively commit the Great Armenian Genocide. You should always remember that as a non-curing complex of yours as a german national.
Dear Sir, I advise you instead to worry of the 1,500,000-strong GAY-PRIDE parades held in Berlin and the german pedophile priests covered-up by your compatriot His Holiness Pope Ratzinger.

By your stupid anti-Armenia offense in Robert Kocharyan's lackey, Western secret agent, Freemason Vartan Oskanian's Syphilitas Foundation, you gained the despise of all true Armenians worldwide and I strongly think that as a german, you should think over and learn a lesson of the foolish deed you commited against some pathetic bribe.

With Kind regards,

Mleh Ishkhanian
Western Armenian Patriot - Beirut, Lebanon
Mon, 26 Sep 2011 01:32 EDT
I would say that the Consular department of the Embassy of Germany in Yerevan (of course according to my experience) is the best serving among other consular departments of the Schengen member states in Armenia. You bring what is requested, you get the visa. On other hand, I agree that some staff members (not all !!!) must be polite to say the least.
Lernik Ohanjanian Namagerdi
Thu, 15 Sep 2011 06:13 EDT
Dear Sir/Madam
Its very unfortunate that i am writing this complain and its against the believes i always had toward German dicipline and attitude , But unfortunatly today i faced an incredible situation in embassy, i am a doctor and i have busy scheduling hours and plus that i am the vise director of an international constructing and buisness company,today i had an appointment in the embassy at 11 o clock but the interview started exactly one hour after the mentioned time,interview how ever started and i sat and said hello and as a human and a social worker i believe that the answer to hello is hi or hello and its not submit ur papers while looking to the wall,i explain this behavior as rude and unrespectful toward a human, my job comparing to her job is much more difficult and exhausting but my aim is to serve people in a nice manner even if im in a critical condition, i believe that she is there to serve people who apply to German embassy,2nd issue i explained her that i have 2 jobs one as a health care provider and 2nd a buisness which has investments in germany. and that in next month i will be going to some other country which is not a part of europe for a year for furthur studies,the documents i provided were complete.She said since u will be living in an other country for a year i can't take ur documents that i can take ur documents or not and she is offering me to apply for visa from the country which i will be staying temporary which is not logical and rational but again i tried to stay calm and explain her that i am LIVING in this country called armenia and i have socail economic ties which are really strong but she does not even try to understand and its all because she is not professionaly prepared , she is not capable of making disicions,i explain her that i dont have much time and she says come at 2 o clock again, i will see weather i can take ur documents or not. And what is the worse part that she makes a face as if i owe a big dept to her and that i didnt pay.
I decided that i won't go back and apply i rather apply from any other German embassy in the world that the Real German dicipline and work ethics are implimented.
As a human being i believe That German embassy employers should impliment better work ethics and respectful manner toward the applicants in their practice, i would like to add that years back i was a student in germany and when i came back from there i was amazed with the attitude and work ethic of people comparing to other parts of europe .
and well as a doctor i can proove that humans use only 7 muscles to give a smile and it takes more than 50 muscles to give a bad attitude face to someone.
I hope this letter will be a alarm change the things for the good

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