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Honorary ConsulPetra Heußner-Walker
Address7853 S. E. 27th Street, Suite 180
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Phonelocal: (206) 230.5138
international: +
Faxlocal: (206) 236.5162
international: +
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Reshma Shah
Mon, 9 Mar 2015 20:11 EDT
Need Transit visa
I need transit Visa for Germany. Myself and my kid are traveling to India with Lufthansa. We both doesn't have stamped visa on our India passport. We are travelling on 30th March. Does My 7 year old kid require transits Visa traveling to Frankfort?
Can I submit documents here and get visa before my travel?
I filled form but I have question about traveling document does my passport is sufficient to fill Transits visa VIDEX form?
Thu, 5 Feb 2015 09:29 EST
I have left messages with Petra two different occasions to call me with information about helping a friend renew his German passport. Both times my call was answered in a timely manner and got the information I needed. Liked her help.
I.Baerbel Marquart
Fri, 2 Jan 2015 00:53 EST
Ich brauchte Hilfe fuer Antrag
Frau Walker,gab mir nur eine Antwort auf meine Fragen, go to the website, ich bin nicht sehr gut am Computer sagte ich ihr, sie erwiederte, go to the web, dieses fand ich sehr unhoeflich, auch hoffte ich mit jemanden Deutsch zu reden,aber was solls ich brauche einen neuen Pass,so werde ich besser an die "Web" gehen.
Birgit Luebeck
Fri, 26 Dec 2014 19:45 EST
This is now the second time, first for my husband, that we come all the way from Idaho to Seattle und moechten uns auf diesem Wege noch einmal recht herzlich bei Frau Petra Heusser Walker bedanken. Sie ist wie immer sehr hilfreich und freundlich. Meine Anrufe hat sie sofort beantwortet und auch alle Fragen, die ich hatte. Weiter so bis zum naechsten Mal!

Alles Gute!!!! BIrgit & Guenther Luebeck
Dagmar Shannon
Tue, 11 Nov 2014 12:13 EST
Very reliable
I had left a voice message for Mrs. Walker on two different occasions and she always got back to me in the shortest of time and with the information I needed. She was short, but very helpful. I appreciated that very much.
chantel G
Wed, 22 Oct 2014 21:48 EDT
Im obviously not the only one who thinks of Petra as rude, as I experienced it today..I askd if I cud repeat the adress that she gave me, and she answered with im sure you got it and hung up on, and cancelled my appt w her because I called her rude.... smh!! well u do not just hang up on people when they still have questions.. or refuse service?! Like really..
Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:22 EDT
Am I being pranked or are you seriously this rude to people? Oh wait you're German...
I am so glad that I became a US citizen so I don't have to deal with people like good old Petra anymore. She is everything I don't miss about Germany. She is rude, unhelpful and reminds me of my 8th grade physics teacher. She does not get back to you, she is unbelievably rude on the phone. I mean I know Germans don't know the word customer service or being polite while doing your job but this lady takes the cake. Dealing with her makes you feel like you are either stuck in a weird nightmare or you're being pranked... from her open rudeness to her office being in an old peoples facility LAUNDRY ROOM it is just a joke. You are in America Petra where even if you don't like someone you smile through it and do your job in a helpful and polite way. If I ever have the misfortune of requiring any German embassy services I will pay for a plane ticket and fly to San Francisco.
Anna Maria Weaver
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 10:13 EDT
Unqualifizierte Kundschaft
Ich verstehe die Beschwerden auf dieser Seite nicht und bin entsetzt darueber. Jede dieser Beschwerden und Anfragen waere unnoetig, wenn man sich die Informationen ueber Ablaeufe und Antraege, vorab auf der Webseite des Deutschen Konsulates holen wuerde. Das ist die einfachste und sicherste Methode alle Unterlagen beisammen zu haben, bevor ich mich um einen Termin bei Frau Heussner Walker bemuehe. Wie ich es verstanden habe, ist die Ausuebung ihrer Taetigkeit unentgeltlich und wie ich denke, sicher schon zeitaufwendig genug. Ist es da zuviel verlangt, sich selbst ein wenig mehr einzubringen?
Thu, 21 Aug 2014 03:00 EDT
non communicative
I also want to make a complain about Honorary Consul Petra Heußner-Walker. I approached her over the phone number given here on the website. It took some weeks until she finally called me as I wrote meanwhile also an e-mail to her under the given address here on the website, because she didn't hear her of. When she finally did, I couldn't understand that it was her, because she called under an other number. When I answered the phone she didn't say who she is neither after I asked her she only said I requested her to call me back. I still complete didn't know that it was her when she hang up! I felt very rude about this kind of behaviour. It really was embarrassing. But that is not all. Later I found an e-mail of her, telling me it was her who called and turned it like that, that I would not have remembered having her called a certain day and requested her to call me back. No how would I remember, if she doesn't tell her name?! Why would she do that?
I answered: I am so sorry, I could not know that it was you who called me. I have you under a different number in my address book. You wont say your name and I don't talk to persons I do not know who they are and wont say their name either when already asked for. This is more secure for me. Thank you. Then I went over to let her know again the reason to my request for her to call me back. I had her contacted several times before, with leaving a message to her why I want her to call me back. I need an appointment for to apply for a new German passport.
I asked her to please reserve next possible appointment for me and also please tell me what I need to bring in paperwork. I let her know that I will call again and asked her what's about the number 206-230-5138 , is it no more active? That was last Friday.
I gave her same evening also a call and left 2 messages on her voicemail after the first was already cut very short of and I couldn't say everything I wanted her to know.
She never answered my question ac. the different phone numbers, neither my request for an appointment or which kind of paperwork I would need to bring with me. But answered like this the same day in an e-mail: I gave you my name twice; once when I introduced myself at the very start, than when you asked me.
Please phone me Monday, August 18, 2014, for an appointment: 206 715 5677.
When leaving name and phone # clearly, I return all phone calls in the order they come in.
I answered: Well I haven't realized at all that you did..any way I will call Monday again. blessings
So I called back Monday knowing she wouldn't answer the phone, same game again , you call she doesn't answer and you leave a message and asked her to call you back. She didn't that day but Tuesday afternoon when I was in a store.
You called me but didn't leave a reason for your call she said. I said I called you also today and I left both times my name,phone number and the reason of my call in a message to her. So I repeated again what I want then she just asked me if I red the website of the embassy about what kind of documentation I have to bring with me to an appointment. No I haven't, I don't know I would have to do that either when she could tell me as she volunteers for the embassy. She was going to give me the website but I told her I am in a store , please just tell me now. She : She I don't know what applies all to you..I : I will tell you right here in the phone...she: you go on the website and when you have the paperwork you call me again and hang up again before I could asked any more questions! wow. If that is not rude and embarrassing then I don't know. This game goes now on since whole this month and the last.!
I cannot come to anywhere with her. She just wants you to call and then she gets in a second of the phone when she once in a while finally calls you. I understand that she does volunteer but even then I can expect a more reliable competent person in the application process for a passport. She is instead of embassy personal and I expect also friendly people who really work with you. She doesn't and top of all she also lies about have been telling me who was calling or is not willing to give you the information you need.
I asked her to tell me several times what I have to bring with me when I come for to apply and doing the fingerprints and she does not answer on this but tells you to read it on the website because she is volunteering. On top of that all she just want to get rid of you in a very rude way by hanging on the phone! This is pretty ridiculous. I also stumble over the fact that this lady doesn't speak in German to you but in English. Why we both are Germans. That is really strange to me too.
I rather would like to go to the embassy than dealing with such person any more, if it would not be to go into another country for me. I live in WA and not in CA. It would be nice to have a really helpful person doing her job in a good way even she is volunteering. Thank you. A volunteer has a heart for those volunteering for and the kind of work you do for free. Otherwise you are not qualified for such a job. If she does not like being of help than why does she volunteer or is been allowed to do the job?
Mon, 30 Jun 2014 14:08 EDT
I want to make a complaint about Petra the Honorary Consulate of Germany, Seattle.
She does not like to speak with people. I contacted her several times. She does call back a week later. When she does she tries to get you off of the phone and tells you to call her back. One example of this: I cleared my throat and she said would you call me back when your not coughing. I explained that I did not want to call her back because she never answers and then I have to wait for a call back from her that takes at least a week. She asked me for some document info and I told her I would get the info and she then said "call me back or email me when you have it" I explained that I need her to hold on the line for a moment as I did not want to wait for her to call me back in another week and she said ok call me back and hung up. I immediately redialed her from the number she called from and it went to voice mail. They must not pay her enough to make her care about her job.

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