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How about that
Wed, 9 Sep 2015 21:08 EDT
Your masters from Washington just announced their magnanimous decision to accept 5000 Syrian and other Mideastern refuges next year. Imagine that, 5000. Not 50.000, not 500.000 not even million, but 5.000. Let us make it perfectly clear to all the readers by writing it out: America is to accept FIVE THOUSAND REFUGES NEXT YEAR.
Compare this to what Germany is doing, 200.000 already in and 800.000 more to come this year and who knows how many next year. This from the country that is not doing the bombing that triggered all this human tsunami. It is America, Canada, Britain, Australia (now) and few others, but not Germany and not most of the countries that are accepting many times more than the country that caused all this catastrophe.
How is that a fair play America and Britain especially, claim they always play.
You poor Europeans (the true ones, Britain is not your kind of European nation) just don't get it. It is America that is the problem in the world. Not Russia, Not Mideast, not Iraq, not anyone else, but America.
One day she will cause such trouble in the world that your continent will simply evaporate, refuges or not.
With friends like this, you do need "enemies" like Russia*.
* that country is your only chance to get away from America and become free again.
Is Germany good
Mon, 7 Sep 2015 10:11 EDT
or bad country?
We know you were the worst at least twice in resent memory, but the question is are you good or bad now? And for whom you are good and for whom you are bad, this from the point of view of influx of refuges/migrants, this time around and in the past?
You have requests for asylums all the time from all over the world. You accept huge numbers in spite of some refusals. Yet anyone with even two brain cells in their brain, knows that majority of "refuges" are fake. It is that simple. Even in this tsunami of humanity, huge percentage are opportunists who want the "better" Euro life. They simply go along with true refuges and you take them in.
During break up of Yugoslavia (in which you had your fingers is with the usual suspect, America) you took in over 400.000. And this goes on and on. So you are a GOOD country for those who are true and fake refuges. Fine. But what about your own people? Are you good to them? What will happen in the long run, say 30,40,50,100 years from now, if you continue this madness? Your own population will have disappeared and will be turned into something like no one can envision. Some kind of new and not necessarily improved race of humans or something, that will take over Germany completely and turn it into who knows what. Is this fair to your country and your people? Just because you may feel guilty still, about the past, you should not be doing this. No one can expect you and ask you to sacrifice your own country's future for this. This is NOT your doing or anyone's in Europe, but American initiative you and others as members of their gang have to follow on their orders.
This business of refuges and migrants has to stop if Europe its to survive as continent populated by original people, Europeans.You have done enough and now the influx has to stop. The countries in crisis have to be helped THERE not here in Germany and Europe. There are billions,(literally) who want to come your way. One day they will get the same ideas as these "refuges" and start the march towards Germany and Europe. Who is gong to stop them if they do not know the influx into Europe has been stopped in 2015 for ever?
Save you country and continent. The world will come to you and literally overrun you in to catastrophe.
Believe it and act before is too late.
You did not stop
Tue, 1 Sep 2015 10:37 EDT
human tsunami.
What did we tell you earlier this year? Yes you did not do anything practical to stop the tsunami of population movement, that includes only a small % of real refuges. Millions will attach themselves to the refuges to take the advantage of the confusion of this crisis. Just look at them. Most are young, single men who want to infiltrate your economy and society (many are criminals and worse, terrorists being sent to form terror cells etc)thus weaken it and undermined it. Worse, they will use their terror cells to terrorize your population and spread the ISIS violence trough-out Europe. Those crazies actually believe they can take over Europe and claim it for their own withing 50-100 year, or even sooner.
With millions incoming like this and massive breading (Muslims live to do that with mothers having up to 15 babies) soon Europe will look like Mideast. If you are letting this happen in the name of some political correctness, you are as crazy as they are smartcrazy. You are betraying your own people and if some leader emerges, you may be looking at massive uprising of you population to save themselves from this catastrophe. Of course American made as everything evil anywhere in the World.
Go ahead be their puppet state and cooperate. In the end it'll be you who would pay the worse price, while they would achieve their world hegemony over large parts of the World, not including Russia and other BRISC countries. They will live in alternative world far better.
Save yourselves while you can. Alternative is a total catastrophe for Germany and the whole Europe.
European people do not deserve this and hopefully they will wake up and take it into their own hands to save themselves if you professional corrupted politicians would not.
Time to stop
Sun, 23 Aug 2015 11:16 EDT
Tsunami II
While Germany and all Euro nations are coping with human tsunami coming into Europe, America that country that caused, triggered and continues it, is completely silent.
They only brag about how many "terrorists" they killed with their relentless bombing that is driving millions out of their countries. At the same time ISIS is expanding and taking new territories, thus making that bombing effective in one thing only: driving the population out, that is the tsunami coming to Europe.
Is it possible that Europe is such an American vassal continent and puppet states, that you can not do anything about this catastrophe engulfing your continent and good deal of middle east. Some are even claiming we are in the beginning of WWIII. This all thanks to American drive for world hegemony and you and your Euro friends are doing nothing about it. What about your people? How long do you think they will stay idle and watch their homeland's being overrun by people who do not belong there, at all.
It is just a matter of time and numbers of newcomers, before some groups take the matters in their own hands, as it always happens when homeland is in some kind of danger.
The refuges must be stopped from reaching Euro soil, must be helped over there and most importantly America must get on the ground with the local forces and stop ISIS. Otherwise Europe will be changed and destroyed beyond repair. No one on this planet has the right to ask or demand this from continent or a country.
Save yourselves while there is still time. Remember you owe America nothing any longer, they must be dealt with so they treat you as equal and they must stop their relent march towards world domination, thus the true and final WWIII.
Time to stop
Sat, 8 Aug 2015 11:25 EDT
the tsunami
The refuges, immigrants, legals or illegals are overrunning Germany as well as most Euro countries. This is not acceptably for in sort time there is a real danger for a critical mass of newcomers that will overwhelm everything in your country. Further they may in fact, become majority in the long run and simply take Germany (and most Euro countries) as their own, thus render your native population as second class citizens who may be treated as fair game for final solution, meaning eliminate you out of existence.
Far fetched? Not at all. Just look at Toronto for instance. They already have newcomers overtake the natives in percentage of population, with rapid change of population structure. OK, Canada is an immigrant country thus can not complain. But Germany and Europe?
You can not possibly allow ruin of your continent by newcomers in those numbers. They must be kept out and helped in their own countries or close to them.
This is more reasonable and better for everyone in the the long run. Just look what is going on today in Germany. This will multiply by thousand times and more. Germany and Europe do not deserve this and can not be asked by any means to self destruct because of the current catastrophe America caused.
Please save yourselves for America does not care and wants Europe weaken even destroyed. You owe them nothing any longer and deserve to have Europe as it was for Europeans. What is wrong with that in a world of overpopulation of other regions that you did not contribute at all, thus you do not have to accept their over flow.
Wed, 15 Jul 2015 05:34 EDT
Further to
Mon, 6 Jul 2015 10:26 EDT
Germany can save Europe
America is escalating her demonizing of Russia and even plans to break the 1999 agreement of non-nukes in Europe. This is one of many agreements, formal or informal they have broken on their way toward Russian borders, and possibly eventual attack upon Russia. Their insanity driven politicos actually BELIEVE they can do what Napoleon and Hitler could not.
Where does that leave you? Nowhere, for your and European future is non-existent. If you allow America to escalate this neo-cold war, you will seal your faith along with all other Euro countries. Germany is a leading member of EU and if you don't stand up to America and their hegemony, and if no other EU country does it, America will have caused the #3. This you must not doubt, for they are so violent a country and even more sadly, their people, that they can not live without beating upon somebody. It is in their blood*. But do you need to sacrifice your country and continent, for the sake of their mirbid violence?
You don't have to. All you need to do is to educate your people at large as to what will happen if you continue with following America's orders; nuclear catastrophe for all. There is no other way to put it, and you know it but your people do not. Not yet, but someone somehow will emerge to let them know and move them. No European people will agree with mass suicide, that America's plans and schemes will do for them. They will rise up as many times in history and stop this insanity pushed by insane politicians controlled by corporations. That is is. The corporatism that has take over democracies in the west (worse in America but significant in EU)is running the govts elected by people and if they are not stopped, it'll be over. Believe it.
* Every so often they NEED and MUST get a lesson, as they did in Vietnam, for instance, so they would behave as civilized country for a while. It is obvious they need a new one. The problem is if they attack someone who can fight them back, then we as a Planet have a problem. Let's stop them by reasoning from EU.
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G7 Submit of
Sat, 6 Jun 2015 12:11 EDT
This is what thousands of protesters, camping as close as they can get to that remote meeting place, are saying this meeting is all about. Yes folks, the G7 is a "club" of 7 predatory nations, lead by their puppeteer the US of A, that tells them what to do and how to do it. It is all about the oppression of the regular folks around the world, even in their own 7 countries they "represent". Yes they "represent" for they actually represent the 1% plus those who serve the 1% that includes the very politicians gathered for this summit.
Of course they don't want Russia here. It is the only country that stood up against their master, America thus they can't be part of the plot America is plotting against everyone not under their boot. Imagine how much effort and cost these brave and decent protesters have to endure, to follow, these destroyers of the planet we live on, to remote areas they hide while plotting another austerity measure or war on a country(s).
Why do they go so far from urban areas. Simple. The majority of population wherever they go is AGAINST what they do and stand for. Thus they must go to remote areas, but they have to be luxurious enough for them to enjoy themselves just as they are used to, in their plush palaces, paid for by the 1% they support and help unconditionally. They think they are part of 1% but in reality they are their servants, just as you are they way they made you by serving the 1% and assuring their prosperity on your backs, while they are looked after. This both while they are in power and after. Just look at that super crook Tony Blair.The damage he did to the English population and labor party in order to kiss the 1%'s behind and the afterwards richness he got from them and is still at their trough. Disgusting at best.
Now we have thousands protesting in remote location. Imagine how may would do it in urban setting? Millions, for every one in remote area there are hundreds of thousands who would do it in urban area.
This is why they would not do anymore what was done in Toronto, Canada where they had a massive demonstrations on the stets of that militarized city for the occasion, with security that cost taxpayers Billion dollars plus. And this in a country where population is so docile that their current nasty PM, can do almost everything against them with impunity and he does. Thus you have Canada stitched to the American empire to become a puppet state as the other G7.
Pity the population of these 7 countries, for they are heading into an abyss that will see the end of way of life for them, for there is a massive movement among the rest of the world to develop an alternative organization of life and work, that would see an end to Americanization currently enforced by you-know-who and currently plotted its further enforcement in that luxury resort.
"Do you want croissant with that"? " No, freedom fries", says Obama, of course.
Who or What is right
Sun, 24 May 2015 11:49 EDT
In German foreign policy?
What Ms. Merkel has done and hopefully doing, to assert German and Euro independence (at least partial when it comes to Euro issues)in foreign policy from their masters in Washington, can only benefit Germany, Europe, Russia and frankly the whole world. If Europe continues to subjugate herself to American policy of world hegemony, things are not going to work out well for them of for anybody on this planet, for that matter.
Complete and blind following of American orders will lead to total disaster for all.As we are witnissing the outcome of "american" interventionism in middle east, we can imagine such disaster in Europe but multiplied by untold times. In fact the first and second world wars would look as child's play by comparison, what would happen in Europe (and the world by extension)if America had its way and cause/trigger the next war. And she will do it if Europe with German lead, does not put their collective foot down and say to Americans: "Enough of you, we'll do our Euro biz our, European way". What Ms. Merkel has done, may be the beginning of such wisdom.
BUT, we have seen your former ambassador to Moscow, interview on RT Tv, and he adamantly claims "Germany (and Europe) will always go along with America, regardless of anything else".
Well, what and who is right? The answer to this absolutely crucial question may indicate and decide the destiny of this planet, in fact. Is Ms. Merkel and Europe going the peace way or Ambassador is right, Germany and Europe are going American way? That would make Ms. Merkel's initiative fake, lies and deception, done so well by Wa. ever since we remeber.
Russia is no threat to anyone, but those who mean her harm. It is that simple. They have the biggest and riches land mass on earth, with potential to outdo everyone including America and Europe put together.So why in the world would they want any more land in Europe, like Baltics and others that claim Russia wants their lands. They have larger stretches of land that human food has not touched yet, than all those countries claiming Russia want their lands. Rubbish perpetuated by likes of America and her puppets, part of demonizing Russia even since their glorious Revolution.When Russia attacked anyone it was to defend/retaliate for the attack on herself(with rare exceptions compared with American routine attacks). Since end of Soviet union not one attack on anyone. How many for America? Crimea was taken back as Russian land for centuries that was "gifted" to them illegally.Besides the people voted to join Russia (remember you were all for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo,Macedonia and many other breakaway regions for their "independence) so you have no say WHATEVER. But then you follow the American double talk and double standards. Well that stops at Russian border and borders of many other countries, India, China, Brazil and perhaps another hundred plus independent countries.They simply will stand up to American hegemony and if necessary, fight back. Now this is sometime America does not like and expect. Only those that can not fight back are good targets as history has shown and anyone who cold fight back, wins over America/ Remember Vietnam? There barefooted people of Vietnam beat the might USA military, with Soviet weapons and know how, of course.
Now imagine if anyone from your side ventured into Russian territory? What would happen to those? Easy to answer but horrible to think about it. Worse, they would not only be punished at that sacred-never-to-be-crossed-again-by-anyone border, but their home lands would experience the same or worse devastation.
Given this scenario, which can be very real if triggered by anyone, do you think it is still wise to go along with American hegemony plans and schemes? Not for you or any other Euro country. You know better and you know that only peaceful coexistence with anyone including Mother Russia is the right thing to do. Discard the chains of Americanization and deal with them on equal footing. Neither you nor Europe as a whole continent OWE American anything.
Start to De-Americanize. it is the right thing to do, absolutely.

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