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She is
Tue, 9 Feb 2016 10:22 EST
Imagine, Ms.Merkel is quoted as saying, she was APPALLED* with Russian bombings in Syria. Imagine that. She has the nerve to accuse Russian defense of an independent state, from those who want to destroy it (after 7 were already destroyed by usual suspects, America and her vassal'puppet states) by their bombings and support of ISIS as their on-the-ground evil force.
Where was she in 2011, when Libya was bombed into stone age and into total chaos that exists today? It was done by her "Friends", in reality her puppet masters from Washington, the very same who also started the bombing of Syria almost 2 years ago, under pretense to fight ISIS, when in fact they were aiding them to destroy another independent country, that dares to say NO to America.
Yes, Ms. M where were you? Millions were driven from their homes by America et al bombings, way before first "good" Russian bomb fell on ISIS, not Syrian civilians and their soldiers, defending them and their country.
Of those driven out, you "invited" over million to Germany and mere to come. Why? Because you have good heart. Unlikely. Perhaps guilt or more likely American orders, as they order you to do their bidding, still with no violence but that will change sooner or later, for the German soldier is the "best in the world" itching to practice his craft. By the way, it was your hero, Waffen SS General Kurt Meyer, who declared; Russian soldiers are the most ferocious, German the best but American NOTHING, once you take away their equipment.
Back to present day; Russian intervention in Syria is purely defensive, they do not bomb civilians and they ARE THE ONE THAT ALREADY BROKE THE BACK OF ISIS (as they broke the back of German Nazi Army in the battle of Kursk and won the WWII) and will defeat them with or without cooperation or even non-cooperation of your masters.
The world changed last year when your side tried to destroy another country Ukraine and move NATO to the borders of Russia. The line is drawn there and you will move no further. Then Russia stood up for the independent country of Syria, started its defense and will save it from destruction by the evil empire, the only one we have. OK in that stupid American movie Star Wars, there is an Evil Empire, likely depicting AMERICA OF THE FUTURE, that will not happen.
So two things happen: first no more NATO expansion, second No more destruction of independent countries by anyone with impunity or without UN approval.
One good thing she is quoted to have said and that is that she will work on resorption of the crisis in middle east and Syria, but with wrong protagonist, Turkey that is in fact enabler of ISIS and all those bent of destruction of Syria, which ain't going to happen as long as Russia (and many of her powerful friends) has some thing to say with her might power.
So get off your you-know-what and start the peace process, that is the only right thing to do or we'll face a catastrophe newer seen and the last one.
* she was not appalled by American et al bombings for the drop "nice" and "pleasure-to-die-from" bombs.
You started
Mon, 1 Feb 2016 10:28 EST
you stop it
If "mother" Merkel did not "invite" her migrant children on mass to Germany, you Germans and Europeans would not have this huge problem on your hands. Now that more and more "things" are coming out, with the latest that 20000 children are missing as result of criminal activity of the whole new "industry" involved in this mass movement of population, this has to stop or the very survival of Euro continent may be in jeopardy.
Thus, Germany must stop it as it started it. What this means, you the Germans must initiate an urgent, massive response that would trow that RING OF STEEL around European continent, that would be absolutes impenetrable by anyone not in legal position to enter the continent, anywhere along this Ring Of Steel.
There is no other alternative but to capitulate to the masses moving onto continent, with huge percentage of young, single fighting age men. You know what that means and you already are seeing the consequences on the streets of Germany and beyond. Worse to come, if the Ring is not installed within days. You have the men-power, equipment and everything else you need to do it. No one can blame you after what the world has seen is happening.
If you had ONLY the real, true refugees this would never have happened.happened. Both the numbers and quality of them would be insignificant and would not affect Europe's security.
So, Ms. Merkel, the "mother" of this catastrophe must get of her you-know-what and do the right thing, or the people themselves will do it.
And don't forget, you as continent are responsible in good measure for this catastrophe and MUST help the refugees over there and resolve the crisis ASAP even if that means sending in massive military to crash ISIS, American children fed and supplied by Saudis and others.
Let's stop this madness before it stops you and the rest of the world.
Do you still
Mon, 18 Jan 2016 20:35 EST
feel guilty?
Germany has done so much evil in those two WW that it may never shake off the guilt that goes with it. But if you had another country that is as bad as you were (now you are mostly considered good and decent with few faults tied to membership to NATO and vassal state status to America)or even worse, you'd start feeling better, finally? Wouldn't you?
Well that time is coming fast if it is not already here. If you think of countries like Soviets, Iraq, China..or any other country like these, you are wrong.
There is only one country that is as bad as you were and becoming even worse, and that is your puppet master themselves; AMERICA. Surprised? Should not be.
Since WWII, America has done so much damage and evil to so many countries with so much violence to so many people, that their sins are getting to be as bad as your if not worse.
OK, so you had some nasty methods, but killing people on mass as both you and America, does it matter what methods you used?
Those of us who know the history of this most violent nation on earth, know haw many countries it has destroyed, how many millions upon millions of people it has killed directly or indirectly, thus we can claim with confidence, they are as bad as you were and becoming even worse, thus your country Germany is no longer the worse of the worse in the history of this planet.
Take just one of their victims*: Vietnam. Untold millions were killed in the name of fighting communism and other fabricated goals. How did they do it? You are better off not knowing the details and you'll never be able to find out anyway. They keep these secret for ever.But what is known among the worse atrocities, what they did from the air. They have dropped 4 times the quantity of high explosives, what was dropped by all sides in the biggest war ever, the WWII. Put in other way; they dropped 630 worth of Hiroshima atomic bombs on the tiny country of Vietnam. There you are, don't you feel better now? You are not the worse ever, any longer. The new evil has emerged and is still doing its evil doing. But not for too long. Other power has just drawn a line in Syria, defending it and saving it. No independent country will ever be destroyed by America any longer. This is over and if they continued with their evil ways, they themselves will perish from the face of this Planet, as we all would.
Americans and all other peoples under their foot, wake up and save yourselves, by saying NO to them. It is that simple. Don't be afraid, for no longer they can destroy you with impunity. That is over for ever.
*The list of their victims is longer than any list of victims in history.
You were
Fri, 15 Jan 2016 10:53 EST
Warned by many..
In this space, you were warned quite early about the dire consequences of inviting and letting the so called "migrants" in to your country and Europe, in those huge numbers.
First they are no migrants and are only few true refugees. Most are opportunists, males of fighting age looking for infiltration of Europe, as an advance force for the eventual total undermining and takeover of the whole continent.
Secondly, who gave you the right to do such thing to Euro continent, even if you are the strongest country?
You have done almost irreparably damage to this continent and beyond with two world wars. Somehow we managed to get over it, maybe even forgave you but never forget what you did. Now you are doing it again, this time ostensibly for good reasons. Forget that, for both Bismark and Hitler claimed they did their "thing" for good reasons. Look what happened to them and what damage they did.
So do not do Europe any favors any longer and stop this insanity. This crisis was caused by America with your approval and it must be stopped by America with your disapproval. America is no good any longer and if not stopped in what it is doing, we'll end up with the #3. You know what will happen to you and all those allied with America.
Once you divorce yourselves from this evil empire/partner, the crisis around the world can be resolved which will end this mass movement of population, for this is what this is all about.
In the meantime, CLOSE ALL THE BORDERS OF CONTINENT, FROM BOSPORUS TO MEDITERRANEAN SEA. stop the invaders (that is what they are) help them at camps they will stay for a while and eventually return all those single men (at least) back where they came from.
Never again you open the Continent for immigrants, refugees, migrants, mass population movements etc. for your continent has no more open spaces for anyone else, but your own. That has to spread around the world and everyone must live where they are born. If they want to travel Ok but must go back where they belong.
Only that way the Planet will be saved.
So let's all get to work, the time is running out.
Beware of America
Fri, 1 Jan 2016 11:16 EST
bearing gifts
America is deploying nuclear weapons in your and other Euro countries, again. You think these are gifts? Think again. For these are "gifts" that do not keep giving, but keep taking and in the end will take your country and the whole continent and even the world down to the abyss America is preparing for everyone.
Russia has updated their National Security Strategy, and it clearly points out that NATO is their and the world's biggest and nastiest enemy. The one that will eventually trigger the #3 if not disbanded.
Your country, Germany is a leading member of Europe and it is up to you (perhaps along France) to reasses your relationship with America and do something about their evil plans for NATO expansion, before it is too late.
Russian security strategy calls for; "not a step back" (remember those words that stopped Nazi German hoards moving towards Moscow)and they mean it 1M% for sure. Not only NATO will NOT be allowed to march across their sacred Mother Russia soil, but they (meaning you and your puppet master)will stop you way before their borders and destroy your homelands at the same time. Yes, what Khrushchev threatened you so many moons ago (perhaps they were not able to do it then, what he said they would, but today they can in minutes), would happen in no time. This not only to you but to any other enemy soldiers and countries participating in the insanity of attack on Mother Russia.
Remember what Napoleon said:"To conquer Russia, firs one must be ready to die". Are you and your entire country ready to die? Besides, no one ever conquered Russia and no one ever will.
So please, listen to Russia and Putin the most popular politician in the world. Start the process of dismantling NATO, evict America from European Continent and truly unite Europe from Atlantic to mount Ural and beyond. Europe does not need either America or England. They simply do not belong in Europe. In fact all the English speaking countries DO NOT BELONG IN EUROPE, PERIOD. You know who they are and what they have done in the history of the world.
It is time to stop America/English march towards world hegemony, thus stop the certain destruction of the only Planet we have.
Invasion of
Tue, 3 Nov 2015 09:54 EST
Europe II
On June 6th 1944 you had massive invasion of Europe by the allies to liberate you from nazis. Now you have another invasion of Europe from the south, to undermine and destroy your way of life and existence.
The massive army of unarmed invaders is winning and soon they will do what they age going there to do. Establish a beachhead and then invite the rest of them, in millions.
You are not stopping them now and you will not stop them when millions start walking to all over European continent.
You could have stopped them, you can still stop them but you are doing practically nothing, but helping them advance towards the hears of Europe.
Once they are moving in millions, there will be no stopping them. They will evict you from your continent or turn you into their religion to sere them as they served you for centuries.
Is this what you deserve and is this poetic justice? May be, but you have no right to let your people and their homes be overrun by these barbarians.
Wait and see what Russian people will do if they dare invade their country. There will be no mercy or helping them. Thy will either turn back or go not a step further.
That is how you handle them. Turn them back, stop them and then help them generously at their homes or close to their countries while crisis is resolved.
Problem solved, if you had the guts and brains. You don't either.
You have all gone
Mon, 26 Oct 2015 17:38 EDT
Most EU members have gone insane.What will it take for you to to something right about the migrants crisis. THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES, THEY ARE MIGRANTS. That means they are invading your country without one bullet fired. Are you crazy or this is totally insane what you let happened?
All you need to do is, send adequate forced on the ground in Greece and on the Mediterranean sea and STOP them from entering Europe. It is that simple. They have NO RIGHT whatsoever to do what you let them do it. All they do bring bunch of children with them, while majority are young men of fighting age soon to become huge problem for Europe.
There is enough space around Syria to house all of them and feed them, while crisis is ongoing. Yes you have to help and finance it. After all you and your masters in Washington caused this, but your people do not deserve destruction of their living space, their own countries.
Now that you made this "agreement" send in overwhelming force to do the work of stopping them in their tracks. Not just few soldiers to show that you are doing something. This is a grave emergency you must reverse, or you are looking of irreparable damage to Euro continent.
Pretend Europe is attacked by, say China with 2 million soldiers, and you must send adequate force to stop them. That is what you must do if you are to save you and your people.
Anything less than this will spell failure and catastrophe to European continent.
Now sound the alarm and send the forces into action. Show the world you have such force that can do the job. Learn from Russian who did more to stop ISES in 25 days than Americans in more than a year.
Save yourselves and the world. It is that serious.
Hungary is
Sat, 17 Oct 2015 11:15 EDT
Absolutely right
By closing another border Hungary is contributing the most to stemming the tsunami of mass movement of populations that do not belong in Euro. But it is not enough. Two things must be done: First Europe must send in troops to prevent even one crossing into Greece from Turkey. Thus Turkey will have to handle them on their own. Then they will have to stop them crossing the Bosporus and keep them in camps that will be financed by all. Second: Euro must send in a powerful navy that will stop all crossing the Mediterranean to Italy. Every boat must be captured and the occupant returner to Africa. Establish a port where you'll take them and then to camps financed by all.
That is the ONLY solution at this time, till the conflict of American and your making is resolved. Do this before the scared local population of countries that do not want them and can not have them take matters in their own hands. We are very close to that phase of this catastrophe made By America*..
* seems catastrophes like this are the only things America can make nowdays. All others are made by exploited people of low wages countries. That too is American invention.
Soon they
Wed, 7 Oct 2015 18:32 EDT
will return
Now that Russian military took on themselves to do something serious about the American made terrorists in Mideast, perhaps the refuges will stop escaping the in discriminate, inaccurate bombings by America and her willing and unwilling vassal states. Arn't you glad you did not participate in this inhuman action by the country whose prez got the Nobel Peace Prize? Poor Swedes, the most decent people and country on Planet, must be pulling their collective hairs for making such a terrible mistake. No American president should receive such a prize, ever. They are the most cadaverous and violent country in the universe, not only on this Planet.
Ms. Merkel should call Mr. Putin and thank him.
Germany must
Thu, 17 Sep 2015 18:59 EDT
The refuges (most are not but want "German" way of life) are encouraged by Angela to such degree that millions will be on the move within days. It was a huge mistake for Ms. Merkel to encourage the "refuges" thus make this human tsunami even worse. They think they would have a wonderful, worry free life in Germany, thus everyone who can will get up and go to Germany. This has to stop. As we can see, the countries that are being overwhelmed are fighting back, but they are not using real violence against the hordes of people who think they are entitled a passage. But the locals seem to be at the verge of doing something about it, for they feel their own homes and country are in danger. Thus we may see some serious violence by individuals or groups that are easily formed in such situation.
The western Europe better do something to stop the crossing to Europe, or we may witness some nasty things happening. It is a matter of short time, if nothing is done. This simply can not go on for too long.

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