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Yassar M.
Mon, 10 Aug 2015 06:35 EDT
I want to resort to Glasor
I am lebanese.Sofar,I stay in Ukraine .
Please,could you help me how to do that?
KInd regards
Wed, 18 Mar 2015 11:07 EDT
is a real country!
To idiot again.99% of Ukrainian soldiers fight for their Motherland,not for some Bandera...But you can't know this,because:1)YOU ARE STUPID;2)YOU ARE INFECTED BY putin'S PROPAGANDA;3)YOU ARE russian.If you don't know,I'll explain you that Bandera is idol only for small group of people from Western Ukraine.After elections,nationalists were not selected to Supreme Coucil.They were supported less than 1% of population.So,there is no fascism in Ukraine, but it exists in Russia, because:1)Putin is only one furer for that poor country;2)society is awashed with hate.You are saying, that Kiev was Russian town long time ago.There was not such country as Russia till 18 century...It was Moskovia.Peter the First renamed that country as Russia.Kiev was the town of Kievska Rus.
Wed, 11 Feb 2015 19:16 EST
is this s real country?
Poor Alex from a non-country of ukraine, claims there is no nazis in kiev, yet the nazi colabrator and war criminal, hung after the war, by the name we believe bandera, is now a new national hero in whose name they fight and die.For those who don't know, ukraine as a country never exsisted till it was stiched together from Russian lands. This after the glorious Russian revolution of 1917. Then few of the leading revolutionaries and military leaders threw together ukraine as a republic of Soviet Union. As early as during Byzantium empire,kiev was referred to as Russian city where Russian prince and princeses lived. There was never any talk of ukraine as country. Even the name is not a name of a real country. It means territory at the border (of Russia), meaning they are the first in defence of Mother Russia, if ever anyone dares to attack her. When Soviet union gave up its communist ways, they agreed to let ukraine go as independent country. If they wanted to the Russians could have kept it as their "territory at the border" but thanks to drunken Yeltzin, who was likely paid off by Americans, he gave then their independance. If that scenario happened few years later, after drunken Yeltzin, ukraine would not exist as a country but another border territory of Mother Russia, the real and biggest country in the world. This in spite of their generosity of giving independance to few formar republics. All these new countries have been thankful, fair and friendly to Mother Russia except this non-country infested with nazis that have risen to abuse the very people whose country, Russia gave them a chance to become finally a real country Ukraine. But no, that was not enough so they wanted to drive out the Russian population that has been there for ever, way before ukrainians (as Bush would call them) came there from who knows where.
Now they think that America will help them undermine Mother Russia that has never been defeated and can defeat anyone who dares even to step one step over their borders, or over the borders of their former territory ukraine, as the red line for their security.
Luckily Europeans, as the most cultured and responsible people in the West are taking over this crisis, imposed on them by Amerikanski, and will resolve it peacefully. That will be the end of ukraine as it was known. It'll become real country only if it starts behaving as real countries do (just look what they did in the last 10 years. Simply a failed country) formed as federation with autonomous repblics, as East Russians and others. The nazis must go and their hero bendera must be buried again.
That is over and there will be not a step forward for those who want to come to the borders of Mother Russia and threaten her in any way. They were told many times: RUSSINA BEAR LIVES IN HIS TAIGA. HE DOES NOT WANT TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT NO ONE WOULD EVR ENTER HIS TAIGA AS AN ENEMY. it is as simple as that.
Hope you learned something tday.
Mon, 19 Jan 2015 07:37 EST
To this sick person from Canada!!!
Living in Canada and giving such comments about Ukraine here looks strange and mentally sick to every normal person. There is no Fascism in Ukraine. There is a FASCISM in Russia! You don't know, because you're 10000 km away.Come here and you'll see yourself,idiot!Check here:
Mohammed Qasim Ismael
Fri, 16 Jan 2015 21:53 EST
Inquire about Immigration To Germany
Dear Sir/Mrs :-
actually i'm student in Ukraine ,Kharkov petroleum engineering at last course.
and my nationality is Iraqi .
i heard from official site on internet that there is city in Germany called (Goslar) looking for immigrants . is it right ? and who we can apply for it . if is it possible to use
inbox me please>....thanks
Mahmood Abdul-Hussein Ali
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 12:51 EST
I want to resort to Goslar
I Mahmood Abdul-Hussein Ali
I'm from Iraq .... I want to resort to Goslar
How can you help me
With appreciation ..
Fri, 9 Jan 2015 17:13 EST
To all Germans: You watched your Chansellor Ms. Merkel with that bold, no hair, ugly guy from Ukraine, their prime minister, we believe, on TV today. If you don't believe now, he is a nazi/fascist as is majority of their govt, you'll never believe, for you too are still and always have been nazis.
You know what he said, while giving a backside kissing speech upon his arrival to beg for further help by your govt. In this speech he said; THAT IT WAS RUSSIA, SOVIET UNION AT THAT TIME, WHO INVADED GERMANY AND ATTACKED GERMANY COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED AND UNJUSTIFIEDLY, DURING WORLD WAR TWO. Thus it was the "poor" nazis and Germans who suffered incredibly at the hands of invaders and agressors, the Russians.
Now if we have to explain to you how unbelievable or simply crazy and bizzare this statement is, than you are on his side and never left the nazi movement, even thugh you are born after that darkest history of the world.
Either this Ukraine moron is completely crazy or is so crazy to make such statement to provoke some kind of response by Russia or whatever. Or he is so crazy that by doing this, he is implying that Today's Germany is a nazi/fascist state that would support him as a nazi unquestionably. There could be another set of explanations, but they all lead to simply insane behaviour of this bold (like in no hair not brave) and ugly nazi however you look at him.
Now there is another question, the big one: Will Ms. Merkel make a statement in which she will denounce this ^&%%$# nazi in most severe terms and throw him out of your country. If she doe not she will admit that he is right and thus show the world she agrees with his statement, thus admit your country is in complete agreement and concernt with this noe-nazi country called Ukraine.
It is hard to believe something like this is possible, that Ms. Merkel as true democrat and anti-nazi would not denounce this lowlifeforme that is a representative of the neo-nazi movement taking place in Ukraine as you read this comment.
On the other hand, she may follow the instructions/orders from Washington that say: IF ANYONE IS AGAINST RUSSIA, HE IS OUR FRIEND NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE OR WHAT THEY SAY OR DO, and even praise this absolute insane lowlife as good friend of Germany, who must be helped against the "evil" Russia who so terribly attacked Germany in 1945, without any provocation.Let's see what she will do. The very reputation of hers and Germany depends on this. The world still believes that nazism is the worst ever ideology and political movement imposed on Germany and other countries.
Now the President
Mon, 5 Jan 2015 19:43 EST
of Czech Repullic wonders.....
Yes the President of one of the NATO/EU country is saying:there is something wrong with Ukraine Nazis marching in Kiev, just as Nazis of Nazi Germany did pre and during WWII.
Yes Ms. Merkel (hope this is sent to her to see) one president is already saying it and many wonder what the hell is going on in that Ukraine, Americans and other NATO countries are FORCED by USA to support without any reservations.
We are witnessing the open birth of a nazi movement/country (soon to come nazi regime)in the midst of
Europe that has sufferd unbelievable tragedy from the very type of movement that Ukraine ultraright is reviving as you are reading this. All this in front of the eyes of Obama, Ms. Merkel and all others with only one Czech President with conscience and courage to come forward and question the events that are moving very fast and could lead to serious consequences. As it is now, Ukraine as a state is finished and will evolve only as part of what it used to be. The question is, whether it is going to be a democracy of peaceful people or fascist dictatorship with nazism as its ideology and terror.
If USA and her pawns is OK with that, we are sure that Mother Russia would never accept a nazi regime next to its border, just as NATO's arms would never be tolerated at the border of this biggest country in the world, that contributed to liberation of Europe far more than any combination of NATO members, you care to put together.
It is in every Russian DNA to hate and fight nazis everywhere as it should be in any European or any member of human race, for that matter.
So what are you waiting Ms. Merkel in condemning what is going on in Ukraine? Or are you and others in your "club" displaying same attitude as England and France did when Russia offered to sign with them a three way defence pact against nazis/hitler in 1939. Those two "brave" countries "preferred", England being the braver, to sign pact with hitler rather than Russia, for they "preferred" nazis over Russia that presented no threat to anyone at that or any other time since. Thus we had the WWII that could have been avoided and prevented, for hitler could never had enough force to attack France, England and other Euro countries including Russia at the same time. Imagine that Ms.Merkel no WWII, no destruction of Germany and all other tragedies that war brough about to peoples of the world.
Although this hypothesis sounds fantastic, it is something that could have happened had England, France not demonized Russia and accepted their offer of friendship and protection at that critical moment.
You don't read this in English or any other Euro country's history book, for sure.
Now the history can repeat itself with blind support of anyone who is AGAINST Russia, even nazis.
Do it at your own peril as you did in 1939. But make sure your population knows exactly what you are doing and what are the possible consequences. One hopes that at least the alternate media will do it, rather than corporate/govt controlled media.
They need to & must know.
Fri, 2 Jan 2015 10:50 EST
So the "Ultranazionals" of Ukraine were out in full force to demonstrate on the New Year's day. Yes the western media calls them "Ultranacionals" so to make it look and sound benaign and harmles. But in fact they are the NAZIS/Fascists of Ukraine that are reviving their nazism of WWII, when their leader they warship now, joined the nazis the day they occupied Ukraine. Masses of Ukrains also joined and went out to kill Jews, Russians and anyone who the nazis targeted as undesirables. In other words, the great majority of Ukraine population turned nazis instantly and kept it dormant till this day. Now they are out demonstrating in "good old nazi style" with torches and nazi banners and pictures of their hero, nazi collaborator (don't know or care to know this hitler-like lowlife's name).
This was a mass demonstration telling us the nazism is alive, wide spread and supported by huge percentage of western Ukr. people. Very likely many in the govt are also nazis that plan to take ove the govt just like hitler did in 1936.
And worse jet, this is what America and their lapdogs in NATO are supporting 110% and in fact helpped them to take down violently the legitimate president and govt. This also proves that anyone who is against the Russians, is a friend of America et al. Soon ISIS will become friend when one of their leaders finds aout about this and "declares" Russia their prmary target and enemy. They will be hailed as freedom fighters and true friends of America et al.
Germany has turned into decent country. You know what happenes to those who cause wars over and over again. You paid a big price (although not big enugh for what you did especially to Russia). Now you see what is happening here and yet you blindly support American position and look the other way while nazis are rising in Ukraine. Don't make your mistake again. Do something about it for Russia will do it for you and the rest of the world if and when the time comes. They liberated Ukraine many times, last time from you but if they need to do it again they will. And if the do, those nazis will be removed from the face of earth for ever, for they do not belong amongst humans or animals on this earth. Maybe amongst maggots and similar creaturs, but not amongst humans or enimals,which are far more noble than us anyway.
So do somethig about this before is too late. America is no friend of anyone but themselves. Since GW Shrub's doctrine is in place, only America counts and no one else. You and others in NATO are just interventionalist force for them and one day you will make a mistake (under their orders)of attacking someone who can fight back and it'll be over for all. Tragically American neo-cons think they can win the #3 and survive to enjoy their "American dream" which is a nightmare for the rest of the world.
Fri, 21 Nov 2014 10:54 EST
student conference in germany
Hello am a student in ukraine and registered for a conference in Germany by January 2015. I would love to know the requirements as well as type of visa to apply for. Secondly I was denied I schengen visa to greece this November will it affect my application for a German visa?

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