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Now you have gone
Tue, 29 Nov 2016 10:19 EST
More sanctions on Russia is what you think must be done for their saving and liberating and independent country Syria. You have some nerves to even think of this let alone make it public. Why? Because your puppet masters from Washington have destroyed numerous sovereign/independent countries that did nothing to them but said no (which you are incapable to do) and wanted to live in peace and harmony. Yugoslavia was the worse case scenario (in which you too had your bloody fingers) where your masters practiced how to destroy a good size sovereign country. Others fell after they got it right. How many millions they killed, maimed and left poor, destitute and homeless, yet you said not a word against that.Russia is HELPING not destroying a country and this is why you want mare sanctions? Of course not, but you must follow the orders from Washington, thus you do this against your better judgement. Till you free yourselves from your masters you will be nothing but their puppet and vassal. Shane on you. Ps: if you ever rise up and want to shake the chains of American domination, bet you Russia will help you.
Is it possible
Wed, 23 Nov 2016 17:44 EST
Europe has gone stupid?
Now you have brought a resolution accusing Russian media to be propagandists and as dangerous as ISIS. What is wrong with you. Is this something America, your puppet masters ordered you to do? Your and American, corporate owned and controlled main steam media has become a tool of the governments and corporations that act on your behalf to suppress and control your people in the name and for the benefit of the elite. Your democracy is dead and gone from whatever little you had in the last few decades.
The RT for instance, is one of the few media that tells the truth thus it is in your way. Unless you order them out (and admit your free society is over) more and more of your people will be watching and believing them, for they tell the truth, while your controlled media tells what you and America tell them to tell.
Hoe low have you fallen under the boot of your masters from Washington? Liberate yourselves of your people will do it for you and them.
Clear and concise
Sat, 14 May 2016 16:37 EDT
The glorious Mother Russia's Victory Parade, that you missed deliberately, has clear and concise message to you and the world. This in 3 simple and concise manner.
1. To World at large; We were, we are and will remain Wold superpower, that no one ever conquered and never will.
2. To The West & NATO; Think very hard and very long, for you are not stronger and never will be. We are determined and capable as never before to defend Mother Russia and her interests wherever they are. That, with everything we have at our disposal, which is huge, literally unlimited.
3. To Mother Russia's population, it is short and clear; Do not worry, live in peace and love, but be prepared at all times. Your great country will defend you absolutely and with no enemy ever stepping on the sacred soil of Mother Russia ever again. No one will ever harm you again. For this we have unlimited means of defense and destruction of any and every enemy.
Germany as a country that has had its issues along wars and destruction, is best placed among western countries and NATO, to make all aware of futility of even dreaming to harm Mother Russia again. That is over and only peaceful coexistence with Russia will do. Any other alternative is impossible to imagine, for it will lead to catastrophe to all as never seen or experienced before.
Let's give Peace a Chance.
Waking up of
Fri, 9 Oct 2015 09:45 EDT
Finally, it seems Europe will wake up from the nightmare of American domination over you, that has turned every Euro country into their puppet state and vassal.
The president of the union said clearly, you can not allow America to dictate your relationships with other countries, like Russia. This kind of domination and enslaving belongs into pre-Christ era of human evolution. But America, as the most dangerous and destructive country in the modern world, does not care what happens to anyone, including you, her "friends".
They want you continent to be weak and submissive to them, thus they would continue to use you as puppet on the strings, in the name of NATO, anti-terror etc. Yet, at the same time they are the biggest terrorists in the world, terrorizing everyone who is not under their foot, yet. Of course , country like Russia they can not terrorize or attack (they may go completely insane and do it sooner or later)for Russia can and will fight them back. This is where they are counting on you to attack Russia when they order you, so you get destroyed while they live on.
Now is the time to break away, deal with them as friendly nation as you deal with others including Russia. The worlds must stop american hegemony and return to sanity and balance. otherwise we are heading to #3 which only America will cause and trigger, if it ever happens. The way they behave, it seems they want it to happen.
Hopefully, American people will see this and stop their govt from doing the insane thing, for the next big one will come to homeland, everywhere. Everyone knows what that means.
Maria Isabel
Mon, 22 Jun 2015 06:04 EDT
Applying for a German Visa from Belgium

I am from Colombia and am currently doing my internship in Ghent, Belguim. I need to apply for a German Visa for an Au Pair job. How can I apply for the Visa from here? And what are the requirements and time it takes for it to be issued?


Don't let your country be dragged
Fri, 5 Sep 2014 16:18 EDT
into "final solution" for you and the world
Germany, we know your history that will not be forgotten or forgiven. But you have rehabilitated yourselves very well and are not amongst "hated' countries as your "friend"is.
Your people do not agree any longer with what NATO is doing. All those lies Ramsmusse is telling you, as a talking head for america under their orders and instructions, are not in line with the intellectual being of German people. You are being lied to by your politicians, who force themselves to tell you these lies (from scripts USA gives them) for they must tow the line thrown at them from Wa.
Just look what they have done in Ukraine, the latest of their fiascos. Their puppet the candyman from Kiev is totally finished. He lost on battlefield and now he was ordered by his puppet masters to make peace with freedom fighters. The masters know well they can not possibly go into conflict with Russia over candyman's stupidity. They also know Russia will never attack anyone in Europe, for they are the good guys who have no intention to expand, as NATO has towards Russian borders. Well there is news for them. Russia will never take even ONE STEP BACK, from the red line drawn along the borders of former republics bordering Europe. Anyone who gets so insane to do it, will be committing suicide by stupidity.
Don't let your cultured and good country be dragged into this scenario by the one which has no culture , class of goodness.
That is something to think about.
Wed, 13 Aug 2014 06:06 EDT
Kind Attention Anita Schwab
Hi Anita...
Tried Calling U On Your Cell.
If U Receive This Mail.
Please Call Me.
boruch p. goldstein
Thu, 10 Jul 2014 09:02 EDT
appointment for apassport
Md Rezaul Karim
Mon, 23 Jun 2014 07:41 EDT
For the purpose of VISA
I am from Bangladesh and presently studying IMRD under the Erasmus Mundus Programme in Ghent, Belguim. I need a German Visa for my next two semesters of study in the Humboldt University, Berlin. How can I apply for the Visa from here? What are the documents or Do I need to submit any recent photograph?

leo dc
Mon, 3 Mar 2014 09:41 EST
problems speaking and writing German

Appeal to all non-native German speakers.
What are the biggest obstacles in learning to speak and write German? I would like to hear from you.

Leo DC
language teacher

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