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nasser rezai
Tue, 7 Jul 2015 15:49 EDT
humanitarian appeal
Dear sir/madam: for 30 years I have served as a silent lamb slaughtered by cooperative efforts of American and Iranian governments. I know you recognize me as fall out of my ordeal has been my global fame at certain circles. hereby, I appeal to the French nation to grant me asylum as I earnestly admire france. currently I reside in Iran and I understand you can not grant asylum for people residing outside France, but my circumstance is extraordinary demanding extraordinay measures. with all due respect, and at humble servitude to great nation of France, I make my hopeless appeal!!!!!
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 11:02 EDT
Gaza attrocities
No European, Asian or any other country except USA and Canada, can possibly agree with what is going on in Gaza and for the reasons it is going on. Let's face it Gaza is a modern age Warshaw getto created by the Jewish state in their march to destoy the very DNA of the Palestinian people. This is not far fatched claim. There are historic examples of total elimination of peoples by medieval bruts like Genghes Khan and more. They have literally eliminated the whole population of regions, to the last child. Yes the nazis had the same plan both for the jews and slavs. It seeems the one of these victims learned a lesson how to do it and does it. It was not slavs like Russians, for instance.
Those decent countries whose govts (people are already on the side of the true, not fabricated victims) do not like the mass killings of innocents, but can not do anything against Israel for well known reasons, should or even must do the following: recall your ambassadors from Tel Aviv, while at the same time send theirs home. This in protest of one of biggest injusticies and attrocities since the WWII attrocities against their own paople but also many more others (they and their friend rarely mention).
The modern age Genghes Khans must be stopped somehow or we'll all finish like those victams of the original one.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin., 1972
Sun, 6 Apr 2014 20:49 EDT
Syria Gas Rocket Disaster.
To the Permanent Representative: In observance of your Nations continued concern regarding the Syria situation, I want to express to you the results of my own study. I am working myself with all information available to me to identify the criminal element in the Syrian war, and I am sure that your people are doing the same. The matter that stands out the most are the two gas rocket attacks. As it has been reported that the rockets which took the lives of many people were built in a shop somewhere in Syria, it appears that the builder lacked the tooling and machine capability that the Syrian Government had at an earlier time when fabricating the gas rocket stockpile that is now being removed. This evidence seriously places the blame for these two criminal acts apon the Syrian rebel army who lacked this kind of fabrication expertice and tooling. It is my opinion that arming the Syrian rebel army is an act of International Criminal Weapons Distribution. In regard to the implications of these two matters, it would obviously be impossible to push resolutions against the Syrian Government under these circumstances in the United Nations Security Council.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Sun, 15 Sep 2013 16:43 EDT
A discussion about Syria.
Over 100,000 people have lost their lives in Syria as the result of the actions of rebels financed by concerns outside the country which amounts to a comprehensive International Criminal Act. Mr. Assad does not need chemical weapons to defend the Nation. Instead, the people of Syria would benefit by action taken by the United Nations Security Council in its sanctioning parties responsible for financing the Arab Spring uprising, thus creating a deterrant to future problems of this kind. Supporting a rebel cause of this nature is an unbelievable mistake and a criminal act. Thomas W. Makin, former envoy for President Nixon to Switzerland, 1972; Jr. United Nations Ambassador, authorized by Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, 1972.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Sun, 21 Apr 2013 19:08 EDT
North Korea-Iran Oil Trading.
I support this matter as a useful method of peace.
Aman'u'llah Farahmandnia
Fri, 28 Dec 2012 13:35 EST
Happy, warm, and fantastic Fridday greetings.
Yahweh is Almighty Creator of the Heaven, Earth, and whatever lies between them, the Originator of every life and everything seen and unseen in the Universe, the Provider, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind, the Most Gentle the Most Patient, the Most Excellent, the All Knowing, the All Hearing, the All Seeing, and the All Answering. In the name of His Holiness Jesus Christ (The Blessing and the Love of the Most Gracious God be upon Him). “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” The Holy Gospel of Matthew 7:20

Aman`u`llah Farahmandnia
3225 Markway Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43606
December 23, 2012

The United Nations

The office of the great Secretary General of the United Nations
His Majesty, prudent and thoughtful Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
New York, NY
United States 10017

The Honorable, very caring, and great members of the United Nations Security Council

The Honorable Ambassador of Azerbaijan Agshin Mehdiyev
The Honorable Ambassador of China Li Baodong
The Honorable Ambassador of Colombia Claudia Blum
The Honorable Ambassador of France, M. Jean-Maurice
The Honorable Ambassador of Germany Peter Wittig
The Honorable Ambassador of Guatemala Gert Rosenthal
The Honorable Ambassador of India Hardeep Singh Puri
The Honorable Ambassador of Morocco Ahmed Snoussi
The Honorable Ambassador of Pakistan Abdullah Hussain Haroon
The Honorable Ambassador of Portugal José Filipe Moraes Cabral
The Honorable Ambassador of Russian Federation Mr. Vitaly Churkin,
The Honorable Ambassador of South Africa Baso Sangqu
The Honorable Ambassador of Togo Kodjo Menan
The Honorable Ambassador of United Kingdom Mark Lyall Grant
The Honorable Ambassador of United States Susan E. Rice
The Honorable President of the European Union José Manuel Barroso
The Honorable Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

Dear honorable, wise, and wonderful Leaders of the United Nations, President of the European Union, and Secretary General of the (OIC):

Please kindly grant my warmest Merry Christmas and happy New Year greetings, highest respect, and thankfulness.

The Holy Blessing, Love, joy, Peace, and Beauty of the Holy Christmas be upon your majesty, your lovely family, and the kind members of the United Nations and their dear families and remain with you all throughout of the coming New year of 2013 and always.

I gladly thank and congratulate your majesty for your daily hard works, very caring public services, great achievements, superb Leadership in the affairs of the World, your goodness, your excellent job in making the World peaceful and better place for all. Thank you for your positive, productive, and sound Leadership in the Year of 2012 and wish your majesty, your sweet family, and the fine members of the United Nations the very best and every success in the coming New Year of 2013.

I am very disappointed and very displeased with the present irrational, criminal, undisciplined, and deceiver Government of the United States that has been cause of terrorism and violence in the United States and war making around the World: It is very sad and heartbreaking to see millions of people in the World are suffering from hunger, disease, insanitary, need of clean water, food, and shelter and one of the wealthiest country with beautiful nature and good people in the World the United States but their government has been cause of great burden, violence, bloodshed, war, and obstacle to the peace in the World.

Please kindly read the enclosed letter of December 17, 2012 at your leisure that will help your honorable to see the great chasm within this very dangerous, unruly, deceptive, and most corrupted Government of the United States in the World in the twenty first century knowing almost all key Leaders and members of the Congress and Justices of the Supreme Court have lost their good conscious, became self- interest, indifference, irresponsible, blind, and deaf in such there is no patriot, true, and genuine American left either in the government or in America to stand up and say enough is enough for lies, deception, cover ups, irrationality, terrorism, and dishonesty in this very disarray, hypocritical, and dysfunctional Congress and Supreme Court and raise up above the tide and to set things right.

For the Blessing of this Holy Christmas and coming of the New Year 2013, I would like to share my sincere and godly thoughts with your majesty about Almighty God’s Creation and Heavenly and Godly Institution of marriage between one man and one woman that will be very beneficial and helpful in your responsible and wise leadership for good health, prosperity, and progress of good people of your dear country and the World and avoiding the very downgrading, harmful, and destructive direction of the senseless Leaders of the United States who has been cause dysfunctional government and society America to happen in your country and society. Thank you.

The Almighty God is the Creator of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Wind, Water, and Cloud and their harmonic revolution and function for the continuous and progress of every life on Earth. The Ever Living God Created Vegetable kingdom, Animal kingdom, and Mankind Kingdom respectively and humankind in the Holy Image of Most Exalted God different than everything else in the Universe in such Mankind are glorified with the power of mind, intellect, ability, and freedom even though they have the same basic chemistry of brain as Animas.

Mankind is the only Creation made in the beginning with the Holy Touch of Omnipresent God as it can be seen in the difference between the birth of the human baby who cannot survive without the help of mother and the birth of the baby of animals are developed completely in the womb of the female animal ready to walk just after their birth in their particular environment. The Most Great God planted urge and desire in Humankind of knowing their Creator and sent Prophets through the ages according to maturity of the people to guide, direct, and help Humankind to a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy life on Earth and preparation for Everlasting Life Hereafter knowing the Humankind lived as animal lived in the first stage of their Creation.

The Holy Institution of marriage between one man and one woman is in the Order of Creation of everything in the Universe where it is impossible for two males or two females in all living species on Earth to give birth therefore please be advised not to approve the very destructive, abnormal, and very harmful to the health of society, and meaningless marriage for homosexuals knowing you will be responsible for great danger, disorder, illness, and calamity in your country and answerable to your Most Just Judge God the Amazing Creator of all. Please kindly read the enclosed letter of December 17, 2012 to some Leaders, Justices of Supreme Court, and spiritual Leaders of the United States that will be very helpful in your much better understanding of the very destructive behavior of homosexuals. Thank you for your good listening, fulfilling your good citizenship responsibility, and putting the interests of your people and the future of next generation of your country above everything else and specially above the very sick, very wrong, and shameful behavior and life style of homosexuals.

I wish your majesty, your dear family, and kind members of the United Nations the Holy Blessing of Almighty God and Holy Christmas, the very best of everything, a very good and healthy life, and happiness. May the Most Gracious God Bless your majesty and your dear family richly, be with you, protect you, keep you safe, guide your majesty in your daily life, good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, and great responsibilities. May the Love and the Blessing of the Omniscient God fill your hearts, your life, your house, and makes every day of your lives joyful, delightful, peaceful, prosperous, thankful day. My prayers are with your majesty and with your lovely family. Have a pleasant, enjoyable, spectacular Sunday, miraculous Monday Christmas Eve, and Thrilling Tuesday Holy Christmas Day, warmly Wednesday, thrilling Thursday, fabulous Friday, splendid Saturday, stupendous Sunday, marvelous Monday New Year’s Eve, terrific Tuesday New Year Day, and healthy, much better, promising, and exciting New Year of 2013.

With best wishes, prayers, beautiful thoughts, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Happy greetings, thankfulness, and love,

Thankfully Yours

Aman’u’llah Farahmandnia

Aman`u`llah Farahmandnia
3225 Markway Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43606
December 17, 2012
RE: My letter of December 16, 2012
Very important addition

The Government of the United States
Washington, DC
United States

The Honorable Speaker John Boehner
The Honorable Senator Richard Burr
The Honorable Senator John Cornyn
The Honorable Senator Mike Johanns
The Honorable Senator Mary Landrieu
The Honorable Senator Olympia Snowe
The Honorable Senator Mark Udall
The Honorable Representative Steve Austria
The Honorable Representative Roscoe Bartlett
The Honorable Representative Vern Buchanan
The Honorable Representative Emanuel Cleaver
The Honorable Representative Joe Courtney
The Honorable Representative Eliot Engel
The Honorable Representative Jeff Fortenberry
The Honorable Representative Scott Garrett
The Honorable Representative Kay Granger
The Honorable Representative Rush Holt
The Honorable Representative Lynn Jenkins
The Honorable Representative Steve King
The Honorable Representative Leonard Lance
The Honorable President Tony Perkins
The Honorable Governor Andrew Cuomo
The Honorable Governor Pat Quinn
The Honorable Governor Scott Walker
The Honorable members of Democratic Governors Association
The Honorable former Speaker Newt Gingrich
The Honorable members of the Citizens for Community Values
The Supreme Court justices Samuel Anthony Alito, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Sonia Sotomayor, and Clarence Thomas.

Dear honorable, very caring, and great Speaker, Senator, Representative, Governor, Justices, and good citizen:

Please kindly grant my warmest Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings, highest respect, and sincerity:

The Holy Blessing, Grace, Mercy, Love, and Protection of the Almighty God and His Holiness Jesus Christ (PBUH) be upon your honorable, your lovely family, and the beautiful people and great country of the United States. Peace be with you all.

May the Love, Beauty, Blessing, and Joy of the Holy Christmas fill your heart, mind, spirit, and your dear family and you will be gratified with love, joy, peace, health abundantly on this Holy Christmas and you will be able to pass them on to everyone you meet that the City, State, Country, and the new World of people of Most Holy God will be transformed into a new creation of love, brotherhood, friendship, and better understanding of the value of life, beauty of Creation, and knowing of the Most Good God.

May the Holy Blessing, beauty, and joy of the Holy Birth of His Holiness Jesus Christ (PBUH) and celebration of the New Year Day fill your hearts, your life, your house, and stays with your honorable throughout of the coming New Year. Amen.

I thank and congratulate your honorable lofty Leadership, good works, valuable time and contribution in affairs of the wonderful American during the year of 2012 and wish your honorable the very best and every success in the coming New Year. Your honorable good thoughts, good deeds, and daily hard works on the behalf of the kind citizen are valued highly, appreciated greatly, and rewarding in the Holy Sight of the Most High God.

I would like to share my sincere and good thoughts with your honorable as the year of 2012 is coming to end that will be very helpful in your great Leadership, responsibility, and good public services in the coming of the New Year of 2013.

I wrote in my letter of June 18, 2009 to the Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and on November 13, 2009 to the honorable Democrat Executive Director Doug Kelly as,

“I have terminated my support, communication, and friendship with the members of the Democratic Party until they put their house in order and remove the very foolish, stupid, ignorant Barack Obama from the office of the President: he is foolish for knew he was not eligible to be the President of the United States but tried to fool everyone in the United States Government except Deputy Attorney General Philip J. berg and I, stupid for he did not resign from the Presidential Race when the first lawsuit was brought against him in August 21, 2008, ignorant for he refuses to learn from his grave mistakes, he became deaf when someone tried to help him, and consider himself being above the law.”

I wrote in my letter of January 10, 2010 to the honorable Vice President Joseph Biden and in my letter of May 15, 2010 to honorable Senator Olympia Snowe, honorable Senator Richard Burr, Representative Leonard Lance, Representative Scott Murphy, Representative Jeff Miller, Representative Joseph Cao, and Representative Bob Latta as,

"I have written before Barack Obama is a bombshell and cause of disaster for the great Democratic Party and the country knowing that unhappiness, dismay, and sacrifices of the Founding Fathers, First President, and past generation of great Americans are going to punish the Democratic Party for dishonoring, disrespecting, and not preserving their wishes, dream, and hope that is called the Law of Cause and Effect therefore please be wise to remove the very guilty, none citizen, hypocrite, unpatriotic, selfish, and Con Artist of all times Barack Obama from the office of the president swiftly, today better than tomorrow."

I wrote in my letter of November 30, 2012 to the Chaplain and National Prayer Director of the great Family Research Council His honorable Most Reverend Pierre Bynum as,

“The Supreme Court and the Congress of the United States whose members are elected by the terms of the Constitution, by the votes of the citizen, and living a very good life on the hardworking taxpayers undermined, trash, overruled, and dishonored the Constitution in 2008 by electing the most dishonest, liar, noncitizen, and most hypocrite to the highest office of the country Presidency illegally and unconstitutionally will tell a lot about their true characters, morality, and integrity of the Government of the United States therefore the present Government of the United States is not representation of the good people of America and I have nothing to do with the Government that lies to its citizen continuously as I wrote in my letter of September 8, 2012 to Leaders of the Government. Please kindly see the enclosed letter. Thank you.”

I wrote in my letter of December 7, 2012 to the honorable former Speaker Newt Gingrich as,

“Please kindly note: The real problem with the current members of the Government has been that they just cannot tell the truth and deal with the critical issues and mandates of the citizen directly but keep lying to the people and circling around the root of the problem that is core of destruction, continues corruption, and downfall of the Government and society. It seems that this government have real problem with honesty and have been trying cover up the illegitimacy of the Office of the President that is irrecoverable and causing problem after problems for themselves and the country. As your honorable stated in your beautiful ideas and know that someone has to stand up and put an end to this madness, indecency, dishonesty, and culture of fraud and deception.”

The honorable former Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote in his email letter of June 15, 2011 and in November 14, 21, 2012 as,

I write in A Nation Like No Other of the "Five Habits of Liberty" that have defined the character of the American people as responsible citizens and have ensured that America has remained exceptional.”

“Join us as we celebrate our American history and exceptionalism as a nation.”

“In the New York Times bestseller, "Sweet Land of Liberty," Ellis the Elephant sets off
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Sun, 9 Dec 2012 17:12 EST
In concern for the interests of North Korea.
If North Korea could commit resources to approach its space program by using a capable aircraft to launch its orbital projects, it is my opinion that the program could, for the most part, stay in compliance with reasonable international laws. Second, the North's use of derivitive profits based on disclosed documents of uranium holdings would help achieve non proliferation of uranium concerns. Third, the Northern Limit Line should allow qualifyed North Korea commercial operations to cross over. The UNC should consider this. My approach is the peaceful resolution of difficult issues instead of arguing impossible differances of opinion. I would appreciate your suggestion and support of these matters at the United Nations.
Thomas W. Makin, former envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Sun, 7 Oct 2012 18:11 EDT
North Korea Northern Limiting Line Issue.
As a matter of research, the NLL was put into place to contain the North Korea military within a 3 mile zone. There are other opinions regarding border control. It is my opinion at this time that North Korean commercial fishing and shipping operations should be allowed to cross the NLL, provided that the ships are not escorted with gunboats and submarines, as commercial operations should not be presumed to intend to breach the peace. There must be international agreements put into place that protect the North ships from being confiscated or attacked during commercial operations. A suggestion at the United Nations regarding this might be helpful, and it would be also an effort to help maintain the peace in that region. Thank you for your consideration.
Larry Shemen
Wed, 21 Sep 2011 10:27 EDT
Palestinian Statehood
It would be a grave mistake to grant the Palestinians statehood. Hamas is a declared terrorist organization and has never rescinded its vow to destroy Israel, a sovereign state.

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