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AmbassadorM. Michel DUCLOS
AddressRue Ata-al-Ayyoubi
Al Afif
PostalBP 769
Phonelocal: (011) 339.0200
international: +963.11.339.0200
Faxlocal: (011) 339.0221
international: +963.11.339.0221
Consular Faxlocal: (011) 339.0260
international: +963.11.339.0260
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mishael bashour
Thu, 24 Dec 2015 11:53 EST
transit visa
hi im from syria i live in mexico im gonna bring my family with me to mexico they have the mexican visa just i need a transit visa to change the plane in paris coz there is no plane came fom syria or lebanon or all the middle east to mexico direct
i wait ur comments thank you so much i need to know how can i got the transit visa for my parents from ur embasy thank you
Ghassan A. Al Hasani
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 03:37 EST
Hero's welcome as French-led troops enter Timbuktu
It is really disgusting , what so called " French troops: those are atrocious cannibal invaders , attacking Third World country to bloodsuck and rip off the natural resources of that powerless country. you ; aged European , Americans , Zionists are but disgrace, rotten , dirty spot in the history of civilization. your noses will be rubbed in the dirt and smashed by the free people of Mali.
Sat, 11 Aug 2012 15:00 EDT
hi.i am syrian i need to know how can i get a visa and your embassy is closed in damascus??
Ahmad Eiloush
Sat, 4 Aug 2012 23:57 EDT
I am Syrian and living in Damascus, can I get a SCHENGEN visa from your Embassy? What do I need to get it?
Thanks and
Best Regards
Fri, 3 Aug 2012 03:37 EDT
Is the Embassy open in Damascus to apply for Visa?
I would like to apply for visa to France for three days, is open Visa section in Damascus? What the documents are for getting the visa? Thank you.
Ghassan Alami
Mon, 7 May 2012 17:17 EDT
مهزلة ، لا بل جريمة
المهزلة ، لا بل الجريمة كل الجريمة أن تكون عصابات القتل وسفك الدماء ومصاصي دماء الشعوب وناهبي ثرواتها المرتشين السقط من إدارات عجائز أوروبا بقيادة العهر والعربدة الفرنسية والبريطانية ومنتخسيهم إدارات الويلات المسعورة الأمريكية ونعالهم أعراب النفط الخليجي المنافقين الغدارين الحاقدين وجميعهم مستعبدة من الصهيونية العنصرية القاتلة ، من العار والخزي أن تكون إداراتكم على مسرح الأحداث العالمية وتتسلط عليها. فأنتم مفترسون على شكل بشر والتخلص منكم واجب على الشعوب الحرة .
Ghassan Alami
Sat, 21 Apr 2012 08:34 EDT
Combination of such criminal gangs
Watch this combination and tell yourself the Outcome of it :
The racist atrocious Zionism . United Vampires Of America . European Community colonial mercenaries . their tail The New Ottoman . The petrodollar Bedouin salves . fake Arabized states . some Syrian traitors like Abdul Haleem Khadam . Refa'a Al Assad . Ali Bayanooni , Reyad Al Shaqfah , Farook Tayfour and other devils Brothers ' . Burhan Galyoon ( Pipe ) , Basmah Qadmani , Redwan Zeyadah , Ammar Qurabi and other Istanbul Claw . some little mean , cheap filthy parasites grown here & there on the edges of the Syrian regime like the allegedly educated , artist , business etc. .... people ;

We trust , The Free , noble , brave , loyal nations and Arab Syrian pateriots can easly tell the OUTCOME of such outrageouly criminal genocide bunch of criminals , even when grinning off their teeth !!!
Ghassan Alami
Fri, 20 Apr 2012 17:23 EDT
Gangs , Gangs , Gangs
وزراء خارجية إدارات عصابات الويلات المسعورة الأمريكية ومرتزقتها المستعمرين عجائز أوروبا والأذناب العثيمنيين المخابيل والمنافقين الحقدة الغدارين بعران خليج النفط وحثالة الخونة السفلة القذرين ممن كانوا يحملون وراثة الهوية السورية والمتجمعين في عاصمة الإستعمار المتآمر المستغل ، يقول لكم الشعب العربي السوري الحر الآبي كما أفهمتكم قيادته الحكيمة الرادعة ، ومن الآخر ، فإن مسخكم مصاص الدماء الصهيوني العنصري الذي تحمون ، سوف يضرب ضربة قاتلة تودي بكيانه السرطاني ويحترق معه أعراب النفط الخليجي نعال الصهيونية .

To the gangs of the criminal administrations of the United Vampires Of America , the colonial aged European mercenaries , the hallucinating Ottoman , the petroGolf Bedouin hypocrite envious salves and the Filthy , cheap , mean traitors of those , by mistake holding Syrian ID , gathering in the capital of conspiring, exploiting colonials , the free , brave , resistant Arab Syrians and his wise powerful leadership are telling all of you that your racist , savage atrocious Zionist monster you are protecting will be receiving a deadly demolishing strock which fire will eat up the petrodollar Bedouin slaves of Zionism , FULL STOP
Ghassan Alami
Sun, 1 Apr 2012 13:20 EDT
Gangs of criminals supporters of terrorists
gangs of criminal administrations headed by The United Vampires Of America, its colonial mercenaries of the aged Europeans, it hallucinating New Ottoman, its hypocrite Bedouin slaves and the savage racist Zionist monster , you'v been harboring , training , funding , armoring all kind of terrorists and sending them to destroy our Arab Syrian country , killing our innocent civilians as well as our brave military men. and now you are barking that you want to fund those terrorists , equiped them with communications equipments , as if your gangs have not been such barbarian, atrocious , hostile killers pushing those terrorists to destroy our Homeland yourselves to protect your Zionist monster, maintaining its survival so you can exploit, bloodsuck the natural resources of our countries . you are really the most disgraceful outrageous kind of creatures no better than wild animals. again and again the free , proud , honest , loyal pateriot Syrian Arab nation and other free nations will rub your noses in the dirt as always.
Ghassan Alami
Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:34 EST
Members of the UN Human Rights Council gangs
Most of the United Nations Human Rights Council members , either suppressed , exploited , blackmailed and threatened by the gangs of the dirty ,filthy mean tools of the atrocious racist Zionist monster those are The United Vampires Of America’s administration , and its aged European savage colonial mercenaries , or cheaply bought up by them but the price paid by the Bedouin hypocrite slaves and Navy Pilliy is no exception of the second team. Either way, all of those mean conspiring members of that council are but punch of criminal gangs contributing in destructing , killing and genocide crimes against humanity . you all will be noses rubbed with the dirt of the mud of the free, sovereign nations , sooner , not later

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