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French flag Consulate-General of France in Cairo

Consul GeneralMme Marie MASDUPUY
Address5 rue El Fadl
BP 1777
Phonelocal: (02) 2394.7150
international: +20.2.2394.7150
Faxlocal: (02) 2394.7160
international: +20.2.2394.7160
Web sitehttp://www.ambafrance-eg.org/

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Fri, 10 Mar 2017 20:49 EST
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Osman Ibrahim
Wed, 28 Dec 2016 04:40 EST
visa rejection with no reason !!!
Dear sir
let me introduce myself to you my name is Osman 59 years old married working as a General Director for Port Said customs i applied on 8 December 2016 to obtain your visa for one week for tourism together with my daughter Hager during her mid year holiday in January 2017 and we submitted all the necessary documents but when we got the passports back was rejected !!!!
i been to Schengen countries many many time before and my last schengen visa was issued last year 2015
so please reconsider my visa request again because it look like something went wrong !!!
thanks in advance
my passport number : A14603722
my daughter is passport : A 05728023 and our registration number was M2002885
reference number in the letter we received : CAI2016.611903 and CAI2016.611890
my mail address:
Sun, 18 Dec 2016 13:07 EST
Appeal for the denial of schengen visa
I would like to appeal against my refusal to get a schengen visa to France cause it's my second time to apply and I don't know the reason of refusal as I meet all the requirements that you need please I want to hear from you soon
Mahmoud farag
adham elshrqawy
Mon, 21 Nov 2016 06:25 EST
The fall of France
I hope very much that God makes France one of the poorest countries, because it refuses to those who wish to travel to it, and I hope that all countries prevent French nationals from traveling to them until Aharo anger and oppression of people who make him feel
Adham signing
Fri, 4 Nov 2016 13:07 EDT
learning the french language
Dear sir,
simply I want to learn the French language I am an intermediate student level I am trying to improve my fluency in the French language do you have a programme which I can join it.
yours Mohamed
Ekram Abd El-Wahab
Sun, 30 Oct 2016 10:45 EDT
is VISA France sauf CTOM type D valid for entering Austria
I applied for a VISA Schengen to visit Austria for a conference for six days (3 to 8 November 2016), but the Austrian embassy in Egypt did not accept saying that I have a valid VISA to France till February 2017(FRANCE sauf CTOM type D only and not Schengen, please see the attached scanned copy ), and they claimed that I can pass to the Australian territories using this VISA France only. I want Just to verify if this is correct knowing that may itinerary to from Egypt to Vienna does not pass by France.

Please verify and reply me as my travel to Austria is planned on 3/11/2016.
Mahmoud Abdallah
Sun, 28 Aug 2016 19:32 EDT
Request for a quick response
Your Excellency The General Consul of the Republic of France in Egypt,
Good Morning,
my name is Mahmoud Abdalla, I am a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ain Shams, and I have, together with my wife, Nermine Elhelaly, applied for the renewal of my circulation tourism visa, which is valid from the 1st September 2015 until the 31st August 2016. My application was at the TLScontact office in Mohandessin, Cairo on the 15th August 2016. Our reference code at TLScontact is M6070375.

I had withdrawn my passport on the date of the application as I was to travel to Singapore shortly following the date of application and have redeposited my passport yesterday, on the 28th August 2016, just hours after arriving from Singapore.

It is with great respect to your consulate's processes, and taking into account the volume of applications your consulate handles, that I ask you if it would be possible to *expedite the handling of our visa request* , as we are scheduled to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 6th September 2016. *We are expected to deposit our passport at the Saudi Arabian consulate on Tuesday, August 30th 2016.*
If necessary to expedite the delivery of the visa, we can directly pick-up the passport from the consulate. If all else fails, we would like to request withdrawing the passport until our return from our trip so as not to jeopardize it.

We would highly appreciate your consideration and thank you for your precious time.

With great respect and the best regards,
Mahmoud Abdalla, MD
Sun, 28 Aug 2016 18:25 EDT
Plainte d'une grande injustice qui est arrivé à moi a été rejetée orientée Visa de l'ambassade ont été envoyés un message pour recevoir un passeport le 28 Août et ce fut un rejet du message texte les informations communiquées versent justificateur i objet et Les conditions du Sejour Pas envisager ne de Sont fiables Je suis sûr que les réservations d'hôtel pour sûr que je vais Tourisme en France pour seulement 7 jours en sachant que je suis un employé du gouvernement et mon solde du séjour est devenu un peu donc je veux aller sur une fête religieuse, je vous demande de répondre aussi rapidement que sachant que mon voyage était prévu le 12 Septembre Ahmed saad 01100338080
Ahmed Abdelhamid
Thu, 18 Aug 2016 18:59 EDT
Visa Appointment Issue
Consulate-General of France in Cairo
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
I am a research physician working at Cairo university hospitals, as part of my annual targets I have submitted a study along with my fellow researchers that has been accepted in the NEW PERSPECTIVES IN HEPATITIS C VIRUS INFECTION - THE ROADMAP FOR CURE that takes place in Paris on the 23 and 24 of September. Unfortunately, when I tried to get a visa appointment at your embassy, the best I could get was 15th of September which will leave me with only one week for processing. I’m wondering if you can help me with this issue as this will be truly a very beneficial opportunity for my career, I have already contacted TLS contact for this issue and I am seeking further help and support.
Ahmed Abdelhamid
Sat, 18 Jun 2016 08:50 EDT
Im british citizen with wife from gaza, planning to go to france for holuday and wish take my wife, whats the visa process for her? do i need to cone with her in person at the cobsulate? need guidelines please

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