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Balwant Rawat
Mon, 7 Aug 2017 07:46 EDT
Job Application - Embassy Driver
Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

I would like to apply for a position available at your Embassy. I have more than 10 Years experience as a private driver. I am available to give you more information on my profile.

Please contact me on:

Thank you very much and best regards,

Balwant Rawat
alexander blom
Thu, 25 May 2017 10:40 EDT
i have something to ask i and my famillie are going to france for vacation me and mij son are Nederlanders but my wife is phlipino we are going for 14 days do my wife needs a visum for it
Time for
Thu, 28 Apr 2016 10:11 EDT
sanity by at least one
Your Parliament voted for removal of sanctions against Russia that are turning catastrophic for a large segment of your economy and people. Every day these, frankly criminal acts of war, are in force you are suffering more while Russia is getting stronger and stronger, for they are improving their own economy and dealing with numerous countries that are more then happy to sell them what they need.
And why? For Ukraine? Now things are coming out, it was America and some of her puppets (England, Canada, Australia, all English speaking countries)that were behind this crime of destroying another legitimate govt/president. You know the result and you were forced to participate, even though France would NEVER participate in such a crime (you honor is the highest), by America that, according to Obama, often has to "twist the arms of allies to do what we want them to do". Is this an independent and proud country of Napoleon and other heroes of your numerous revolutions. Napoleon would NEVER do this and he was the biggest hero you had.
At Waterloo, the British were the nasty ones, that put Europe hundreds of years backward by defeating Napoleon, thanks to betrayal of Prussians and others, still under the oppression of aristocracy.
Today it is America along with English speaking countries (it is always the English that are villains, when Germans are not) that is doing the bidding of turning the clock to progress and liberation of the regulate people around the world.
It is the American, English speaking, new age "aristocracy" that wants us all under their boot as their vassals and puppets. France must break the chains as the first European country to do this and liberate the continent and the world.
If you continue on the path they are forcing you to, the end will come to all.
Russia and other powerful countries, like China, India, Brasil and many more, will not submit themselves to American hegemony, will fight back big time and no one will win, including the timeless France. Do not sacrifice your wonderful country for the plastic world of America.
Let them eat their "freedom fries", for they do not know or deserve better.
The true Euro continent starts at Atlantic and ends at Ural mountain. Britain is NOT EUROPE.
Free and save yourselves by rejecting EVERYTHING the English speaking countries stand for. They are wrong.
Nimesh Shukla
Fri, 15 May 2015 04:43 EDT
Query to Visit Paris with Belgian D Visa / Temporary Registration
Dear Sir,

I am an Indian working at Brussels holding a Belgian resident card. My family have got temporary registration letter but card yet to receive. My family also holds Belgium Visa for long stay (Type D). We were planning to take our Kids to Disneyland in Paris on the weekends.

I want to know that can we visit Paris with the Belgian D Visa and Temporary Registration ?

Thanking you in advance for your kind response.

My mail ID is

Nimesh Shukla
Time is right
Tue, 13 Jan 2015 10:51 EST
to stop slippery slope.
The tragedy you are dealing with is just that: TRAGEDY. Once you deal with it, it will be time for your govt. to initiate and get agreements from all EU govts and people, that time is right to stop the slippery slope of EU being over-run by immigrants and refugees from out of Europe.
Yes, due to historic and economic factors immigration was necessary, important, productive, positive etc etc. BUT today and in the last 10-20 years this was not the case. Yet they continued to come in increasing numbers, legally and worse, illegaly. EU is being overrun and flooded by good, bad and ugly newcomers who no longer are needed and do not contribute, as they did when they reslly were needed. Now they are a big problem, for even with the best of intentions and political correctness, the problems are real and are getting worse, far worse as days go buy.
Yes the "majority of them are good and decent" as they like to say, but that is not the point, any longer. The influx must stop, regardless how "good and decent" they are, for there is no place for them any longer (no jobs, no housing etc etc) and even the "good" ones will turn bad and ugly due to cnditions in which they would live.
Europe has a mature economy and way of life, that can sustain the current and future population (minus influx) for as long as world is turning. Is this selfish? Not at all, for EU has done a lot for the others and now she is in danger of being reduced to to low common denominator of thirdworld status, due to overpopulation and disfunctional societies of newcomers.
The solutuon lies in gradual but short by time process by which the influx of non-europeans must be stopped completely. The genuine refuggees from any non-eur country must be helped in their country or near country they can escape to. BUT they must not be allowed any longer into EU. Is this cruel? Not at all. EU can not continue to accept refugees in unlimitted numbers, for there are hundreds of millions if not billions around the world, ready and willing to come. Political, economic, environmental....etc refugees. Where and when do you put the stop to it, before your own continent is same as placs these come from?
Unfrtunately the world has become a nasty place (why and who is responsible is beyond this commentary) and it is time to keep the local problems locally, with richer nations helping the poorer by sending help out not bringing the problems in.
Should this not be done, Europe will have become a sad and nasty place with natives as victims of future terror by new-comers' majority which will happen sooner or later. Can today's leaders and people allow this to happen to their children, grandchildren.....etc. This for the sake of "political correctness" etc. You simply can not afford or allow for this to happen and happen it will if you do not stop this slippery slope ASAP.
Of course those who are already in, have the same rights and privileges as anyone in EU. They will eventually assimilate into European way of life and become as European as anyone else, hopefully.
The mass movement of whole populations (this is what emigration has become) is the biggest danger you face and it can and must be stopped. There is a complete humane , moral and legal way to do it. Europe does not have to feel any guilt for trying to save its continent and its people. Where does it say that we all have to go down the drain together because those who are responsible for their problems are transfering them to You.
Even if they are not "responsible" this still does not give them any right to ruin your societies as they did theirs. By stopping them and helping them, they may reverse their own downward movement and live in preace and prosperity (whatever their environment can give them) apart in their countries, yet together on this Planet.
There is no other solution.The alternative is:WE ALL GO DOWN THE DRAIN TOGETHER.
Dinesh kumar
Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:38 EST
visit to Paris on type D Belgium Visa
I am Indian and currently in Brussels with Long Stay Belgium Visa (Type D) and have not received the Commune Card yet,

My question is : can I travel to Paris this week end with this TYPE D Visa ?
it would be nice , if you can reply to me
Fri, 19 Sep 2014 10:38 EDT
need help
i need a france nationality
this is posiable if you possiable contact me
Tue, 10 Dec 2013 19:10 EST
I have vias in belgium visa type D and i get the inscription in french university and i still have the visa from belgium till end of January so what I have to do to do visa for student I have to go back to french embassy in belgium to get the visa orginaly i m from palestine and it is very dificult to go to west bank or jeusalem because the israeli they refused me many time so pleas give me a solution
mohammad shahzad
Wed, 30 May 2012 10:12 EDT
how is possible
sir i have nationality of france how is possible live in belgium and i want attestation of nationality
Fidel Samulevich
Tue, 15 May 2012 08:52 EDT
Mesige from Latvia
To: French embassy
From: FidelSamulevich Miera24-1 Liepaja Latvia
Letter to AMERICAN DEFENCE FROSE I am not fun men from the for little child with scanner in the hand if you not make right step , you have to arrest me or delete some were on the street like surety police always do in Latvia by using Russian method, are you ready kill innocent peoples ? Each scanner has its own number. And controllable in each moment. What is scanner and how it work each abase know better than I do. You give these things to the idiot who seduce my family 3 years for material reason. You do criminal from innocent peoples and from mafia family criminals onset men’s. You have no right to do concentration camp in my home and my country. I can explain myself in right and understandable from and in right place be shore. You provide sadist with instruments. You seduce may mother 3 ears and I have no reason to forget it, it is your fault I have to see result of justice. All documentation of safer I have in hand and you have it too . And it is not difficult to make package bigger. I am not joker. My diagnose is not big mater because you make it by your friends of minds. I and mother not jokers for little child(and it is not usual ) with scanner in hand and his father pat logical idiot .You are not joker too and have all materials in hands if you are professional not criminal.

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