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Look who is still
Sun, 29 Jan 2017 19:16 EST
around and will stay
President of France, your current one who will not run again, David Cameron of England, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the biggest of them all the preacher Obama, have something in common: THEY ARE ALL OUT AMD GONERS. But there is someone they all insisted MUST GO, who is still here and will remain here:President Assad of Syria. How is that for irony. Of curse things in nature always work out to the best and the fact Assad is still around and all those out, is for the best. How wrong can you be?
Now with Trump and Putin united, against the terrorists groups all those named supported in many ways, you will see the liberation of the whole middle east from terror Obama and those others, just loved to help.
Poetic justice or what?
Time to do
Sat, 14 Nov 2015 11:06 EST
what must be done
This situation with ISIS is as bad and same as the situation at Stalingrad in 1941. The only solution was an overwhelming counterattack against the Nazis by brave Russian soldiers. You know what and how it happened. The same action must be taken now against the ISIS.
No more American (and her vassal states') bombings of selected targets in order to help all kinds of terrorists take down Syrian govt. But an all out military action, including all the countries brave enough to act. Your French military is one of the best. You must take initiative. Russians will join you and others. Americans have lost their nerve and they are too manipulative and act in the interest of their elite and Israel's interests.This must be disregarded and you don't need them anyway with Russian airforce's superior action, the ISIS will be destroyed in no time.
If you fail to organize a serious military action this time, the game is over for you and Europe.
Remember American wants Europe weak and submissive to their will.This must end or Europe is over.
Your citizens
Fri, 13 Nov 2015 19:40 EST
do not deserve this.
French people are not to blame for the sins of their govt. The tragedy unfolding in Paris as we write this is simply unbelievable. You have been warned many times by many to do something about the influx of migrants. The numbers are simply so huge that even if you had 1% of bad guys coning in, you are talking a small army of terrorists. But the percentage is far higher than that and the attacks today are result of huge numbers of them among your peaceful people.
We can only say and hope that now you will do something right. With your Euro partners stop them from setting a foot on Euro soil, help the true refugees in camps close to their homelands. Clean up Europe of all non-refugees and return them back to their home-countries. If it takes billions, action of all your armies and others, some time or what ever . It simply must be done to save European continent and others in the future. The mass population movement (which this is) MUST be stopped or we are all finished.
Please do it, for you can and it is doable and it is the right thing to do.
Destruction of
Mon, 10 Aug 2015 15:17 EDT
good country
Libya was not what you lied about it, not even 1%. OK so they had a dictator (is your president not during his majority rule?) who would have died sooner or later and the country would have been OK. During his term this country became the richest and most prosperous one in Africa. It started as poorest. It's "crime" was that it did not want to be one of puppet sates of America, as you country is and many others.
Look at them now, what you "liberation" by bombs brought to them.
God help your side if you ever attack someone who will fight back and can big time. Just the other day Mr. Gorbachev said, that one of Russian IBMs has the power of 100 Chernobyls and that Russia would not hesitate to defend itself with them, immediately and absolutely. He said the name of this rocket is SATAN, according to NATO naming of their weapons. How appropriate the name, for it'll be used against Satan who will attack them for no good reason. And they are not satanic side, but yours is, if we judge the behavior of both sides.
Save the world by raining in America while you can.
Now you pay
Sun, 9 Aug 2015 10:16 EDT
the priceAmerican
Those who went along American destruction of those countries that did not submit to American will and hegemony, are paying the price: The refuges coming into Europe, France including are direct result of destruction of their countries. You did a job on Libya for in stance, and now hundreds of thousands are coming into France. In fact many simply say: "You destroyed our country, now we are coming to yours to look after us and if necessary we'll contribute to destruction of yours". This is, in fact an invasion of your country by your very victims, you claimed to save from their "dictator", who in fact had organized a perfectly acceptable life for his people. Look at them today. Look at any country America et al has destroyed in the name of "democracy" and "Freedom". Not one is functional and will not be for decades, while you and other Euro countries will be overrun by millions from these countries. Is this a poetic justice? It looks like it, for sure.
Now we'll have two sets of victims: the refuges in millions and millions and your own people who will be overwhelmed by newcomers, who will turn their own countries into refuges' own.
Thus you will pay the ultimate price, lose your own country without being bombed by those who are coming in. The only way you can stop and reverse this, American made catastrophe is to tell Americans to get off your continent and stop going along their march towards world hegemony and WWIII. Then with all Euro countries, stop the influx of refuges, return them home and help them there to rebuild their own countries. Otherwise you'll end up with no Europe as America wants it. Remember, you owe America nothing any more and they are no friends of yours but use you as a puppet state to do their bidding.
Save yourselves, save Europe, save the world before is too late. America is the most dangerous country in the world and it is her that will cause the WWIII if there is one. At this rate there will be.
First Germany
Wed, 24 Jun 2015 10:31 EDT
now YOU....who is next?
You have had enough of America and their lowlife behavior even towards those who are (ostensibly) their friends. Spying on your presidents for years and years? Imagine what they did to others they targeted in your society?
As reported earlier and elsewhere, the new world is emerging among the non-Americanized countries (BRISC etc), that want to save themselves and the world from American hegemony that is perhaps the worst ever in the history troy of the world.
Roman and many other empires were bad in many ways, but none was as bad as this one. Why? Because this one has so mush power and general nastiness that it really represent a true danger to the very survival of this planet. By there blind, insane march towards world hegemony, they will encounter someone who will fight them back to stop them (so far they only attacked those that could not fight back) right at their borders and at the same time attack their precious home land America, thus we'll have the # 3 that will spell the end of the world.
Your country as well as Euro cultured country, would never march towards world hegemony (you had enough of colonies and wars)but by hitching your wagon to American (NATO) train, you will be subject to same consequences as they are once that fighting back country is attacked.
So the time has come for Europe to De-Americanize, tone down the relationships with them, wind down NATO and deal with America as you deal, say with Switzerland. Business, culture (they don't have much but you can export plenty of yours), politics on equal basis etc etc. But you don not let them tell you what to do and how to do it. Europe in general does not owe them anything any longer. What they did for you in WWI and WWII was helpful but they did it mainly when it was obvious their behind was in danger, not because of yours. Just look at WWII. When did they come in? When it was clear Russia will reach the Atlantic coast and liberate Euro all by herself.
France was independent for such a long time from America and NATO, yet you let them draw you in and now this. On top, they treat you like some kind of lowlife and make jokes about you as if you were cowards, dirty etc. In reality, Americans are the ones like that and if anyone should be kissing anyone's feet, it is them kissing yours. You have more culture in your poorest neighborhoods, then they in their richest. In fact there ain't no culture in America (as they would put it).
Please, De-Americanize France, Europe and help us De-Americanize the world and eventually America itself. This to improve the world and save this planet.
At least one
Wed, 3 Jun 2015 18:09 EDT
good/right thing:
We read this morning you evacuated bunch of illegal immigrants and refuges and bulldozed their illegal, filthy camp. This IS the right thing to do and just the beginning, for France as well many other Euro countries have such eyesores and health risk places endangering themselves and your citizens.
Yes, you can thank your "great friend and leading country America" for this crisis and extents of this crisis.
The sooner you detach yourselves from America and all other English speaking countries, Britain, Canada and Australia that are American willing puppets (unlike you and other Euro countries that are UNWILLING puppets) the sooner you can rebuild Europe and eliminate all the illegals by sending them home. Once they are over there you have to help them over there, so they can shake the chains of Americanization that lead to their poverty in the first place.
Remember, France and few other countries did lot of nasty stuff in the past, but it were and are the English speaking countries that did the damage that put the world where it is today. We are heading toward the abyss of WWIII if America and her willing puppets have their way. You will be drown into it by following America's orders even if you do it unwillingly and against wishes of your own population.
Thus continue with this first good step, following it with De-Americanization of France and all other Euro countries already victimized by relentless American policies of World hegemony.
Do not let become a victim of ultimate destruction that is awaiting them as a new are Roman empire on the way out.
American empire is finished so stay away and let them burn out by themselves, for if they drag you into it and force you into confrontation with American invented enemies, like Russia, China and others, you too will be finished. Do not support them so they will have to self destruct internally thus the planet will be saved minus American Empire.
Who needs them? No one anymore, for the world is on the way to get a new, fresh start toward better and fair World order.
Viva le France & Europe.
Time to say
Mon, 9 Mar 2015 17:00 EDT
enough is enough
Who do you think should be told this, by your great nation and your great continent of Europe? No it is not Russia but your true adversary (not an enemy but adversary in terms that they do not have your best interest at heart) America with Canada and UK as their talking heads. If this is not obvious to you after all these years and all those crisis America and her business brought to you ("you" means France and all of Euro), then the crisis in Ukraine orchestrated by America (with you forced to participate for you are under their foot via NATO)must and will open your eyes finally. Just look at what is going on these days of functional ceasefire and potential peace in the making. While France, Germany and all (but UK) Europe are working sincerely on peaceful solution (along Mother Russia) America, Canada and UK keep pushing for arming Ukraine nazi regime with "lethal" weapons, as if they do not have enough already. (What did they use to destroy all those cities, kill thousands and expel over million civilians out of east Ukr? Ukraine army knifes?). This is clearly warmongering with intention to war-making with you, Europe as the one who would do the war against Russia, if they have it their way.
Thus you as intelligent and cultured countries and continent, would never let this happen, for you remember well the last big war and what you had to pay for it, while America danced into it when it was almost over and got rich in the process.
Now they want you to fight again, weaken you by destruction that you would experience and they would again dance in to "save" you and become even richer than last time, while you take a century if ever to recover. America does not want strong and united Europe. Russia wants it and they are your friends who have no intention to ever attack you or dominate you, as America wants to. Imagine united Europe with Russia as full member. With your advanced and cultured countries and their enormous natural wealth and technology, Europe would become the strongest political and economic entity in the world. That is the worse nightmare for America. No matter you must tell them to step off, leave you to make your own decisions that are good for you not for their elite that wants to dominate the whole world. Someone must stop them somehow and it is far better that Europe does this by telling them; enough is enough then they trigger the next big one, and we all go to abyss.
They should remember that Russia is not Granada, Panama, Serbia, Iraq and all those countries they attacked with impunity and with no resistance, for those countries could not fight back. Russia can and it will within the few minutes of an attack on their sacred soil or vital interests. They too have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of attacks on their Mother Russia. No one will ever attack them without gravest consequences one can imagine. They are UNCONQUERABLE as France and Germany found out. America must believe this or we all are... well you know the end of that scenario.
So please do the right thing and tell them:ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Tom Ray Chavez
Thu, 17 Jan 2013 19:35 EST
FBI caught embnassy ROW mexico is cia turf, FBI is loser to Mexican ID, Polaris. Carlos Nava is the ambassador to
FSB colonels waved me off, cia is last known is FBI is over

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