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AmbassadorM. Bernard EMIE
AddressParis Caddesi n° 70
06540 Ankara
Phonelocal: (0312) 455.4545
international: +90.312.455.4545
Faxlocal: (0312) 455.4527
international: +90.312.455.4527
Web sitehttp://www.ambafrance-tr.org/

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Omar Bassam Abdulrazzaq AlHayali
Mon, 19 Feb 2018 06:59 EST
my name is Omar Bassam Abdulrazzaq I was born in 1985 and I am from Iraq from the city of mosul , I left Mosul in 2016 because of my threats by the ISIS , I would like to live in your country and live respectable life .
my email :
mobile no. : 05394608951
Kimlik no. : 99095459886
Fri, 16 Feb 2018 06:25 EST
تركيا - كستمونا
غادرتو من الموصل بسبب تهديد من الدولة الاسلامية بتاريخ 10.6.2015 ولا استطيع العودة وارجو المساعدة وطلب الاجوءالى دولتكم لكي اعمل واعيش حيات طبعية وشكرا zohiralamer47@gmail.com 05346192700 كملك99227075236
Haydar Abdulameer Naji Al-gburi
Thu, 15 Feb 2018 09:47 EST
تركيا - كستمونا
اسمي حيدر عبدالامير ناجي الجبوري من مواليد1970 متزوج واسم زوجتي صبا مجيد محمود من مواليد1980
ولدي ولدين وبنت
محمد2004 ونورس2007 ويوسف2013
ونحن من العراق من مديمة الومادي منطقة الاسكان القديمة واصبت اثر اتفجار سيارة مفخخة في بغداد قرب ملعب الشعب و غادرت العراق في 2014 بسبب دخول تنظيم داعش
ارجو المساعدة وقبول طلب لجوئنا في بلدكم لكي نعمل ونعيش حياة كريمة بامان وشكرا
رقم الكملك 99964485374
رقم الهاتف 05367923651
Bashar Adil Dalia Alhasan
Wed, 14 Feb 2018 12:02 EST
اسمي بشار عادل من مواليد1971 من العراق متزوج اسم زوجتي اسراء تقي اسماعيل من مواليد 1972 ولدي ثلاث اولاد مهند مواليد 1996 و ايمن مواليد 1995 و زياد مواليد 2006 كنا نسكن في مدينة الموصل في الساحل الايمن وخرجنا من الموصل بتاريخ 25-4-2014 بسبب تهديد من الدولة الاسلامية بكتاب لصق على محل عملي بتاريخ 17 ربيع الاول 1435بالتاريخ الهجري ونسكن في اسطنبول ولا استطيع العودة لاني مهدد ومنزلي اصبح حطام جراء الحرب ونرجو منكم قبول لجوئتا في بلدكم لكي نعمل ونعيش حياة كريمة وليس لديتا اي حالة مرضية وليس لدينا اقارب في فرنسا وشكرا
رقم الكملك 99040504180
رقم الهاتف 05343041344
Bashar adil dalia Alhasan
Wed, 14 Feb 2018 07:21 EST
اسمي بشار عادل من مواليد1971 من العراق متزوج اسم زوجتي اسراء تقي اسماعيل من مواليد 1972 ولدي ثلاث اولاد مهند مواليد 1996 و ايمن مواليد 1995 و زياد مواليد 2006 كنا نسكن في مدينة الموصل في الساحل الايمن وخرجنا من الموصل بتاريخ 25-4-2014 بسبب تهديد من الدولة الاسلامية بكتاب لصق على محل عملي بتاريخ 17 ربيع الاول 1435بالتاريخ الهجري ونسكن في اسطنبول ولا استطيع العودة لاني مهدد ومنزلي اصبح حطام جراء الحرب ونرجو منكم قبول لجوئتا في بلدكم لكي نعمل ونعيش حياة كريمة وليس لديتا اي حالة مرضية وليس لدينا اقارب في فرنسا وشكرا
رقم الكملك 99040504180
رقم الهاتف 05343041344
Tue, 6 Feb 2018 19:33 EST
My name is Ahmed Mohamed Shaaban Torko.I was born on 25/6/1985. I am a Syrian refugee. I live in Turkey, my family consists of 5 people. I hold their material responsibility of them.
My family members are:
1: My mother Hoda Sami Sharkas. was born on 16/5/1961. She is divorced and sick. She has kidney stones and a lack of hearing. she Has a secondary certificate (scientific section ) Her hobby is to write stories and novels.
2: I am Ahmed Mohamed Shaaban Torko. I was born on 25/6/1985. I have a middle school certificate. I got first place in Syria in primary education
I was rewarded. at a live concert on television. In 1996. I was an outstanding student at the school. But I was forced to leave school because of my family's problems and my mother's divorce. forced me to work and support my sisters.
3:My wife. Nur zakaraya torko. was born on 1/1/1995. she Has a secondary certificate (literary section). She could not complete her studies because of war.
4: My sister. Heba Mohamed Shaaban torko. was born on 24/3/1990. Has physical disability, paralysis in the feet. her disability rate is 60% and kidney stones
She can not walk, and she uses the wheelchair. Has a secondary certificate (literary section). She got first place on the county. And the fourth on Syria. She was rewarded at a ceremony. On Syrian television
She could not complete her study because of the war.
5: My little sister. Hala Mohammed Shaaban torko. She was born in 2/1, 1998. . she has a middle school certificate.
She speaks three languages: Arabic, English and Turkish, very well and she wants to learn more languages.
We are a family of Caucasian origin from the Circassian minority. We fled from Syria to Turkey because of the war. Because of the ethnic oppression and the pressure we have been subjected to it like other minorities in Syria.We were subjected to stress. From both sides of the war in Syria, whether the Syrian army or the Islamic battalions.
Examples of this: the Islamic battalions in the area where we lived in the countryside of Damascus (the city of Douma). The Islamic battalions have pressed us and harassed us because my sisters do not wear the Islamic headscarf and go out of the house alone.The Islamic battalions told us: Either you be like us or leave here, we decided to leave. They did not allow us to take anything and they took our house and did not even allow us to sell it. Before we go, they searched us and saw the tattoo on my arms. They said to me: If you come back here, we will cut off your arm because tattooing is haraam. It is one of the acts of unbelievers and punishment is to cut off the tattooed part of the body.Then we fled to the areas of the Syrian regime, there too we were threatened and We were scared . The regular army battalions tried to force me to volunteer to fight with them. I am exempt from military service because I am the only male in the family and I do not want to fight with anyone in the conflict When I refused to fight with them. they threatened me. They said they would arrest me. And will not protect us if the Islamic battalions arrived in the region.
Another example : they tried to kidnap my 14-year-old sister at a checkpoint. They said they wanted to investigate with her . and when the bus passengers and my mother cried and yelled at them. Leave the girl' she was just a child. What can a little girl do to investigate with her. After a short time my father disappeared and we did not know anything about him
So we were forced to flee for fear that they would kidnap my mother or sister or imprison me. We fled to Turkey and went to a refugee camp in Gaziantep. After learning a little language, I found a job and took my family out of the camp because my sister's health was worse because of the difficult living conditions in the camp. Now I work for 13 hours a day. And fare about $ 10 a day And spent it on my family. My sister needs physical treatment and medicine. My wife and sisters can not complete the study because of the difficult situation.We would like to leave Turkey because we are looking for a better life and a better future. The situation in Turkey is difficult for Syrians, whether in work or study.
We are looking for a country that respects our freedom and our dignity and we can live in it safely without mistreatment and ethnic persecution. A country where we can choose what we want and live in the way we are comfortable with. We have all the Syrian documents and the Turkish protection documents.
We have no obstacles to integration into a foreign society. We are liberated and we have no fanaticism. We are only looking to live in peace in a country that respects human freedom. Please help us get an official appointment at your embassy to better explain our situation. Hoping to have a chance for a better life in your country and thank you . my phone number: 05360643828.
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:37 EST
L'histoire n'est pas convaincante à cause de la menace d'un jeune homme qui aurait pu être résolu par les personnes âgées et la terre des deux parties
Nous considérons la menace personnelle d'être des terroristes extrémistes
Nous allons aborder le sujet
القصة غير مقنعة بسبب التهديد من شاب مراهق كان يمكن حلها بواسطة ناس كبار في العمر و أرضاء الطرفين
نحن نعتبر التهديد الشخصي من الأرهابيين المتطرفين
سوف نعالج الموضوع
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:24 EST
Refugee Certificate
My story started in August of 2013, an unknown person left a written letter in front of the outside door of my house, in this letter was written words as ' I love you ' I am impressed by you...etc. A week later, a similar letter was found in the same place, this time it was saying that he is waiting for a response. I didn't know anything about the letter only my wife was reading them, and then she burnt them. My wife did not give the letter any importance. In the last letter, that person wrote in his message " I love you and want to marry you, if you do not agree, I know where your husband works and whereabouts of your children, I will kill of them if you do not reply to me, this time too my wife did not respond to that. That day my son was playing in a play yard near our house, so he came back home crying and told her that someone was trying to run over him in his car. My wife was very scared, After that incident that person sent another message telling : " I tried to kill your son, so you have to answer me and do not let anyone know. you have to answer me and if you lodge a claim against me, you will regret that " My wife was terrified and she informed me about all the letters and the things that happened to her, I was very worried too, and I prevented my kids to go to school, and I prepared myself to flee Iraq as soon as possible because I was worried for my wife and my kids.I left Iraq on 22.Oct.2013, and I went to Turkey seeking to settle in a safe country.Thank you for your kind, Sincerely yours.
james jorj yako
Sat, 9 Dec 2017 14:25 EST
قريه جراحيه تابعة لناحية القوش نينوى
(انا اتكون من 6 نفرات 1امي اسمها (بسي عزو ميخو وزوجتي (مريم بنيامين ادام) وبنتي الكبيرة (شيرين ) جيمس جورج) وبني وسطانية (شان جيمس جورج و ابني (جورج جيمس جورج) كنا نعيش في قريه وعندما اتا داعش خرجنا من قرية و توجهنا الى قريت سميل تابعة لمحافضة دهوك وكل شي كن املكه في قريه وعندما سمعت حشد الشعبي قادم الى شمال عراق توجهت الى تركيه وانا الان اعيش في محافضة توكات تركيا وانا من ديانا مسيحي فا ارجو منكم ان تقبلوني ان اقيم ب دولتكم ليس من اجلي بل من اجل اولادي وان روجتي صارت حالة نفسيه فأرجو منكم تساعدوني وشكرا مواليد جيمس1980 مواليد بسي 1954 مواليد مريم 1989 مواليد شيرين 2008 مواليد شان 2009 مواليد جورج 2012 موبايل +905384114660
رقم الكملك99836782440
noha aldahas
Mon, 27 Nov 2017 01:08 EST
I Noha ALdahas and Ahmed Alattraqchi want to request an appointment to the French Embassy and to request for refugee .. This is because of the safety and the future for me and my husband ... Because my husband and I are threatened by our clan to kill .. This is because we get married new at last five months ago that's for a relationship of love lasted more than 5 years and my family did not agree to his request for marriage Because the sectarianism I am Shiite and he is a Sunni. They locked me up and they beat me because I loved him. then I ran away from my house to the house of his father. he helped me and we married secretly and send me to Turkey without my family's knowledge. I don't want to stay here more for fear that they would find me and my husband in there and kill both of us. I am a teacher of the English language and my husband is a translator and studied also studied dentistry, but did not complete his studies because of our conditions that we have seen.

we ask you to accept as the refugee in your country because we are now without a homeland

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