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Sat, 24 Jun 2017 13:00 EDT

GIAPHAM objectives:

Infectious, non infectious diseases and HIV/STIs prevention, control and management.
Bringing a holistic innovative research.
Capacity building to empower student-graduates, professionals, peasants, people with disabilities, voiceless and other vulnerable persons.
Engage in educational teaching at all levels of learning for good reason to increase Public Health Professionals in its health services or utilize or give capacity to human resource and increase the number of multipurpose quality skilled professionals since the Board of Directors approved.
To promote and support a sustainable human conduct, legal, human rights and address unlawful conduct within communities.
To promote and support cooperation between civil society organizations and government.
To promote and support participatory governance and democracy.
Entrepreneurship development and establishment of SACCO in order to facilitate savings and to provide affordable credit to employees

GIAPHAM operates Countrywide In its area of competence as follows:

Healthcare services

General medical, surgical and laboratories
Holistic innovative health research
Infectious, non infectious diseases and HIV/STIs prevention, control and management.
Family planning education
Reproductive health
Primary healthcare
Palliative care/terminal illness care
Deinstitutionalization (Treatment of mental conditions in communities or outside Hospital.
National (Countrywide) Outreaches.

Empowering professionals and Education

Promote, support and advocate for professionals, institutions, graduates and school going children welfare.
Support and cause proper implementation of policies that promote professionalism, institutions equity and equality, team work, exemplary and innovative learning culture.
Support and promote community alliance and education advocacy initiatives to implement quality use of resources and
Entrepreneurship development and establishment of Savings and Credit Cooperative Society .The objective of GIAPHAM-SACCO will be to mobilize savings and afford members access to loans (productive and provident) on competitive terms as a way of enhancing socio-economic well being.
Promote and support motivation to increase school attendance and performance.
Engage in educational teaching at all levels of learning (kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Institution/University) given that the organization meets the requirements for Ministry of Education and Sports Government of Uganda See GIAPHAM Curriculum Nov 2015.

Democracy and Good Governance

Guide and counsel citizens as well as encouraging them demand for services from their leaders accountable.
Facilitate understanding of governance and democracy and educate public on matters related to political science, leadership, election of leaders and human rights to vote.
Promote and support media/ outreach community dialogues and hearing in partnership with local and central

Human Conduct, Legal and Human Rights

Support and promote prevention, control and management of unlawful conduct surrounding Land, Natural resources, industries, air and water.
Promote, support and engage community leaders such as cultural leaders, political leaders, religious leaders and Government Officials to control, prevent and manage illegal human conduct and natural crisis.
Support and promote public dialogues, hearing and rule of law in conflicts resolution on any matter surrounding
Equity and equality advocacy on matters surrounding land and natural resources sharing.
Support and promote human rights at all levels and in every sector of operation.

Environment Health, management and Agriculture

Support and promote agriculture and proper land use.
Promote environmental hygiene and
Environmental impact assessment, crisis management and conservation.
Support forestry, wetlands, tourism and wildlife protection.
Thu, 8 Jun 2017 12:47 EDT
A lot of people have thought about taking a trip. Even if you would trust that there is a place close that offers one? If you head 20 minutes from Kampala Capital City to Nsabya along Ggaba road Next to American Embassy, opposite Embassy supermarket, you will find GIAPHAM-TOURISM AND HUMANITIES SAFARIS AND GOSPEL EVANGELICALS ALL OVER UGANDA. FAITH GRAVITY CURES INTERNATIONAL CHURCH of GIAPHAM supports gospel evangelicals sticking on Moving Faith.

While you may be thinking this is just a zoo or a drive through park, it’s not. GIAPHAM-TOURISM AND HUMANITIES SAFARIS AND GOSPEL EVANGELICALS ALL OVER UGANDA is a Non- Governmental organisation that links you to Wildlife, air ticketing, have car rentals and hotel reservation all over Uganda.

However, to a certain extent from your traditional ways of seeing animals behind a pane of glass, here you can get up close and personal just like a trip through Uganda. GIAPHAM-TOURISM AND HUMANITIES SAFARIS AND GOSPEL EVANGELICALS ALL OVER UGANDA adventures, you will have the chance to MOVING FAITH GOSPEL Teaching, observe game parks, wild beasts, and exotic birds in their open-air aviary, lakes and pigmies (Batwa) at cuya forest, bwindi and Mugahinga, and visiting health facilities, Disadvantaged persons .

Now, GIAPHAM TOURISM AND HUMANITIES safaris allover Uganda offers five times a day, (9 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.) and are priced anywhere between $50-$80 for kids under 17 and $80-$90 for adults depending on the day. Senior tickets are between $50- $100.

If you feel like you and the family want to spend more time with the tour, you can even spend the night/camp in Uganda! With luxury tents that include plush beds, hot showers and unique furniture, the fun experience allows you to enjoy something unlike anything else! The Management does inform you that you will be surrounded by conditions that are very close to a natural habitat that is seen in Africa. Meaning, you will probably hear the sounds of the water waves, animals, birds during their nighttime activities.

So if this sounds like the journey for you, visit our website for more information and a list of GIAPHAM TOURISM AND HUMANITIES safaris allover Uganda or send message
Sun, 19 Feb 2017 06:06 EST
Unfair visa refusal
I have checked my brothers refusal letter and all his correct application he made. The refusal of his application was trully unfair. I'm hoping that one day soon the world will turn around and all the French nationals will be not allowed to enter Algeria as you have messed it up in terms of relation. You french people and french gov are simply racist when it comes to processing applicatins for foreigners.
Wed, 9 Dec 2015 13:11 EST
Can i get visa to French.
Can I get a visa to French. ?
omar haboul
Mon, 6 Apr 2015 08:56 EDT
Dear Sir madam .I’m making my complain to the French Embassy about my visa refusal .my appointment was at 08.30 on09/03/2015 , and I was sending all my visa document to French embassy in Algerian at TLScontact and I payee my visa for DZD 6 250.00 and another DZD 2 850.00 .at 8.55 on 09/03/2015 the lady how was checking my document she said the document complete .so I ask if anything missing they said no .then I was waiting for 24 days for replay me .from 09/03/2015 tile 01/04/2015 I can’t understand even I can’t get my refund for my travel assurance and I still have that travel assurance date not finish yet the date is 31/03/2015 tile 30/04/215 .so I sent to you my work letter Attestation De Travail Titre de conge and three pay slips AXA ASSURANCE and Attestation D` Accueil proof of Accommodation is my family house she have 5 bedroom house .so I look to the France visa family holiday document and I fine only that document I mention it on here .please the refusal com with my passport and document in Sid small letter saying I didn’t proof when iam going and back and not proof for the money as I have bank with lots of money and they told me you didn’t proof where you going to stay .because I sand all document with my family invitation from France .please can the French embassy advice me what to do next please .regards Omar haboul .
Bouzid Mourad Chikhi
Thu, 14 Nov 2013 12:57 EST
Be Warned of "The Father Who Abandoned His Son For Many Wives"
Dear Consulate:

Be warned that the Algerian citizen from ORAN born August 25, 1983 may try to enter France under a visa, either by employment(he seeks to work) or by marriage. I was married to him 3 years ago, as I am an American citizen from Washington, DC. We have a now-2 year old son. He has abandoned me pregnant in Tunisia, has used me for money and a visa to the USA, then abandoned us AGAIN when our son was only 2 months old. Despite all of that, we tried to work on things again to which I paid to bring his family to the US. Just before his SECOND fiance visa to re-join me came in, I discovered multiple online single and sex profiles online. I have proof of at least 3-4 active ongoing relationships he was carrying while applying for a fiance visa to the USA with me. All during this time, he has NEVER contributed even a $1 towards his son, or repaid me back any of the thousands of dollars I have spent on his visa fees 3 times, his air fare, his parents tickets to the USA, etc. He even worked for 2 years and still contributed nothing. Just google: Damian20044 or his Skype name, Tigre2583. I have created a web site about my experience to warn other women about him. He is wanted in the United states for NOT paying child support. He nmever tells his "new fiances" about the past or that he has his son. I believe his family knows what he is doing as well. He will try to come to France. Please review his record at the US embassy in Algiers. Everything is documented there. The web site with videos, proof and information is: www.BouzidMouradChikhiOranAlgeria.Com Thank you.
tartaya sarra
Sat, 7 Jul 2012 12:17 EDT
je voudrais avoire un rendez vous pres de vous pour avoir une autorisation de passer mon permis de conduire pour le fair ici en alegerie je vous remercie
Fri, 10 Feb 2012 09:40 EST
Monsieur le responsable du service des visa,alors j'arrive pas d'expliqué pacque je suis choqué ;moi je suis salarié chez SONELGAZ,je voulez faire un voyage touristique en France avec mes collègues de travail ;tous mes collègues vous avez l'accordé le visa sauf moi ,pour plus d'information sur moi voici mon émail :
Merci d'avance .

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