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Gabriel Hallak
Sat, 9 Aug 2014 13:15 EDT
Dr. civil engineer
To his Holiness Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic church in the world.
Your Holiness, sadly, the real part of your parishioners are being slaughtered, persecuted and suffer from crimes against humanity being exercised against them on daily basis, and you are satisfied with prayers of which we do not doubt of their strength and efficiency but the Messiah said ‘To be as docile as a lamb but as wise as a serpent’ and that is the reason why we are addressing your Holiness as the Head of a State too.
1- Firstly, to ask for an urgent meeting of the Security Council, urging them to immediately annihilate ISIS and all those supporting and backing them and this yellow plague under
‘chapter 7’.
2- To open the Vatican’s bank savings accounts which originally belong to the parishioners, and to provide housing and distribute necessary basic needs to every Christian thrown and abandoned on the streets.
3- We ask your Holiness to go immediately on the ground to apply and supervise the fair application of the above for you are the servant of the parish and not its Emperor.
4- To all those fanatics who are scared and protect religious men whom we respect according to their deeds, I say, ‘we pray you remain quiet. That is enough!’

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