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Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala City)
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Mon, 2 Nov 2015 04:38 EST
emergency appointment
Good Morning,
I'm Judith, I'm french. I used my promotion plane ticket (with the compagny United) of 1,200$ for my guatemalian friend. I bought the ticket before to be sure he has a appointment because I thought it was better to buy it before. But when he went at the embassy, there isn't appointment before january 13th. But the plane ticket is from november 27th till december 30th. I beg you give him an appointment before, please! He has his hollydays, me too, my family too. I organised many things... The plane ticket is more expensive than the free plane ticket, the value exact is 1,448 euros, so I used the free ticket and more money. It xas an obligation for him to pass by United States because I couln't use ohter compagny (cause this free plane ticket can be used only with United).
I don't know what I do more that write you and beg you the urgency... I hope you can help me.
My friend doesn't know I write you. If you answer me it's possible, I will comunicate you his name and all the necessary information.
God bless you.
Judith TOMASI (sorry for my bad english...)
Lionel Cabrera
Fri, 24 Oct 2014 09:49 EDT
demandeur dsile
I am claming for asyle in a foreign country but my human rights are been punished; I like to aplly for asile in the United States I believe You will treat me better, I am Guatemalan citizen but, at the moment as I have write i am in a foreign country what can I do;;;;;
Thu, 5 May 2011 16:45 EDT
Requisitos para solicitar la visa de USA
Senor quiero requisitos para tener visa de Usa soy Guatemateco

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