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Alain Edoun
Thu, 27 Dec 2018 03:38 EST
Application for financial assistance for our agricultural and commercial project

I come to you to solicit your financial help in our agricultural and commercial project planned by an association called YOUNG FARMERS OF THE POBE AREA of which I am a part.
This organization brings together some young people in the plateau department precisely in the Pobe region.
We are young university graduates each and have been fighting against poverty for several years.
Many young people are unemployed.
The first asset we have is that many of us have made the agricultural option which is agronomy and secondly many of us have had the grace of practicing agriculture at the low age with
our farming parents.
But for lack of financial means, we are unable to undertake anything.
We have enough uncultivable land here at home that can bring a lot of wealth not only to our organization but also to our region and our country.
This project aims to change the mindset of our brothers who believe that everything must come from our government before meeting our food needs and others.
We also want to show our young brothers that it is the land that gives us the wealth while allowing the population to have access to food products in a plentiful way.
I would like you to understand that agriculture in our country is an area that provides more benefits to people.
We opted for agriculture to reduce the rate of poverty in our region a bit.
Our parents are trying but the financial means do not allow to expand their agricultural heritage for more yield.

Our project includes the following crops: vegetables, tarots, peppers, tomatoes, rice, yam, garlic, onion and especially oil palm an immensely profitable crop.

It should be noted that the trade I referred to in the subject of our application will be used to finance the maintenance of agricultural estates and the promotion of agriculture in our country.

In addition, we have been planning, in time, areas for the construction of poultry which will be used for the breeding of chickens for the marketing of chickens and eggs.

Here is a detailed outline of our project.
Currently we live in a nameless poverty.
We need your help to realize this dream.
We are moving towards the period where preparations for new crops are taking place.
This will start from the month of January.
And we would like to have a financial help of 15000 euro because of the cost of the plots at this moment.

I tried to send messages to an organization called EMMAUS AFRICA but nothing favorable.
I get the impression that he thinks I'm a scammer or a scammer because of my email because crooks and scammers are using these emails today to scam and scam.
I'm not a scammer or scammer.
I come on behalf of our brothers together to cry for help with our project.
You are free to do all your research on me and my brothers.
If you need more information I am available to provide it to you.

Pending a favorable response to our request, please accept our deepest and most sincere wishes

My full name is EDOUN Gbemiga Alain

My contacts are: +22996302959 and +22998086081 whatsapp

With all these products, do you believe that the population will be hungry?
Many hardworking people in Africa, especially in Benin, like our association are looking for help to expand their agricultural domain.
But lack of financial means much as our association continues to live in poverty.
We need financial means, please.
We are not ashamed to ask for your support.
We want to work to meet the challenge in the agricultural field but we lack financial means.
Help us meet this challenge.
Avosse cephas
Wed, 31 Oct 2018 01:04 EDT
Bonjour je suis au bénin et j'aimerais allez a dubaï pour faire des jobs afin de créer mon propre entreprise

Ce n'est pas un forum pour la discussion de la politique de Dubaï
Lahssini hicham
Sat, 19 Dec 2015 03:37 EST
Aide financière
Aidez moi à payer mes dettes de 20000 euros fissabillah. Mes frères et soeurs je vous en prie aidez moi. Je n'en peux plus wolahi. E-mail :
Fri, 9 Oct 2015 15:35 EDT
formation professionnel
bonjour je suis un jeune camerounais titilaire d.un brevet de technicien en chaudronneri je desire un visa de 8mois pour suivre une formation en soudure tig mig mag a abou dabi merci
kougbadjo marcellin
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:28 EDT
Bonjour, nous sommes une entreprise basée au bénin. nous voulons aller à dubaï pour payer les telephones et les materiels informatiques. nous voulons avoir un visa pour aller sur le marché dubai pas cher. que devons nous faire?

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