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Thu, 31 May 2012 09:58 EDT
Mister and Misses of the Turkei ambassy in Bangkok,

I'm sorry but my english isn't very good. With this email I wanna ask you if you have in a short past get some visa request for a Thai lady with name : Nanthana Muenpom? Maybe sheask a visa for a mariage with a tukish citizen. I dont know her exactly adress to time in Thailand but I can say that she can't marige because she still be maried with a french guy, me, Mister Marc SCHERRER. If she ask a visa it's only for get a possibility to stay in Europ because to time I'm in process with her for a mariage annulation and a french (Shengen visa) annulation. She married with me in 2005 only for get the french longtime visa and money. Now she leave me and work in Germany. But i spok already with the german ambassy and she can't ask a visa there. I know she try to do everything for stay in Europe. I found on her Facebook that she change her name as Nantana Kalkan and have a lot contact with Turkey.

Can you control this and give a answer soon as possible because here it's nearly finish with the court. If she married with a Turkey citizen it's a fake and can be done.

Thank you very much.

Here a pictures of her.


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