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Thu, 22 Apr 2010 08:31 EDT
4 RUE SIMONE SIGNORET 32000 AUCH TEL 00331562611306
Hello Sir, Madam,
I will contact you because I do not know where to turn. We lost almost three years since our brother who lived in Tasmania. We were able to resume contact with him after several years of absence from Slovenia. My daughter and I were able to trace him when he was kidnapped by two women for their money. He died three years ago and soon we were able to Trasferit his body in Slovenia to be buried there. We provided all the necessary papers PUBLICTRUSTEE that inheritance is the tranfer of my family and myself. Mr. Bill VERRELL of PUBLICTRUSTEE (Launceston) joinniable is very difficult. When I attach successful, it gives me information very evasive and am inquiring about the amount to be sent but not tell me when? This sum is less than that would be with interests during these long years. My brother PUGELJ JOSEPH (GIUSEPPE PUGHELLI in Australia) was born in Slovenia (Ilirska Bistrica, Veliko Brdo vas). Thank you to us to help us out because we do not know who to turn us. I live in France and you can contact me by email or by mail. Thank you in advance. Regards.

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