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Syed MUzammil Hussain
Wed, 6 Jun 2012 05:29 EDT
Sad Islamabad Airport Incident
Dear Sir/Madam
Hope to find you this in good health and spirit.Please see following and
grace me with your response.
What happened with Saudi diplomat
Dear Editor
Kindly publish it at your earliest Thanks
Recently Islamabad Airport witnessed a very regretable and sorrow
incident when a saudi dipkomat was badly manhandled by our security
forces who were not supposed to cross their limits.
There may be other side of the story but the incident in way it took
place and was reported in media is not apprecaible.
OUr security officials must bear in mind they are ambassadors of thier
country as well as they may create good or bad name for their
Saudi Arabia is best friend of Pakistan not only in religious terms
but in current world terms as well. Saudia always assisted Pakistan
in hours of need. There are countless exemples of this in minds of
People in Pakistan. Only one example i must quote here is Saudi help
during 2010 and 2011 floods of Pakistan. Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz
Ibrahim Al Ghadeer himself spent Eid days in Thatta Sindh with Flood.
We must not forget this gesture of kindlness.
Last point ,even if Saudi diplomat was on wrong side of the story,
our security officials may had utilized option of arresting him
instead of wounding him.Not by doing this our officials have committed
a henious crime and they should be punished.

Syed Muzammil Hussain
Pro Bono Publico , Freelance Columnist,
Multilingual Translator,
Social Worker, Media Consultant,
p.o. Box No 1035, Islamabad Cell No 03015030533

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