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Faten fakih
Sun, 19 May 2019 20:27 EDT
The Philipines girl at my house like to go for one month to manila and come back to lebanon.ijust to know what documents to Email is
Wed, 28 Jan 2015 07:27 EST
To whom it may concern,

This is my Curriculum Vitae,

Personal Information :
Full Name : Patricia Aoucar Awada.
Country and Place of Birth : Lebanon – Baabda – Beirut.
Region : Hadeth.
Street : Naourah.
Building : Mikhael Attoueh, 5th floor.
Landline : 05/464 165.
Cell Phone : 03/423 735.
E-Mail :
Date of Birth : 07/12/1982.
Place of Birth : Baabda.
Marital Status : Married.
Education :
2005 – 2000 : Licence in Business Management, Majored in Transportation and Logistics – University of the Holy Spirit _Kaslik_.
2000 – 1998 : Lebanese Baccalaureate Diploma, Philosophy Section – Mont-La-Salle College _Ain Saade_.
Work Experience :
Present – 2012 : Back Office for “Le Réseau” outdoor at “Tree Ad” _Sodeco Square_.
2011 – 2005 : Employee in the Statistics, Distribution and Subscriptions Departments at “Dar Assayad” _Hazmieh_.
2010 : Training during December at “Moments of Life” Gallery _Adonis_.
2007 : Part-time Distribution Supervisor at “El_Wassit” Advertising Journal _Tayouneh_.
2005 – 2004 : Teacher of Mathematics and Sciences for the Primary Classes at “Saint John College” _Hadeth_.
2002 : Archivist at “Dar Assayad” _Hazmieh_.
Summer 2001 : Training at “Audi Bank” _Hazmieh_.
Competencies :
Information Systems : Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, Adobe Photoshop, Internet.
Languages : Excellent Arabic, Excellent French, Very good English.
Plus : Holder of a driving license and have my own car.
Acquisitions :
Training – “Audi Bank” : - Direct Contact with Client.
- Daily Banking Transactions.
- Credit Department.
Teaching – “Saint John College” : - Class Management.
- Children Psychology.
- Mastering and Transmitting Knowledge.
Work – “El_Wassit” : - Distribution Control.
- Direct Contact with the Client.
- Report and Conflict Resolution.
- Self Confidence.
Work – “Dar Assayad” : - Accounting (Distribution and Subscriptions).
- Distribution Logistics.
- Subscriptions Logistics.
- Freight Forwarding Logistics.
- Transportation Logistics.
- Warehousing Logistics.
- Brand Management, Telemarketing, Business Development.
- Statistics & Reports.
- Sales & Purchases.
- Data Entry.
- Filing & Organizing.
- Customer Care.
- Contact with Client.
- Care Giving.
Training – “Moments of Life” : - Direct Contact with Client.
- Customer Care.
- Billings & Receipts.
- Statistics & Reports.
- Filing & Organizing.
- Data Entry.
- Sales & Purchases.
- Brand Management.
- Report & Conflict Resolution.
- Take the Initiative.
- Self Confidence.
Job Description – “Tree Ad” :
- Send Advertising agencies and clients a Campaign Report for Le Réseau and Screens at the end of each campaign.
- Ensure that by the end of each month all the material needed to start any campaign is available : booking and printing orders, CD, permit number and A4 proofs.
- Send all visuals to the General Security and obtain permit numbers.
- Liaise between Le Réseau’s & Screens commercial team and the various printing houses and am in charge of dispatching printing orders to printing houses.
- Provide timely report on installation status, monitor delays and follow-up on the reasons and the actual installation dates.
- Liaise between Le Réseau’s & Screens commercial team and the Advertising agencies on issues like requests for availabilities, CD delivery, proofs, installation dates and picture requests.
- Request pictures from person in charge, group them into folders according to account handlers/teams/campaigns and give them to account handlers or send them directly to the agencies.
- Coordinate electricity issues with person in charge, and compensation to clients due to electricity failures.
- Keep track of visual storage (for one month) after it is removed in case it is requested by the client or agency again.
- Issue occupancy reports.
- Issue Sales figure reports and send them to Ipsos Stat.
- Send out person in charge on site visits twice a month to control the campaigns booked with us and elsewhere, and follow-up on discrepancies between the booked ads and the installed ones.
- Send Availability Reports and rate card when requested from agencies and clients on behalf of Le Réseau’s & Screens commercial team.
- Compile Le Réseau’s & Screens list of existing clients into a comprehensive and updated database.
- Keep track of the list of direct clients who call Tree Ad offices.
- Send the CEO and booking department a monthly Installation Progress Report for printing houses, to monitor the installation procedure.
- Dispatch storage list to account handlers in order to waste visuals.
- Receive TV material and censorship fees from clients and agencies.
- Send TV material received to General Security.
- Send TV material to OTV and keep track of it to ensure good reception.
Activities :
Drawing, Manual work-art, Reading,
Decoration, love to organize weddings and events,
Music, Guitar,
Movies, Outings,
Knowledge in cars and few of theirs maintenance,
References :
Mr.Abi Nader, Branch Manager at Audi Bank (Zouk) : 09/21 11 40.
Mrs. Abou JAOUDE, Principal of Saint John College : 05/46 28 08.
Mr. Ammar, Head of the Distribution Department at El_Wassit : 03/07 39 90.
Mrs. Freïha, Director of Dar Assayad : 05/45 72 61.
Mrs. Tohmé, Owner of Moments of Life : 09/22 28 02.
Mr. Mousallem, Director of Tree Ad : 01/611 115.
Requested salary :
≥ 1,300$
To the Director
Object : Candidature to a position
Attached : CV.

Dear Sir,
Allow me to submit my candidature as an employee in your honorable establishment.
I have worked with great pleasure during the month of July 2001 at Audi Bank SAL _ Hazmieh Agency as a trainee, I had the opportunity to understand the proper functioning of a bank, its specificities and needs in the field of promotion of banking activities. I was able to properly appreciate bank’s objectives : the professional conscious in the achievement of tasks, assiduity, punctuality and efficiency in work…
I wish to contribute by my know-how I acquired during my studies in Notre-Dame de Jamhour College and Mont-La-Salle College _ Ain Saade where these values are primary. The major “Transportation and Logistics” I completed during my Business Management Studies at USEK _ Kaslik is a plus to my education. I was able also to enrich my competencies and reinforce my adaptation capacities through teaching, as well as through a work methodology and the process of filing at the Archives Department.
Because of the very positive impression I had during my training at Audi Bank and Moments of Life as well as during my employment at EL_Wassit and Dar Assayad in the Statistics, Distribution and Subscriptions Departments, and since I wish to prepare my M.B.A during academic year 2015-2016, I would highly appreciate if I could have the opportunity of working in your establishment should there be any vacancy.
Thanking you in advance for the consideration you will grant to my application, please accept Sir my best regards.

Patricia AWADA.
Yara makhlouf
Sun, 15 Jun 2014 05:05 EDT
I am searching for Philippine girls who are interested in working at a nail spa
Thu, 17 Apr 2014 09:38 EDT
the Filipino girl at my house would like to go for one month to Manila and come back to Lebanon. What should she do? any documents to sign?
Nora Dabanjian
Fri, 31 Jan 2014 07:26 EST
I just want to know what documents to prepare so that my philippina can travel to Cebu and come back after one month. No one is answering your phones.
My email is
paula halal
Wed, 20 Nov 2013 06:34 EST
Please i need to know what are the documents to renew the passport of a philipino lady working at my address in Lebanon and how much time it will take.
thank you for your reply.
Manal dagher
Thu, 26 Sep 2013 02:57 EDT
Renew Passport
Please i need to know what are the documents to renew the passport of a philipino lady working at my address in Lebanon and how much time it will take.
thank you for your reply.

Manal Dagher 03997795
hoda nasrallah faissal
Thu, 25 Jul 2013 11:23 EDT
please to know if philippino lady working at my adresse wants to go to philippines and come back to lebanon from 17 of august to 19 of october2013,what kind of papers she needs to travel and come back?her permis de travail ended in 2 of septembre,do i have to renew it before she go?please its urgent and thank you!
H. Basbous
Tue, 28 May 2013 14:02 EDT
Urgent Paper
Good afternoon,
My helper will go to Philippines on vacation from june 29th to september 13th. What kind of papers she needs from the embassy to let her travel and come back.
Thanks in advance,
H. Basbous
70 310 310
laureine karam
Fri, 12 Apr 2013 03:30 EDT
I apologize for the inconvenience caused,
Best regards,

phone nbr: 03 - 252439

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