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Adresse26 Rue Oubeidallah El Mehdi 2037
Menzeh 7
Adresse postaleBP 272, Belvedere 1002, Tunis
Téléphonelocal: 7175.0258
international: +216.7175.0258
Faxlocal: 7175.0785
international: +216.7175.0785
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Sun, 14 Jan 2018 08:38 EST
Peace from Hammamet Tunisia
Wed, 4 Oct 2017 08:16 EDT
subvention pour aider des familles necessiteuses.
subvention pour aider des familles necessiteuses.
monsieur je suis un homme de tunis TUNISIE j ai un terrain et je compte construire des dizaines de petites maisons de 60m² chacune pour des familles trop pauvre. je viens par la pressente message vous demander de bien vouloir m aider et aider ces familles a réaliser leur rê demande une subvention ou un crédit 171.0659 euro. avec tous les garanties possible a travers votre ambassade.merci pour votre compré merci de vous lire rapidement. tel 002169899873. 0021624864973 0021671264262.
rhena miguela
Sun, 18 Dec 2016 22:18 EST
about mr.Wilson Ukit
Good day I just want if nr wilson Ukit is connected in DHL express in lagos
fendouli sami
Tue, 26 May 2015 17:42 EDT
How are you sir
I want to ensure that this message came to me from the Bank of Nigeria.
I am involved in the online game and won the Bank of Nigeria sent me on my address (GMAIL) Gulw a post where I gained a significant amount and wanted us to send a check by mail (DHL EXPRESS) Talbo me transfer the amount of the price of their service me Earslo me the package or the Fund.
Please Tthbto Tocdo me or from the address of the bank and if they are online piracy operation

6 Herbert Sullivan Crescent Marina P.M.B 2027 Lagos

Dear Fendouli Sami,

I was once in Tunis and is a beautiful place.we dear appreciate your message and your winnings must be drawn to you in Tunisia soon as we were instructed.However, there is no branch of the Atlantic Merchant Bank International in Tunisia then Inter-bank wire transfer will not be possible.

We were instructed to complete the payment process by certified check for the correct documentation.

An international control certificate was issued / credited to your full names (see Annex scanned for details) and can be cashed at any branch of any branch of ABC Bank in Tunisia.

Your check must be deposited by you and will take a few days for processing after the filing (2-5 days) depending on the Banks structures after which you will be contacted to receive the payment in local currency converted to the sum total of about networking 393,747.41 Tunisian Dinar (TND) and do not need to have an account with ABC Bank to have your check cashed.

Instructions on how to make your check can be cashed upon receipt.

1.Visit any branch of ABC Bank with your check, and present your check processing with valid ID card for identification (eg Drivers Licence).

2. Wait for the bank to go through the process of check clearing. This usually takes 2 to 5 days.

3.You will be notified to come to the bank for payment full.The automatically converts the value of international control for currency equivalent in your country.

Your check was forwarded to the Lagos branch of "DHL Express" to ensure safe delivery of your check to your address.

What you have to do now is to send your full name, address and phone numbers for information or P.O.Box and email below DHL express delivery to end your check to your address in Tunisia.

DHL Express Email:

Send your information immediately email DHL Express in order to avoid further delays.

Best regards,

Mark Brown.

Bank AIM 2 Herbert Sullivan Victoria Crescent.Lagos.9481.
Note: This e-mail address is registered with the reference number PNB181729

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This information, including attachments contained in this email is confidential and privileged to Atlantic International Merchant Bank. It is intended solely for the addressee. If you are not the recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete the message. Any review, dissemination, distribution, copying or other use of this communication or the information in it is strictly prohibited. You should make your own virus checks before opening any attachment, as we can not accept responsibility for any damage suffered as a result of any viruses information.
Zone contenant les pièces jointes
Prévisualiser la pièce jointe Fendouli Sami Certified Cashier Check.jpg
Fendouli Sami Certified Cashier Check.jpg

DHL Express 12/14 International Airport Road
Ikeja LAGOS P.O.BOX 1017

Dear Fendouli Sami,

This is our payment information, pay through Western Union which is swift and reliable, Some banks have Western Union services in Tunisia.You are to go to any Western Union and send the delivery payment to the Western Union information below.

Country - Nigeria
State - Lagos
Receivers Name - Wilson Akan Ukit
Test Question - Code
Answer - 2341
Amount - $105

After sending the delivery payment, a payment receipt will be given to you by the Western Union agent.Check the receipt and provide the information's below after the payment has been successfully processed.

1. Name of sender
2. Test question and answer
3. MTCN numbers

Note:Ensure to process the delivery payment soonest to avoid delay as we are allowed to hold on to unshipped items for a limited amount of time to avoid demurrage (Daily charges attracted by unshipped/stored items in the DHL warehouses).

John O. Stevens (Mr) Dispatch personnel in charge.
TEL - +2347033848515
DHL express Lagos,4932
achref hmili
Fri, 22 May 2015 12:28 EDT
my names Achref hmili from tunisia im 31 years old i
i want travel to niigeria i want to ask howcan find visa for travel
labidi faycel
Thu, 2 Apr 2015 16:37 EDT
chauffeur toute catigories
j'ai 49ans,je parle (presque) 4 langues;français,italien, anglais,arabe.j'ai aussi un permis de cherche un travail si c'est possible .mercies infiniment.
Sat, 28 Feb 2015 07:50 EST
pour tous
negeria avec visa ou non ?
Wed, 3 Dec 2014 16:57 EST
Hotel Genral Manager
Subject: application for employment
Position applied for : General hotel Manager
General Hotel Manager approved by the Ministry of the Tunisian Tourism for 4 and 5 stars hotels.
Attended large hotel school in Tunisia and in Germany and I have 30 years experience in Tunisia and abroad with important Tunisian groups and International fames chains: Sheraton, Accor, Meridien THF...
Currently I work as General Hotel Manager for a 5 stars hotel in Tunisia and I will free be starting december 2014
Professional qualities:
Manager, Restorer, Cost Killer, Commercial, Born leader, faithful, honest, devoted ....
Tel: 00216 98 405 058
E-mail Address:
Mon, 17 Nov 2014 06:38 EST
Je souhaite avoir un visa pour le Ghana.
Vu que on Tunisie il y'a pas d'ambassade de Ghana a Tunis.
Comment faut t-il faire ?
Veuillez me conseiller SVP . Mon adresse mail est :

Merci d'avance
Sahnoun Hiba
Fri, 14 Nov 2014 08:35 EST
Sahnoun Hiba , 25 ans , je suis titulaire d'une licence en Finance Internationale et d'un master en commerce international, j'habite juste à coté de l'ambassade à menzah 7 et Je cherche un poste fixe chez vous , n'importe quel salaire en tenant compte que je parle et j'écrit en anglais et en français.
Merci de tenir en considération ma candidature.

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