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AdresseStreet 47, House 76
Khartoum 2
Téléphonelocal: (0183) 471.012
international: +249.183.471.012
Faxlocal: (0183) 480.304
international: +249.183.480.304
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Clémence Dujardin
Wed, 19 Jun 2019 09:11 EDT
I can't reach the Ambassy of Netherlands in Sudan by phone neither by e-mail. What should I do ?
sonia Badreddine
Mon, 5 Sep 2011 07:30 EDT
Hi Sir and Mme,

As I have just achieved my postgraduate (I mean my license) and still dealing with Master degree this year of English language, apart from other languages , I have a great honor to send you my CV for a job.

My full name is: Miss Sonia Badreddine/ A Tunisian by Nationality.

Please Sir, can you make sure by responding me in whether there is a position for me. (Administrator office, ..A translator...A teacher...a representative person either here or in abroad mean in five languages «Cadre if you want to" either in the commercial field or languages side)

Sir, you can find all the details in my CV and as i have 6 years of experience in the state and 2 years in private companies. Hope my CV will be fully appreciated by you.

Please, do call me am waiting for your answer.
Finally, am waiting for my (Master degree) to be ended next year.

Am willing to work either in Tunis the city center or in its surroundings and suburbian areas if possible it won't be a problem for me. Thanks

Please Sir, do help me I like people of different countries and that solidarity is a great link for me.
(Sir i can assume every work you find it for me and that may suit my level)

Sir , would you mind award me an opportunity to work either as a training teacher or a Guest Relations Employer , as i used to deal with all these laanguages and that i can assume my ability in offering a great tie between Tunisian and Foreigners people, i mean guests in general!.


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