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Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H9
Téléphonelocal: (613) 232.2401
international: +1.613.232.2401
Faxlocal: (613) 233.1484
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Mario Brisebois
Mon, 18 Jan 2016 20:21 EST
Comment faire un paiement d'une contravention à Rome du Canada
Sun, 3 Oct 2010 14:59 EDT
Dear Sir or Madam:

Please allow me to state my interest in a position within your establishment as a Chauffer for the embassy or as a security agent. I have vast experience in both fields and possess the qualification and competency required for these positions.

Please find attached a copy of my Curriculum Vitae that outlines my education and my professional qualifications. Should you require other supporting documents I would be pleased to provide them. I am completely fluent in French and Arabic. I am learning how to speak English at the moment. Lastly, I believe my education and experience combined with my enthusiasm make me an ideal candidate. I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Hamid Khaldi


1-118, Woodridge Crescent ◊ Ottawa ◊ Ontario ◊ K2B 7S9

Home : 613.693.1917 ◊ Mobile : 613.263.6062 ◊ E-mail:

• Driver for Embassy.
• Agent of Security.

• Good mastery of the Arab and spoken and written French.
• English talked about basis.
• Basic Knowledge of the computers.
• Diploma: Agent of Industrial and Commercial Security.
• 2 years of experience in this domain. C.P.R (First Aid Training)
• Good capacity of adaptation and execution rapidity.
• Good judgement, and rapidity of decision take facing all unforeseen one.
• Tactical Course of defences.
• Capacity to work in team, punctual and dynamic.
• Reliability, and courtesy. The candidate also will have to show spirit team.
• To cooperate with the administrative personnel and the other drivers of the Embassy of Canada.
• Competences in data processing (Word, Excel and Internet).

2007–2009 Blitz Security Ltee Montreal - Quebec.
2008 -2009 Securities S.E.A.2000 International, Airports of Montreal - Quebec.
2008–2008 Securities and Investigation (Cartier), Montreal - Quebec.
• To Give the basic Cares.
• Internal and exterior Patrol.
• To Assure hygiene and Comfort of the Customers.
• Systems of alarm and of protection.
• Supervision by Movie camera.
• Usage of the extensible sticks and handcuffs
• Communication with the agencies of public orders.
• To Assure the security movement of the customers.
• Security Movement of the customers.
2009 –2010 Embassy of Rwanda Ottawa -Ontario.
• Driver for embassy Rwanda.
• Experience in the execution of various administrative tasks.
• Good manner to drive and complete respect of the code of the road.

2008 Diplomas: Security and Industrial and Commercial. ACADEMY - G S I N C,
Montreal, Québec.
2004 Diplomas: Assistance to the profitable ones in health Establishment.
School of the trades of suburbs Montreal, Quebec. 1992
Diplomas: Technician in Management Option Computer. School, Pigier T G O I
Settat, Morocco.
1992 Diplomas: Technician Joinery Cabinetmaking of buildings. School, Professional I T
HAS Settat, Morocco.

Available Upon Request

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