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Sun, 3 Jul 2016 20:32 EDT
Personal Details:
I am highly interested to find a challenging position to put into practice my excellent communication skills and organizational experience .I am ready to accept any position you think may suit my profile. The skills, I have gained from my work experience will help me to meet the needs of regular and prospective clients and use information effectively. I am very keen and highly interested in any potential position that might arise
Date of Birth : 01st - 10 - 1989
Place of Birth: Algeria
Nationality: Algerian
Mobile Telephone: 00213-659-22-28-67 & 00213-559-11-04-29
Fax: 00213-33-66-76-00
Education & Qualifications:
1995-2009: Primary / High School, General certificate of Education
(13 years of Education /High School /3rd Year Secondary Science Experimental/03 A.S.S. Experimental)
2010- 2013: Training as: Higher specialty training technician electrical engineering (Technician superior option: Electro technique in institute I.N.S.F.P Messaad - W.Djelfa - Algeria)
Summary Field Certificates & Experience
Areas Worked:. Oil & Gas Field REB Algeria
Clients Worked for:
01- Sonatrach /DP Joint Venture Sonarco American & British, Oil & Gas Field R.E.B Algeria
02- Sonatrach /DP –joint venture AGIP, Oil &Gas Field B.R.N -Algeria
03- Sonatrach /DP, Oil & Gas Field T.F.T -Algeria
04- Sonatrach /DP, Oil & Gas Field REB Algeria
05- Sonatrach /DP Joint Venture British Petroleum & Statoil, Oil & Gas Field Tiguentourine In amenas Algeria.
06- Hanwha Engineering & Construction electrical project in Biskra Algeria
07- I am working with Star of Desert Hassi- Messaoud in construction of Compression Station Gaz in Hassi Rmel ( Sonatrach / Division Transport ) From 19-02-2016 at Present AS : INSTRUMENTATION ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN

 Excellent assessment abilities
 Committed to professional development. Outstanding
 Straightforward and assertive. A friendly, hardworking and competent employee
 Tenacious and flexible in high pressure situations.
 Significant planning and administration skills
 Fluent in languages: , English, French ; Arab (Written & Spoken)
 Control tool Data processing: Word & Excel and use of internet
 Good qualities of communication & group Work Spirit.
 Strong motivational Skills.
 Willing to take responsibilities and use own initiative
 Dynamic and very passionate.
 Driving License Cat: B.
Work Experience & Certificates:
• I have received and gained a lot of work experience during periods of five years practice courses on various sites and Fields Sonatrach & HS / DP-Group Associations Foreign south Algeria as follows:
01 - Sonatrach/ DP & BP-(Association) DRG-REB: from 07-09-2011 to 28 -09 -2011
02 - Sonatrach / DP & (Association) AGIP-BRN: from 02-02-2012 to 28 -02 -2012
03 - Sonatrach / DP DRG TFT : from 03-10-2012 to 23-10-2012
04 - Sonatrach / DP DRG REB : from 14-11-2012 to 05-12-2012
05 - Sonatrach / DP & BP-Statoil (Association) Field Tiguentourine from 02-01-2013 to 15 -01 – 2013
06- Hanwha Engineering & Construction Projet electrical Biskra Algeria from 21-02-2015 at 29-02-2016 AS Instrumentation Electrical Technician
07- I am working with Star of Desert Hassi- Messaoud in construction of Compression Station Gaz in Hassi Rmel ( Sonatrach / Division Transport ) From 19-02-2016 at Present AS : INSTRUMENTATION ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN

Best Regards
michel Léonard
Wed, 30 May 2012 04:19 EDT
voyage touristique
nous comptons nous rendre ma femme et moi à bali et prendre la compagnie qatar avec un stop over de quelques à Doha jours et en profiter pou établir un visa touristique de 60 jours à l'ambassade d'Indonésie de Doha , nous voudrions savoir si c'est possible ? cordialement Léonard

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