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Freedom fighter Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh
Fri, 31 May 2013 16:23 EDT
A message to Xi Jinping, President of the Chinese
A message to Xi Jinping, President of the Chinese government, and to all the other Chinese authorities.
With a long history of over a thousand years, Chinese invaders have failed to take over our country by force. Our hero and heroine Trung and Trieu fought bravely and turned them back. Thoat Hoan and Ma Vien, after being defeated by our army, had to hide themselves in a copper tube in order to return to China alive. For the past thousand years, China always dreamed of taking over our country by force, but that dream is hopeless. We have been strengthening our motherland for thousands of years. Our ancestors were able to turn back the Chinese invaders, we must do the same thing today and force them out of our country.
Today, China has had success in building up a Communist Party, who are reigning over our country and obeys China. The Vietnamese Communist Government may offer our motherland to China, but the inhabitants and citizens of our whole country can still fight, no matter the price.
"We must fight even if we have to sacrifice our own lives, we will have freedom even if we have to trade our own blood and flesh!"
Today, in Tibet, they only have one way for their idea of FREEDOM to be heard by the world, and that is by burning themselves. Our Vietnamese will never burn ourselves, however we will burn down the brutal reign over our citizens.
I am sending this message to Xi Jinping and to the Chinese Communist party, that you must return without any condition the land and islands that you stole from us or had been donated to you by the Vietnamese Communist Government.
The FREEDOM will come to China, Tibet, Shinjang, Muslim and Hmong. If there are any casualties, they will be the responsibility of Red China.

I am only a little Vietnamese woman , the next generation of the heroine Trung and Trieu . I would like to declare
the final fight with the invaders from the Vietnamese communist party , the unacceptable government who try to sell our Viet Nam beloved country to Red China .
"Whoever occurred the bloody fight Must pay back by his own blood."
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh
Kaohsiung Mai 29, 2013
Tue, 29 May 2012 06:32 EDT
demande de financemant
ainsi parle l'eternel tu t'apelera josue' et tu voyagera beaucoups afin d'accompli ma volonte'et je t'utiliserais puissament . ainsi parle l'eternel a son berger que je suis . je viens vers vous pour vous demande une aide pour le financemant de mes projets qui sont . la creations d'unecompagnie de transport. la creations d'un centre d'elevage modrene . la creations d'une societes de fabrique et de cormmercialisations de gaz . franklin 14bp327abidjan14 ( cote-d'ivoire) telephone 40154074
Samuel Seguineau
Tue, 27 Jul 2010 18:38 EDT
How to obtain the Chinese visa?
I am a french's citizen and I make the world tour for 8 months without plane.
As I do not know exactly when I am going to enter countries, I ask for visas little by little.

Today, I came to the consulate of the People's Republic of China of Vancouver to make the request of the visa of your country.
In the reception, we have me answer that it was not possible, and that I had to go has HonkKong to obtain it.
The problem, it is because I do not go has Honk Kong and because I have no visa to go there.

Please, help me to know how I have to make to have the visa of your country? Can you give me the addresses of the consulates of Anchorage and Vladivostok?

Beyond Vancouver, I go to Anchorage ( Alaska) by bus.
Beyond, I'll crossing the Pacific's ocean by boat to go has Vladivostok (Russia).
Beyond, I would like to take the Trans-Siberian's train of Beiing has Moscow.

I obtained easily the Russian's visa has his consulate of Seattle.

Why the Chinese's consulate of Vancouver does not want to receive my request ?

Perhaps, it is impossible for a french's citizen, who does not travel by plane, to come in your country ?

Please, help me !

Thank you for your considerate,
Samuel Seguineau

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