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houraye diallo
Sat, 26 May 2012 04:48 EDT
Obje: Asylum
I am a Mauritanian refugee who has lived to Dakar (Senegal) since the event of war in Senegal and Mauritania 1988/1989.This war has put me of a lot of problems my parents' life is seriously disturbed because I lost almost all member of my family in this war.On us rappatrie in Senegal because my grandparents was of Senegalese origin but settled in Nouakchott, I stayed for a long time without being able to study because I was not Senegalese and m is difficult to do studies and it is then my mother has found domestic work and I was registered but I could not continue and i had really hard time because I have my Bachelor doubles each year class because I had not the papers is a Senegalese man who helps me because I had to record the birth of her daughter dies and thats with AC i that have made my review and I succeeded in May I had not the means to study the upper study I was forced to stop my studies and my mother had nothing, and my dad has died thereafter and it was still the galley because we argued a little. And I explain my problem was a French who was in Senegal and it gives my money and this money i I had the idea of ​​going to China because I thought it ' is a developed country but unfortunately for me as I remained in China can not because Africans who have told me to stay I could not stay in China if the visa because the fine will renew and you will have many money to do it and I knew not how they put me out and I could not always stayed out in China because it is a country too difficult.And I am back in Senegal and I found that my mother was ill and even severely ill and even sui I stayed with her for 1year and some months in that period I worked as the servant in a Lebanese who work in Senegal and I had him stroke win friendship and my counselor go to Malaysia because it is a Muslim country and a peaceful country and I buy the ticket and give my pocket money and when I came I knew that he must register for and not be imprison it is with my pocket money that I enrolled in a school campus technic International Puchong but if my letter of immigration so I have not the means for the country scolarity.i'm really in the galley for I 'sometimes not even to eat every day and I think the High Commission for Refugees (HCR) and I came to you to ask for help. I'm really in need, please come to me help! I risky rappatriee be in Senegal and I do not want to live in suffering my mother and me and I will not be condemner in Malaysia too.
While waiting for an answer I want TOO much as possible, please accept my distinguished sentiments.
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