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AdresseArea nr 63 Villa nr 52
Modern Dafna Al Either Street nr 941
Téléphonelocal: 4483.1186
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international: +974.4483.6452

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Thu, 9 Feb 2017 05:18 EST
Candidat Construction Site Manager
• Address: Cité 900 Logts Bt C8 N°213, El-Bouni, Annaba, Algeria
• Home Phone:00213 38 52 50 15 •Mobile:00213 771 67 55 09

Fev 9 th, 2017
Human Resources Department Manager

Dir Sir/Madam:
Further to your offer that kept all my attention for the position of Project Manager Building Construction and Public Works, I propose to you my application in your Company which gives an essential importance to the quality of the work in the domain of construction and public works. It is an ideal organization for which I can carry out projects with the diversity of tasks that will allow me to develop new techniques and managerial varied.
Holder of several qualifications, diplomas, training, seminars, improvements: Engineer of Application in Buildings, Conductor of Public Works and Quantity Surveyor. I have studied in higher education institutions approved by our government, which allowed me to develop my intellectual capacities and gradually attain a stage of advanced developments.
I have experiencedmany positions in the same domain throughout my long professional career in private, subcontracting, national, multinational and foreign companies. My functions from the recent till the old : Recently Project Manager in charge of Project Coordinator, Senior Site Engineer, Main Clerk of Works in Civil Engineering, Supervisor of Large Structural Works, Worksite Manager and Main Quantity Surveyor.
I have worked for many years for various companies and clients, for which I have been led to realize projects of large structural works, to follow the work of the construction sites, to evaluate the cost of the construction projects, to coordinate the works, to rehabilitate , renovate and rebuild the company's basic infrastructures (Buildings / Hangars / Steel Structures / Installations / Waterproofing / Façades / Electricity / Mechanical ventilation...), respect the contracts, deadlines and agreements of the subcontractors, to participate in the meetings and write the verbal suits of worksites, to follow the worksite notebooks, to plan for each new project… My CV illustrates all my experiences, skills, abilities, trainings and conceptions of major projectsin all along my career, based on solid professionalism.

I thank you in advance for the attention you give to my application. If you requireany further information, please contact me.Wishing to be invited to an interview as soon as possible.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Nadir Arari
djelamda mohamed
Mon, 9 Jan 2017 14:20 EST
demande d'emploi
je suis algérien j'ai 35 ans..diplômé soudeur avec 15 ans expérience je voue demande un poste de travaille dans le domaine...télé 0777691072...merci.
Daoud Mohamed
Fri, 2 Sep 2016 15:46 EDT
Demande d'emploi
Je sm'appelle DAOUD Mohamed, j'ai 31 ans. Je suis célibataire, Je suis ingénieur protection cathodique dans une société national de canalisations pendant trois ans je voudrais travailler au Qatar dans le domaine des hydrocarbures.
Sun, 3 Jul 2016 20:08 EDT
Personal Details:
I am highly interested to find a challenging position to put into practice my excellent communication skills and organizational experience .I am ready to accept any position you think may suit my profile. The skills, I have gained from my work experience will help me to meet the needs of regular and prospective clients and use information effectively. I am very keen and highly interested in any potential position that might arise
Date of Birth : 01st - 10 - 1989
Place of Birth: Algeria
Nationality: Algerian
Mobile Telephone: 00213-659-22-28-67 & 00213-559-11-04-29
Fax: 00213-33-66-76-00
Education & Qualifications:
1995-2009: Primary / High School, General certificate of Education
(13 years of Education /High School /3rd Year Secondary Science Experimental/03 A.S.S. Experimental)
2010- 2013: Training as: Higher specialty training technician electrical engineering (Technician superior option: Electro technique in institute I.N.S.F.P Messaad - W.Djelfa - Algeria)
Summary Field Certificates & Experience
Areas Worked:. Oil & Gas Field REB Algeria
Clients Worked for:
01- Sonatrach /DP Joint Venture Sonarco American & British, Oil & Gas Field R.E.B Algeria
02- Sonatrach /DP –joint venture AGIP, Oil &Gas Field B.R.N -Algeria
03- Sonatrach /DP, Oil & Gas Field T.F.T -Algeria
04- Sonatrach /DP, Oil & Gas Field REB Algeria
05- Sonatrach /DP Joint Venture British Petroleum & Statoil, Oil & Gas Field Tiguentourine In amenas Algeria.
06- Hanwha Engineering & Construction electrical project in Biskra Algeria
07- I am working with Star of Desert Hassi- Messaoud in construction of Compression Station Gaz in Hassi Rmel ( Sonatrach / Division Transport ) From 19-02-2016 at Present AS : INSTRUMENTATION ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN

 Excellent assessment abilities
 Committed to professional development. Outstanding
 Straightforward and assertive. A friendly, hardworking and competent employee
 Tenacious and flexible in high pressure situations.
 Significant planning and administration skills
 Fluent in languages: , English, French ; Arab (Written & Spoken)
 Control tool Data processing: Word & Excel and use of internet
 Good qualities of communication & group Work Spirit.
 Strong motivational Skills.
 Willing to take responsibilities and use own initiative
 Dynamic and very passionate.
 Driving License Cat: B.
Work Experience & Certificates:
• I have received and gained a lot of work experience during periods of five years practice courses on various sites and Fields Sonatrach & HS / DP-Group Associations Foreign south Algeria as follows:
01 - Sonatrach/ DP & BP-(Association) DRG-REB: from 07-09-2011 to 28 -09 -2011
02 - Sonatrach / DP & (Association) AGIP-BRN: from 02-02-2012 to 28 -02 -2012
03 - Sonatrach / DP DRG TFT : from 03-10-2012 to 23-10-2012
04 - Sonatrach / DP DRG REB : from 14-11-2012 to 05-12-2012
05 - Sonatrach / DP & BP-Statoil (Association) Field Tiguentourine from 02-01-2013 to 15 -01 – 2013
06- Hanwha Engineering & Construction Projet electrical Biskra Algeria from 21-02-2015 at 29-02-2016 AS Instrumentation Electrical Technician
07- I am working with Star of Desert Hassi- Messaoud in construction of Compression Station Gaz in Hassi Rmel ( Sonatrach / Division Transport ) From 19-02-2016 at Present AS : INSTRUMENTATION ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN

Best Regards
Fri, 10 Jun 2016 13:55 EDT
infirmier diplome detat
je suis reside en espagne depuis annee 2000 jai 9ans dexperience en clinque prive et avavnt jai 18ans dexperiences en algerie hopital chu de mascara et maintenant je cherche un aide pour travaille et vivre en qatar inchallah jai un famille de2 petites filles 9ans et 3ans ...... merci
halimi mohamed
Fri, 15 Apr 2016 06:17 EDT
technicien batiment construction urbanisme
cherhe emploi a doha
mansouri mustapha
Wed, 23 Mar 2016 02:51 EDT
demande de visa

Prénom : Mustapha
Date et lieu de naissance : 13/061977 à Hadjout.
Nationalité : Algérienne
Situation Familiale : Célibataire
Adresse : Rue Nafi Ali N°05 Hadjout W.Tipaza.
Service National : Dégagé
Email : mustahadjouti@
Télé :024-49-61-26
MOBILE :067432100
Etude :
Période Formation Diplômes Etablissement
1982-1988 Etude primaire Certificat de sixième Sidi ouckba
1988-1991 Etude moyenne B.E.F Ecole Ibn Khaldoune
1992-1996 Etude secondaire Baccalauréat travaux public et bâtiment Technicum de Hadjout
1996-2000 universitaire Licence génie civil très bien Université de Laghouat
2003-2004 journaliste attestation Ecole de fouka
Période Nature SOCIETE
26/07/2004-23/09/2004 Informatique : calcule de béton arme ( 2003 Format soft de Blida
07/05/2005-07/07/2005 Informatique : calcule de béton arme (robot millenium) 16.5 Format soft de Blida
07/11/200-18/01/2004 Chef de atelier de génie civil (topographie, laboratoire) Technicum de Hadjout
18/01/2006-a ce jour Professeur technique de topographie Technicum de Hadjou
Tue, 22 Dec 2015 07:59 EST
Vendeur de diamant brut
Je cherche un acheteur de diamant brut aide moi de me mettre en contact avec un acheteur. E-mail téléphone 0022791810218
Mon, 20 Jul 2015 10:41 EDT
Je suis Algerien de la wilaya d’Ouargla Algerie diplomé en genie climatique qui est un domaine vaste et varié englobant plusieurs connaissances techniques.
J'ai une solide experience pratique theorique domaine froid et climatisation possedant le savoir et savoir-faire.
J'etais enseignant formant des techniciens et TS en froid et climatisation pendant une longue durée.
Je maitrise trés bien la langue francaise et moyen en langue anglaise et arabe (je cherche un contrat de travail merci)Mon E-mail
Fri, 15 May 2015 15:49 EDT
INGENIEUR en Maintenance Industrielle
Je voudrai par le biais de ce message faire profiter toute personne ayant besoin d'aide, de mon expérience et de mon savoir faire dans le domaine.

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