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Dirección11 Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island
Teléfonolocal: (01) 261.9531
internacional: +
Faxlocal: (01) 261.4021
internacional: +
Sitio Webhttp://ukinnigeria.fco.gov.uk/en/

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estafador roland mark
Sat, 31 May 2014 19:32 EDT
mucho ojo chicas.. este es roland mark y su hija de 8 años Sonia.. tambien ha ido africa y su cuento con las obras de artes.. tambien dice que la tiene hospitalizada.. que los robaron a mano armada y que su hija esta muy grave en coma.. dice que viene a su pais en dos findes semanas.. y envia la fotocpia del vuelo y todo.. pero ha sido reservado.. llamamos al aeropuerto..
pero cuando ya le escribimos que lo descubrimos..
deja de enviar mensajer...
Sat, 31 May 2014 10:38 EDT
mucha rata
Buenos días mi amor,
Llegamos el África de hoy, hemos salido de Londres 23:45, tuvimos un viaje seguro, pero la proyección en el aeropuerto nos retrasó durante varias horas, acabo de comprobar en una habitación de hotel, he estado aquí por casi 2 horas tratando de enviar a un e-mail acerca de nuestra llegada, tienen un sistema de Internet muy pobre, debido a esto me he comprado una nueva línea telefónica para que pueda comunicarse con usted siempre. El número de teléfono es +2348113212801 puede llamar o enviar SMS a mí en su deseo, voy de inmediato para el mercado Exposiciones ART para comprar las artesanías, para que pueda enviarlos al Reino Unido a tiempo, antes de embarcarse en mi viaje a su país, claro está que sólo tiene 2 días aquí a la izquierda, por que mañana voy a reservar mi vuelo a su país en línea y enviaré los detalles para usted, cuando vengo localizaremos buen hotel juntos que cuenta con instalaciones de estándar europeo, para la capacidad de la comodidad de Marcos. Te amo y gracias por su preocupación. Nos vemos pronto.
Mucho amor, abrazos y besos para ti mi querida esposa

Good day my Darling,
We arrive Africa today, we departed London 11:45pm, We had a Safe Trip, but the screening at the Airport delayed us for several hours, I just check into an hotel room, I have been here for almost 2 hours trying to send to you e-mail about our arrival, they have a very poor internet system, because of this I have bought a new telephone line so that I can reach you always. The phone number is +2348113212801 you can call or send SMS to me at your wish, I'm going right away to the ART Exhibition Market to purchase the Crafts, so that I can ship them to the UK on time, before embarking on my Journey to your country, mind you I only have 2 days here left, by tomorrow I will book my flight to your country online and I will send the details to you, when I come we will locate good hotel together that has European Standard facilities, for comfort ability of Mark. I love you and thanks for your concern. See you soon.
Much Love, Hugs and kisses for you my darling Wife
Thu, 29 May 2014 17:38 EDT
vuelve este estafador
My Love
Darling how are you doing and how is your day? darling I thought about telling you things about my history which I have never told any woman before but I just believed you are the right person to relate my personal history with, I have been composing it since the day I met you because of my work and other activities I have been unable to round up on time, am telling this so that you will not allow distance to separate us, I promise because of the felling I have for you I will visit Country very soon and my son said he likes you. Nevertheless there is still need for me to drop my history because i have really took time to compose it to share with you, there are so much to write about myself but few has to be stated first, maybe later on nature will conclude on the story for you, I was the first among 2 children of my parent, and my father is the only son of his father and use to help his father on the art design also help him to market the goods, at a point when my father traveled for trade that was when he met my mother but due to his line of business he was unable to stay long with his first love and but she got pregnant for the little time spent together without my father taking notice of that. He traveled back to AMERICA. Six months later my mother came over to AMERICA in search of my father, so after then they both went back to England for a brief introduction and came back with my mother to AMERICA. She gave birth to her first child in Greece which was a male child Andrew, so it was a successful married life for the both partner because having a male child was every man's wish at that time, 8 years later my parent had Elphida (meaning Hope) a female but this time it was not an easy task anymore because the income was not forth coming anymore because my father was still living under the roof of his father so all the money was actually coming in from my grandfather all though my father was the marketer of his creative art design and was also a maker. At a point my grandfather was tired of taking care of the entire family also he never liked my mother due to the fact that she was an English woman but since she gave birth to a male child he decided to let the feelings die inside him but when the grudges develop and ask my father to please look for a place for himself and start up a new life because he was tired of responsibilities, then my father was really confuse because he never save for himself when working under his own father so he had misunderstanding with his father and left angrily to his own apartment with his family.

My father said it was hell raising us all and my mother left when she was unable to cope with the situation because she has always told my father that we should move together to England and get a better life but my father refused because he believed he can change things back there in his home country. At the outset, after my mother has ran to England living the kids behind my father began to suffer from livercyrosis because he was an alcoholic and never wanted to call for his father financial assistant for us, the illness eat deep into his liver and his father spent a lot on biopsy and therapy trying to manage his life but it got to a time my grandfather gave up on him by saying he warn him about my mother because His alcohol intake increased due to the heartbreak he got from my mother which led to the vicious cycle of the disease.I started taking care of my father all by myself and with the help of his life insurance but to all effort I watch the jewel I cherish so much die in my arms that is the day I will never forget in my life but before he died he proclaimed to me to go in search of my mother and never work as an Art maker due to the experience he had and he said I should give myself a better education so that I can raise my sister. I cried all through those years of struggling but later moved to my grandfather's house and at that time I made through my way to England at the age of 17 in search of my mother and explain everything that happened, but at that time my mother was not even on the best side because she was married to someone else and things were a bit difficult but as a man I could stand it all. She still loves us very much but there was nothing she could do. Furthermore, I decided to go for an asylum which got me a foster parents Mr. /Mrs. Ashley Gibbs, who took me all the way through my education also I was working in a pizza hut during the weekend I also worked at McDonald for 2hours all my effort was to bring my siblings to England although they were doing well in AMERICA but I wanted them to have a bright future.To God be the glory I succeeded bringing in my sister after i rounded up my university, and I was then earning monthly salary, and I made sure she got education, and I was not getting any younger so I decided to complicate my life with my formal marriage. Well now I don't call it complications because I have Mark from it. At first she was very kind and loving but she later develop grudge to my beloved sister that she demand too much complaining she should stop disturbing my peace with her, but I tried to make her understand that she have no other means because I was the one that represent her father and mother and she pretend to have held and pleaded that she will not complain about it again At the outset, she got pregnant for me and things started going on smoothly and my siblings where doing well in their education, at the long run my ex put to bed and was named Mark and I was astonish with a lot of joy because I was a father after many years of suffering.

I find out things where not really doing well because I was really under going through a lot, I had to go back to university and study construction/consultant engineer which lasted for about 2years and gained my master degree, but my ex-wife was not in support of the course and always have problems in my home because she keep saying my sister is the problems we are having that now I have a family they should start up their life and back off, as a man I always try to make her and the baby happy though it was really difficult.At the end she decided to divorce me but my friends and I pleaded and she decided to stay back, after some time my sister got a job in Ireland as a stockbroker and moved there, after some time I rounded up my course and began to search for a job. It wasn't really easy getting my kind of job that really suit my profession but was still working and earning monthly income, at a time I decided to embark on the business of selling Art design since I was use to the business before and I started traveling to Africa and Hong Kong to purchase the design at first it was really difficult because I invested the little I saved on the business. My wife began to act funny because she saw things were going down.

On that faithful day I traveled out to buy some design for sale because I did not have a gallery of my own at that time, I was suppose to return in about 5days interval but the art makers where not having much to sell so I decided to come back home and make arrangement for another trip, to my greatest surprise I met my ex-wife and best friend having sex in our matrimonial bed. I wanted the world to immediately come to an end because I was suffering for her sake but still she went ahead sleeping around me. So then I had no option but calling off the marriage and swear not to have anything to do with women again, and she sue me saying she needed some part of my savings and the British high court instructed me to do as she have desired, But I fought for the custody of my son and miracles smiled and I got him for myself and my wife never really bordered about him anymore. I took good care of him and he has been my only company in lonely times and a big inspiration as well as a blessing to me too. I was called for an interview in Imperial UK Building Services Company and I had excellent and they tested my field construction ability and I made it successfully, so I was offer a space in the company and I immediately asked my sister to bring down my son Mark because I already found a good job, within a year I was promoted to field manager and I began to earn good income. I decided to open a gallery after some time and since has been making a lot. I now own a nice house and all the luxuries I ever wished for. I was honored as a knight(lord) by the Queen of England 2yrs ago for an inspirational sculpture of educational values I did at groove park London that year. I was very happy and everyone called to congratulate me,it was my most glorious moment in life. Inside this glory I lost my only sister to pneumonia she battled with all throw her time in England. I never got a call from my ex-wife during the funeral and it was not a nice feeling. Now I look back at my past and share tears of Glory.

Now I feel loneliness and my son want someone to call mother. I was already feeling the impact of settling down with someone but not from England and I got the idea from my marriage adviser that I can meet someone really special on internet because his friends got married and settle down with someone from the site and they both live happily in Australia at present and I was interested and he directed me on how to go about it but to my greatest surprise I have not spend up to a week I already found a woman who has the quality of a real woman which ended up to be you and I keep praying to God that you should love me with all your heart and do not have double mind for our relationship.To this end, I do wish to formally inform you that i need to end my story right here and do believe to have informed you correctly.You shall find out more that was not included on this story when i visit. Mark send his greetings . This is my phone number +447035942822
I adore and love you
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Tue, 27 May 2014 18:16 EDT
Micheal Kelvin Cooper
Alguien me puede enviar la foto del supuesto Micheal Kelvin Cooper, para saber si en la misma foto que me envio a mi.
Tue, 27 May 2014 17:26 EDT
Micheal Kelvin Cooper
La persona que se hace pasar por micheal Kelvin cooper es un estafador chicas. El hombre y la niña de brackets es un Señor que vive en Sudafrica, ya investigue y el no estaba enterado que estaban utilizando sus fotografias. NO SE CONFIEN !!
Mon, 26 May 2014 13:20 EDT
Tienen foto de Jude Batons
Mon, 26 May 2014 13:14 EDT
Hola Mary
Deseo saber ya que jude batons me ha contactado y no me ha solicitado dinero.
Mon, 26 May 2014 13:12 EDT
Hola Mary
Hola Mary

Jude Batons te pidió dinero? Aclarame eso, ya que el, el 18 de mayo me contactó por latinamericancupid y no me ha solicitado dinero, te envió algunas fotos hazme saber. Esperando su respuesta
Sun, 25 May 2014 18:39 EDT
vi su cometario
hola el m contrato en dominicacupido y segun el esta en africa es un señor jeffy alana y su niña luisa muy guapo y una niña divertida.el dic k tieen una galeria d arte y ek esta en africa ysu niña esta enferma en esto momento.su correo es jeffery-alan360@hotmail.com
Sat, 24 May 2014 18:13 EDT
el mismo estafador
El estafador en mi caso se hace llamar jeffery alan y este tiene una niña llamada luisa me ha enviado fotos de un hombre alto y guapo y una niña muy bonita el dice lo mismo que tiene una galeria de arte y en estos momentos esta en africa conprando ya me dijo que la niña esta enferma del estomago jajajaj le he seguido el juego a ver que dice aun no me pide dinero pero dice que viene a mi pais R.D a verme y le sigo el juego ya antes hablo con dos amigas mias es muy amable no se dejen engañar por favor nunca envien dinero a extraños mejor reciban ...

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